Fan-Fic Fridays: The Secret Symbol - Chapter 17: Confused, Surprised, and Joy

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Getting closer and closer to actually posting on Fridays now.  >.<


Hope you guys enjoy this chapter.  Leave a comment on how you like how I explained the grappling hook.


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         Once I had performed my stunt, I took of the small container that housed the chain and set it on the ground and ran back over the bridge to the group.

         “So, what do you think?” I asked as soon as reached the other side, standing in front of them.

         Annabeth is the first to speak up, “Well, besides watching my best friend jump off the side of the cliff to impending doom.  Only to realize he did it on purpose to show off his new toy.  Leave for just a few days and this is what welcomes me back.  Other than that, I think it was fine.”

         I chuckled.  Everyone is interested in how it works, even Garth.  Garth did help me construct it, but I worked out the mechanics.  So, I know exactly how it works.

         I began to explain how my grappling hook works and showing each step, “If you just look at it in folded mode, it does not look like much.  To the right here you see a small, flat, and spherical looking container.  This container houses the chain which the claw or hook is attached to.  Although small, this container can house a Gronckle Iron chain as long as a hundred or more feet.  If the chain is larger and heavier, the total length of the chain will be under a hundred feet.  If the chain is smaller and lighter, the total length of the chain will be over hundred feet.  So, depending on what I need the grappling hook for, I can swap out containers for the chain I need.  I would then snap the container in place, feed the hook and chain around a small peg, and then load the hook like I would an arrow on a regular crossbow.  Next, I would pull back on the hook until I heard a ‘clicking’ noise.  This noise indicates that the hook is locked in place.  Now I can go about my business doing anything I want, and the grappling hook will stay in place.  Not until I press this first button, the two arms of the small crossbow fling out.  Attached to the arms is a launching cord for the hook.  Once the hook reaches the end of my bracer it will start flying through the air.  The hook is securely attached to the Gronckle Iron chain.  The hook will continue flying through the air until it hits its mark.  The chain will continue feeding out of the small container, even after the hook hits its mark.  This is where I would need to press the second button, just to the right of the first button.  The second button will stop the small crossbow and container from letting any more of the chain out.  This will cause the chain to lock into place.”

         “In the case of what I just performed, when I pressed the second button, I had already started to grab the chain with both of my hands to brace myself when the length of the chain would be stretched to the limit.  Then from there it is just using your body to steer yourself in the air and end up where you want to land.  One more thing,” I concluded.  “If I so wanted to, I could wait for the container to automatically lock the chain from going any further.  At the end of every chain in every container is a stopper.  This stopper will stop the chain from being fed through the crossbow any longer.  In case I were to forget to press the second button or if I needed every inch of the chain, the mechanics of the grappling hook would do it for me.”

         Hattori asked as question, “Since the crossbow is so much smaller than a normal crossbow, how can you get enough force behind the grappling hook to travel as fast as it did?”

         “Garth can answer that question better than I could,” I said.

         Garth stepped over and showed them; I took off the bracer so everyone could see what Garth is talking about much better, “This added boost of power to propel the projectile of the hook farther is part of something I have been working on in my spare time as just a small project.”

         Cazi quipped, “When do you have spare time?  You’re always working or inventing something along with the occasional fire or explosion.”

         Garth laughed, “Yes, you are right there.  I don’t have a lot of free time.  But when Jarl came to me and asked if I had something that could help propel a claw or hook farther, I started working on it more.  When Jarl and I went over the schematics for the grappling hook, I knew exactly what he wanted and what was needed to make this work.  What makes this all work even better than just the mechanics of the crossbow is this.”

         Garth took the grappling hook bracer and turned it around to see the rear of the bracer, the part that would be on my forearm.  Garth pressed down on a little latch and a cartridge came out.  The cartridge is four inches long and an inch wide and in the shape of a cylinder.

         “What’s that?” asked Asvord.

         Garth replied, “The key to making this a formattable tool in combat or rescue: A cartridge full of compressed air.”

         Annabeth echoed, “Compressed air?”

         “Now that we know the formula for Gronckle Iron and have basically an endless supply of it,” Garth responded.  “I can now make things smaller but stronger at the same time even when making the housing thinner and lighter.  Gronckle Iron opens up a whole realm of new possibilities in crafting and inventing.  Take this cartridge for example.  It uses the same concept I used for my underwater saddle with the air used for wearer to breathe by.  The cartridge takes that concept to a much smaller scale.  But because the cartridge is made out of Gronckle Iron, I can compress more air in a smaller area then I could with a cartridge made out of our strongest of metals and especially one of wood.”

         I added, “You take a new cartridge, pop it in, pushing it in until it snaps and clicks in place, and then close the housing in behind it.  When I press the button to launch the hook, the compressed air is released in such a manner to propel the hook and chain forward at the same speed and power as I would, drawing an arrow back on my bow and release it.”

         Garth agreed, “I would have to test and experiment with the cartridges, they may even be more powerful and propel a projectile such as a grappling hook even faster than a normal archer with a bow and arrow.”

         “I’m not going to begin to know what any you two just said,” Annabeth stated.  “But I have to admit, this is pretty cool.”

         “I almost want one myself,” Cazi said.  “Key word, ‘almost.’  But if I want to fly through the air, I’ll stick to a dragon.”

