Fan-Fic Fridays: The Secret Symbol - Chapter 2: Rogue Dragon Rider, Part 2

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Hope you guys enjoy this chapter.  Rogue Dragon Rider will now actually be three parts.  Going to my grandparents tonight delayed me working on the chapters, so only the second part will be posted.  I will work on the next part to conclude referencing Have Dragon Will Travel, Part 2, and my chapter will be posted by tomorrow morning.


The drawings for the chapters will be done after each chapter is posted.  If I am able to get a head start on the chapters, for the future, then they will be posted with the chapter.


Please comment what you think might happen, or anything else you'd like.  Enjoy reading them.


Hope you guys enjoy the chapter! :D


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Subject do I need why Hmm? Above them can be a Jedi Master, No?

The Secret Symbol


Chapter 2


Rogue Dragon Rider, Part 2


         As much as we all wanted to go out now, Hiccup decided it would be best if we all started out early the next day.  Since Hiccup and them coming into The Great Hall, the sun was already setting.  So, there would hardly be any sun left over.  This was the deciding factor for us to start out the next day searching.  Waking up as early as could be, but still getting enough sleep, my group met at the steps of The Great Hall.  My sisters and I got all ready and arrived at the meeting place.  Hiccup had briefly said before I walked out of The Hall the other day, that I should not need my whole crew; a few riders should suffice.  This being said, the only others that are coming are Cazi and Annabeth.

         I said to the group, “Okay.  Hiccup has laid out for us the islands we are supposed to cover.  He says, it should be highly unlikely that the rogue dragon rider would be there, but, we can’t take any chances.  Any questions?”

         Asvord asked, “Yes.  What are we going to do when we meet the rogue dragon rider?”

         “Let’s hatch that chicken when we cross over to it,” I said, with a smile.

         Elsa added, “I think you said that backwards as well as wrong, but whatever.”

         Cazi then quipped, “Watch Hiccup have to search like five or six islands before they find the rogue dragon rider, and we find the rogue dragon rider on the first try.”

         Annabeth replied, getting on Anora, “It could happen.”

         The sun had already been up for a few hours, so, I believe Hiccup and his gang had left at sun-up.  Or at least I think it was sun-up.  The clouds are so thick right now, it is hard to tell if the sun is even behind the clouds.  Yet, it is light out, so the sun probably is.  We obviously are leaving after them, so we did not see them on our trip.

         After we had flown towards the northwest about five or ten minutes, I said, “Back in the saddle, no rest for the weary.”

         “What?” Cazi initially question.  “Oh, because we are going on another mystery.”

         Annabeth added, “Yet, it isn’t a mystery… yet.  If I know Jarl, and I think I do, he is going to find a mystery in it somehow.”

         Asvord retorted, “Or make be a mystery.”

         “Very funny, both of you,” I said.

         “I wasn’t joking,” kidded Asvord.

         Only random things were spoken about after this.  My family often speaks on random subjects.  When one or more of my family, including me, are in a group big or small, the randomness is contagious.  Usually, the randomness is nothing important.  Or else, why would it be random?

         The randomness went on for the whole trip.  We laughed, we talked about some serious things like, “Is a yak bladder half full or is it half empty?”, and some things we did know what to think of because it was so random.

         Within the next hour to hour and a half, we arrived at our first island.

         Cazi is the first to get her spyglass out and then said, “Well what do you know?”

         “What?” the rest of us said in unison.

         “I think we did find the rogue dragon rider on the first try,” spoke Cazi.

         For a second, we all thought she was quipping again, like she normally does.  But then thinking about her more serious tone, we had to see for ourselves.  We each got out our spyglasses and saw what Cazi had.

         “Look,” she said, pointing.

         Not only did we see a pillar of smoke from a campfire, a tent and assorted weapons about… but the rogue dragon itself!  Plus, even the dragon rider!  We are about a hundred yards from the shoreline.  The rogue dragon and rider are fairly near the shore line, but maybe it is just the angle we are seeing it at.

         “Let’s go get ‘em!” called out Cazi.

