Fan-Fic Fridays: The Secret Symbol - Chapter 23: Of The Seas

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Hope you guys will enjoy this chapter.  Not much in the mystery or action department, but I am building for future chapters and also character building.


The next chapter, nearly at the beginning of the chapter, it will start off with a bang.


Hope you enjoy the chapter.


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The Secret Symbol


Chapter 23


Of the Seas


         After we had found that Vixxen was not there on these ships, she must have escaped by other means.  First, thought which comes to mind is escape by ship.  Assuming on what little intel we have, Vixxen’s base of operations is further north.  Reason this is significant is because it practically rules out escape by ship.  Why?  Our trajectory we took flying over the sea to circle around on the ships.  One of us would have seen or a dragon would have spotted another ship escaping to the west or north.  Escaping east is ruled out because any ship would have to sail north or south and then go east to sail around the island.  Where we encountered the First Mate and his ships would be about the place a ship would turn east; any earlier and one would risk running aground or getting beached because of shallow water.  Also, the moon is out so any of us, dragon or viking, can see further and spot something.  From the time my friends and I left, while still hearing the commotion near the harbor on the island as well as Annabeth seeing Vixxen, to us fighting and capturing the ships sailing south, it is just not enough time for Vixxen to escape.

         Annabeth then remarked, “Unless she sprouted wings and flew off quicker than we were able to get in the sky.”

         “Annabeth,” I declared as her remark sparked a deduction.  “You’re a genius!”

         “I know, but what’d I say?” she asked wanting to know.

         “We have ruled out every possible direction by ship she could have taken except one possible fact,” I paused to see if anyone could guess it.  “She did not sprout wings, but mounted something that already had some…”

         “A dragon!” Annabeth exclaimed.

         “You get the turtle wax,” I concluded, “That is the only possible way Vixxen could have gotten away clean.”

         Hiccup spoke, while looking in serious thought, “Guess we can sometimes forget that our enemies could train, ride, or use dragons just as we would.  Only, they would use dragons for their own nefarious deeds.  I would hate to actually see Dagur riding a dragon.  Hope I never have to see that day.”

         Cazi quipped, “Watch Dagur force you to show him how.”

         “Let him try,” Hiccup replied.

         Cazi walked over to Hiccup and put her right arm on his left shoulder, acting as if he was going to hear the greatest advice in the world, “There is one saying that is often said around us, ‘Be careful what you wish for.  You might just get it.’”

         “I guess I’ll take my chances,” Hiccup replied.

         It now then decided who would take command of the ships and force their crew to sail back to Berk.  Hiccup would have, but he needed to get back to The Edge in the morning.  I volunteered to make sure the ships and the captives are successfully taken back to Berk.  Annabeth also wanted to come, however Dawn did not.  Cazi obviously did because if there is even the slightest of chances she gets to hit someone, she is in.  I told the rest that this would be enough to complete the task.  Subtly, I whispered to Garth to make sure the gem got back to Mystery safely and start working on the housing.

         Hiccup, Garth, Ali, Angie, and Dawn lifted off from the ships and started the flight back to Mystery.  As far as I know, no one knows where Mystery is, so we will have to take a longer route back to Berk to keep our outpost’s location a secret.

         The crew of all four ships are just standing around; the crew from the scouts made it back the two medium ships.

         From the lead ship, I leapt onto the stern of the ship and yelled to the rest of the Dragon Hunters, “What are ya’ll lazy vikings standing around for?  You’re on ships, you were sailing, what say we start sailing?”  No one hardly moved, so I continued in a sarcastically pleasant tone, “Alright, if you guys are having such a difficult time deciding what to do, do not fret.  I have just the person you want to see.  May I introduce Cazi.  Better yet, may I introduce… her Skrill!  I have heard she has an excellent shock therapy clinic starting.  Would any of you like to give that a try instead of sailing?  If you are not that extravagant, would you like something simpler?  I hear she can be a chiropractor.”

