Fan-Fic Fridays: The Secret Symbol - Chapter 11: We Have Got to Find a Better way

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I had planned to post this earlier tonight, as I nearly had it done then.  But I wasn't sure when my family wanted to watch some of the new season of Rtte, so I was always in uncertainty.  Because we just started watching it, I stopped what I was doing and watched half the new season with my family.

So I would still appreciate no new spoilers beyond about half the season.


But without further a due, here is my new chapter.


If some of you have been watching the new season, this new chapter and the ones following will have just as much action, mystery (obviously as this is a mystery series), and surprises along the way.


Hope you guys enjoy!


Comment if you do.  If you don't... comment anyway.  >.<


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         “Regardless of who sent it and what mystery we are currently on,” I said.  “We need the Dragon Eye to view this new lens.”

         Garth asked, “But you do not know what dragon fire will trigger that lens.  Though you would have the most widely known dragons there at Dragon’s Edge.”

         Elsa then slumped her shoulders back and hung her head back as well, “We just got back to Mystery.  Back and forth, back and forth.  Granted it was an emergency, but we just got back.”

         “Well,” stated Asvord.  “We don’t all have to go.”

         Hattori suggested, “There is a possibility this new lens was sent from a person who is less than friendly with Berk.  It could be Koll.  It could be a new player.  If it is any of these, they may return.  If they are scouting our outpost and see us all leave, then they could do something to our outpost…”

         “Like it wouldn’t be here when we got back,” Hyrith interjected.

         “That was a little more drastic then I was thinking,” added Hattori.  “It would be in the best interest of all of us that some of us stay behind.”

         I responded, “Really, most of you guys could stay behind.  Hiccup would probably not want to let the Dragon Eye leave his possession.  So, when he sees we have a new lens and after he and Fishlegs practically take over from there,” I chuckled.  “We can just document our findings on paper and then return to Mystery.  In the meantime, the rest of you can settle in and start patrolling the surrounding areas.”

         Annabeth then asked, “So, who gets to go?”

         “Who wants to go?” I countered.

         Those who raised their hands are as follows: Cazi and Annabeth tied for first, Angie, and Meen were all the quickest ones to raise their hands.

         Angie questioned Ali, “What about you?”

         “As much as I would like to go,” she replied.  “I thought I would stay behind and continue training my Speed Stinger now that Pearls and Borgar has whipped the rest of the Stingers into shape.”

         “Alright, mount up,” I replied.  “By the way,” I said as I addressed the others, “If we don’t come back for a few days, don’t worry.  With how much Hiccup and Fishlegs geek out over new lens, who knows how long we will be.  Depending on what we find out with the new lens, we may search any new clues from there.”

         Asvord nodded.  As a family, we always try to tell one or more of us if we are expected back the same day or some amount of time later.  So, if we are not back when that amount of time is up, the ones we told know to come looking for us.  Usually, we all give the other a day after said amount of time is done, just in case we are a little late coming back.

         Oh, and because it would take a better part of the day, Asvord made sure to give us some pack food to take with us.  We probably will not need it, but you never know.  Snacks never hurt on a longer trip never hurt.

         Hyrith quipped, “Taking practically all the girls with you, Jarl.”

         I smiled, “I already have my girl.”

         It is getting to the point I do not mind telling anybody straight up that Annabeth is my girl.  The way Annabeth smiled too, when I looked at her as I mounted Fredrick, she is not either.  Before, she would blush.  Maybe she does blush a little, I just cannot tell.

         Those who raised their hands followed me on their dragons out towards the east towards Dragon’s Edge.  Thunderdrum, Razorwhip, two Skrills, and a Deadly Nadder.

         “At this rate,” joked Cazi.  “I bet we find another mystery on our way to The Edge.”

         We are all expecting a quiet flight out to Dragon’s Edge.  Well, maybe except for Cazi, but she was only kidding.  A flight with no surprises is what we all expected.  Sometimes when you expect no surprises, guess what you get?

         There is a lone ship out in the middle of the sea in front of us.  Being curious as to why it is there, we flew down to investigate.  Upon landing on the ship, it looked to be deserted; at first.  Then the biggest surprise of all came of whom walked out of the hold of the ship.

         Cazi exclaimed, “Heather?!  What are you doing here?”

         “I could ask you guys the same question,” Heather replied.  “I was actually hoping to see you guys as I need your help.”

         “Anything,” Annabeth smiled.

         “I knew I could count on you guys,” Heather answered.  Heather, to me, seemed a little different.  She always seems to never be surprised by anything, always a step ahead.  Case in point, she did not look a bit surprised to see us.  Almost as if she knew we were coming.  But maybe that is just me.  Heather continued, “Did you get that package I sent you guys?”

         Annabeth returned, “You mean the Dragon Eye lens?”

