Fan-Fic Fridays: The Secret Symbol - Chapter 27: Glint of Hope

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Getting closer to posting on Friday's.  I have several ideas that I what to do with the story, I just have to figure out which ones come first and if I will be able to use all of them or not.  You'll find out some interesting things in this chapter.


Hope you guys enjoy it!


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The Secret Symbol


Chapter 27


Glint of Hope


         As I start to open my eyes, the first thing I am aware of is a headache.

         “Ah,” I grimace while grabbing for the top of my head.

         Annabeth declared, “Man, your sisters are right.  You do sleep later than everyone else when you are allowed to.”

         “What?” I said, trying to take in where I am at.

         Cazi reminded, “It hasn’t been that long ago.  Big fight.  Vixxen escapes on a Snow Wraith.  Heather betrays us.  We end up here in this ship.  Remember?”

         Finally, able to open my eyes, I do realize we are in the hull of a ship and are currently in a holding cell or what is used for as a dragon cage.

         “Yes,” I stated.  “Yes, I do remember.  What were you saying, Annabeth?”

         “I was just saying that you do sleep longer than everyone else,” she repeated.  “Especially, when you have help from any outside source like the dragon root darts.”

         “Dragon root darts?” I echoed.

         Cazi quipped, “I had to see it with my own eyes, but you take longer to wake up.”

         Before I had a chance to counter, a familiar voice came from outside the cell, walking down to us, “Well, you better wake up fast.  We have some questions for you.”

         I said in a tone as if the person is now a threat and an enemy, “Heather!”  I continue, “I get rid of one headache and another one enters.”

         Whether Heather is related to Annabeth has no bearing on how I will treat Heather now.  Do I want her to change?  Yes.  Do I think she will?  I really do not know.  Heather is the kind of gal that has a mystery aurora around her at all times, no matter how much you think you know her.  Annabeth looks to be thinking the same way, though she looks sadder than the rest of us.  It is not prevalent to just a glance, I can see the sadness in Annabeth’s eyes.

         Heather replied, “I’m glad to see you are rid of your headache.”

         Annabeth said and folded her arms, “I wish you were actually glad.”

         “Saying sorry now won’t do much good-,” started Heather.

         I interrupted, “Ah, she is smarter than what her acts speak for her.”

         She continued, “But I have made my choice to stick family- the family I was born into.”

         Another voice came from the side, one that we could not see the person saying it, but we did not need it; we all knew exactly who it was, “A Berserker!”

         “I might have known,” I declared.  “Dagur.  You are never too far behind of what your sister is doing.  Yet, you never seem to be able to get ahead of her.”

         Dagur twitched at that remark, but tried to ignore it and did an okay job, “Well, now… look who woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.”

         “This morning?” I echoed.  “Dagur, I know you are deranged and all, but I forgot you were stupid.  Do you happen to see a bed in this cell at all?”

         That froze Dagur in his tracks; he paused for a moment with his mouth open and his first right finger in the air, “It’s a fig- oh never mind.  Since you are so talkative this morning, you can be the first to be interrogated.”

         “Interrogated about what?” I asked.

         “Gees, I don’t think you are awake,” Dagur replied.  “You keep repeating things.”

         “Well,” I countered.  “You keep repeating the things I say.  So, who’s the one still awake?”

         Dagur just ignored me there and said, “Before I open this cell door, I think it goes without saying that if any of you try to pull anything, you will never see your dragons ever again.  Any questions?”

         I then questioned under my breath, “Ugly says, ‘What.’”

         “What?” said Dagur.

         I spoke up, “Nothing.”

         “Fine,” Dagur declared.  “You’re first.  The rest of you will have to wait your turn.”

         Turning to Annabeth, as they open the door, I saw she is worried.  I told her I would be fine and that they would not get anything out of me.

         “We’ll see about that,” Heather replied.

         As I stepped out, she shoved me forward.  Annabeth took a step forward, but Dagur waved his finger and told her, “Nu-uh-uh.”

         One of Heather’s Hunters closed the cell door in front of Annabeth and followed Dagur me and Heather topside.