         Now I have their attention.  And on cue, all three dragons, Electic, Fredrick, and Anora all lifted up into the air and made the most intimidating roars you could ever hear.  This, got these know-it-all Dragon Hunters on their feet and moving.

         I then jumped down and walked over to the First Mate, “Seeing how you were put in charge, I trust what little honor you men may have as vikings, you will show me that you are worthy to be called a sailor of the seas.  Whether that sailor is pirate, hunter, or true viking that is entirely up to the person.  But as I am sure you are well aware, it is one thing to be called a viking and an entirely different thing to be called a sailor.  I trust you will at least live up to this?”

         Knowing my father and the stories he has shared of his adventures on the seas, this is one thing anyone of the seas will take pride in: Actually, knowing how to sail and run a ship, effectively.  There is pride involved.  And by what my father has said on many occasion, if you question or call a sailor on their pride, they will either attack you because you question their sea worthiness or prove to you they are a sailor of the seas.  Pride can get the best of anybody, but it is also where your duty lies that keeps the pride in check.  One may try to prove to someone to protect one’s own pride, but once they have proven it and if they are such sailors as pirates or hunters, they have little duty to anything but themselves that they will try the next opportunity they get to take revenge, attack, or in this case, escape captivity.

         The First Mate looked to be one who is proud of being a sailor that he started to bark orders to his men to get the ships sailing.  There is, at the moment, little to no breeze, so the oars had to come out.  Cazi and Annabeth mounted their dragons to make sure everyone stayed in line.  They maneuvered their dragons to flank the ships; Cazi on the left and Annabeth on the right.  It was also decided that we would take shifts to watch the ships.  Cazi had first watch.  I had second, then Annabeth had third.

         “You heard the boy!” ordered Klarp.  “Shape up and get to work!  Whatever this boy says, you best follow it as if I said it.”

         The First Mate made his men shape up, all but one.  This one is on the lead ship and started an argument with the Klarp.

         The hunter argued, “Why should we be submitting to a bunch of kids on stupid dragons, when we should be the ones taking-.”

         “That is enough!” he ordered.  “I don’t even know why you are even in my crew.  Go down below with the rest of the cargo.  You don’t want to show your pride, fine.  You’ll probably fit right in.”

         The hunter just stormed off.  Klarp is looking defeated, acting to protect his pride as a sailor, and now angry at one of his own crew not wanting to simply follow orders.  Although, I am sure they get that a lot with the lifestyle they live, to prove to not just me but to themselves that they can at least be called sailors of the seas.

         Klarp had turned to face forward and became quite frustrated at himself and his men for being captured and one of his men not following orders.  He stood standing there with an oar in his hand.

         I walked up behind him and tapped him a few times on the right side of his back.  Klarp whirled around thinking that the hunter had return for some more words, but without saying a word I interrupted his angry remarks by just holding out my hand.

         Klarp looked flabbergasted.

         He stood there, frozen, for a few seconds, so I said, “Well, you going to give me the oar or not.”

         My statement must of woke him up as he went back into his First Mate mode, “Do you know how to use one?”

         “There are lots of uses for oars,” I replied.  “But only one use for it on a ship.”

         I took the oar and went over the to the port bow and sat down.  Klarp looked quite surprised for me doing such a thing.  Why would I do this?  To show someone what true honor is.  Though he is my captor, I can still treat with respect even if he does not.  Who knows, this deed of showing honor might plant a seed for something better down the road.

         For the next hour or so, I spent them rowing.  Finally, a wind started pouring in from the north and pushing us south by southwest.  On this line, we will completely bypass our island, which is nice because I did not even have to make a special request to tell Klarp that.  The less I talk to him about pretty much anything, the better.  The wind continued to grow steadier and the use of oars would be of no need.  Now all that is needed is to keep a vigil eye out for any obstacles and careful eye on the starts to make sure we keep our heading.  The crew that is needed to keep the ships going with their masts were busy at work, but the rest either went down below to the cargo holds or stayed on the decks.  Cazi took the first shift to keep an eye on the group.