         “No,” I quickly returned.  “So far, it does not look like they have spotted us.  We have the element of surprise on our side.  What I think we should do instead is the rest of you spread out and fly around the rest of the island.  Spread out evenly, so if the dragon and rider is spooked and try to escape, one of us can fly after them and trail them.  I’ll see if I can sneak up on them and capture them myself.”

         Asvord questioned, “Why does it have to be you?”

         “Well,” I said.  “Cazi is on Electic, so any dragon could sense the change in the electrostatic in the air.  So Electic would be detected by the rogue dragon.  Seeing how Anora and the rogue dragon are nearly identical dragons, except for the coloring difference, a dragon of the same species is sure to tip off the other; even if it is unintentional.  A Nadder would do the same thing, because they are probably of the same class.  Elsa and Meatballs cause too much noise when flying to sneak up on anything, however, their maneuverability would come in handy.  So, what’s only left is me and Fredrick.  And to top it all off, who would expect a Tidal Class dragon to have a rider and sneak up on you?”

         Cazi went back and forth on the deal, “Eh… I guess… those are fair points.”

         “Then time is of the essence, let’s go,” I said.

         I slowed down Fredrick as the rest of my friends got into position.

         Annabeth is the last to do so, but as she passed me, she stopped her dragon to say, “Do you think that is…?”

         I cut in, “I’m not sure.  Could be.  Looks the same.  But would she ever do such a thing as wreck a fishing boat?  One of our fishing boats.  Part of me is hoping it is not.”

         Annabeth agreed and continued on her dragon to find a place.  Cazi went to the right, followed by Annabeth.  Asvord fly towards the left, followed by Elsa.  The rogue dragon is sleeping and the rider is tending to the camp.  Still unbeknownst to the rider, we closed in on them.

         Adjusting for the wind, Fredrick and I would be downwind of the rogues.  So, I maneuvered Fredrick down as close as I could to the water.  Since Fredrick is a Tidal Class dragon, his smell would be that of a fish… a very large fish.

         Flying to the left, I am thinking of sneaking up from the side of a large rock formation.  Once I landed on the seashore, on this side, I hugged the side of the rock formation to better shield my presence.  Doing this, I had no vision of the campsite, but I knew it is just on the other side.  When I reached the edge, I knelt down to peak around the corner.

         To my surprise, and nearly my horror, the new Razorwhip was right there.  Fredrick stayed cool and did not growl.  Thinking about how I could get out of this, I thought about Anora.

         “If this is a Razorwhip and Anora is a Razorwhip,” I thought to myself.  “Would this work?”

         Every dragon is different, but most species react very similar when you try to subdue in a friendly manner or show you are not a threat.  This action works on Anora, but does it have the same effect on this dragon?  Much like you do with a Deadly Nadder and smooth down their spikes, you can also do to a Razorwhip.  You have to do it just right and not wake the dragon, if they are sleeping, but it can be done.  However, there have been times where I have woken Anora up, but instead of attacking she just licks me to “death.”  What would an unknown dragon do to me?

         I tried not to think of that and just confidently snuck up to the back of the Razorwhip and smoothed down the barbs and spikes.  Nearly jumping out of my boots when the Razorwhip woke up, but because I had done what I did, the dragon did not attack me.  Looking over the top of the Razorwhip, I saw the rider.

         Edging my way to the left of the Razowhip, I gradually snuck towards the rider.  The rider was bending over a table and had no clue I was back here.  Fredrick stayed behind to make sure his footsteps would not be heard.  I have been working on sneaking up on people for a few years now, just never had an opportunity like this to try it.

         I literally got within striking distance, and they still did not know I am back here.  I could strike them down, but that is not me.  Instead, I swiftly reached around to grab them around the mouth to try and “knock” them out this way.

         To my dismay, the rider caught me off guard by grabbing my arms and flipping me over, crashing down and breaking the table!  Being completely dazed, I am very slow getting up.

         I could hear Fredrick running up to my rescue, but the rider quickly turned around and called out, “It’s okay, Fredrick.”

         My dragon stopped dead in his tracks; I asked as I slowly stood up, “How did you know my dragon’s name?”

         The rider said, “Is trying to knock me out any way to treat the girl who saved your sister’s life?”

