Fan-Fic Fridays: The Secret Symbol - Chapter 21: A Gem of a Find

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Hope you guys enjoy this chapter.


As well as hope it isn't too much of a cliffhanger at the end. ;)


The title of the chapter is a hint to chapter, but what is that?


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         While the Catastrophic Quaken is roaring, Fredrick jumped over us and stood in front of us and roared.  And if I do say so myself, he roared louder than the Quaken and even moved the dragon back a foot or two.  Fredrick roared louder and we are behind him.

         The Quaken stopped roaring!

         The dragon and Fredrick stood stared at each other, exchanged some rumbling remarks, and then Undyne, Ali’s Thunderdrum, moved between us and walked up next to Fredrick and the Quaken.

         Ali and the rest came up to me and Hiccup, Ali said, “What are they doing?  Are they actually communicating?”

         “It looks that way,” I replied.

         Undyne, Fredrick, and the Quaken all stood in front of us “talking” to each other.

         I stated, “If I view this correctly, the Quaken is not a threat here.”

         “Well,” Cazi folded her arms.  “It has done a poor job of showing it’s not.”

         In their own kind of language of rumbles, noises, and almost purrs, the two Thunderdrums talked to the Quaken.  They talked the Quaken down!

         “Well I’ll be,” I spoke.

         Fredrick and Undyne looked back at us as if to say, “It’s alright.  He doesn’t mean any harm,” or at least that is what I hope they are saying.

         As soon as I thought that, the Quaken turned around and started to walk away from us.  Then it started to eat at the wall to move forward.  Now, Fredrick and Undyne bounced and jumped around as if they wanted to follow us.

         “Hey guys,” I positively stated.  “Looks like we made a new friend and he has something to show us.  You guys game?”

         “Sure, why not,” Dawn said half done with this and half curious.  “What do we have to lose?”

         We all slowly followed the Quaken into his new cave, leaving plenty of space for him to work.  There are loud noises of the grinding and crushing of stone and rock, but we made due.  Several minutes later, the Quakenburrowed” his way into a new undiscovered cavern.

         Entering, we are all taken aback by the massive size of this cavern.  It is so massive and even majestic that all of us are left speechless.

         “This,” Hiccup began.  “This nearly looks like a dragon nest.  Look at this place!” he excitedly sped up his speech.  “Even though it is dark outside, the water and stone is reflecting the moonlight perfectly to illuminate this cavern.”

         I added, “It is like someone actually created this tavern, but like you said, by the looks of this, dragons have done this.”

         Once we walked around the Quaken, we are greeting by this massive area that is kind of like an arena, but not.  If I had to guess, this thing is about a hundred yards across, fifty plus yards down; with rows upon levels of cubby holes surrounding the arena.  In the center of the arena, hanging down from the ceiling, a massive stalactite which had in it of itself bigger cubby holes.

         “This had to have been a dragon nest once,” Hiccup stood amazed.  “This whole cavern has to be nearly the entire island itself, or at least a huge portion of it.  The natural design of this place allows for light to be brought in through the various tunnels and streams cut out by draining water.”

         Annabeth added, “Look at those beautiful waterfalls.”

         While we were standing here at the edge admiring this place, the Quaken had already started to fly out to the center.  It noticed we were not following us, so, it flew back to us and then out to the center again.

         Cazi said, mounting her Skrill, “Looks like it wants us to follow it then.”

         We mounted our dragons and complied.  Our dragons lifted up and flew after the Quaken.  It led us up, around to the right of the huge stalactite, and made a complete circle before continuing on up near the ceiling of the cavern on the far side.  Up here looks to be a place of honor and respect in this dragon nest.

         I thought, “Alpha perhaps?  With this large a cavern, a king or queen dragon could fit in here?  Did they make this cavern?  The way this cavern was kept or has been kept, no viking has ever set foot in here or at least ones that would tear this place apart.  Also, same goes for the dragons.”

         Landing our dragons on the platform in front of us, we dismounted and on foot continued to follow the Quaken.  It led us over to the back wall of this prestigious room.

         “Though this room and all the rest of the cavern is just stone, rock, and some marble, the way these cubby holes are, it just had to have been made by someone maybe even a dragon.  These rooms look to natural to have been made by a viking,” I continued to think.

         The moment I said that, the Quaken stepped back to reveal something on the wall; I then said out loud, “I stand corrected.”

         Hiccup asked, “What?”

