Fan-Fic Fridays: The Secret Symbol - Chapter 9: The Real Mystery

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Not a bad delay in posting this chapter.  I will say, due to my increased load on Fridays I may not be able to consistently post weekly chapters on Friday.  It all depends on what happens during the week and what work I can get done, then what time is left can I get enough of it done to post on Fridays.  That being said, I should be more than capable to at the latest post on Saturdays.  But my target day will be Fridays with the backup being Saturday.  Now with exams and such throughout the semester, at any given week this may change where I would have to skip a week but do two chapters the next.  But we will see what happens.


Hope you guys enjoy this chapter.  A lot more action happens here and also what the title suggests.


For after you read the chapter:  What do you think will happen next?


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I will be working on drawings Saturday dont know win they b done

The Secret Symbol


Chapter 9


The Real Mystery


         Spending less than ten minutes to run back to my house, saddle my dragon, I grab my gear including my clip-on quiver on my shoulder strap and fly back out over where Dagmar was and still is.

         “Now to track down Koll,” I replied as Fredrick zoomed out over the open sea.

         Recalling to mind my geography around Berk, Koll has limited options to lose us.  Right now, it should only be the open sea for several miles.  Just a few small islands here and there.  If Annabeth and Cazi keep tailing Koll, we have the advantage.  If Koll is leading us into a trap, unbeknown to us, then he will have the advantage.  The more I thought about this, the more I believe that is what Koll will try to do, the more I urged Fredrick on.

         Doing this, I caught up with the girls faster than I had expected.  Annabeth and Cazi were going at fast pace, but not all out.

         “How’s it going?” I asked, as I slowed Fredrick a tad as to not run into them.

         Annabeth replied, “It is going good, not sure what this guy has in mind.”

         Cazi added, “He is just flying due north.  Not going to the right or to the left, yet going slow enough we can stay on his tail but still fast enough he stays in front of us.  Didn’t know for sure just how fast a Changewing could fly.  Guess I now know.”

         “Because you noticed that,” I responded.  “I think Koll is baiting us into following him into a trap.  Now that I have caught up, let’s but the pressure on Koll to force his hand.”

         Cazi smiled, “Now you’re talking!”

         I took point, Annabeth and Anora took my right flank, Cazi and Sparklebolt took my left flank.  We nudged our dragons up a notch in speed and put the pressure on Koll and his Changewing.  Koll probably thinking that we would be content with just staying on his tail did not look around until we were only twenty yards from him.  It must have been a surprise to him, as he looked like he was caught off guard.  Koll kick his dragon into flying all out.  Still, this only made us gain an ever so slight margin on Koll.  Changewings are fast.  But then again, I have never seen a Changewing out fly a Thunderdrum or a Razorwhip, not to mention a Skrill.  Koll’s head start is what is keeping us from capturing him.

         I then stated after we had racing hard for a few minutes, “If we keep this pace up, we will come across a larger but still small island where Koll could lose us.”

         Cazi countered, “If he plays it right, but not if I have anything to say about it.”

         “Here, here,” agreed Annabeth.

         A few minutes later, we all came onto the island I was talking about.  In reality, the “island” is a collection of sea stacks with a few spots visible above the water.  The many streams and water flows cut the island into the smaller islands, so depending on the water level at any given time, the island as a whole could be bigger or smaller.

         One feature that stands out among other islands is the close proximity from one sea stack to the next.  Also, the overhanging sea stacks, fallen sea stacks resting on others making almost tunnels in certain areas, trees, fallen trees, and overall green growth over all the sea stacks and ground.

         Nearing this cluster of islands, “small” might be a relative term to that of Berk.  Seeing this island on a map is different than seeing it in person; it is much larger or wider than it appears to be on a map.  All the more reason why to force Koll’s hand capture him before he either loses us or leads us into a trap.  The probability of Koll losing us in this maze of sea stacks is high, yet the reward of capturing him is also high.  I would rather play this scenario than flying into a trap.

         As much as it would be good to just fly over top of the sea stacks and just head him off somewhere, it would be more difficult to enter the maze from above then to already be in the maze.  When we meet a fork in the road, then we could take a different route and then possibly fly slightly above to see where we could head him off.

         It has been nice flying flat out after a target, but now the fun begins.

         “Once we get in this maze,” I made sure the girls beside me knew.  “You are basically going to be on your own.  If either of you see him veer off when we don’t, go after him.  We will follow you.  We will at one point want to cut him off and knock him off his dragon, but wait for my signal to do so.”

         Now it is go time.  I adjusted in my saddle for my racing position, better streamlined for a Thunderdrum: sitting back in my saddle, leaning forward, resting my elbows on the front of my saddle holding Fredrick’s reins, bending my legs at my knees, and having them parallel to Fredrick’s body.  Similarly, Annabeth and Cazi did what they needed to do for their dragons.