         A little shocked but at the same time expecting it, the rider turned around and revealed her face.  Taking off the hood and the mask… it is…

         “Heather!” I said stunned, but in a way, not really.  “How did you know I was behind you?”

         “Actually, I didn’t know you were behind me until you hesitated to grab me around the mouth,” Heather declared, as she petted Fredrick.  “You are getting good at sneaking around.  I am usually pretty good at detecting things, but using your knowledge of Anora against Windshear, that was pretty good.”

         I replied, “Cool name.”

         “I know right,” she answered.  “You’d never believe it, but I named her how I ride her like the wind, shearing through it.”

         I chuckled, “Kind of like how I took both my sisters’ suggestions for names for my dragon, Freddy and Ricky, and combined the two, partly to irritated them; Fredrick.”

         Heather chuckled too, but then there came a serious silence as Heather’s smile disappeared.

         I then simply informed, “Hiccup’s looking for you.”

         She looked down at her dragon, who had come over, “I know.  Figured he would after… well… you know.”

         “Yes, I do,” Heather responded.

         Immediately asking about the “yak in the room”, I said, “Why did you sink those fishing boats?  Why would you attack ships from a place that helped you?”

         Heather sighed, “I’ve been living on my own out here for years.  And I’ve made more than a few enemies.  I don’t want Hiccup and them or even you guys involved.”

         “Sinking boats is a poor way of showing you don’t want us involved,” I returned.  “You can just ask us if you don’t want us involved.”

         “Yes,” she said.  “I could probably have done that more with you and the rest, then with Hiccup and them.”

         “True,” I agreed.  “They can be a pretty stubborn bunch.  But Heather, we are your friends.  Friends ask friends for help when they need it.  If you were ever in any kind of trouble, you can always ask.”

         “That’s what I thought Hiccup would say,” she said, looking down again.

         “Which is because we want to help.  We know you.  Well, maybe me and my family more than most.  At the very least me and Asvord, as we kept your identity a secret all this time.”

         “Thank you for that,” she smiled, some.  “Back then a couple years ago, it was not the right time.”

         “So, is now the right time?” I asked.

         Heather hesitated, which to me means, “Yes,” but she said, “I don’t know.”

         Another moment of silence came, but this is because there is not much more to say.

         “I have to go,” declared Heather.  “If you said Hiccup and the Academy riders are looking for me, I’ll need to be ready.”

         “Okay,” I said.  “I hope you will really consider taking Hiccup’s offer when he asks you.”

         When I stressed the word “when” in that sentence, she smiled and said, “I’ll think about it.”

         She looked like she wanted to say something more, but just mounted her dragon, “I’m sure you didn’t come alone.  How many?”

         “Four: Asvord, Elsa, Cazi, and Annabeth.  They are in positions around the island so if you don’t take a direct path to the north, south, east, or west, they will spot you and tail you and let the rest of us catch up,” I informed.

         I had a good idea which way she would take, but I waited for her to say it, “Why direction did Elsa take?”

         “Thereabout to the southeast.  If you go south, but more towards Elsa’s side, you should be able to escape,” I answered.

         Heather was about to take off, before I stopped her, “Wait, do you know what I’m thinking now?”

         Heather looked uneasy, “No, what?”

         I gently tapped Fredrick directly in front of my saddle horn.  Fredrick shot his weakest blast he has… at Heather and Windshear.

         Heather looked at as if, “Why did you do that?  I know why you did that, but why did you do that?”

         “Hey, we have to make this look good if you want to escape without any questions asked,” I shrugged.

         “Yes, but warn me next time,” she said louder, probably because of the Thunderdrum blast; she had Windshear fire a blast past my head.

         “I did,” I defended.  “I just didn’t tell you what I was warning you about.  I assumed you knew as you are pretty good at guess someone’s moves before they move.”

         “You want to make it look good,” she smiled almost evilly but in a sarcastic way… somehow.  “We’ll make it look good.”

         There were a few tall trees around the campsite… before long they were on top of me!

         As she told Windshear to slice the trees, I said, “Oh no.  But I had it coming to me.”

