Farm Needs Some Updates

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Bit of a rant, but hear me out.

First, I play SoD on mobile, and have no access to it on computers. (my computer is a MacBook, which isn't supported.)

So every single time I'm trying to move stuff around on my farm, especially for getting out seasonal stuff, like my Dreadfall collection, something always thinks I "tapped" on a decoration behind the storage bar when I'm trying to get something out of storage, and then I have to close out of editing, and try again, and it takes a lot of time to do that, because it repeats that.

Same thing happens in my hideout as well.


That needs to be fixed, because it's annoying the everliving soul out of me! (And I'm a very patient person too!)


Plus it's a little weird to me that you can just move things all over the place, but then have to sometimes double tap just to get it to stay, like why not just have it set that you have to double tap it to move it, or you know, have to tap and actually hit the "move" button? 

Plus let's talk about the rating system. What purpose does it hold that someone can visit your farm, and rate it from 1-5?

Like it's weird, and I don't really like the rating system.

Plus, they should make it be that you can only visit, if you're friends with the farm owner. I don't like the thought that someone can go to my farm by just tapping on my viking's profile. I just want it disabled, because I don't want strangers visiting my farm. It creeps me out a little.


Plus the world-famous chicken issues we all have.

The chickens walking into each other has resulted with pretty much everyone accidentally at some point hitting the gem button, instead of the button from the other to slap the eggs out of the chicken. 

I also have questions on why farm plots are 50 gems.

It would be more beneficial for others to have it be like maybe around 500-1,000 coins or something like that, instead of wasting gems when we could use them for other stuff.

Speaking of gardening, I think it would be a bit better to have a longer time frame to harvest before it wilts. Maybe at least 24 hours, for those like me, who either don't have enough time, or forget, when they needed those crops for a task/quest.

Or at least use the composter to make mulch either for it to last longer before wilting, or use it to make the plants come back to life if they're wilted.


That's all for now, and if anyone has any other ideas/suggestions, feel free to share!




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I believe everything will

I believe everything will come after a time. At least they fixed the TRR PC version and made a new Toothless! I hope they fix the rest of the stuff but the way they are proceeding seems promising. XD The rating system was for fun afaik but kinda died out. Same as visiting the farm which can be fun if you're intentionally playing with a friend. As if the farm slots I thought they were 25 gems!? I think they should be more acessible as well. But idk you can barely earn them from leveling up after some point. And lastly the moving system of the hideout and the farm drives me nuts especially on mobile. 


BTW can I have your friend code? You can DM it. ^^

I also kinda want android forum app. Ik, its tedious but will be far more accessible. 


Heya! Since I don't have idea what to put in here im gonna share my dragons that I have.

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Valkyrie Deathsong Mystery Titan 50
Toothless Night Fury Strike Adult 50
Pouncer Night Light Strike Alpha 50
XEmpress Stormcutter Sharp Titan 31
FireStorm Monstrous Nightmare Stoker Titan 29
Shock Shockjaw Tidal Titan 28
SharpWings Timberjack Sharp Titan 27
Adhira Skirll Strike Titan 26
Grinder W.D Boulder Titan 26
IronBite Armorwing Mystery Adult 26
PlatinumScythe Silver Phantom Stoker Titan 26
Scorpion Triple Stryke Strike Titan 26
SteamShot Scauldron Tidal Titan 25
Singel Singetail Stoker Adult 24
Spark and Boom Hideous Zippleback Mystery Titan 23
Rockfist Gronckle Boulder Titan 23
Winter Snow Wraith Strike Titan 23
Wizard Flame Whipper Stoker Adult 23
Volcano Eruptodon Boulder Adult 22
Shaman Prickleboggle Sharp Adult 21
Stoneheart Elder Sentinel Boulder Adult 21
Ball Hobgobbler Mystery Adult 20
Dart Night Light Strike Alpha 20
Icy Groncicle Boulder Adult 20
Light Fury Light Fury Strike Adult 19
Ocean Seastormer Tidal Adult 19
Soupra Sand Wraith Tidal Adult 19
Duckling Deadly Nadder Tracker Titan 18
Himera Chimeragon Mystery Adult 16
Platinum Razorwhip Sharp Adult 16
Elkion Gruesome Goregripper Boulder Adult 15
Dreamer Dramillion Mystery Adult 14
Shout Thunderdrum Tidal Adult 14
Whirlfire Typhoomerang Stoker Adult 14
RiverStream Sliquifier Tidal Adult 13
Siren Tide Glider Tidal Adult 12
RuffRunner Night Light Strike Adult 10
Steadfast Dreadstrider Mystery Adult 10
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Fireina Fireworm Queen Stoker Teen 7
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Of course! I'll DM it right

Of course! I'll DM it right away!