         We all are flying so fast, the reaction time to dodge any obstacle in our way is quite quick.  My normal tendency is to fly under something; of course, as long as there is space to do so.  Cazi took a more left route and Annabeth a righter route.  Sometimes our flight paths would cross, so we would go over or under each other.  Hard banks left, hard banks right, barrel rolls, up, over, right, and left… until I finally gave the signal to Annabeth and Cazi to cut him off from their perspective sides.

         To this point, our general flight path is as follows: Entering a wide opening, we all three entered at the same time.  But the route was closing in on itself that as soon as there was a fork in the road for the left and the right, Cazi took the left and Annabeth took the right.  About thirty yards of straights.  Hard left, which Cazi’s route and Annabeth’s crisscrossed each other.  Cazi flew up and dipped down, I flew underneath, Annabeth flew in between.  Next was another hard right that arced around to go perpendicular to our original entrance route; Cazi and Annabeth ended up on their original sides as they crisscrossed again.

         The paths have narrowed considerably.  Sea stacks and trees have fallen in the way.  I signaled Cazi and Annabeth to fall in behind me into a single file to get ready to cut Koll off.  Geography was and is one of my favorite subjects throughout my Berkian studies.  Especially around the surrounding waters of Berk, I know the islands well… on a map.  Seeing them in person, navigating them at high speeds, and knowing what is coming up next, is a different thing.  I have a pretty good idea, putting the knowledge to good use is the thing.

         The path was fairly straight with a few slight turns: left, right, straight, left, right, straight, right, right.  Yet, the path is littered with fallen sea stacks and fallen trees.  Dodging in and out, up and down, left and right.

         Suddenly, Koll’s Changewing fired an acid blast to a nearby leaning but large sea stack.  The acid blast was large enough to cause the sea stack to fall.

         “Look out!” I yelled.

         A split second before I touched, nearly slapping, Fredrick to fire, Fredrick already fired a sonic blast to shatter the sea stack.

         Covering our heads with our arms, I did with my left.  Cazi and Annabeth normally do not wear helmets, but their bracers are strong enough to block even a sword attack.  So, putting their arms over their head deflected the falling debris and rocks from hitting them.  We all three flew out from under the bigger chunks just in time.  Our dragons seemed unscathed.  We pushed on.

         After that final last slight right, there did come a fork.  I knew previously where there are forks.  So, I could react to whichever path Koll took and then head him off after Koll would take a drastic measure to lose us.  Signaling with my two first fingers of both hands, I signaled Annabeth to go right and Cazi to take the left.  Since we had been in single file, Koll would think we would still be in single file if he would look back again.

         As Fredrick and I neared the next fork I am hoping we can head Koll off, I gave the feet nudges to Fredrick to make him give a subtle roar to alert Koll.  Koll had been looking behind to see if me and the girls were still behind him.  I timed Fredrick’s roar to happen right before the fork.  This drew Koll’s attention back on me, while Cazi and Annabeth could take advantage.  Cazi arrived first and Sparklebolt fired an electric shock at Koll’s dragon.  This stunned the Changewing, but not enough for Koll to lose control.  Annabeth and Anora slowed and fired some spines in front of the face of the Changewing, causing the dragon to come to a complete stop.  I in turn slowed down Fredrick a bit to aim a shot.  I put my right hand right behind Fredrick’s snout to fire a blast.  Pointing Fredrick to the right of the sea stack wall, I banked a focused sound blast off the wall to knock Koll off his dragon.  The blast did ensure the stun of the Changewing, causing Koll to lose control, and then be knocked off his dragon when they collided with the top of a sea stack on the left.  Annabeth, Cazi, and I landed our dragons on top of the sea stack, which by the way is somewhere around seventy feet.

         Dismounting Fredrick, I drew from my saddlebag my Gronckle Iron bow.  As I led the way over to the dazed dragon and dragon rider, I flipped the bow up into the sword position.  I made sure to pack my bow sword.  Cazi and Annabeth may have their daggers with them, but not their main weapons.

         “You’re finished, Koll,” I told him as we walked over.

         Koll coughed a little bit and stretched, “Oh censored, I’m just getting started.”

         Koll then rushed me, with a sword drawn from his belt, and tackled me to the ground, surprising the girls as well as the dragons.  The girls and the dragons got out of the way; so, they would not fall off the sea stack themselves, but they stood at the ready to help me.

         Pushing Koll off of me, I leapt up to be at the ready for an attack.  Koll and I started to spar.  Koll became more offensive than me, which I do no mind.  I play defensively to bait my opponent into an offensive opportunity.

         Koll came with forward and downward attacks.  I basically defended them and countered them.  Once we fought for a few minutes, I was about to bait Koll until Koll baited me first.  After a heavy attack and pushing that back, Koll stepped back towards his dragon a few steps.  I made the mistake of waiting for another attack.  Koll caught all of us by surprise by throwing a smoke bomb down on the ground.  This caused me to cough and step back.  When the smoke cleared within a few seconds, I saw Koll and a slight bit of dismay.