         “Dragon Eye lens,” Heather echoed.  “The package must not have come yet,” she furrowed her brow as she tapped her chin a couple of times with her right finger.  “Strange, I sent him the package a few days ago… In any case, I need you guys for something else.  But not all of you… uh, Jarl and Annabeth will do.”

         The rest of the group was taken back by the request, but being of the curious sort, I agreed to Heather’s terms.

         Walking over to the other side of the ship, while Annabeth talked with Heather, I told the rest of the girls and handed the lens to Cazi, “Take this lens the rest of the way to Dragon’s Edge.”

         “Are you going to go with Heather?” questioned Cazi.

         “No, I am going to stay here on this ship and wait,” I sarcastically quipped.  “Yes, I am going to go with her.”

         Meen then asked, “Don’t you find it strange that she is out here all by herself.”

         “I don’t find that strange,” I said.  “But what I do find strange is the fact she never seems surprised.”

         As I stopped to pause, Cazi started to open her mouth to say something, “I know you guys want to come, and I am counting on it.”

         Cazi stopped short, but instead stated, “How do you mean?  One second you and Annabeth are only going, the next we are all going with you.”

         “Let me explain,” I declared.  “I still want you guys to go to Dragon’s Edge and give the lenses to Hiccup and Fishlegs to make a full report of the secret symbols so far.  Hiccup and them are no doubt busy and the report will take a while, especially for those two.  I want you guys to then double back and return to this ship.  Then, trail Annabeth and I to wherever we are going.”

         Angie wondered, “But how are we going to do that if we don’t know where you guys are going?”

         Meen spoke up and said, “Seeing how Spined is a Deadly Nadder and of the Tracker and Sharp Classes, tracking where anybody goes, dragon or dragonless, should be a breeze.”

         “I guess it is settled then,” affirmed Ali.

         Cazi mounted her Skrill and added, “Any clues you could leave behind to where you are going would be of great help.”

         I nodded, “One clue would be what direction we fly off towards.  I won’t be able to leave you a clue on the ship because I don’t know where we are going.  However, once you get back here, take a moment to do a quick search of the ship.  There may be a clue or two that will either help you find us or figure out where Heather has been.”

         With that, the rest of the girls mounted their dragons and began to continue flying east; they however only flew off at a casual, cursing speed, to be sure to see what direction Annabeth, Heather, and I are going.

         I mounted Fredrick as Heather asked, “You ready?”

         “Lead on,” I replied.

         Our heading is due north from the ship.  Hopefully, as I am sure they did, the girls took note.  We flew in a line, myself and Fredrick on the left, Heather and Windshear in the middle, and Annabeth and Anora on the right.

         “So,” I broke the first few minutes of silence on the trip.  “Where are, we going, Heather?”

         “You’ll see,” Heather vaguely answered.  “I’m not exactly sure myself,” she chuckled.

         Annabeth then asked, “How have you been?”

         Heather gave a small sigh and said, “Lonely, but that’s nothing new.  I found some new friends that have been a great help to me.  But I still feel the emptiness inside.  Some of that goes away when I see you, Annabeth.”

         Silence came again, but not an awkward silence; a good silence.  Annabeth looked a little happier now.

         “Have you been doing any jobs for anyone?” I continued to question.

         “Odd jobs, here and there.  Mostly trading,” she said.  “Most of my business has been done with Trader Johann, but I haven’t seen him in a little while.”

         At the mention of Trader Johann, a thought came to mind from a previous remark of Heather’s, “The ‘him’ Heather spoke of earlier, saying she sent him something for us to get, is this ‘him’ referring to Trader Johann?  I don’t know if that is as troubling as who actually sent us the new Dragon Eye lens, depending on if Heather is telling the truth or not.  What?  Heather has had some shading dealings in the past.  Sometimes it is best to be cautious and ask the hard questions… even if it is just to myself.”

         Heather began to ask some questions about how I have been.

         “What mysteries are you trying to solve now?” she asked.

         “I have a few,” I replied, also being vague.  “Trying to find the connections as always.  There have been a few more surprises than usual, but nothing we can’t handle.  Several clues, but no leads.  Trying to decipher the clues has been the biggest thing so far.  But I am sure to have so breaks in the cases so far.”

         “Cases?” repeated a perceptive Heather.  “You must be busy.  The mysteries usually come one at a time, for me.”

         “Not in my experiences,” I disagreed.  “Although, they always start from one and morph into others.  There might be an over arcing mystery, but any of the mysteries we find, they all share some connections but are almost always have their own clues, leads, and conclusions.”

         Not a moment after I had concluded, did Heather say, “We have arrived.”

         “That was quicker than expected,” I said.

         “Don’t get comfortable yet,” Heather added.

         “What?” Annabeth questioned.  “Are you expecting trouble?”

         “No,” she answered.  “But it is always better to aid on the side of caution.”

