Fan-Fic Fridays: "On the Edge of Mystery" Chapter 7: Return to Berk

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Sorry this took so da gone long, but the last few day nothing really has gone according to plan.  I mean nothing bad has happened, just things taking longer than I had planned and not having enough time for one thing when another thing presents itself.


But finally, here we go.


I hope you guys enjoy the chapter.  :)


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On the Edge of Mystery


Chapter 7


Return to Berk



          On the way home, I wanted to turn back and do… something… anything.  This felt like a defeat.  But my father held me back and addressed all of us in the group, “As I know you guys, my son, and even myself and for sure Svana, you all want to go back and take the Berserkers out, damage their ships, or at least find out what they really want.  Here’s why we shouldn’t:  They are too numerous even with our dragons on our side, they had already out flanked us, and plus we just don’t know how more Berserkers are out there in ships.  Where there‘s one Berserker ship, two more are close by.  One more thing, those were low level scout ships; ones that are barely used.  The times I’ve ever seen these ships is if the whole Berserker armada is out or nearby.  We would diffidently overtaken by the enemy and stand no chance of winning what so ever.  I’m thinking at least Dagur’s after what’s on The Reaper or in one of the other ships in the other ship graveyard.  If we still try and seek out the Academy Riders, then we would run into worse odds then we would if we turned back now and faced the Berserkers behind us.  Coming back here later when they’re gone is still an option.  Let us limit our losses, play it safe, regroup, and then prepare for our next encounter.”

          I agreed, but sighed at the same time, “Yeah, you’re right.  Besides, we aren’t really prepared for a fight.”

          “Next time we will be,” Annabeth declared.

          “So how did you guys get captured?” I asked.

          Angie then explained, “Well, we had been scouting for several minutes and hadn’t found a thing.  Then I slowed up Nina because she started growling.  She sniffed the air and looked north.  I did not see a thing because the fog was just too thick.”

          Garth added, “I had been flying behind Angie, flanking her right side, saw her slow, and point north.  Angie looked back at me and motioned me to scout ahead to the left, I saw Angie motion the same to Ali, who was further up on Angie’s right.”

          “When I was watching over Asvord and Elsa,” mother said.  “I felt something wasn’t right.  When I felt Fintan tensing up under me, I knew something or someone was coming.  Quickly, I got Asvord and Elsa out of the ship they were searching and we flew over immediately to find where Cazi and Annabeth had gone.  Not more than a minute after finding Cazi and Annabeth did the Berserkers launch their first wave of boulders.  I didn’t have time to find you, Sigvald, and Jarl; we had to get right into the fight.”

          Annabeth picked up the story, “The ships had finally come out of the fog bank, so we all raced towards them; dodging boulders and arrows in the process.  Those ships were out fitted for battle and kept firing at us.”

          Mother continued, “We were starting to turn the tides in our favor when… I’m ashamed to say… I fell out of my saddle.”

          “Are you okay?” father asked right away.

          Mother gave a smile, though rubbing her right arm and shoulder, “I’m here ain’t I?”

          Father chuckled and just shook his head, “Yes you are, but you know what I meant.”

          “Yes, I’m fine,” mother replied.  “To answer your question that you are probably thinking, a boulder was fired from close range, at me and Fintan.  Fintan had to dive into a barrel roll just to miss it.  Unfortunately, Fintan contacted the boulder on his underbelly around the saddle area… My snitch for my stirrups must have gotten caught or loosened or something, as my feet slipped from them.  Thankfully I landed on one of the ships; a fall like that into water from the height, especially when something like that is unexpected I could have been seriously injured around my neck or back area.  Bad part is it was the Berserker ships I landed on.  If I had flown just a few yards further, the fall would have carried me far enough to land on one of the graveyard ships.  Expectantly, I was dazed and instantly seized and restrained.”

          Annabeth stated, “This turn of events forced us to cease fire and be captured ourselves… though we were able to sneak a few extra hits on their catapults, knocking them into the water.  They made us land our dragons on the one ship and walk to the next.  There, the man in charge came forward and asked who the leader of the group was.  A couple of us were going to speak up, but Svana lowered her hand behind hind her while at the same time addressing the guy that she was the one and only one to talk to.”

          Cazi then concluded the story, “The guy then interrogated your mother, but your mother kept close to us not letting any Berserker lay a hand on any of us.  The guy kept questioning her about something called the ‘Dragon Eye’, if we had found it, and if we had found anything else.  All of us couldn’t help but laugh, chuckle, or snicker at the remarks that Svana used.  We all knew you two were still out there, so we all knew your mother was just stalling.  Then you guys did show up and the rest you know.  And may I say, I’ve got to learn your moves Svana!”

          She smiled, “Thank you.  The art form of my fighting is very technical, very intricate, and took several years to learn.”

          Cazi looked down and had the “Aw shucks,” sad face on; but my mother continued, “But I’ve seen your fighting style, so I can give you some pointers.”

          Cazi perked up.  Annabeth then asked what happened to my father and me.  When we took the next couple of minutes to explain, everyone’s eyes widened.  Once we were done, my mother nearly jumped from her dragon and on to mine to check and see if I was alright.  Of course I am.