         “Nothing,” I returned.  “Just talking to myself out loud.”

         If the cavern was not enough to leave us speechless, what is now in front of us, sealed the deal.  On this back wall is something that had to have been made by a viking.  But not just any viking, a viking or vikings that made our Dragon Eye lenses; at least the ones that my friends and I have found, not Hiccup’s.  Yet, who knows.

         Finally, one of us spoke up to comment on this what we are now seeing, Annabeth declared, “Look at those circles in the wall.  And the pictures around the circles.  Then those symb-.  Jarl-.”

         But this does not stop there, guess what is in the center?  A Night Fury!  Or at least what looks like one.  What is the dead giveaway is the black chalk or coal used to color in the dragon body.

         “I see,” I replied.  “Those symbols are the same ones found on the pictures from our Dragon Eye lenses.”

         Ali questioned, “So did we actually find what those symbols were trying to lead us to?”

         “I don’t think so, cause look,” I answered.  “There are six holes in the wall, in the shape of our Dragon Eye lenses.  And how many do we have?  Two?  Three?  Three.  So, this is a place we are probably going to come back to.”

         “Why don’t you just use Rocky over here to just tunnel through or underground to get in?” Dawn blatantly asked while pointing at the dragon.

         The Quaken shifted its head to look at Dawn on the left.  Dawn froze for a second and took the slightest of steps to her left, away from the Quaken.

         The Quaken then turned its attention to Garth who stepped up, “By the looks of this set up, my guess is that there is some type of mechanism that once you put all the lenses in place, a door will open or something will be revealed that is the key to something.  Tunneling through now might damage it and it may then be gone forever.”

         Sounding disappointed, Dawn replied, “If you put it that way…”

         Cazi questioned, “Except for that reason, I agree.  But maybe just because I came prepared for a fight, all I have had was two possible ones that fizzled out.”

         “If you wanted to have been nearly roasted,” I said.  “More than once while trying to stop that thing from spewing, you were more than welcome to fight then.”

         “Well, maybe I didn’t want to,” she sarcastically hmphed and turned her head away from me.  “It looked and sounded like you had it pretty well handled.  Plus, what I need is something to punch.”

         Annabeth came back with, “Be careful what you wish for, you will probably get it.”

         “Exactly why I said it,” Cazi returned.

         Hiccup changed the subject, still looking at the wall, “Am I the only one that noticed the yak in the room?”

         “I don’t see a yak,” I replied.  Hiccup began, “I didn’t mean-,” but recounted when he heard me finish, “All I see are two Night Furies: One in the flesh and one on the wall.”

         “Okay, I didn’t mean that literally,” Hiccup said.

         “Yeah,” Cazi said in a tone of, “Yeah, sorry,” while walking over, throwing her left arm around my back, and giving my left shoulder a couple pats.  “Yah not used to the literacy of our statements are you.  Not to mention my- I mean, our sarcastic remarks either?”

         “No, not when it comes from a sane person,” Hiccup replied.  “Most of the time I get the same thing but added craziness, but it is hard to explain.  And I know you guys know what I’m talking about.”

         “But back to this picture,” Hiccup continued.  “What does this mean?  The dragon looks a great deal like Toothless, but then it doesn’t.  Could it be the light or a different dragon?”

         Angie suggested, “The answer to your question might lie beyond this wall.  Maybe we’ll find out once we find the other three lenses.”

         “Make that two lenses,” I observed.

         Annabeth wondered, “How do you mean?”

         Motioning my dragon over to give me a slight boost up, I stepped on my dragon to reach the Night Fury picture.

         “The reason, or one of the reasons,” I said.  “This dragon looks odd is because of what it is holding.”

         Dawn repeated, “Holding what?”

         “The actual ‘eye’ of a Dragon Eye lens,” I stated.

         Taking my right hand and wiping it across the face of the wall, I brushed away the dust hiding what exactly the picture is holding.

         The actual flattened gem of a Dragon Eye lens without the housing!

         Using my right fingers and my left hand under the place of the gem, without using my knife so I would not damage the gem, I gingerly picked at the it until the gem popped out into my left hand.  The gem is somewhat thicker than the rest, maybe even thicker than one of Hiccup’s lenses.  Also, the gem is a deep, rich, blue which even in this light, twinkles and reflects the moon’s radiance.

         I pocketed the gem in my left inner pocket in my jacket, a pocket I can secure with a hook and string.