         Never thought Heather was one to aid on the side of caution.  We came across four ships in the middle of the sea

         Annabeth declares, “Those are ships with the same sign from the Reaper.”

         “Yes,” confirmed Heather.  “I raided these ships earlier today, so that is why they look sea worthy… well… a little less for ware.”

         We landed on the deck of the ship closest to us.  Not even before Fredrick’s feet came in contact with the ship, could I feel my dragon tense up.

         “Okay,” I said, getting off my dragon.  “Before we go any further, what exactly do you want us to help you with?”

         “Why, Jarl?” asked Heather in an odd, smiling tone.  “It sounds as if you don’t trust me.”

         “It isn’t that… as much… as the fact you didn’t seem surprised to see us,” I replied.  “It is like you wanted and expected us to come.”

         “Okay,” Heather leveled.  “I want you two to help me out.”

         “We got that,” I added.  “And we do want to help.  But with what?”

         Heather answered as she opened the hatch to the lower decks, “Follow me.”

         Even though I do trust Heather, to a point, I could smell a trap as if I was a mile away from the twins in a boar pit.  The hold down below is too big for our dragons, so as I told Fredrick to stay behind, I reached into my saddlebag and pulled out my bow.  Then locking it into the sword position.

         “What do you expect down there?” wondered Heather.  “Dragon Hunters.”

         Almost being rhetorical, I answered in a chuckling manner yet hesitant in a way, “Oh censored, you never know what you might find these days.  It always seems like you are one step ahead, Heather.  I want to one up you.”

         Annabeth did not know quite what to make of my remarks.  Reason why I was hesitant to say it.  I do not want to make Annabeth mad because I do not trust her sister.  But I know Annabeth better and for longer than I have Heather.

         “After you,” said Heather.

         “No, please,” I bowed.  “Ladies first.”

         Heather started to walk in first, “No not you, Annabeth.”  Annabeth looked at me as if she did not know if I am joking or serious.  At this point, I am probably both.  “Now you can go.”

         “Jarl,” Annabeth said uneasily when she reached the bottom of the stairs.

         “Oh, let me take a wild guess,” I flung my arms out.  “There are Dragon Hunters here.”

         “But not just any Dragon Hunters,” smiled Heather.

         I exclaimed, “Dagur!”

         “Surprise,” said Dagur.

         Dagur and several of his men stood behind him.  In the hold were several empty cages, set and ready to go for any captured dragons.  Heather drew her axe Annabeth and both stepped a little further into the hold.

         “No… no, it wasn’t actually a surprise to me,” I assured, folding my arms.

         “Really?” Dagur said curiously.  “Because I thought you wouldn’t expect Heather to walk you into a trap.”

         “No,” I shook my head.  “Actually, I started to think that as soon as we met Heather on our way.”

         “On your way to what?” Dagur questioned menacingly with a smile.

         “To ‘The Great Beyond’,” I gestured with my hands, waving my fingers and making a half circle with my hands off into the imaginary horizon.  “What?  Do you think I am going to tell you that?  Tell you anything?”

         “No, no,” Dagur said.  “But it was worth a shot.  How did you guess this was a trap?”

         “Uh, hello.  I solve mysteries for a living,” I looked at him like he was dumb.  “Well, maybe not for a living… as I don’t get paid for my services.  What do you think, Annabeth?  Do you think I should start charging a fee?  Though, come to think of it, I would have to charge myself as most of the mysteries I solve our my own.  Quite the paradox.  What do you think, Dagur?”

         “I-,” Dagur began to answer then said irritated, “I don’t have to answer your questions either.”

         “Look who woke up on the wrong side of the yak field this morning,” I chuckled.  “Am I right, people?  Am I, right?”

         Dagur’s men started to laugh, but not for long as Dagur ordered them to stop.

         Dagur sighed and rubbed his brow with his right hand, “I forget sometimes who I am dealing with.  One minute it is Ryker… the next it is Hiccup… Now it is you.”

         “Ryker?” I asked, as I got a clue from Dagur.  “Ooo, who is that?”

         Dagur said disgusted, “Argh, none of your business.”

         “Are you angry because I made you slip Ryker’s name to me?” I asked.  “Or are you angry because you actually like my jokes?”

         “Enough,” demanded Dagur.  “Or I will have you killed.”

         “Ooo,” I acted afraid.  “That went dark quick.  But who are you going to have kill me?  Hmm?  I know Heather won’t, so I am safe there.  Though, don’t get on her bad side,” I then remarked behind my right hand, “If you know what I mean.”  I continued with a slow intonation upwards as I went along.  “Heather is your sister, so you won’t kill her.  Annabeth won’t do it, because she came with me and she is Heather’s sister.  You won’t kill Annabeth because she is your sister and related to Heather.  And if family is such a big thing to you, you won’t kill me because Annabeth and I like each other.  But I can’t kill you, for one thing I am not in a position to do so at the moment, for there is already a line for that.  What would I be?  Tenth?  Eleventh?  Both Annabeth and Heather wouldn’t kill you, for obvious reasons.  And then your men wouldn’t kill you and wouldn’t dare touch Annabeth, Heather, or I.  So, who’s to say no one will be doing any killing.”