          Father then declared, “Oh I see who the favorite is.  You nearly come out of your saddle… again… for Jarl.  But I was in the same ‘boat’ as he was.  Please excuse the pun.”

          “Oh, you,” mother was a little flustered, but could not help but laugh.  “I just hadn’t gotten to you yet.”

          Asvord then declared, “Nice come back, mom.”

          “Thank you,” she answered.

          Everyone marveled at the ingenuity of the escape, though they said they would not have wanted to go through the same thing.
          Ali then questioned, “You still want to go back, after you nearly drowned?”

          “Yes,” I replied.  “But now that the ship is sunken, completely, I’m not sure how to get back down there.”

          About an hour later, we found ourselves back at Berk.  We were going at a much slower pace as we were not rushing to get somewhere.  However, we were all tired and wanting sleep; so were our dragons.

          It had to be halfway through the night by now.  Saying goodnight to our friends, my family and I went back to our home, bed down our animals, and entered our house.  We were greeted by Dagmar, who must have been staying up for us.  Telling her we would tell her everything in the morning, she walked back to the guest room and went back to sleep.  I doubt if she will remember this in the morning, she looked more asleep then awake.  My sisters and I told our parents that we would go upstairs, change, and come back down stairs to say goodnight.

          Walking up stairs and turning left to enter our room, I set my helmet down on my desk, which is on the right as you would enter.  Asvord, Elsa, and I both took turns changing in the wash room and in that order.  While I waited, I went over to my bed.  I nearly plopped on it again, but caught myself and just sat down.  I am a night person, but still, I was pretty tired.  You do not escape a sinking ship every day, so that will take a lot out of you.

          My sisters and I did not say anything while we were doing this, but we could hear murmurings from our parents.  I think my sisters and I were too concentrated on getting to sleep, then talking about anything.  Once I was done, we three started walking down the stairs, but halted halfway down the stairs as we could distinguish what our parents’ were saying.  Since we stopped to sit on the stairs, we could not see them; though we can obviously hear them.

          “Ooo, that hit I took falling off my dragon,” my mother replied; I heard some grimacing.  “It still smarts.”

          We then heard sounds of our father get up.  I am guess to walk around wherever they were sitting to rub her shoulder.

          “You didn’t show that your shoulder hurt while you fought,” father stated.

          “No,” she replied.  “One shouldn’t show their opponent they have a weak spot.  If you do, then they will exploit it.  Between worrying about you two men, keeping the kids and the others safe, and thinking of an escape plan, I had little time to concentrate on the pain.”

          Sounds of footsteps on the floor gave me the indication that father went back around to sit back down.

          Mother continued, “Change of subject.  Have you notice a change in Jarl?”

          I kind of perked up.  Asvord and Elsa just looked at me like, “What are they going to say?” like my sisters were going to get the “scoop” on me or something.

          “Yeah, but he is a growing young man,” answered father.

          “There seems to be something more,” mother thought.  “I mean he is extremely good at solving mysteries, Berk knows that for sure.  The Berk Guard is good for him he seems to be enjoying it, even with the hard work at times.”

          “All things considered,” father said.  “He has been through an awful lot these past couple of years, but he is a great kid.  Becoming Berk’s leading mystery solver, training his own dragon a Thunderdrum no less, making new friends and helping them out, and facing any circumstance that comes his way and figuring out a way to make it come out the best.”

          I could not help feel a little good about myself.  Asvord and Elsa just rolled their eyes like, “Here it comes again.”

          Father continued, “And- man… I came back only to be tried for a crime I didn’t commit.  You were attacked and injured and he thought he had lost Asvord.  He had his nemesis escape and then return later to capture him and his friends.  His friends were in danger a few times, even though they can hold their own.  He was sabotaged a few times during races and injured from a few others.  Had that long stretch of a losing streak in Dragon Racing…”

          My smile disappeared.  Where is my dad going with this?

          “The kid is definitely changing,” mother responded.  “I mean the things he is picking up.”

          Father added, “The boy is just going downhill, Svana.  I think it is time to call it.  That boy has stooped to -eavesdropping- no less.”

          I looked at Asvord and she could not help but giggle.  I must have had a sarcastic, disgusted look on.

          “Did you get all that, Jarl?” father spoke up loud enough we could hear him all the way to our upstairs room if we wanted.

          My sisters and I then came down the rest of the way.

          “You were putting me on,” I chuckled.  “How long did you know we there?”

          “Just now,” mother smiled.  “Sigvald told me just a minute ago.”

          Elsa then said, “We didn’t want to interrupt you two when we first came down; sounded like it was something important.”

          Father was just about to speak, when a hurried knock, nearly a bang came at the door.

          Asvord being the closest to it, she opened it.

          “Adam,” mother greeted.  “What are you doing out this late?”

          “It’s my sister,” Adam said, still out of breath slightly; must have ran here.  “She’s hurt!”

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Who's who's sister?

Who's who's sister?

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"My sister.. She is

"My sister.. She is hurt!"


Dan dan daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan

The plot thickns


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And it will only get thicker.  >.< XD


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