Fan-Fic Fridays: The Secret Symbol - Chapter 18: Flying into the Night

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Look at this... I am actually posting on Friday for a change.  To make up for not posting last week, I am posting two this week.  That is one thing that I will always try to do when skipping a week.  Depending on where I am in the story, you may want me to skip a week so you guys can read a major cliff hanger and continue on into the next chapter.


Late tonight and into tomorrow, I will post the second chapter that is technically for this week.


Hope you guys enjoy this chapter.


Comment what you think the important and first major clue from this chapter means for Jarl and his friends.


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Once my semester ends I will crank out the drawings for chapters

         “I’m sorry,” Annabeth replied, who looked like she was trying to hold back some tears.  “I am just so surprised and happy right now.”

         “Okay,” Cazi said shaking her head and hands a couple of times.  “Someone needs to starts es-plaining.”

         As Annabeth explained, it slowly made sense.  What Annabeth had previously thought was her real family, Dawn was a part of that family too.  Within a couple more moments, Cazi recognized Dawn too, because they all grew up together back when.  Even though Cazi did not see Dawn as often as she saw Annabeth, Cazi still remembered Dawn.

         In short, Dawn is Annabeth’s sister.  Well adopted sister.  I may have to go over this again with Annabeth or Dawn, because when they started talking about kings and queens and their home island, I zoned out.

         What made me zone out is me thinking about what just happened, “Dawn Evergreen is related to Annabeth Everdeen.  But they’re not because Annabeth was adopted by Dawn’s family who were the ruling couple over her home island; and, also, because Annabeth’s actual family is that of the Berserkers with Dagur and Heather.  I guess Evergreen and Everdeen are similar, but the two look nothing alike… That’s because of the adoption, idiot… I know that.  And don’t call me an idiot, you idiot… Why I am talking like this to myself, I do not know…. Third base…”

         I shook my head as if something cold touched me, but what got to me is pure confusion and surprise or… or disbelief.

         I said out loud, “I don’t know what I’m doing.  Garth?  Want to go finish up some things?”

         “Sure,” came his response.  “But do you think it is wise in your state?”

         “No,” I said.  “But being with you when you are in your right mind can be dangerous in its own right.”

         “Fair point,” Garth added.

         Annabeth came back over to my side of the table to tell me as she grabbed both of my hands with hers, “I’ll explain it all a lot better later.  I’m just too happy, glad, surprised, and joyous that Dawn is alive and here,” as she ended she let go of my hands.

         Dawn walked over here to ask Annabeth, “Could you teach me how to ride a dragon, Annabeth?”

         “I’d love to!” Annabeth replied, then turned back to me.  “Is that-.”

         “Go on you two,” I interrupted and waved my right hand in an underhand motion to the door.

         “Thanks!” they both answered.

         But, I got a quick kiss on the right cheek from Annabeth.

         Like two giddy school girls, Annabeth and Dawn ran out the door.  It is as if a new Dawn -nudge, nudge- got up from the table and the old Dawn just finally set.

         I asked my friends in a sarcastic manner, “Where’d Dawn go?  The real Dawn.  Now, I kind of miss the old Dawn and liked her better than then the new Dawn.  Where’d she go?”

         Michia interjected, “I didn’t like the old Dawn, for obvious reasons, but this new Dawn?  I don’t know.  I think I might be with you on this one.”

         “I know what happened!” declared Elsa as she stood up from the table.  “Asvord spiked the food!”

         “What?!” exclaimed Asvord.  “I did not… It was just my pure awesomeness with cooking that it caused Annabeth to recognize Dawn and Dawn to change into a better person.”

         “I don’t know about that,” added Michia.

         “Well,” I shrugged.  “Time will only tell that.  But, can we all wait until something happens.  To have another member of Annabeth’s family back, this is a big deal to her.  Before her life with us, Annabeth’s has been just a big hardship.  Though, there was a rough spot with us even, but it eventually turned out good.  Any bit of Annabeth’s old life that she can get back that brings back joy, is good.”

         Breakfast, by now, was pretty much done.  My sisters and Cazi helped clean the table off.  I offered to help, but Asvord just waved me off to go on.  With that, I did go.  Garth and I had some things to clean up, polish, and finish.

         One of the last things I did last night was make me a new bow.  After the first prototype of anything, there are always things you can improve on the first one, especially after using it for a long time.  Some of the things that are improved on my Gronckle Iron Bow II are as follows, just to name a few: I am able to double and triple knock multiple arrows on my bow easier than I could before, instead of turning my bow over for my sword I now just flip it down from the side, when it is in the sword position the sides that lay against each other are completely flat so that it will look more like a sword, and the Gronckle Iron bow string can be securely housed in the underside of the sword while in any position, all that would be needed to put the sword back into bow position and ready to fire would be to bring out the bow string from the sword.

