Fan-Fic Fridays: The Secret Symbol - Chapter 37: What is Treasure?

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I am very much in a writing mood and will work on the next chapter after this.  I'll work on it some tonight as well as tomorrow, but again, probably will not post again until at least this same time tomorrow.


I left a couple things in this chapter that is a very good easter egg and a troll on an incorrect word, and I hope you like them.


Here are some clues.


Look up the word that Vixxen calls her home island.  This word is a clue to what I have recently been hinting at with the lenses.  Ask Google Translate to translate it.


After rereading one section of Jarl's dialogue, I saw I had him say something as if it was from Vixxen's point of view.  I was going to change it to read correctly.  However, I left it as a hint at what state Jarl is in.


Comment if you know what sections I am talking about.


I hope you enjoy this chapter as you did the last.


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The Secret Symbol


Chapter 37


What is Treasure?


         While staring down into the nothingness where I saw the girl I love slip through my grip, these thoughts are running through my head, “How do I go on from this?  Where do I start?  Is anything else worth going on for?”

         I felt the line on my grappling hook start to go up.  Looking up, I saw Asvord and Dawn pulling the grappling line.  When I neared the edge of the ledge, I used my arms with the assistance of Asvord and Dawn to help me up.  Asvord is right in front of me and so pulled me up the rest of the way to roll me over her.

         There I lie on the ledge staring straight up, with no doubt a black expression on my face.  Asvord is laying down too but perched on her left arm with her left leg straight and her right knee bent.  Dawn is the same way, up everything is opposite and pointing the other direction.  Lilah and Cazi are standing to my left.  Titan rubbed on Cazi before he came over to sit next to me.  We all took this moment to catch our breath.

         I could hear voices talking, but I have no clue who is exactly saying them.  I am in shock and blocking everything out.  I did, however, notice everyone is getting up and going to the mouth of the tunnel.  They are doing this probably in case the ledge has any “bright ideas” to break away and fall too.  Asvord waved me to come on.

         Standing up, I picked Titan up and held him.  I now stand looking out over the waterfall.  I do not feel like moving.  I do not feel like continuing.  All I could do is hold and pet Annabeth’s cat.

         Still, I could not hear anything anyone is saying.  Maybe a better way to describe it is I cannot understand anything they are saying.  I can hear the words they are saying, but the moment they are said, I cannot remember what my friends just said.  All I can comprehend at this moment is the eerie cold draft of the air blowing in my face with the gentle mist floating up from the waterfall.

         “Jarl!” said Asvord and grabbed my right shoulder, bring me back to real life.  “Come on.  We can’t just stand there.  We need to find a way out of here.”

         “Yes,” I simply said with no feeling.  “You are right.  We do need to do that.”

         Letting Titan jump on to my shoulders, I lead the rest of the group down the tunnel.  I feel as though I can barely walk right now, let alone lead the group.  But I know it must be done, for their sake.

         I thought, “And that would be what she wanted me to-.”

         I stopped myself from thinking that and doubled my efforts to think of the situation we are in.

         Letting out a deep sigh, I asked, “Is everyone alright?”

         Everyone responded, “Yes,” and then Asvord added and started walking next to me, “The question is, are -you- alright?”

         Taking a deep breath, I responded, “I will be.”

         Stopping for a second, I looked behind us to see Dawn bringing up the rear.  Dawn is holding her sides and dripping wet.  Well, we are all dripping wet, but in Dawn’s case, it is affecting her differently.  Yet, I now realize that maybe it is because of something else.  Dawn is shivering and looking down, but I know what is on her mind.

         I thought maybe I should ask Dawn what Asvord asked me, but I knew better.  I simply walked over and gave her a hug.  As soon as I neared her, she grabbed me and hugged me instead.  No sniffles, no tears, but the hurt is definitely present.  Hugging for a few moments, Dawn is now ready.

         Going back to the front of the group, I added, “Annabeth would not want us to lose hope.  For her or for us.”

         Moving on further, Cazi pointed out, but in a clear change in tone because of what just happened, “Look at… Look at the walls and the lighting.”

         It had just occurred to me when Cazi said that, but we have been walking straight for about five minutes in a tunnel with no fire torches as the light source.  What makes the lighting rather creepy is the walls are glowing the same blue hue has before.  Everything looks like it is a tint or hue of blue, even looking at each other, we look like we have blue skin.  The light and the reflections off the walls are blue.