I'm glad to have an ally with the farm decoration issue! It's so annoying, and hard! XD

And yes, they should soon have more things updated, as you had mentioned, and hopefully they'll fix the farm stuff too!

The farm plots are definitely the hardest, because it's like you have to use gems for everything (dragon eggs, events, clothing, etc.) when you also would like to have more plots.

I'd say it's a deal if it included like, 5 plots for 50 gems, but only 1 plot?!? No thanks!


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Agreed! But I'm also

Agreed! But I'm also satisfied that they went easy on the most stuff. Perhaps you remember but few years ago everything required lots of gems yet they were scarce and the only way to play the game was to spend real money on gems which was the reason why I ceased at playing the game for some time. I returned to it last year and I honestly made quite the progress for that time. I hope they will still make such discounts for stuff such as the events, the battle events and dragon tactics. This stuff was and still is a blast in this game. 

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Oh yeah, I started in 2018

Oh yeah, I started in 2018 when I had my Kindle, and man, I could hardly get gems at all!

I too didn't play as much until I got my iPad last year, and it made a huge difference in the game!

I found out how to use MMO, how to do battle events, and lastly, getting gems from ad chests every hour!

It was much better than my Kindle!

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The first time I started to

The first time I started to play this game was in 2013 I played it for like two years XD Until I stopped for some time. My account was on facebook but after facebook stopped their gamroom I lost my old account and last year I created a new one! Then I grinded gems, a lot.

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I have the same issue getting stuff out of my inventory and I play on a laptop. It's definitely annoying.


I agree with Ash that the rating system was supposed to be for fun but it can definitely be abused and it actually was when it was first released. There was this girl who had some drama going on with some people and the people who didn't like her purposefully visited her farm and gave it a low rating so that way it would show up as having only 1 star.


We definitely need a spending gems confirmation for farm animals and crops. I've accidentally spent I don't know how many gems on instant harvesting animals and crops because I pressed the instant harvest button when I didn't mean to.

"slap the eggs out of the chicken"

This made me laugh. XD


I've never spent gems on farm plots. All my farm plots that I use I got from increasing my farming level. I do agree that they could be a tad lower though. If they want to keep them costing gems drop the price to maybe 15 or 25 gems a plot.


I'd also like it if they fixed the camera while decorating. Sometimes the camera will just spazz out and will go all over the place while I'm trying to decorate. It's massively annoying.


I think the artic genetian and artic foxes should have lower harvest times. 6 and 8 hours is a bit much(I've thought this for a long time but just haven't mentioned it before). I think they should lower the times to 3 or 4 hours. 


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Ah, I was wondering if it was

Ah, I was wondering if it was only a mobile issue, but now I know it's also on desktop...

I'm glad that the slapping chickens joke made you laugh!

My nana, brother and I always laugh when we get the eggs, because of the animation makes you slap the eggs from the chickens! XD XD XD

(Though that does also make me realize how creepy the other animations are with all the other animals, because it looks like you slice them...)

I do feel a bit bad for the girl who kept getting one star.

My brother had a similar experience.
He didn't want his farm to be rated, especially because he named it "Negative Five Stars on Berk", which as you can tell, why he didn't want it rated, but of course someone rated it to be 1 star, and now it's set up that you can't rate it any lower, unfortunately. (I tried so hard for his sake, but couldn't get rid of it for him.)


And yes, the camera is soooooooo annoying sometimes!

I think that the farms have minds of their own.


I never knew about the artic foxes, but yes, less time would be better.

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I'm sorry that happened to your brother. I think they shoud make an option in the settings menu where you can turn ratings for your farm on and off. That way people who would rather not have their farm rated, or are dealing with rude people, can just turn off the farm ratings and people wouldn't be able to rate their farm.

