Fan-Fic Fridays: The Secret Symbol - Chapter 42: "From Under a Hood"

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Here comes the beginning of the climax of this story.


I hope you have enjoyed the ride to this point.


There is one last show down to be had.


Who will come out on top?


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Turn right to go left... That doesn't make any sense! - Cars 3

         Gobber made a wonderful supper, though granted help from my mother as Gobber needed help with a few things, but all in all the rest of the night was rather peaceful.  Hiccup and Stoick took their squads back to their respectful places.  Mother and father did remain behind and I also requested Dagmar stay as well.  She agreed.

         The night was peaceful, yes.  Being at rest, for the most part.  Getting sleep… eh… no, or at least the good quality sleep.  What seems like takes you all night to get to sleep and when you finally get to sleep and then wake up when it is time to get up you feel as though you just fell asleep.  But once out of bed, you feel somewhat rested.

         This is the general consensus of everyone in the morning.  We all just want to get going.  Wasting little time to get ready, seeing how we had pretty much everything packed last night, we only spent about ten to fifteen minutes as soon as we awoke to mounting our dragons for our flight.  All of my friends along with my parents and Dagmar are making the trip.  Ali assures me that the Speed Stingers know full well they are to defend Mystery even while none of us are there.

         With a full complement of dragons, vikings, and weapons, we left for Verndari Island, Vixxen’s home turf.  It was kind of sad to see Anora and Star Scream left behind in the stables, but I believe they are aware of the situation.  Both dragons are very docile and have dejected looks on their faces.  Sirena is nowhere to be found, but that does not worry us, much.  Because, Sirena often flies off on her own even though she is a trained dragon now.  But because of what happened to Annabeth, can we really blame her for staying away?

         The trip to Verndari Island is long, increasingly colder, and dreary.  The weather for the northern most parts of the archipelago decided to be cloudy and slightly foggy.  On the other hand, clouds and fog will provide excellent cover to move in further undetected.

         We have a rough estimation of where Vixxen’s island is, but I get the feeling we are going to know it when we see it.  After about five hours of flying, with periodical brakes, once for lunch, we finally got the feeling we were getting close.

         Cazi declared, “If the jagged rocks, wrecked ships, and old bones scattered about did not clue you in, I don’t know what will.”

         Getting this close, even her quip did not get a laugh but a few chuckles.  Things are getting quite serious.  We started to see the tip of some island in the distance.  My gut said that was Verndari Island, so I told my parents’ group and the other group to go ahead and split off.  I did however tell Dagmar my plan for her.

         “If you guys and my parents alone can slide into the compound without being seen, meet Dawn at Heather to make sure they do or do not need help getting out.  If you are stopped at any point, Dagmar, I think you get the idea,” I told Dagmar.

         Dagmar added, “I was wondering why I was wearing a black outfit similar to Anna-,” Dagmar paused but committed.  “Annabeth’s Hunters’ outfit and my hair made up the way it is.  I hope I can pull off a good impression.”

         Mother said, “You’ll do fine.  Sigvald and I will be right behind you every step of the way.”

         Mother and father both had similar garb on as Dagmar did.  Mother actually had the same idea too as I did yesterday to bring Dagmar.  Reason why they brought Dagmar yesterday in the first place as well as mother hastily making the outfits for the disguise.

         As soon as they broke off including the boys in their group and the girls’ group, Cazi, Asvord, Dawn, Lilah, and I flew the rest of the way in.  Few minutes later, we saw Verndari in its whole; approaching the island, the fog cleared enough to see the island.

         Verndari looks heavily fortified, but at the same time, we could not see one catapult or defensive station.  The island itself reminds me of a large porcupine.  It is just this porcupine has massive stone spikes jutting out from all sides making it look very much like Outcast Island as well as Berserker Island.  There is a rather large clearing on this side of the island.  Flying in for a closer look, we saw that there is a village of some sort, yet carved directly into the mountain as well as in the ground.  We landed and then saw the defensive set-up behind natural guard barriers that would be near impossible to spot from afar until you were fired upon.

         Dismounting our dragons, we walked over to the front entrance of a large cave mouth in the center of the mountain face.

         “Halt!” yelled one of the guards and pointed a spear at us, in which we held up our hands.  “Who goes there?”