         As the group began to return to our Outpost, I mounted my dragon to fly underneath the bridge to look for the floorboard that the hook had lodged in.  Going about halfway underneath the bridge, I found the hook.  I had Fredrick fly in place while I grabbed for the chain.

         One minute… two minutes… three minutes went by… Still I was unable to pull the hook out of the wood.

         “Well,” I rested my arms on my legs.  “Guess the grappling hook really works, I can’t even get the hook out of the wood here.”

         In that case, I flew back and caught up with the group.  They asked me about the hook and I told them what happened.  Everyone laughed too and said the same thing I did.

         With the daylight winding down, we still went about doing chores around the Outpost.  However, me, Garth, and Elsa went back to the Foundry and started on the orders for new weapons, tools, saddles, and or gear that everyone wanted.  Some of my friends who had not spoken of wanting new things spoke up now that we had Gronckle Iron and it is readily available.  So, the rest of the few hours left of daylight and into night time was spent filling those orders.

         Elsa encouraged Meatballs to make the Gronckle Iron.  Knowing what happened to Meatlug the first time she gave Gronckle Iron, we made sure to pace Meatballs and give him rests on consistent intervals.  Garth would take the raw Iron and forge it into the general shape of the project we were currently working on.  I would take the Iron from Garth and shape, mold, and work it into the desired item.

         With what I have learned from Gobber and some from my father, I have become good at forging things.  Just after a few hours, Garth and I had become quite proficient at working with Gronckle Iron.

         While Elsa, Garth, and I worked, people elsewhere also worked.  The only one that did not work was Dawn, for obvious reasons; she rested.  There is an energy in the air that I have not felt in a while.  Do not really know how it got started or where it came from, but I like that it is here.  Everyone worked on projects of their own, cleaned out there huts, checked on the buildings on the Outpost, repaired any damaged buildings or walkways… we all got a lot of things done.

         Annabeth had spoken to me about a Gronckle Iron shield she had been wanting for a long time.  It had always been in the back of my mind to make one for her, I just needed the Gronckle Iron to make it for her.  The shield is similar to that of Hiccup’s; but at the same time, altogether different.  The design of the look is not just a circle, but has the shape of a shield my father would often talk about on his trips to the east.  This different design also makes it easier to handle while also smaller to not be cumbersome if not used in combat or other things.

         One thing that stands out the most, at least for me, is Annabeth’s swords.  I built into the shield holders for both of her swords to go.  Now she will have less weight in gear to have both of her sword sheaths and shield holder on then she did before.  By the end of the night, everyone received what they had wanted.

         We all congregated back at the Clubhouse for supper.  As I went back, Smoky, my family’s Terrible Terror, and I went about lighting torches as we made our way back to the Clubhouse.

         The supper that Asvord prepared was superb, maybe because it was yak steaks; side dishes of corn and green beans with a big glass of yak milk.  We also had some of Asvord’s apple juice.  For the girl that cannot get enough apples, she would be the one that can make the best apple juice this side of the archipelago.

         Once supper was over, we all decided to turn in and get some good, quality rest.


         The next morning came early, though, that is probably just me as I am not a morning viking.  Each morning is like this regardless of how much sleep I get.  Although, the smell of pancakes got me up faster.  By the looks of it, all my friends coming into the Clubhouse for breakfast, the smell got them up as well.

         Halfway through breakfast, Dawn actually spoke.  Not that it was surprising she could talk, as she usually cannot stop talking more or less complaining about something, but the past few meals she barely says anything at all.

         “Who owns that beautiful Stormcutter out in the stables?” Dawn asked.

         “Aw,” Michia sarcastically replied.  “I didn’t know you cared that much about me, Dawn.”

         She glared at Michia, who is a few chairs to the left, and said in a better tone, at least better for Dawn that is, “I don’t, you idiot.  I meant the blue Stormcutter.”

         Annabeth replied in a way that she was hesitant at first because she is not used to someone complementing her on her dragons, “That big guy is mine.”

         “Your Stormcutter reminds me a Stormcutter my sister had when we were little,” Dawn stated.

         Annabeth asked, “What was the Stormcutter’s name?”

         “Star Scream,” Dawn replied.

         “Star Scream,” Annabeth repeated.  “That’s funny.  That’s the name of my Stormcutter too.”

         “It is funny,” agreed Dawn.  “Because your Star Scream looks an awful lot like the Star Scream I remember.  How’d you find Star Scream?”

         As Annabeth started to briefly tell the story of how she hatched Star Scream as an egg, the moment she mentioned, “Anora,” Dawn stood up.

         For the first time, ever, I saw a smile on Dawn’s face and a tone of pure joy, “Anora?!  The dragon I was thinking of was Anora.  And the way you talk about getting Star Scream is the exact same way the Star Scream I am thinking of was born.”

         Annabeth slowly said and stood up, “Wha- What are you saying?”

         “It’s me!” Dawn said.  “Dawn Evergreen.”

         The look on Annabeth went from confusion to instant surprise followed immediately by joy as well.

         “Dawn!” Annabeth nearly screamed as she hurriedly got up from her seat and ran over to Dawn and hugged her; Dawn met her half way.

         Dawn also nearly yelled, “Annabeth!”

         As they started to hug, I questioned everyone else, “Are we missing something?”

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Im completely lost, but I think I can keep up xD
Great chapter by the way