         The bow strings wrap around the gears and continue to go in the sword until it meets the hand grip.  Near the hand grip, the bow string is spring loaded.  So, the bow will automatically go to where it needs to be for me to load my arrow.  There is still some give on the string because as I pull back to fire, the gear allows more string to be fed around the gears from the inside of the sword.  But because it is spring loaded, when I let go to fire, the string will act like any other bow string, yet will allow for a fraction more power to send the arrow on its way.  Using a spring-loaded bow string allows for quicker transition from sword to bow.  Before, I would have to manually tighten the gears to make sure the bow string would be taught enough to fire.  Now, my second bow is better in all areas.  By the way, this spring-loaded idea is Garth’s.

         After the next couple of hours of relaxing work, Meen and Angie had come back from a patrol; Meen asked, “We have a dragon rider inbound.”

         “Who is it?” I asked from the walkway leading to the Clubhouse.

         “It’s Hiccup,” Angie answered.

         My two sisters, Garth, and Cazi are with me, I said, “Hiccup must have that report we asked him to do on our Dragon Eye Lenses.”

         Hiccup and Toothless flew in from the east and landed on the right walkway next to us.

         “Welcome to Mystery, Hiccup,” I declared.  “What did you find?”

         Asvord added, “You could have Terror mailed us, you didn’t have to come here yourself.”

         “Oh,” Hiccup said.  “I thought about that when I started looking at the lenses, but after I figured out what they meant with Fishlegs, I just had to come here myself, show you, and then go with you.”

         “Go with us?” I repeated.

         “Yes,” Hiccup replied.  “It is that important.  Plus, spending a day or two away from The Twins and Snotlout can show you what it is like without having them around.”

         Cazi countered his statement, “As much as I agree with you on that, you do know that you would not be here today if it wasn’t for The Twins being The Twins and Snotlout… eh.”

         Cazi just shrugged and left it at that.  One might think she misses punching him.  As long as Cazi can crack some knuckles or some jokes, preferably the former, Cazi will be fine.

         With Hiccup’s arrival, this got everyone’s attention.  Everyone stopped what they were doing and followed us into the Clubhouse.  Annabeth and Dawn are the last to enter.

         Annabeth jogged over and said, “Hey Jarl, Hiccup.  What’s up?”

         “Plenty,” stated Hiccup.  “Let me get this set up.”

         As Hiccup looked around for something to prop the Dragon Eye up on, Cazi offered her daggers.  She took her daggers and stuck them into the dining table at an angle the Dragon Eye could rest on.

         Hiccup fiddled with the gears on the Dragon Eye and talked as he went, “You know how with the Dragon Eye lenses we have and know, you must have a certain dragon fire flame to light the Eye?”  He briefly paused, “Well, as you all probably know by now, with your guys’ Dragon Eye lenses the opposite is actually true.  Any dragon fire flame will light the Dragon Eye with your lenses and create the same picture on the wall.”

         Hiccup demonstrated as he set the Dragon Eye down on the daggers, “Toothless’ plasma creates the same image as… Smoky’s flame does.  The contrast in dragon types and flames could not be more opposite, a Night Fury to a Terrible Terror.  But with your new lens you found, I found something interesting.”

         Hiccup inserted the new flame and we saw a slightly different image, “You see it looks slightly different, but if you combine the previous two flames talked about… Look.”

         As Hiccup motioned to Toothless to ignite a light flame and I signaled Smoky to do the same… a different image appeared on the wall.

         I exclaimed slowly, “Shut… the… front… door.”

         The image we saw on the wall was that of a dragon similar to a Night Fury!

         Cazi had her arms folded, but unfolded it as we all saw the new image, “Now I know why you wanted to come, personally.”

         “The previous image, as you know,” Hiccup elaborated.  “Is what looks like a map.  If you take a drawing of both images and combine the two it creates a map to an island.”

         Annabeth questioned, “Where is this island?”

         Hiccup pulled out his notebook and showed us, “Here is the combined picture… By studying the maps, I believe it is an island to the far northwest, right on the edge of my current maps.  If you don’t mind me suggesting, Jarl, I say we go investigate this right away.  This kind of clue with your mystery and,” looking at Toothless.  “For me as well, there isn’t a moment to lose.”

         “I agree,” I declared.

         Turning back to my friends I picked a group to come with us and a group to stay at Mystery to defend and patrol.  Everyone agreed and went about to prepare for the trip ahead.

         “Why can’t we go?” asked Annabeth pointing to her and Dawn.

         “Well for starters, Dawn is injured,” I said.  “And I thought you would like to stay with her now that you know who she is.”

         Before Annabeth could say anything, Dawn spoke up, “I know I may have not been the easiest to deal with, but I have had to deal with worse than this and still did battle with even the worst of vikings.  A trip like this, I can handle.”

         I did not say anything for a moment, “Are you sure you are up for it?”

         “Sure, I’m sure,” she said confidently.

         “Alright,” I answered, a bit unsure if this was the right decision. “If you think you-.”

         “I know I can,” Dawn interrupted.  “Let’s go get ready!”

         Annabeth shrugged her shoulders and said, “She’ll be fine.  I’ll keep an eye on her.”