         Koll, in that brief moment, grabbed Annabeth and held his sword to her.

         Koll began with a short tone, “Nice fight… I have your friend… don’t rush me… yada, yada, yada… Let me escape.”

         Being angry Koll got the best of me, I tried to walk forward, but Koll stepped backwards, “Ah, ah, ah.  Keep coming, I push her off.”

         Cazi then replied, “Wait, where’s your dragon?”

         “Oh,” Koll grinned.  “You just now realizing that?”

         Suddenly beneath us, the ground started to break apart.

         Koll then saluted with his first two fingers of his right hand, “So long, Jarl.  It has been a nice re-introduction.  But I am sure we will be seeing each other… real soon.”

         With that… Koll jumped off the cliff head first.  Koll let Annabeth go as he jumped so Annabeth slid towards the edge.

         When I rushed towards the edge and grab Annabeth’s right arm, I noticed that Koll disappeared without a trace.

         There is no way I could pull Annabeth up on to a crumbling sea stack, so I yelled, “Fredrick!”

         “What are you doing?” asked Annabeth.

         In a tone of this is obvious choice to make, I said, “Sliding off the side, what do you think?”

         “What?!” questioned Annabeth.

         I am sliding off the edge, but I did it as slow as I could so Fredrick could catch up, or even Anora; whichever reacted first would be fine with me.  Annabeth and I did in fact start to free fall down.  Because we did start to free fall, I was able to pull her up with me so I had a good hold of her.

         Annabeth started to scream because of what is happening, but I quickly assured, “I got you, Annabeth.”

         Basically, hugging Annabeth, I looked up to see where the dragons are.  All three actually started the dive bomb to rescue us.  But seeing how Fredrick is the heaviest dragon here, he gained the most speed and would catch up to us the quickest.  Anora or Sparklebolt could just grab us before we hit the water below… or the rocks… but because Fredrick has small legs and is going to be the first to us, I knew what he had in mind.

         Within twenty yards of the bottom from the top of the seventy foot or so high sea steak from sea level, Fredrick opened his mouth and “swallowed” Annabeth and I.  Nearly the exact same second after Fredrick closed his mouth over us and dove into the sea.

         Annabeth then asked me, “Are we where I think we are?”

         As I was about to answer, she answered her own question as she held up her hand… now covered in Thunderdrum saliva…, “Wait, I know.  This will take a bit to wash out.”

         I quipped, “Well, at least that will be easier to wash out than trying to do the same to a with an impact with the sea, not to mention the rocks we saw, and what injuries would come along with that.”

         “True,” she sighed.  “But still...,” she sighed again.

         I then could tell Fredrick came up out of the water.  We had slowed down in the water, on purpose, so the transition back to above the sea would be less impactful on the body.  It reconfirmed how smart my dragon really is.  What I want him to do, he is already one step ahead of me.

         A few minutes later, I could tell we landed on something.  Fredrick opened his mouth and I helped Annabeth get out.

         Cazi stated, with her hands on her hips, “I guess that is one way to do it.”

         Annabeth then questioned, “How in the whole archipelago did Koll escape us?”

         “One word:” I responded.  “Camouflage.  Changewing… Camouflage… Surprised he did not try to do that earlier when he was first on Berk.”

         Cazi deducted, “That is because he wanted us to find him.  Like Dagmar said.  He wanted to announce his arrival.  He wanted to make sure you knew he was out there, Jarl.  What is he planning and should we be worried?”

         I replied, “Oh, we should definitely be worried.  Koll isn’t as dangerous as Dagur, but he is just as crafty yet more sane.  Not sure if Koll has the gumption to lead on his own, as he had aligned with Trevor before, but with all the experience he has, he might just be leading a group of vikings on his own.  Question is… What are they planning?  What are they up to?  And why does it concern me?”

         “If you ask me,” added Annabeth.  “I bet it has something to do with those other Dragon Eye lenses.  They may not be as interested in the Dragon Eye itself, but what the lenses we have found and what mysteries they hold.  We need to find out what those symbols mean before Koll does.”

         “I concur,” I replied.

         As we flew back to Berk, a thought crossed my mind, “Does Koll want us to find out what the symbols mean and then swoop in and take it for himself, like he did last time?  At any rate, I think we just stumbled on the real mystery here.  What is Koll up to?”

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Ever had a flying burrito hit you? Well it's a deadly projectile

Ooh, I love this chapter. So action packed! >.<



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and so the mystery continues

and so the mystery continues I wonder what kind of dragon eye lenses one will find. 


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On the Subject of Hackers

please read this link, it helps to identify the different types of hackers. I have hacked computers, and servers in the past (despite not being the best at code) but I never do it for personal gain. Unfortunately the hackers most people refer to on the internet are crackers so they bring a bad light on the hacking community in general. I only learned to hack code because I needed to in order to hack my microwave and other software in my house.


Don't be a Cracker you ruin it for everyone!