         A few more hours later, we are still not even halfway home.  Annabeth and I are sitting on the deck just in front of where I had stood up to take control of the crew.  Our dragons are both sitting behind us.  Fredrick is sitting, but with his short legs, it is difficult to tell if he is sitting or standing or laying down.

         “Man, I have forgotten how long it takes to go from one place to the next in a ship,” Annabeth stated.  “On nights like this, sailing in the moonlight is almost as peaceful as flying.”

         “I agree,” I replied.  “Sailing the seas can be some of the most enjoyable things.  However, they can be some of the most rewarding or terrifying experiences.  As much as the sea can give you enjoyment, it can take it away just as fast.”

         “Yes,” Annabeth said.  “But depending on the situation, a dragon could do the same.  Yet, at the same time, more trust can be put in a dragon than the sea.  The sea is unpredictable at best.  If you have trained your dragon well and bonded with them, even in the worst of circumstances, your dragon will always be there to protect you.”

         At the mention of “dragon” and her statement, Anora leaned her head down and purred.  Annabeth petted her dragon and gave her a hug.

         “Indeed,” I said.

         I looked back to see what my dragon is doing.  Expecting that I might get something similar to what Anora gave Annabeth, I see that my dragon is fast asleep.

         “Figures,” I shook my head and chuckled.

         As I turned back to look forward, I felt the flip of something smack the back of my head.  Whirling around I see Fredrick trying not to smile while keeping his eyes closed as he brought his tail back around to the front of his mouth.

         “Oh, you,” I did not know what else to say.

         Annabeth just laughed.

         Cazi’s shift is almost up, but we still had another hour to go.  Annabeth and I just sat there looking up at the moon and stars. 

         I spoke, “When you have a moment to just look up, look at the beauty that is around you, it makes you stop for a second and count the great things that you have.”

         “What did you think of first?” Annabeth asked.

         I looked at Annabeth and smiled, “You.”

         She smiled back and then leaned her head against my right shoulder.

         We sat there for the next hour.  Cazi came back to tell me it is my shift now.  I looked at Annabeth and she had not moved.  I leaned forward to see her face and she is fast asleep.  Gently taking Annabeth’s head, I lowered it to the deck of the ship and laid it there.  Anora had not fallen asleep yet, she looked wide awake.  The dragon watched as I took care of her rider.  I waved for Anora to come over and lay next to Annabeth.  Anora slowly walked over as to not wake her.  Because this ship is a sturdy ship and used as a command ship, the ship did not rock under the weight of Anora walking, Electic landing, or even me mounting Fredrick.  I did walk Fredrick down the deck a little bit and jumped him down to where the mast is.

         Klarp is standing there and stated, “Sometimes I wish I had someone like that.”

         Klarp was not expecting an answer, but he got one from me anyway, “You could still, you know.”
Klarp looked over.  “Oh,” he then sighed.  “Not for me now.  Not with the life I have led so far.”

         “Klarp,” I said leaning forward on my saddle.  “It is never too late to change things around.  Anybody has the opportunity for a second chance at anything.  It is just, is the person willing to take advantage of that opportunity when it comes there way.  Some people may only give you one chance; others, maybe more.  It comes down to what you want to do with that opportunity when it comes your way.”  It looked like Klarp was about to say he disagreed as he started to shake his head; I simply added, “Something to keep in mind.”

         I nudged Fredrick with my feet to get him to fly into the air.

         Over the rest of the trip back to Berk, I took Annabeth’s watch too.  Both she and Cazi could be seen fast asleep.  Annabeth near the bow and Cazi near the stern.  Anora as well also finally went to sleep.  I am tired too, but if I am doing something, I could stay up for the whole night.

         The constant breeze turned into a nice north to south wind that sped things up a bit.  It literally took the rest of the night and a few hours into morning to reach Berk.  Makes one appreciate flying a dragon more.