         Including Annabeth and Dawn, seven of my friends are coming with me: Garth, Cazi, Ali, Hiccup, Angie, Dawn, and Annabeth.  Within the next ten minutes, everyone is ready to go.  Everyone start taking off.  Before I did, I hugged my sisters, “Goodbye,” and was the last to leave.  I know my sisters usually do not like hugs, but we all know how much they mean.

         “Don’t get into trouble,” called out Asvord.

         “Oh, don’t worry, I won’t,” I answered, then smiled.  “I’ll get into a lot of trouble, not just trouble.”

         Fredrick and I caught up with Hiccup who is leading the flight out to the island.

         Hiccup stated, “I usually don’t get nervous, but, will me and Toothless actually find answers to my bud’s past?”

         Both Hiccup and Toothless looked optimistic but cautious at the same time.  The last time they thought they had found something about Night Furies, it was all a hoax by Dagur.  As any dragon is to their rider, Toothless is everything to Hiccup.  And because Toothless, as far as we know, is the only Night Fury alive, any new clues about Toothless’ past better be good and worth it.

         “By what my friends and I and even you, Hiccup, and your gang, have gone through to get to this point to get these lenses,” I spoke.  “This has all the signs of being credible clues.  However, what I am wondering, what is waiting for us at this new island.  What secrets beyond what we are looking for will the island hold?”

         “Yeah, what are we looking for?” Dawn asked.

         “Well,” I stated, a little unsure myself.  “Anything that has to do with Toothless and Night Furies.”

         “Thanks,” Dawn rolled her eyes.  “That sure helps out a ton.”

         Cazi then suggested, “Leaving at this time and by the time we get to this new island, let me guess… it is going to be nightfall.”

         “Yes, it probably will be,” I responded.  “With anything mysterious and especially new, it has to be either dark, dreary, rainy, or cold.  Looks like we will at least get the first one.”

         This trip we took is one of the longest flights I had ever taken on Fredrick.  Looking at Dawn now, flying a dragon, she is much better than she was.  Either Dawn is a fast learner or Annabeth is a good teacher.  As much as it is more than likely the latter, though that may just be me, Dawn would be more receptive to Annabeth and would actually listen for a change.  Still, Dawn is Dawn.

         After a couple hours, we ran out of things to talk about and just flew in silence.  This gave us all a lot of time to think about a lot of different things.

         We stopped a few miles short of the area where Hiccup has concluded the island to be approximately located at to eat supper.  The sun is on its way down as we have now flown all of the afternoon today and now part of the evening to get to this point.

         The supper was prepared and packed by of course, Asvord, ahead of time.  If I had to guess the one thing she included as the meal is apples.  Guess what?  There is an apple in each of our saddlebags.  It is a light supper so we could be ready for anything that might come our way waiting for us at the island.

         Within the next hour, sun has slipped behind the horizon and the skies became dark.  The stars, however, shown brightly and the moon is in its half full phase.  Depending on who you ask… it is half full or half empty.  Same thing would happen if you ask someone about their yak’s bladder.  Is it half full or half empty?  I am a half full kind of a guy.

         “Is that the island up there?” called out Cazi.

         Hiccup responded in a serious tone, yet excited at the same time, “It looks to be the right one.  By the landmarks marked on the map from the Dragon Eye and your lenses, this is the right place.”

         As we traveled up here we passed certain islands, which are both on this map and Hiccup’s maps, and sea stacks which marked a path to this island.  To the everyday sea traveler, all these landmarks looked to be just ordinary islands and sea stacks.  But putting the brief clues together on the map, we encounter three land marks.  First, a sea stack in the shape of crossbow, if viewed at the right angle, pointing towards the direction of the island we are after.  Next, an island crawling with electric eels, ranging in many sizes.  This caused a major stir in our dragons, but we moved on.  And lastly, a group of sea stacks that looked like they were just shrapnel from a major battle once.  On the map was a regular sea stack, but with lines on it as if it were a puzzle.  These distinct lines if broken up in their respective pieces created the littered debris of sea stacks one would see if coming across this place.  This group of sea stacks marked the harbor of the island we are looking for.

         A couple of minutes later, we landed on the southern shores of this strange, new island.

         Dismounting, I ordered to the group, “Get your weapons out and be ready for hostile dragons and vikings alike.  Even though are intentions are true and just, we are the trespassers, for the time being.  Unless we can say without saying to whoever is here why we are here, things might go off without a hitch.  On the other hand, there may just be dragons here, so, I would be up for any suggestions who would want to volunteer to discuss the terms for staying or leaving… alive.”

         I pulled out my new bow, set it in bow position, grabbed my quiver, and my battle belt.  In my quiver I had some rope hooked to a arrow to use it as back up to my grappling hook, the old fashioned way of doing it.  My belt had a few of my small bolas, Garth’s Zippleback gas or smoke bombs, and a few cartridges for my grappling hook around the back of my belt.  Along with my grappling gauntlet on my right forearm, I had one of my normal bracers on my left forearm.  My battle shoulder pads and golden Valkyrie helmet rounded out my gear.

         Within minutes of landing and gearing up, we all are ready to discover the mysteries of the first stop of unlocking The Secret Symbol.

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I love this chapter. Glad to finally be back!