Fan-Fic Fridays: The Secret Symbol - Chapter 28: Pan One, Viking None

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Sorry for delaying until today.  Slight writer's block, but not bad.


Within just a couple chapters will Jarl and his friends be back with the final Dragon Eye lens, the final piece to the puzzle... or is it?


Hope you guys enjoy the chapter!


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The Secret Symbol


Chapter 28



Pan One, Viking None


         Oddly enough, we all still had our weapons on us.  Either Dagur must have been too pre-occupied with trying to find out what we are up to or he thought that we would not try to start an open conflict when we are outnumbered and not on our dragons.  At this point, it would be difficult to believe that Heather is on our side still.  Yet, I cannot help but feel Heather is going to jump the fence again back to our side.

         Using the keys dropped by someone right in front of our cell through a crack in the ceiling, I grabbed the keys and eventually found the correct key to unlock the door.  Swiftly and quietly, we made our way to the hatch.

         Trying to open it, I said, “Locked.”

         Meen whispered, “What do we do now?”

         Looking around I saw a window around the other side of the stairs.  The window is beneath and to the right of the gang plank connecting the two ships.

         “Come on,” I replied.  “I’ll go first to see if the coast is clear, then the rest of you follow.”

         Putting my back against the side of the ship, I jumped up to sit on the window sill, then bring my feet up to the window sill, and then I looked around to see how I am going to do to make this work.  An idea comes to me and I spring into action to see if it will work.

         Pushing off with my feet, I scrambled up the side of the current ship for a couple of steps then did a complete one eighty-degree blind turn up to the edge of the other ship.  My feet barely landed on top of the railing on the ship and I had to flail my arms to keep my balance.  Swinging them three times, I reached down to grab the railing.  Suddenly, a Dragon Hunter lookout walked forward down the towards the front of the ship.  So, I jumped down into cover as fast as I could behind some crates and barrels.

         The guard stopped as if he heard something.  The crates and barrels are right next to the side of the ships and I am still visible by my friends.  I motioned for Meen’s frying pan by grasping an invisible club and swinging down a couple of times.  I now heard footsteps coming my way as Meen readied to throw.  Waving my hands too hurry Meen along, the footsteps came closer.

         “Who are you?” questioned the lookout.

         I just grinned and gave a slight wave of my right hand to signal, “Hi.”


         Meen threw he pan directly at the guy’s face and the pan found its mark.  I instinctively went for the pan to grab it before it hit the deck.  The lookout slumped to the deck as if he had fainted, but the impact of an iron pan being thrown at close range caused his body to go limp.

         It is like I am playing hot potato with a frying pan.  Meen threw the pan as if it were a hand axe.  The arc at which she threw it was coming up from down below, so Meen threw it under handed.  When the pan hit the guy, the front end of the pan hit the guy and causing the pan to bounce off and keep flipping end of end from the side.  First attempt to grab it failed, but I kept it in the air by tapping the bottom of the pan with my left hand to try again.  The pan began to flip sideways now.  Second attempt, right hand, fail; I hit the handle to make the pan now flip in an irregular fashion.  Third, left, fail; made it worse.  Going for broke, I reached down with my right hand with an overhand grip and finally grabbed the handle.  The edge of the pan is within an inch of hitting the deck.

         I sighed with relief, “Pan one, viking none.”

         Annabeth followed suit and did the same thing I did to get on this ship; although, she had a much better job of landing without having to catch her balance.  Well, guess one could say it was because I went first.  The rest of my friends climbed the ship they are on to jump over to the ship on the other side to get our dragons.  I led the way as Annabeth had my back as we went into the ship to go to the captain’s quarters.

         Annabeth whispered, “Where did all the Hunters go and where are they sleeping?”

         After trying the door, finding it was unlocked, and taking a peek, I replied in an even more hushed tone, “Well, I know where Dagur is.”
         “Wher-,” she began.  “Wait, don’t tell me.”

         I opened the door enough for us to enter the room, thankfully the door did not squeak.  Dagur is passed out on his chair, mouth opened snoring.  If there was ever a time to be quiet, this is it.  I would not want to be in a room when Dagur is suddenly awoken, especially not the one that woke him up.  We are just going to get the Dragon Eyes and be gone.  Sure, this would be the biggest opportunity to capture Dagur, but the odds in us getting out of here even if we do are slim.  With our dragons barely good enough to fly and his men outnumbering us by quite a lot, it is just too risky.

         I did not want to whisper any more, let alone breathe very much, taking every precaution not to wake Dagur up.  So, I signaled to Annabeth to stay at the door while I go get the Dragon Eye lenses.

         With every breath Dagur took, he kept on mumbling about something.  My curiosity wanted to stay and listen, but my brain knew better.  Going over to the shield, I saw that I would need to stand on something to reach the top part of the shield.  The lenses are this much out of my reach.  The thought of me falling off whatever I picked entered my mind.  So, I changed my plan and started to take the shield off the wall.

         What I expected was just an ordinary shield, is anything but.  After I unhooked it from the nail or whatever was holding it on the wall, the whole weight of the shield came down on my, knocking me to the floor.  The shield is completely made of iron and metal and weighs as much as a yak.  Guess what happened next?

         For starters, I fell back and down and hit my head on the back of Dagur’s chair.  The lenses did fall out of the shield, I picked them up and pocketed them.  But, the last thing we needed was Dagur waking up.  Yet, Dagur was startled enough that he woke up in his chair looking forward.