         Quickly taking in my surroundings, I find that we are nowhere near that storehouse island.  There are just six, no seven, medium sized ships anchored in the middle of the ocean.  There is not an island in sight.  At this point, I need to find anything is a win.  And that win is that with relation to the nearby island around Mystery, there no such place where you can be in the middle of the ocean and not see an island.  Although, there are the southeastern parts of the ocean between Mystery and Berk where this is true.  However, Dagur and his men have been hanging around the northeastern part of the archipelago.  So, why would Dagur go down there when his business is keeping up to the northeast?  Not to mention the fact that Hiccup’s outpost is in that area.  My guess is we are somewhere between Mystery and Dragon’s Edge.  Where exactly “here” is, I have no clue.

         Dagur and Heather led me across to a nearby ship, connected by gangplanks.  This must be Dagur’s main ship as it is the largest of all the ships here and is outfit with more dragon weaponry than the rest of the ships.

         One other thing I noticed, because everyone has said it is morning, the sun is not quite a forty-five-degree angle up from the east.  This at least gives me some direction.  If I face east, my left is north, my right is south, and behind me is the west.  The storehouse island is to the northeast of Mystery and all of Dagur’s ships are pointing east by northeast.  If my hunch is correct, Dagur’s ships have gone directly east with a slight southerly wind which is making the ships point east by northeast.  All of these facts about the ships, the sun, and the wind support that fact that we are in between Mystery and Dragon’s Edge somewhere.

         As Heather led the way to the captain’s quarters on this ship, I am able to sneak a glance back behind me.  From the ship, I had come from that my friends are in currently, I see the ship that is to the right of it -left if I was just coming out of the previous ship- all of our dragons are on top of the one ship.  Hardly any of them are tied or restrained, the Hunters must have them subdued by the Dragon Root substance found on those darts.  Now that I know where our dragons are, I can now plan my friends’ and mine’s escape.  Moments later I found myself alone in Dagur’s quarters along with Heather.  No windows and barely some light from a few candles.

         “Nice job,” I nodded in approval.

         Dagur had been preparing his “interrogating” voice before I stopped him with my remark; knowing Dagur, he replied, “Why thank you… Nice job on what?”

         “Setting the mood,” I answered.  “This really has the feel of an intimidating interrogation, except the fact that it isn’t intimidating to me.  It’s just a dimly lit room.”

         “Well,” Dagur said.  “You’re going to be interrogated anyway.”

         I responded, “Alright then.”

         Dagur took a few seconds to sit down, rest his elbows on table, and lightly press together all of his fingertips, “Now, there are a few things I want to get to.  Where would you like to start?”
         “Hmm, I don’t care,” I said.

         “Well, how about we start with those Dragon Eye lenses you and your friends have been collecting?” Dagur questioned.

         I opened my mouth, Dagur waited with anticipation, but I said this instead, “Hmm, nah.  I don’t want to start there.”

         A little irritated, he stated, “I thought you said you didn’t care?”

         “I did say that,” I responded.  “But hey, you’re the interrogator, you start where you want to.”

         “But I did,” Dagur said.

         “Well, then start,” I countered.

         “I-,” Dagur began, but calmed down and moved onto the next subject.  “Okay, where is your base of operations?”

         “It’s a Mystery,” I said, stopping myself from smiling.  “Or should I say the Mystery.”

         “I know it is ‘the’ mystery,” Dagur stood up.  “I’ve been running into you and your crew a little too often for you guys to be flying out here from Berk.  That’s why I’m questioning you about it.  Where is your base of operations?”

         With each question, it became ever so slightly more difficult to stop from smiling, “I’m telling you.”

         “So,” Dagur asked.  “Go ahead and tell me, where is it?”

         “It’s the Mystery,” I responded; I am referring to my outpost as a thing or place, not just a word, yet Dagur is not getting that.

         Now, Dagur is irritated started to raise his voice, “I know it is the mystery.  All I need you to do is tell me where it is?”

         As he raised his voice, I raised mine, “But I’m telling you where it is?”

         “So, go ahead and tell me!” Dagur declared.

         “It’s the Mystery!” I said.  “It’s the only one of its kind.”