         “Now,” I said.  “We just need a housing to put it in that will fit the Dragon Eye.  Think you could come up with one, Garth?”

         “I can try,” he answered.

         Hiccup asked, “Do you need the dimensions of the Dragon Eye to complete it?’

         “No,” came Garth’s simply reply.  “I make a note to do that with anything I come across, even if it is very brief.  As you might observe, I am good with making things out of nothing.”

         “Most times they end up that way too,” Cazi quipped.

         “Ooo, burn,” Dawn almost spoke approvingly.  “I thought I was harsh.”

         “Cazi is right, I do agree,” Garth said.  “I do have to give it a couple of tries before what I am working on will work or else it usually blows up in my face.  But, believe me, I can make it.  Making it won’t involve explosives, which is a nice change of pace.  Always wanted to make a lens for the moment I laid my eyes on the first Dragon Eye.”

         I teased, “That had to be painful.”

         “As soon as I said that, I knew you were going to do that,” Garth chuckled.

         Hiccup smiled, “What I wouldn’t give to have this type of banter instead of what I get from the Twins, some from Snotlout.  But I digress, someone has to watch over them.  Snotlout is getting better, though.”

         “Snotlout?” echoed Cazi as if that was the last things she expected to hear.  “I guess there is something between his ears.  I thought it was two owl bears playing dodge-rock.”

         “Owl bears?” questioned Ali.  “There are no such things, as far as I know.”

         Cazi briefly pointed at her, “Exactly.”

         I shook my head and refocused our efforts, “I believe we have found what the last lens was pointing us towards.  Looks like we will come back here at some point, but we’ll need the other two lenses to unlock this contraption.  This new gem should shed some light on the subject.”

         “Ah,” Annabeth nodded.  “I see what you did there with that last sentence.”  I just smiled.  She added, “You’s very punny.”

         I bowed, “Tank you.”

         We mounted our dragons and flew back over to the other side of the cavern.  We continued on, retracing our steps until we came back to the tunnel that led us to the fake Night Fury.

         “What are we going to do with Rocky?” asked Dawn, more seriously.

         “Is he still following us?” I asked.

         “Why’d you think I asked the question?” she said more annoyed.

         I stopped to look back at Dawn and Rocky; I think Rocky made a new friend and someone is the least bit “happy.” Annabeth and Cazi continued on a little further back to the entrance of the door we opened.

         Angie suggested, “We could tell it to stay?”

         “How are we going to do that?” Dawn said with her hands on her hips.  “It isn’t like we can speak their language.”

         Ali replied, “Well, we could tell our dragons too, like mine and Fredrick did before.”

         Before either of knew it, our dragons were speaking with the Quaken, and he seemed to understand.

         But, before leaving, the Quaken lowered its head to me as if to wait for me to put my hand up to it.  Surprised that it would already do this, I raised up my hand and the dragon touched it.  Yet, that was not all; it did the same with Ali.

         Ali replied, a little excited, “I think someone likes Thunderdrums.”

         I leaned down to Fredrick and asked him, “Did someone put in a good word for us.”

         Fredrick just snorted as if to say, “Ah… no.”

         “Oh, be quiet,” I replied.

         On the Quaken’s way back into its tunnel, the Quaken rubbed up against Dawn.

         I grinned, “Although, I think Dawn still has a problem of her own.”

         “I think we may have a bigger problem,” called back Annabeth.

         “What?” I asked as Annabeth and Cazi actually ran back.

         “Guess… who?” Annabeth said disappointed.

         My shoulders just dropped and I answered, “Vixxen.”

         Cazi replied, “You get the yaknog.  Who’s next on the game we’ve all been waiting for?  Pin the mace on the hunter or my favorite, Wack-a-noggin’ with your fist?”

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Comment about the owlbear: I play Dungeons and Dragons, and one of the monsters is an owlbear. I thought that was a pretty funny coincidence.
Great chapter!



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No coincidence.  I started playing DnD about a month ago.  So, this was on purpose.  XD


I am a Dwarf Cleric in my first DnD role play.  Still learning the ropes of DnD, but I think I'm hooked.  >.<


I like making references like this, makes it fun to see if anyone will catch them.  I also include different movie quotes and tv show quote from the franchise, but either reword them a little different or use them for a different situation, also to see who will catch them.

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I keep finding more and more people interested in DnD. I'm so happy! >.< I myself am a Dungeon Master, and my party constantly drives me crazy. xD