         I let the trees and branches fall on me, but Fredrick helped break their falls as he lifted up his massive wings.  They are not massive trees, yet they are still pretty good size.

         “See you around, Jarl,” Heather waved and escaped.

         “So long,” I returned, but she was well out of range to even hear me.

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Ever had a flying burrito hit you? Well it's a deadly projectile

Nice chapter. Merry Snoggletog

"So Electic would censored the rogue dragon"

It censored again



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Uggg...   Why would it censor



Why would it censor s-p-o-o-k?  It is just another way to say scared, but gives a different reaction.

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So..... I googled and googled

So..... I googled and googled and I can't find part 1.



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It might be because I titled it as "Chapter 1 Part 1" instead of "Chapter 2 Part 1"  Occasionally I have titled them differently than I usually do, but here you go:

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THHAAAANKS!!!! I looked

THHAAAANKS!!!! I looked everywhere!

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If you want to, I could take

If you want to, I could take the time and round up all the links for all the chapters that are not in my siggie and either pm you them and/or put them in my siggie.

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I'm just gonna google search

That would be nice if you could pm me the links. I am having a hard time finding the chapters. 

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   Hey HTTYYD. I'm Lack and I've been reading over your Fan-Fiction (I will write my full review once I read all the books). If you are going to find all those missing links, could you please put them in your Sig. I just finished 'On The Edge Of Mystery' today, and I was going to search through all your privous posts until I found the chapters. But it would be much apprecated if you could put them in your sig.


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All links for Book 5 - "The Secret Symbol" are now in my signature.  I went ahead and did all up to date links for Book 6 "The Legend of Shadow Mountain."

The Secret Symbol has 46 Chapters

The Legend of Shadow Mountain has 32 current chapters.  33rd Chapter will be posted this Friday.  At the time of this post, some of you today (as for me) and some of you tomorrow.

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      Nice to meet you too. I've been wondering for some time, why did you put the second 'Y' in your name?


    Thank you for writting fun stories and, yes, I have enjoyed them. I'd write what I think of them now, but, giving I have around 90 more chapters to read, I think I should catch up.


  Finally, thanks for taking the time to put the links up. It will allow me to catch up faster and not spend all my free time moving the spiderwebs to search the deep, dark corners of the Forum.

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Just to see how many people

Just to see how many people would catch it and to tease them about it when they didn't.  ;D


You are quite welcome and thank you very much for saying that, I do appreciate it.  I do my best to have a believable story with realistic circumstances, situations, and action.  I want to try a paint a picture with detailed descriptions down to the left or right hand, speed, direction, feelings, thoughts, intentions, setting, background, and so forth. Trying to make the characters come alive but still let them develop on their own time, not trying to rush anything yet move the story along by not letting something become stagnant.  I cliff-hanger practically all my chapters to make you want to read more, but it also makes me want to write more too.  Any suggestions I get from my readers or readers with characters in my story, I keep them all in mind and insert them with my own spin yet try to live up to their suggestions into the story.  Some I can do right away, others I wait until the right time that it feels right to add it; sometimes it takes 1-2 books for me to add something, but I keep them in mind always.  I love mystery, battles, and action books, so I try my best to incorporate all three into my stories while keeping them in line with the rest of the franchise.

Because, my hope is to one day publish all these books.  There are ways to publish fan-fictions, there are just more hoops to jump through and things to fill out and ask permission before I could start the publishing process.


Starting this book series has created a love of writing in me where I do not see any sign of me stopping.


If you have not read any chapters yet, then you have 79 chapters (including the one I am posting today) to read.


You are quite welcome, glad I could help.


Yeah, even I had trouble finding the links through Google at first, so I instead went back through the pm links I send to some of my readers that have requested updates with links so they could find the chapters a lot quicker.

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I updated my signature and have all the links all the way up until last week's chapter, Chapter 32 of Book 6, linked in my signature.


Hope this helps.


I had been meaning to update my sig with links for a long time, but I never got around to it.  With you two posting (you and Lack), I just thought I best just do it right now while I am thinking of it, have the time, and to get it done finally.

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Whohoo! Thanks!