         “I know,” Dagur replied.  “And it’s the only mystery that is bugging me to no end,” Dagur then said under his breath, “Although you are starting to take the cake to that.”

         Talking with my hands to emphasize my point, “But I am telling you where it is.  It is the Mystery.”

         Before Dagur could continue, Heather stepped in and told her brother, “Dagur, I told you this was going to happen.  Jarl is not going to tell you where his base is.”

         “Fine,” he said.  “Let’s move back to the Dragon Eye lenses.”
         “What about them?” I asked.

         “I’ll ask the questions here!” he yelled, but then repeated what I just said and he realized it was the same thing, “What about… them?  What about those lenses?”
         “What would you like to know?” at this point, I must have this weird grin on my face because of myself and Dagur bantering like this; thankfully it is dark in here or else he would see my grin.

         “Um, I don’t know,” Dagur said rubbing some of his right fingers on his messed-up beard, and then yelled while slamming his hands on the desk and leaning down a bit.  “What are the lenses used for!”

         Throughout all this banter, I had been looking around the room, trying to see if there is anything useful in this room such as to see what Dagur has been up to.  Right as Dagur yelled at me and leaned down to slam the desk, I saw a glint of a sparkle off of something behind him.  To both “answer” Dagur’s question and try to get a closer look to the back wall, I walked forward.

         “Do you have some paper?” I asked.  “I could show you a lot better on paper what it will do.  In fact, if you bring me more lights in this room, I’ll even draw a map to where my outpost is.”

         Dagur’s mood changed from irritated to no end to granting my every wish.  I added that last part to make my demand so more beneficial to Dagur, when in fact, it is more beneficial to me.  I am just messing with Dagur with all of my answers.  Doing this is more beneficial to me because I can get a better look at the back wall with more light.

         Heather lighted some more candles and brought them over to the desk.  I stayed in front of the desk so I could just look up and see the back wall while Dagur and Heather are concentrated on the paper I am drawing on.

         I started in the center of the paper and drew a rough sketch of the Dragon Eye.

         “Yes, yes,” Dagur said.  “I know that’s the Dragon Eye.”

         Each time I had finished drawing something, I would look up to get a better look at the glint I saw.  Unless Dagur and Heather were looking at me at the time, I would not look up.  However, the glint is gone.  All I can see now is a shield with the picture of some type of dragon I cannot make out.  Heather brought me a coal pen to right with.

         I went on to draw a Dragon Eye lens on top of the Eye itself with an arrow pointing to the slot one would put the lens in.  Continuing I drew a fire on the left side with an arrow pointing to the place where you would point a dragon’s fire to light the eye.

         “Now, for the real kicker, the piece of resistance…,” I began.

         Heather looked at me, “You sad that last part wrong, it is piece -of- de résistance.”

         “Whatever,” I said, continuing to draw on the right side of the paper.  “This is what you will get when you combine all of these things…”

         I drew the Dragon Eye all broken and burned up because literally combined it with the fire, “…you get rid of the Dragon Eye because it is burned up.”

         “Come on now!” Dagur declared.  “This isn’t-.”

         “Alright, okay,” I said, putting my hands up to calm Dagur down.  “I’ll come clean and tell you where my base is.”

         Finding a new piece of paper, I drew a point, “Say this is us right here.”

         I continued to explain what I am drawing as I draw it.  I draw another point next to a small picture of a sea stack.  Then I draw a point right in line with the first point but further down past the second point.  Starting back at the first point, I draw a half circle around to the third point and then down a little bit making an arrow.

         “Now here is where our base is,” I proceeded to draw an oblong-ish circle.

         I stand up and say, “There you go, that is what Mystery is.”

         Dagur took the piece of paper, walked around the table, and held it up so the light would be behind him so he could see the map.

         “Very interesting map, yet so simple,” Dagur said.

         While the two of them look at the map, I swiftly and quietly sneak around to the back wall and look at the shield.

         I thought, “Its eyes…  They are Dragon Eye lenses.  But not the ones that my friends and I have been collecting.  Normal lenses that Hiccup has.”

         I swiftly ran back to my place I was at before as Heather turned the map upside down and said, “Look at the map now.  See anything different.”