         “You know who they are, you idiot,” came the other guard standing to the right.  “It the Jarl kid and his friends.”

         “You shall not pass,” said the first guard.  “Or enter, for that matter.  You must leave!”

         “Oh, let them go, you censored,” came the other guard.  “Jarl and those with him are our ‘friends’.”

         I stated, “Vixxen is expecting us.  Or would you want something to happen to us before she sees us?”

         “Oh, oh, oh, yes,” replied the first goon.  “Well, then follow me.  Try anything funny, and it will end poorly for you.”

         The group and I looked at each other as if we knew what the other is thinking, based on what just happened.  We continued on.

         Upon entering the gate, we came into pretty busy marketplace of some nature.  About thirty yards in front of us, we saw a large gate which led into a massive arena, much like the Dragon Arena back on Berk; maybe slightly bigger, but looks about the same.  This whole place is in a huge cavern inside the mountain.

         From the right side, we saw a familiar face.

         The first guard asked, “Who are you?”

         Koll answered, “Pretend I don’t exist.”

         The second guard mumbled, “That won’t be hard.”

         “What was that you said?” wondered Koll.

         “Nothing,” the guard spoke up.

         Koll said, “I thought so.  We shouldn’t keep Vixxen waiting.”

         Now it got just a tad creepy.  How we are being paraded into the arena is eerily similar to how we practiced it on Icestorm.  The only difference now is there are a few more vikings.  Everything else is the same.

         As Koll led us to the center of the arena, he continued on forward.  Giving the arena a quick once over, I noticed several things.  The lighting is quite good and I can see everything in this cavern as if it were The Great Hall.  When we were paraded in here, the commotion in the marketplace subsided as the all filed into benches and seats spread around the left and right sides of the arena.

         That is not all.  Cosmetically speaking, the designs, we saw on island before where we last spoke with Vixxen, are exactly the same here.  These designs are spread across all of the cavern, which by the way mimics the shape of the arena with a dome shaped ceiling.  The spectating area ended at a certain point.  If the outside of the arena would be split up into four equal sections, the sections to our left and right would be the spectating area.  The area behind us is the marketplace and the area in front of us the throne area with balcony overlooking the throne area.

         In the throne area the main chair, I assume is for Vixxen is much larger than the rest.  Oddly though, it is not made out of gold, however, the workmanship to make the chair look like the island itself is just as impressive.  Flanking the throne is two other chairs, one on each side and slightly behind the throne.  Typical for an egotistical ruler, none more so than Vixxen by the looks of it.

         There came from the sections right by the spectators on the edges between them and the throne area, horns of pomp.

         Koll then addressed the crowd, stood in front of the throne, and raised both arms for their attention, “Vikings, thugs, goons, and the everyday smuggler… Those who were once Dragon Hunters but cast out when we wanted to make the Dragon Hunters prosper.  We may be a mixed band over the best that the bad guys have to offer,” Koll chuckled as well as did the crowd.  “But we will show the rest of the archipelago just who are the true Dragon Hunters!”

         The crowd then cheered and applauded the remarks.

         Koll continued, “Now, will you join me in welcoming our own queen and her mighty steed!  Announcing the world’s most ruthless hunter of dragons.  Everyone’s most feared foe.  The villainess princess of villainy.  Queen of the true Dragon Hunters.  Thorgunna Vixxen and her Snow Wraith, Ragnarok!”

         The crowd stood up, cheered, hollered, raved, and clapped as Vixxen, with her hood over her head, rode in on her Snow Wraith and dismounted.  She stood with her head up proud with admiration -for herself- and then walked over to Koll, taking off her hood… and gave him a kiss?

         “What?!” I thought.  “Now, that ain’t right.  Though, they’re both the enemy, so would you expect anything else for them to do something that sinister.”

         “That is quite enough.  Thank you, Koll for your kind words,” Vixxen quieted the crowd down and addressed me.  “Welcome, Jarl Mollerson, and company.  Oh, I thought you were smarter than this Jarl… walking in with dead weight,” she chuckled and corrected.  “Oh, excuse me, Mrs. Dead Weight of the Outcasts.”  Vixxen curtsied toward Lilah in a very mocking manner.