         Dagur opened his mouth and raised his right finger, but then stopped.  “Hmm.  Fair point.  But that isn’t why Heather brought you here.  Because we are on the subject of family, did you know Heather is working for me?  And-.”

         “I do now,” I interrupted.

         “And…” Dagur drew out the word.  As he walked forward, Heather and… and Annabeth walked over to him.  Dagur threw his arms around the girls, “And did you know Annabeth will now be working with me too?”
         Totally not expecting that, I gasped and stood frozen in place.  Oh and uh… shocked, to say the least.

         “No, Annabeth,” I stated. “You can’t be serious.  Not after what all has happened.”

         “I am serious, Jarl,” said Annabeth with an odd tone.  “I have never been more serious in my life.  I finally have my real family together.  I have dreamt about this ever since I now realized I was separated from them at birth.”

         “So,” I said, trying to find the words, I snapped my right fingers.  “Just like that.  You are leaving.”

         What followed is technically an awkward silence, but I am still too shocked to notice anything.  All I could do was just look straight at Annabeth.  She looked straight back at me, yet something is different.

         “Well,” Dagur cupped his hands.  “I know this must be a hard fact to swallow.  But I am a fair man… eh… sometimes.  Well, maybe not at all, but I’ll let this be an exception.  Annabeth, lead your friend back to his dragon.”

         I quickly remarked, as I clipped my sword on my belt, “Don’t bother.”

         As I turned to walk back up the stairs, I saw Dagur, Heather, and his men walk further into the ship’s hold.  Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Annabeth did not.  I paused after taking the first step with my right foot, slightly turning my head to the left to glance at Annabeth, I continued up the stairs.

         As soon as I was top side, I heard more steps.  Nearly to my dragon I stopped and stood still.

         “Jarl,” Annabeth said as she came up the last few steps.

         She then slowly walked over to me and went to grab my right shoulder with her right hand.  My shoulder flinched as she tried to touch it, but I let her.

         “Jarl, look at me,” Annabeth’s voice seemed to change back to the one I know.

         Sighing deeply and letting my shoulders drop, I turned to my right and looked at Annabeth.  Without saying a word, Annabeth reached around the back of her neck.  She took her locket’s chain and undid it behind her neck.

         Titling my head to the left, I mouthed the words as I felt a cloud of disappointment and sadness, “Please don’t give me…”

         As I reached out my left hand to take the locket, she… she took back her locket and put it back around her neck.

         Annabeth slightly smiled, “Until our love ends, and I pray that day never comes, I will always wear this locket.”

         As if the weight of the world had lifted off my shoulders, I sighed in relief.  Gently grabbing the back of Annabeth’s head with my hands, I eased her forehead onto mine.  Closing my eyes, I said, “We have got to find a better way to do this.  This again looked real… too real.”

         “Really?” Annabeth asked.

         “Well, come to think of it,” I recounted my answer.  “Because I was totally not excepting this as it came from deep left field, my head… and heart… didn’t have time to come to grips with it yet that it what was happen hadn’t sunk in yet.”

         “I’m glad it didn’t,” Annabeth smiled.

         Standing a bit back from her, I asked, “What exactly are you doing this?”

         She responded, “Well, back when Heather recently left after learning we were sisters, she told me she had found Dagur and had been working with him.  I have been thinking about it ever since.  After going through what I did last time, I never wanted to go through it again.  But when I found out that Heather is with Dagur, I had to know why.  Guess maybe I should let you know more in advance, but like you said… realism.  This time, however, I wanted to let you know upfront.  Heather told me if I ever wanted to have a real family again, to look her up.  So, I did.  But after I did, I didn’t want to do it.  Yet, as I continued to think about it the gears were already in motion and I could gather intel on Dagur and his dealings.  Because I am new to the ‘hunting’ game, he will probably put me to lesser known jobs and errands of other importance.”

         “But Jarl,” looked right into my eyes.  “You- are my family.”

         I smiled, then kissed her.

         It was a longer kiss and Annabeth asked me about it, “What was that for?”

         “Well,” I said. “Because I am not going to see you for a while, I needed something to hold me over until then.”

         Putting my hands my hands under her chin, I looked into her eyes at the same level, “Be safe, Annabeth.”

         “I will be,” she assured me.

         She walked with me over to Fredrick and she said as I mounted my dragon, “I love you.”

         I grinned, “I know.”

         Annabeth smiled and rolled her eyes from left to right.

         I did not leave without saying, “I love you too.”