         Thinking Annabeth would have been seen, I waited for a yelling scream from Dagur.  It did not come, so I quickly put the shield back on the wall.  Now that I know how much the shield weighs, I am able to put in back on the wall much quicker.  And it weighs less than a sheep, not a yak.  The surprise factor of finding this out made the shield feel too heavy.

         While Dagur scooted his chair back, making a lot of noise with the legs scraping the floor, I jumped down to the left side of the desk, hidden from Dagur’s sight by the top of the desk.  Dagur proceeded to walk around the right side of his desk and investigate why the door was open.

         He opened it almost all the way and muttered, “How many times do I have to say we need to replace more than just our weapons with dragon proof metal, we need other things too.  ‘But Dagur, who needs hinges?  Who needs rugs?  Who needs other things other than weapons?  Then I would say, ‘Who knows who could just walk in here at any given moment and steal something.’”  Dagur stood their thinking and said, “‘But you know, you are right.  Who needs all these other things, when you just need weapons.’  You are so smart, Dagur.  Yes, you are.”

         If watching Dagur snore and muttering to himself was bad enough, it is worse when watching complement himself.  Dagur closed the door and started to come back around my side of the desk.  Scrambling as quietly as I could, I hid on the right side of the desk.  Watching his legs underneath the desk, I saw him pause before sitting back down.  He must have thought he heard me, but the thought of us escaping is probably the furthest thing from his mind.  Dagur got comfortable and looked as though he tried going back to sleep.

         After several minutes, I started to hear snoring.  Looking at the door, I saw it crack open and saw Annabeth’s face.  She must have been hiding behind the door when Dagur opened it.  Good thing he did not open it all the way.  Annabeth waved at me to hurry it up.  I decided to crawl over to the door but then dash outside into the hall.  Annabeth and I hid on either side of the hall in the front as Dagur woke up again.

         “What is going on?!” he demanded.

         Dagur walked out of the room and into the hallway.  He nearly came even with the entrance of the hallway to possibly see us.  This time I did hold my breath.  He did walk back into his quarters and closed the door behind me, still muttering to himself.  Annabeth and I both gave a sigh of relief.  But we should not stick around any longer than we have to.  Before going back up top, I double checked to make sure I had the Dragon Eye lenses.  They are still in my pocket.

         We met the rest of my friends back on the other ship.  They had aroused the dragons, yet still they were docile enough that we could not take on a small fleet of Dragon Hunters.  Reluctantly, we all flew off.  Our escape seemed way to easy, but that might just be me thinking on it too much.  Sometimes things like this will happen where it will be easy.  However, always thinking about the worst and planning for it makes escaping capture and sneaking into your enemy’s room to take something which they would use for evil.

         “That may have been easy,” Cazi said.  “But was luck involved?”

         I replied, “One might say it was chance that someone dropped those keys for us to use to escape, but that person had to make a conscious decision to help us.  That was not luck.  If you practice, train, prepare, and work at it, nothing is impossible to overcome.  Like when shooting an arrow at a target.  It is possible to hit a target with an arrow at fifty yards, but to do so it takes a lot of practice.  Then there are variables like fatigue and wind to consider.  But if you practice enough, such variables would become second thought; yet, the variables still need to be acknowledged or you might become too confident and fail.  At any distance, you can hit a bullseye every single time, so long as you continue to practice.”

         “Is luck involved?  I don’t believe so.  Sometimes things will fall your way.  But when they do, we tend to think there is a catch or something.  Maybe just every once in a while, you will be given an easy challenge to help prepare you for later challenges,” I finished while we flew towards the east.

         Cazi stated, “You might be right.  Another question, where are we?”

         Hattori answered, “I do not recognize much about our surroundings.  But my guess is that we are northeast of Berk, judging from the sky and moon.”

         “He’s right,” I agreed.  “The wind is from the west and Dagur’s ships were sailing east.  Dagur has been in the northeast for quite some time, so my guess is Dagur is heading back there to regroup with the rest of his fleet.”

         “Speaking of regrouping,” Annabeth suggested.  “I think we should to.  Since we are so far east of Mystery, why don’t we just stop by Dragon’s Edge and see about those Dragon Eye lenses.”

         I smiled, “Exactly what I was thinking.”

         Not knowing exactly where the island is from here, we flew due east.  After about an hour’s worth of flying, we came across some familiar land marks and finally found our way to Dragon’s Edge after a few more hours of flying.  Because our dragons are subdued by the Dragon Root, we did not push them.  The three or four hours only spanned a length of distance that could have only taken two or less if we could have gone faster.

         “What in the world are they doing near the side of a cliff?” questioned Cazi.  “And what is that wolf doing to Snotlout?”

         “Nothing worse than what you have done by punching him in the face,” I remarked.

         “Very funny,” she said.

         While the rest headed back to the outpost, Hiccup and Astrid caught a glimpse of us coming and stayed behind.

         Astrid greeted, “Jarl, Annabeth, guys.  What are you doing here at this hour of the night?”

         “Long story,” I responded, but I gave them the brief overview.

         Astrid wanted to get on her dragon and go after Dagur right then, but Hiccup held her back, “By the time we retrace their flight, Dagur will no doubt be gone.  He doesn’t just have more than one lookout, there are others.  So, it probably was not more than shortly after that Jarl and them left did they find they were gone.  If Dagur had dragons, then he could have gone after you guys.  But thankfully he doesn’t, he knew he wouldn’t be able to track you guys so regrouped with the rest of his fleet someplace else.”

         Astrid then changed the focus, “If we can’t go after Dagur, let’s see what these Dragon Eye lenses are hiding.”