         I spoke up to change the subject, “I go the impression from our previous ‘chats’ I thought this was going to be more of an official visit, or at least private.  Did not know you would go to the trouble of garnering a crowd to watch.  I am honored,” I said nodding my head.  “On second thought, not really.”

         “Shall we get down to business?” asked Vixxen.

         “Let’s,” I replied.

         “Where’s the Dragon Eye?” Vixxen questioned.

         “First things first,” I countered.  “Where is Heather?”

         “Oh,” Vixxen rolled her eyes.  “Her?  She’s fine.”

         “If it is alright with you, oh great Dragon Hunter,” I said with some salted honey.  “I’ll send one of my own to go check on her personally.  Excuse me if I don’t take your word for it.”

         Vixxen reluctantly agreed, “Very well.”

         Vixxen waved her hand to the second guard we talked to, who is still behind us.  He stepped to the side to let one of us go in front.  I then nodded at Dawn to pick her to go.  She acknowledged with her own nod and walked back towards the way we came.  The guard bowed and pointed the way with his hands.  The guard walked behind Dawn until she suddenly turned around and “accidentally” sucker punched the guard.

         “Oh, I am terribly sorry,” Dawn answered.  “I didn’t know were going to walk right into me.  Oh, Vixxen?”

         Vixxen actually smiled at Dawn’s action and said, “Yes?”

         “Where have you put Windshear, Heather’s Razorwhip?” Dawn asked.

         Vixxen said, “Klarp will show you where they are being held.”

         A moment later I said, “Now, we can get on with this.  I do have the Dragon Eye.”

         Asvord gave it to me from her shoulder satchel and I showed it up in the air.  Koll came down and took it from me.  Then he gave it to Vixxen.  After studying it for a few minutes and pacing a little bit, she dropped it on the ground.

         “What are you doing?” demanded Cazi.

         “Oh, nothing more than what I expected you do,” it looked like she pinched part of Ragnarok’s chin near his neck… and the dragon proceeded to step on and crush the Dragon Eye.

         Everyone gasped, including my group.

         “Come on, Jarl,” Vixxen stated.  “Did you think I would really fall for that?”

         As soon as she said that, I replied, “No, but it was worth a shot.”

         Cazi whispered to me, “What-?”

         I continued to talk to Vixxen, “I hope you did not expect me to just waltz in here and just hand you the Dragon Eye, did you?”

         “No, honestly, I did not,” came Vixxen.  “Which I am glad, because I did not want it anyway.  Although, I know someone who would pay a pretty price for it,” she laughed.  “But I would never sell to the man.”

         Rather surprised, I wondered, “I thought you wanted the Dragon Eye, or else?”

         “Or else what?” Vixxen said, actually looking like she does not know what I am talking about.

         Cazi had the real Dragon Eye in her satchel and handed it to me, I showed Vixxen from afar, “See?  You said if we did not hand you the Dragon Eye when we came to Verndari Island, something bad would happen to ‘dear old sister Heather’ to use your words.”

         “Oh, right,” Vixxen slapped her forehead with her right hand.  “That was just a ruse to get you to come here.”

         My heart started to beat faster, even though I anticipated Vixxen trying to do something that was not according to plan when we last talked, “So what about Heather?”

         “Her?  Oh, she is still here,” Vixxen said.  “And you just sent off uh… Dawn, was it… to join with her in her cell.  Which reminds me…”

         At the flick of her right wrist and hand, the guard behind us then grabbed everyone except me.  Cazi, Asvord, and Lilah struggled to resist as this is totally unexpected but not above Vixxen.  Though unexpected, we all knew this could be a possibility and ran the risk.

         I thought, “Good thing Dawn can take care of herself.  With Heather there, that shouldn’t be a probably.  For the grand scheme of things, good thing we have a contingency plan for something as bad as this.”  I then said out loud to Vixxen, “What are you going to do?”

         “About some things… wouldn’t you like to know…,” Vixxen paused as she gave a wave of her right hand to the guards, who in turn started dragging Cazi, my sister, and Lilah off to the left side.  “Other things, oh, you will find out.”

         “Jarl?” Asvord said worriedly.

         “Asvord,” I said trying to go over to her, but one guard who is left stopped me from doing so.  “It will be alright.  Just stick to the plan.”