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Mobile player here. I also

Mobile player here. I also suffer from the issues mentioned, I also hate when I'm trying to move on thing and it highlights something else and moves it (also the camera slide).


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I know, right? It's so

I know, right? It's so annoying!

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I agree with all of this. Especially the camera sliding around, like others have mentioned. That drives me crazy. And the chicken-slapping bit made me laugh pretty hard. I do agree that they need to sort it out. The chickens being inside of each other is just so annoying.. I have so, so many chickens so it's difficult to collect all the eggs in a short amout of time. I'm usually sat there for a good five-ten minutes, if not more sometimes.


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Oof, I know that feeling. I

Oof, I know that feeling.

I managed to figure out how to tap at the right spot sometimes, but it's so time consuming!

Hope it gets fixed soon, because it's super annoying and hard, to say the least!

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The farm plots are meant to

The farm plots are meant to be a luxury item. It's part of the monetization scheme of "do I want to either buy more plots to farm enough crops to finish a quest, or do i want to save the gems for another time and suffer through the wait times?"

Farming used to be a lot worse; there was a well system that limited how many plants you could water at a given time, and you'd have to wait hours in order for the well to fill up.


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Oof, I'm glad it got a little

Oof, I'm glad it got a little better, because a well system sounds super annoying!

Glad that they changed it, and hopefully they'll fix some of the newer farming issues soon as well!

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I remember the well system. It was annoying because farming took forever because of it. I was so happy when they removed it.

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Lmao yes the harvesting

Lmao yes the harvesting animations are a little silly for the animals. I''d prefer if they just took the animation out, they don't even need to replace it with anything. Just stand there and magnetically attract eggs. (OK maybe not that).


I'm actually pretty OK with the farm plots costing gems? You get some for leveling up, then once you're at the maximum farming level you can only get more by buying them, right? Having too few plots really just slows you down a bit, and once you've done all the quests you rarely need to grow crops anyway.


But oml yes the "build" mode is a disaster. We get so much cute stuff from events, and then it's such a pain to place them that a lot of people just don't bother. Same for the Hideout.


The rating system bugs me, but for no reason other than the little rating being overhead EVERY time I enter my farm. I don't care. If someone visited my farm and thought it was cute, cool. If they visited and thought it looked like I started playing 2 days ago, whatever. I really don't need to see the rating constantly!



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Yeah, I get that about the

Yeah, I get that about the plots. They aren't super necessary, but then again, I like planting a lot of stuff, and once you get to max level (30 I believe) you don't receive any plots anymore, which makes it a little annoying, because I like to farm when I can.

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Ratings and chickens

Omg yes accidental gem spend on chickens is the bane of my avatars life. Would be great if there was a feed all and harvest all feature (no gem spend option!) by clicking on the pen itself cause I've got like five coops and it takes forever to collect and feed each chicken


also with the ratings system it's unfair that a stranger can troll you and tank your rating 

Along with disabling the rating system, it'd make sense to wipe your rating clean if you reset your farm and pack away all your decorations (not that I've done that so maybe it's already a thing?). Also doubt many people would bother to reset cause changing the farm decos around is pure frustration. But as well as a reset farm there should be a reset poll. I mean, your old poll could be judging a farm that looks completely different to what you've got now


Completely agree it would be awesome if you could take animals out of pens instead of having to remove the pen and replace it. Necessary for event changes sure but I'm also constantly doing it to switch up my sheep, always seem to need only one colour of wool \_:3_/


but really, a feed all and harvest all or harvest all plots or water all plots would be extremely gratifying but only if gem spend isn't in the mix, have it only on a one on one kinda basis. God accidentally growing or watering all crops with gems would probably make me cry

redecorating the farms could be such a fun feature and it's just hair pulling

would be cool if you could 'save layout' then play around with the layout and revert it later


Stormßaby A1GWFS

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This! ^^^^^^^^^^ &nbsp; I

This! ^^^^^^^^^^


I 1000000000% agree!

It would be much better if you could just harvest all!

For watering all, it would be a cool animation if your dragon did it for you, like a crop duster or something like that.

And having a save layout would be pretty nice as well!

I probably was going to buy at least two or three more stables just to have one themed for each event.

Probably will still do that eventually, because then I won't have to deal with the hardships of getting my decorations out! XD