Farewell Dreadfall

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So basically we're just having a rememberence thread of this holiday. What did you think of this year? Of past years?  What did you think of the dragon? Basically go wild about Dreadfall and this year's holiday


Hello there!


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Warrior Cat characters I've made, Gif by me!

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                                                                                    Banner for my Racing buddy, Pouncer

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Starlight by the amazing FireninjaHUN



Synthia the Sincere by the talented TosiLohi


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Edit of Starlight by me <3



Another edit of Starlight by me <3




An amazing drawing of Starlight and Synthia the Sincere by StarZipSky




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Another edit of Sheera the Razorwhip by me <3


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Dreadfall was amazing but..

Yeah I think I have to agree with Synthia, Dreadfall in itself was amazing. The story quest was the best yet and dragon tactics and racing was awesome too. And about the maze, all the design that was put to it, I have to admit it was really imppresive. In my opnion, it was easy to get the graveknapper (got it in a week and a half), but the glitches were horrible and drove me crazy for weeks. When racing was down it was the worst news ever, and I saw that many vikings started to leave the game cause racing is the activity they liked to do the most (I for one think that raicng is the best activity in SoD). And so yeah thats basically it. Overall, it was a good event, but I really hope Snoggletog would be even better or may I say GLORIOUS. 


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I am loyal to King Hiccup as Thor’s Holy Book refers to him: “And he shall be raised above the nations to rule with peace, love, and kindness to every living creature and bring balance to men´s evilness through his holy justice.”


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  • Kimshi (Adult Groncicle)
  • Erupt and Boom (Titan Zippleback)
  • Tuff and Ruff (Adult Zippleback)
  • Bouldy (Titan Gronckle)
  • Beverly (Adult Gronckle)
  • Tridink (Titan Scuttleclaw)
  • Firemaster (Titan Monstrous Nightmare)
  • Fireflash (Titan Sand Wraith)
  • Metalmaster (Adult Armorwing)
  • Sami (Adult Flightmare)
  • Stormspines (Adult Razorwhip)
  • Khiara (Adult Razorwhip)
  • Melodyflash (Adult Deathsong)
  • Digger (Adult Grapple Grounder)
  • Tailflash (Adult Singetail)
  • Lavaeater (Adult Eruptodon)
  • Lavahope (Adult Eruptodon)
  • Icyflash (Adult Wolly Howl)
  • Firelash (Adult Flame Whipper)
  • Venomous Speed (Adult Speed Stinger)
  • Fireworm (Adult Fireworm Queen)
  • Scorpionflash (Adult Triple Stryke)
  • WiseWarrior (Adult Elder Sentinel)
  • Defender (Adult Chimeragon)
  • Storm (Adult Thunderdrum)
  • Venomous (Adult Death Gripper)
  • Saibh and Jenna (Adult Seastormer)
  • Ruffrunner (Adult Night Light)
  • Smitty (Adult Hobgobbler)
  • Dready (Adult Humbanger)
  • Cutey (Adult Sweet Death)
  • Bolt (Adult Skrill)
  • Skyjumper (Adult Stormcutter)
  • Sunny (Adult Golden Dragon)
  • Cliffjumper (Adult Hobblegrunt)
  • Whirlwind (Adult Typhoomerang)
  • Sherlock (Adult Rumblehorn)
  • Sharpclaw (Adult Boneknapper)
  • Boneshock (Adult Skrillknapper)
  • Fili and Kili (Adult Ghastly Zapplejack)
  • Snow and Icicle (Adult Zipplewraith)
  • Bubbles (Adult Sliquifier)
  • Ghostfreeze (Adult Dreadstrider)
  • Femurbolt (Adult Bonestromer)
  • Blazy (Adult Dramillion)
  • Roghy (Adult Crimson Goregutter)
  • Winterfury (Adult Snow Wraith)
  • Valkyrie ( Adult Gruesome Goregripper)
  • Spearwing (Adult Timberjack)
  • Fountain (Adult Scauldron)
  • Spiky (Adult Screaming Death)
  • Orion (Adult Moldruffle)
  • Princess (Adult Slithersong)
  • Chamaleon (Adult Changewing)
  • Skelly (Adult Graveknapper)





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I don't even know where to

I don't even know where to start. I love fall and Halloween so Dreadfall was always kinda special to me. I don't need much, just give me a bunch of cool quests, farm decor and a few Hideout items and I'm satisfied. Ever since I read that Dreadfall 2022 was going to offer 40 rewards, I started to dream about all the amazing stuff we could get but... the whole event was like 6.5/10 for me? Let's start with the fact that Dreadfall itself was delayed. I was kind of happy about that since I play other games and it usually means that the team is going to work on bugs and such to deliver the best experience. In this case, I can't tell why SoD team needed extra time since the game was super buggy anyway? Quests that didn't reward players with candies, bugs that we, players, had to find the way around (same problem as Summarhildr 2022), and maze which was so broken, it only gave me candies ONCE during the whole event while listed as a way of gathering candies every 20 or so hours. After contacting the support team I received 60 candies... 60 candies for a maze that was broken during the WHOLE event. 

New location, the racing track - not only was it buggy and full of invisible walls but also disappeared after the event. We went there for like one quest and that's it. What was the purpose? Such a waste, can't stop feeling a bit unsatisfied with it. 

The bat trees - I love the fact that they were just chilling in the store and we could buy them for coins but as soon as people started using them to fam candies - NOPE, they removed them. Why were they sold for coins in the first place...? I can almost sense the panic SoD team was in when they discovered that their players are smart and can use such mechanics for their own benefit. I'm not angry or anything, it just adds to my distrust xD

New Dreadfall farm - all cool and nice but why was it so broken? People couldn't place certain items or the items were bugging out every time they left the farm. Not cool considering that I and probably many people bought it with gems or payed (with gems) for the mystery boxes to get it.

Also, the 40 rewards. Most of them were like the same stuff. 4 chests with this, 4 chests with that, oh, you want another bat or two? Disappointing. I also don't like the new hybrid. Dreadfall is supposed to celebrate Flightmare, not Boneknapper and yet we keep getting boneknapper hybrid. No guys, you don't understand! It has the b o n e s. Forget about the origins of this event. T H E  B O N E S.

After all of this, I really wonder what they did with the extra time...?

Rant over so let's move on to the few things that Dreadfall actually did well. The story quests were so good, I was surprised and impressed someone in SoD team is that good at story writing. I loved the bone questline, it was amazing!  I also liked the maze (when it was working of course). It felt like someone spend a lot of time on it and I loved all the challenges. God was it annoying but also fun to try to beat it. Bats and the cauldron for our Hideout are perfect. I love seeing new animals and decorations aand I guess that's it? I hope Snoggletog is going to be better.







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