         “So, there is a plan?” questioned Vixxen.  “I was hoping there would be one.  You walking into the hornet’s nest and talking to the hive queen without a plan is one bad idea.  But because you have a plan, this is going to be so much more fun than I had anticipated.”

         Sarcastically, I answered, “Glad I could help.”

         Glancing over at Asvord, Cazi, and Lilah, I saw that the guards forced their feet and wrists in to sockets, chained to the wall.  I am starting to feel worried, but if things still go according to plan -at least for the most part- things will be fine.

         “Here is praying they do,” I thought.  “What’s your next move?”

         Vixxen responded, “Well, what do you think?”

         “I bet you are going to have me fight someone now -why else would you drag my friends and my sister to the side and have spectators around to watch something and the guard behind me is gone to shut the front gate,” I suggested.  “And this someone is going to be someone I know.  Oh, and for added kicks I am going to have to choose between saving them, saving my sister and my friends, or something else.  All the while not killing them or getting myself killed.”

         Vixxen looked blown away, “Man, you are just as good as me at anticipating things.  Maybe in this case only, you were better than me, because that is exactly what is going to happen.”

         At the end of Vixxen’s sentence, the ground below me started to move.  Nearly falling over, I look to see that the floor is splitting in two and being retracted into the surrounding floor.  For brief moment, I thought it was some type of earthquake or something.  But seeing it now, it is some type of mechanism that will allow something to be brought up from below.

         I had jumped back to get off the moving floor and not fall into whatever that is down there.  The size of the platform that I can hear, being raised by gears and pullies, is about ten yards in diameter.  While the platform is still being raise, I noticed four other larger platforms each directly in front, behind, to the left, and to the right of the one in the center.  These four are big enough that a dragon could fit on them.

         Now the platform stopped and rested at our level.  On it is a figure about my height looking at Vixxen.  The figure is dressed in very similar garb to that of Vixxen and had a hood on; nearly an identical outfit.  The figure then let down their hood to reveal… to reveal… to…

         Dark purple hair!

         Although frozen in position, I exclaimed, “Annabeth!”

         “That’s right,” Vixxen called out as the fig- Annabeth turned around to face me.  “You two have met.  Shall I introduce you two?  I shall.  Annabeth, Jarl.  Jarl, Annabeth.”

         I am too glad to take Vixxen’s remark in a negative view.

         “Oh, one more thing,” Vixxen said shaking her right first finger a few times as she thought.  “Annabeth no longer works for you.  She no longer friends with you.  And she works for me now.”

         My eyes widened in horror and asked Annabeth, “Is this true?”

         She did not answer.

         “Even though Annabeth has been instructed to no longer work for you or consider you a friend, I still believe she has deeper feelings for you and your friends,” Vixxen stated in front of her throne chair with her stance “at ease” and her hands behind her back.  “So, to prove her loyalty to me and the true Dragon Hunters and at the same time keep her family safe, I ordered her to kill you, Jarl.”

         If my eyes are not wide open yet, they now are.

         Vixxen continued, “She has a choice just as you do.  Do you protect your own family, do you protect your new family, or do you protect your friends?  I am still giving her the choice to do whatever she wants, but made it clear the consequences of disobeying my order.”  Vixxen laughed with joy, “Isn’t this exciting?”

         I stand in the middle of this arena in front of a girl I thought for sure was dead but still had hope somehow, she was not dead; also with my greatest foe so far and has now trapped me in a basically impossible situation to have no one get hurt and for me to defeat Vixxen and me come up on top.  With this much to deal with at the moment and the sheer amount of shock I am in, there is only one thing that came to mind that I am sure is on everyone’s mind right now…

         “Vixxen?” I asked, peaking my head to the left so she could see my face.  “I have a question of upmost importance.”

         “I’m sure you do,” Vixxen smiled, bringing her hands to the front and clasping them together.  “Go ahead.”

         “Alright,” I said taking a deep breath.  “I don’t get why you people wear hoods?”

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Awesome epic chapter bro 

Awesome epic chapter bro 





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Thank you, glad you like it.

I'm trying my best.

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Hey I don't get the question

Hey I don't get the question why do you where hoods 

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I am Groot

I just skimmed through the chapter, but perhaps it had something to do with disguises?



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It will be answered

It will be answered immediately at the start of the next chapter.