         “Thinking of reflections, glowing, and seeing us have blue skin,” I started as a thought literally just came to mind.  “This blue hue reminds me an awful lot about the glowing blue of a Flightmare.”

         Everyone nodded their head, but Cazi countered, “Yeah, but this blue is much deeper and bluer.  Flightmares are a paler blue.”

         “Yet at the same time,” I rebutted.  “Because we are soaked in water, this tunnel is damp and wet, and everything is glowing, is the glow happening because of a reaction with the tunnel or the water?”

         Pondering this idea, we continue walking deeper into the tunnel.  The tunnel had a few winding turns: First left, then right, and then back left.  Ten or twenty feet more and we came to another chamber.  This chamber is not glowing in blue, no.  The chamber is glowing in gold… actual gold.

         None of us could believe it.  Sure, we know what gold is and what it looks like.  But the amount of gold on the walls and… and piled on the floors next to the walls in coin and medallions with jewels and gems of all different colors.  Nuggets of gold and natural rocks of uncut jewels and gems littered the floor.  We had to kick them to the side not to step on them.  Although the riches we are seeing in this room are a treasure indeed, all of this is nothing compared to what… who we are thinking of.

         Another tunnel entrance is on the other side of the ten-foot by twenty-foot room, we entered.  The tunnel is a mere five feet when we came into an elegant chamber which is decked out and decorated much like a throne room of a king.  The floors and walls shone like gold, much of it is though.  Some of the walls and floors are natural rock with gold nuggets still in and the rest of the walls and floors are laid with stone or gold.

         The same deal with this throne room, gold and treasures strewn about.  Twenty-foot by forty-foot throne room equaled the amount of treasure found in the last room.  Seemed like the gold is more or less dumped for storage and not for a prize.  The gold seems way too obvious to be the real treasure the Dragon Eye lenses are talking about.  The throne room is more luminescent of the gold, but it seems like all the light is pointing towards something at the end of the throne room.

         Walking over to the spot light, we come upon something that looks quite familiar.

         Cazi declared, “A dragon egg.”

         “A huge dragon egg,” Lilah emphasized.

         On closer inspection, once we came up right next to it, the giant egg is a stone replica of a dragon egg.  But what is inside of it, is what I think the Dragon Eye lenses are talking about.

         “Still a dragon egg,” I said, reaching my hand into the bowl-like stone egg.  “But considerably smaller compared to an average dragon egg.

         There are scales of a dragon egg in the stone bowl, yet the scales indicate the dragon has already been hatched.  Also, how dry, flakey, and brittle the dragon egg scales are indicating just how long it has been since this egg hatched.

         “So,” Cazi spoke, disappointed.  “This was the treasure the Dragon Eye lenses were talking about it.  But it looks like we are too late.”

         Looking up at the wall behind the stone egg I see a giant symbol.  The symbol is that of the spikey, horned dragon we saw at the center of the image when we combined all the Dragon Eye lenses together.

         “I get the feeling that dragon in the symbol is what hatched from this egg,” I sighed, “However, my gut is telling me that this isn’t all there is, but that doesn’t matter now.”

         Suddenly, from behind and above us, a secret door started to open.  There looks to be a stairwell leading down to the face of each wall on opposite sides of the entrance to this throne room.  I say “secret door” because the door’s face looks like the rest of the walls in here: ornate with gold designs.  It is not like a room such as this with gold designs and treasure in it, someone forgot to put a second door in and decided to just add a secret door.  I do not think it works that way.

         “Oh, you are quite right, Jarl.  But like you said,” came a voice from the shadow of the door.  “That doesn’t matter now.”

         Out stepped from the shadows the figure of… “Vixxen!” I declared.

         “Now before you go all, ‘What are you doing here?’,” Vixxen shook arms and hands out stretched for exaggeration.  “Or, ‘What have you got to do with any of this?’  Well, I will be glad to answer both of your questions.  I am coming to take all of this treasure away that you have so graciously found for us.  I could not have entered through that door had you not stepped on the trip stone at the entrance you came through.  Was not sure exactly where it would be, but figured it was going to be somewhere in the walkway that if a certain someone was not paying attention they would trigger it.”

         “And, I have been searching for this treasure for a very long time.  I could not figure it out, so I thought you could do a better job than I.  Here we are.  It is very rare if not the first time, to find someone who could do something that I couldn’t.  Shame this will be your last thing to outdo me.  But without all of the Dragon Eye lenses, oh and the Dragon Eye,” Vixxen said continuing but unexpectedly reached behind her cape tunic to pull out our Dragon Eye to point to it!  I patted my pockets but did not feel where I put the Dragon Eye last.  “I could not have finished this mystery of ‘The Secret Symbol’ without you, even with all the notes, history, legends, rumors, and stories about this place.  Sure, the great Alpha egg would have been nice, but I already knew it had been hatched by now.  The treasure in here and in the other room will have to do.”