         Upon arrival, we drew a large crowd.  Most everyone is surprised to see four ships sail into Berk’s harbor, but even more surprised to find out they were captured by Hiccup, the rest of my friends, and me.  The two most surprised individuals are my father and mother, who are in the crowd.

         Klarp told his men to stay on the ships while he discussed more surrender terms with the chief.  The thought came to my mind that someone would have to go get Stoick, but the sight of such a large crowd and three ships in the port is enough to bring even him down.

         “What’s going on?” boomed his voice.

         As Stoick approached the dock which the ship Cazi, Annabeth, and I were on, the crowd parted ways to let him through.  The crowd opened up so I could walk up to Stoick.

         “Jarl,” Stoick said surprised.  “What are you doing here?  And what are these ships and its crew doing here?”

         I then started a brief explanation of why we are here, where did these ships and hunters come from, and how we captured them.

         Gobber laughed, “Sounds like those hunters crossed paths with the wrong vikings.”

         “Not to mention their dragons along with Hiccup and Toothless,” Stoick added.

         Klarp expected to go up to The Great Hall to continue talking, but Stoick just stuck out his right arm and put his right hand near Klarp’s throat yet down enough just to scare him.

         “If I ever hear of you again out on the waters as a hunter hunting dragons,” Stoick whispered to Klarp.  “Let alone fighting anybody from Berk, you will hear from me… personally.”

         Stoick lowered his hand, turned away, and called to some vikings around Berk to accompany the ships and captured Dragon Hunters to Outcast Island for their “extended” stay.  It only took about ten, fifteen minutes for the ships to continue on their way.  Once the ships started to leave, the crowd then dispersed.  All did except my parents.

         “Well, you’re a sight for sore eyes,” declared my father.

         “You’re not so bad yourself,” I smiled.

         Mother came up to me and hugged me, “Oh, it has been too long.  I’ve missed you.”

         Normally, I would not want hugs in front of my friends because I had thought it would be embarrassing for me.  But because of recent and past recent events, I do not mind hugs what so ever… unless there are for my sisters, then that is another story entirely.  I am just kidding, but if the hugs are -from- my sisters, then that means they actually want to hug me which is probably more special.

         Mother then asked, “Have you young-adventurous-dragon riding-hunter capturing vikings had anything to eat.”

         “No, we have not,” I answered.  “Actually, we have not had too much sleep.”

         “I feel fine,” Cazi stated.

         “Well, if you slept half the night you would,” I said.

         Cazi rebutted, “So, why didn’t you wake me up or Annabeth?”

         I opened my mouth, but my mother’s voice spoke out first, “Because he was being nice.”

         “Thank you, mother,” I said, crossing my arms.

         “You’re welcome, dear,” she said, but then had a chuckling tone.  “After all, he has to practice being nice to you guys so he can be nice to us.”
         I thought, “And there’s the ‘embarrassing’ we were missing.”

         My shoulders fell slightly, I let my arms fall, titled my head down, and just looked at my mother as if to say, “Really, mother?”

         Father stepped in to change the subject, “We were about ready to sit down for supper when there was an announcement that something was sailing in from the north.  Being curious and having not much else to do with you and your sisters out of the house, we came down to see what was going on.  Now, we see you guys.”

         “Food sounds good about now,” I said.

         Cazi quipped, “Food almost always sounds good to you.”

         Annabeth asked Cazi, “Do you think your parents will have something ready for us?”

         “I’m sure they do,” Cazi said.  “Although, I’ll have to go see my brothers then, but if I know my parents, they will have plenty of food to feed them and us, even if they don’t know we are coming.  We just need to get there first to make sure there is enough for us before my brothers to have a crack at the food.”

         “I’ll see you gals sometime after breakfast,” I said.

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Awesome chapter! loved it

Awesome chapter! loved it when Fredrick smacked jarl XD


Will their be another one tonight, with sirena skybolt and Titan





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Thanks for the comment! :D

Thanks.  Depends on how much I can get done before I need to sleep.


All three of them will be in the next chapter.

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Will there be a chapter

Will there be a chapter today?