         Dagur studied it for a few moments before answering, “Wait a second, that looks like a question mar… What are you trying to pull?”

         “I’m not trying to pull anything,” I replied.  “I told you guys, where my base is, is the Mystery.”

         Dagur sighed, “Fine.  Heather, go get one of the others.  I’ll spend the rest this day until I question you all and find out what I want to know.”

         And that he did.  Well, the first part anyway.  On my way, back to the ship where my friends are being held, I was able to sneak a few words to Annabeth telling her to look at the shield on the back wall and first see if she sees the Dragon Eye and second if she can tell what the dragon is on the shield.  Also, to tell the same to whoever would be next after her and to tell them to pass the word on to the next after them and so on and so forth.

         The rest of the morning, afternoon, and until nightfall, Dagur spent every single one of us.  There is nine, including myself, that Dagur questioned.  If Dagur was a cat, I think he used up all his lives.  If going through each one of us was not enough, Dagur was determined to get his way that he went back through questioning us all again, twice.  So, for a grand total of being questioned three times each, all of us are worn out.

         After going once through, we all started discussing what type of dragon is on the shield and what are those Dragon Eye lenses are.  None of us could make out what type of dragon it is, but because we were all in that room three times by the end, we all could remember what it looked like to describe it or draw a picture of it later.  We all agreed that if we were able to take those Dragon Eye lenses while we are escaping, we should try.  If it is between the lenses and escaping successfully, we need to escape.  Because we need to escape, I went over a rough plan with everyone.  I also talked about how we do not know when an opportunity will present itself, so, we need to be ready at all times regardless of what we are doing at that point.

         One additional thing we, or at least Annabeth and I talked about was the fact that Dagur still thinks she is on his side, not ours.

         Dagur tried to get Annabeth to spill the beans on everything, but she smartly told Dagur, “As much as I would like to answer your questions and ‘help’ you Dagur, brother, I can’t.  Because, if I were to tell you about everything, everyone else would wonder how you figured it out.  Then it would raise the question of who told Dagur.  Sooner or later they will figure it all out and find out it was me.  So, it is in the best interest of all of us that I don’t tell you anything, but you keep me long enough to make it look like you really did question me.”

         We had talked about all of this while one of us were being questioned by Dagur, but when the last viking during the final round of question came back -which is Dawn- Dagur escorted the group back to this cell.

         Dagur sighed and raked his right hand across his face, “Ugg, I have enough trouble dealing with Hiccup.  Now, I have to deal with you guys.  Yet, I’ll have to figure out what to do with you.”

         Cazi quipped, “You’re in quite a pickle.  Would you like that dilled or preserved?”

         Dagur ignored the remark and changed the subject, “But what I am surprised is that why you would allow an Outcast in your midst.”

         I came to her defense, “Annabeth is no outcast to us.  Even though what she thought was her real family, she lost that family and was forced to be an outcast.  But just because she was not born on Berk, she is not considered an outcast to us.”

         Dagur rolled his eyes, “I didn’t mean outcast as in the general term, I meant Outcast as in the more specific when referring to a group of people.”

         Meen asked, “So, you mean like Alivn and the Outcasts, Outcast.”
         Dagur shuddered, “Don’t remind me of that guy.  Even though I was the one able to defeat him, he was one of the creepiest guys I have ever met.  Just look at the way that guy dressed and kept his beard and attire.”

         Ashley smiled, “Look who’s talking.”

         “Ooo, nice one,” Cazi interjected and high fived Ashely with their right hands.

         “Anyway,” Dagur said.  “I wasn’t talking about Annabeth, I was talking about Dawn.”

         “Dawn,” Annabeth repeated.  “Are you saying she is an Outcast?”
         “Oh come on you guys, look at her,” Dagur facepalmed his left hand to his forehead and then pointed at Dawn with both of his hands.  “I guess log away when I think of
plansof dealing with you guys and store it under ‘O’ for oblivious.  Dawn clearly dresses like an Outcast, talks like an Outcast, and even acts like an Outcast.  One might think she was Alvin’s own daughter the way she is.  I mean, I only know her for this short a time, but how long has she been with you guys?  How long has she kept this from you?”