         I then demanded, “Where did you get the Dragon Eye?”  I would have asked as soon as I saw it but see the Dragon Eye added even more shock to what I am going through.  Thus, it delayed my reaction to demand an answer.

         “Oh, this little thing?” Vixxen said innocently.  “I pried it off a friend of yours.”  She blew at her right fingers, “Oh, I broke a nail.”

         I could feel my body fill with rage and questioned her, “Where’s Annabeth?”

         Vixxen replied while looking at her nails, “I sent the body back to Verndari Island.”

         “Body?” I echoed.

         “Well,” Vixxen answered while coming down the stairs to stand in front of us. “On my way to the back door there, I saw a body floating in the river as I crossed.  I ordered my men to fish them out.  Upon seeing the body up close, I recognized them to be the one new Dragon Hunter, aka Annabeth Everdeen.  She did not respond to any treatment, so I assumed the worst.”

         Clinching both of my fists, I asked, “Why would you believe anything you just said?”  All of the girls with me are just as angry: Cazi is about to burst at the seams, as long as Dawn does not get there first.

         “Fair question, though I think you meant ‘we’ at the beginning there.  I know how flustered one can get when hearing such news as I just gave you.” Vixxen replied.  “But would she give up the Dragon Eye so easily knowing I am your opponent?”

         I thinking on it a second, then unclenching my fits, I answered, “No, but I view you as my enemy.”

         “Really, Jarl,” stated Vixxen as she spread her arms out and pointed at herself.  “Me?  Your enemy?  I thought we were on better terms than that.  After all we have been through, I have found you to be a most enjoyable opponent.  Although our views differ from the other, we are very equal in our results.  I wouldn’t say you have been a pain at times, but good enough to always keep my business challenging.  And I like a challenge.”

         “You like a challenge, eh?” I asked, flipping my head at the end.

         “Oh, I do,” she responded, unclipping her cape and tossing it to the floor.

         “I think it goes without saying what I want to do,” I said.

         Vixxen nodded, and unsheathed a very shinning sword, “Yes, I know.”

         At first glance it looks like Gronckle Iron, but is it pure Gronckle Iron though?

         I unsnapped the secure strap and unhooked my bow-sword, from my belt; Asvord said behind me, “You don’t have to do this.”

         “Asvord,” I commanded.  “I have to do this.”

         “Alright, just wanted to make sure this is what you want,” Asvord stepped back as I turned my head to face Vixxen, who is ten feet away.  “Because if you are tired or need to rest, you got a whole bench who wants to get in the fight.”

         Feeling some comfort in a forth coming duel with Vixxen, I quipped, “I don’t think I need a bench to help in a fight, but thanks for the sentiment.  You girls, on the other hand, just make sure she does try to do anything funny and watch the door for any reinforcements.”

         “Good to see your sense of humor hasn’t left you,” Vixxen said slowly twirling with her right hand her sword once over into a parrying position.  “And reinforcements?  Bah.  I don’t need them.”

         Lilah remarked and folded her arms, “Your arrogance proceeds you, Grunna.”

         “Stay out of this, Lil,” Vixxen snapped at her.  She turned her attention back towards me.  “Anytime you are ready.”

         “Ladies first,” I responded.  “Oh wait, they’re all behind me.”

         Vixxen smiled and subtly shook her head once, “Oh, Jarl.  You are going to regret ever crossing paths with me.”

         Cazi interjected, “Are you guys going to fight or are you done bantering yet?  Because if you’re not, then I might step in and just rush the both of you.”

         Oddly enough, Vixxen and I both stood up, nodded our head to the right once, and flattened our mouth to show, “You’re right.”  Knowing we both did the same thing, I brief shiver went down my spine, as I thought, “I wish Vixxen had not compared me to her.  I am nothing like her.”

         Vixxen stood up and walked towards me.  I readied for attacked, but she said instead, “How about we start this off right, shall we?  On guard!”

         She held out her sword with her right hand and let go with her left for balance.  I nodded in agreement.  Changing my pose from defense for a charging attack to a proper start of a parry.

         Our fight started at the moment our weapons clashed.