         The look on Dawn’s face is of shock, surprise, and blushing slightly as a sign of guilt.

         Dagur notice the affect it had on the group.  He smiled and laughed a little, “Why don’t you guys stew on that for a while.  Maybe one of you will be more willing to talk by tomorrow.  Goodnight.”

         Dagur, Heather, and even the guards left, went above, and closed the hatch to this hull behind them.

         Everyone is speechless, including me, until Hattori became the first to say something, “Is this true?”

         Dawn had turned around to face the wall behind her.

         For a moment she looked wound tight, but then her shoulders and head dropped and she answered, “Yes.”

         A feeling of betrayal wanted to take me over, but at the same time I did not feel that way.  Maybe this is the only way she would ever open up to us.

         “Would you like to tell us about your past?” I asked.

         Dawn sighed, folded her arms, turned around, and leaned against the wall, saying, “I guess I haven’t got much choice now.”

         Annabeth added, “You don’t have to tell us if you don’t want to.”

         “No.  No,” Dawn said.  “I’ll tell you guys.  The way you guys have taken me in, you have a right to know.  Just these last few days, have the thought about telling you guys cross my mind.  I just didn’t know when the right time would be.  Since, we have nothing better to do and locked up here, this is a good a place as any.”

         Dawn began, “I am an Outcast, born and raised.  Also, Dagur is right and he didn’t even know it.  Alvin the Treacherous is my father, my mother is Lilah.  If it were to ever get out that Alvin had a wife and a child, we would never be safe and all of his enemies would have tried to kidnap us or do something to us to get at Alvin.  And at this time, Alvin did not have Outcast island.  However, as far any of us knew.  When I was young but aware of things, this is when Annabeth and I grew up together.  Alvin thought keeping all of us a secret was the best thing to do, until my mother mysteriously disappeared.  Not only that but we were attacked and our island burned to the ground.  That broke Alvin and after that he and I grew apart.  It got to the point where I did not even recognize my father.  He founded Outcast Island by then and became known as Alvin the Outcast, Alvin the Treacherous.”

         “Then one day, while I was on a fishing trip and trying to get away from it all,” Dawn continued.  “My fishing ship got lost at sea.  Not knowing where I was or how I came to be there, I wound up on a trading post island somewhere in the archipelago.  This is where I lived for the next year until I got restless and jumped around from island to island.  Working for my fare and my food until I saved up enough for my own boat.  After sometime I began to miss Alvin, for deep down I still love him as my father.  But hearing about the things he did to Berk, your guys’ home, and his dealings with the Berserkers, I just could not go back.  I am growing older and able to take care of myself, so I just kept on my way of drifting from island to island.”

         “Things were going fine until a storm hit and my boat capsized and smashed into a sea stack near an island.  After spending the night there and waking up to the sound of some hideous dragon, I ran to investigate.  This is where I ran into that McClairn kid.  From some trader, I heard there was an island east of that island I met the kid on, I started to swim in the direction of the other island.  He still me say that I left up, which is partially true, although I did swim to Mystery to find help,” Dawn finished.  “When I got there and found no one there, I assumed at first it was abandoned and started looking around.  Shortly thereafter I realized it was not and then met you guys.”

         Before any of us could say anything in reaction to Dawn’s backstory, something clanged off the floor in front of the cell.  Turning around to look we all see it is a set of keys.

         Explod whispers, “That could be the keys to this cell door.”

         “Yes,” Hyrith agreed.  “But it could also be a trap.”

         “Trap or no trap,” I said.  “We have to escape and get out of here.”

         Dawn asked, “What about what I just told you guys about?  Are you not mad at me?”

         “We’ll talk about this later,” I responded.  “We need to take this opportunity and escape.  This is the only hope we have had of doing so all day.  Annabeth, you come with me to see if we can’t get those Dragon Eyes out of Dagur’s quarters.  The rest of you, wake up or dragons, but keep them quiet.  We need to escape as quickly, swiftly, and quietly as we can, as if we were just a glint of a glare off of a Dragon Eye.  So, faint that it will take Dagur and Heather all night to realize we are gone.”