Fan-Fic Fridays: "On the Edge of Mystery" Chapter 6, Part 1 and Part 2: That Sinking Feeling

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Again I got into it again but wanted to go ahead and post the thread.

I'm finishing up the tail end of the second part.  I hope you guys like it.


The first action of my fourth book is in these two chapters, with plenty more in store in chapters to come.


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Been a writing mood, get to caught up in it, & forget to post XD

On the Edge of Mystery


Chapter 6, Part 1


That Sinking Feeling


          “We got to get out!” exclaimed father, as catapult sounds, battle cries, and dragon fire could be heard.

          “No kidding,” I replied.  I then thought, “The others must battling with the Berserkers.”

          The ship began to tilt back down into the water and continue to slowly, but sink faster every moment into the ocean.  Since the water was filling up the captain’s quarters, it is difficult to move around in.  Grabbing Smoky, I threw him up in the direction of father and then I waded back over to the desk to push off as best I could to be able to grab the edge of the door frame; I had to pull myself up and then stand on the wall.

          The ship had suddenly because a puzzle… a dangerous puzzle… on how to get out.  Once I pulled myself up, we both nodded as we both worked our way up the ship; Smoky flew alongside me.  Father and I both spread arms out to wedge ourselves in this hallway.  Pushing down with our arms, we locked in our legs and feet on the side of the walls.  Then, with alternating movements of pushing down with our arms and locking in our legs and feet, my dad and I worked our way up the hallway walls to then be able to pull ourselves up on the wall outside the captain’s quarters.  My dad named this move the “Spider Climb”.  Briefly looking back towards the room we were just in, we saw that the water had nearly reached the door frame.

          Quickly thinking of something, “Smoky!” I grabbed the Terrible Terror and pointed to the hatch, “Go get Fredrick!  Go get FK!”

          Smoky flew to safety but to also find my dragon.

          “How are we getting out of here?” asked father as he too was trying to figure it out.

          But I thought of our next step, “Quick!  Jump to my side.”

          He did so, and the ship shifted slightly.

          “Follow me!” I cried out.

          We heard boulders splash into ocean around us and occasionally hit a sea stack, making an exploding noise.

          The room we were now in is the one with the eight green metal cells.  I ran to the side we were on and jumped up on the cells and used their metal bars and openings as a crude ladder.  Climbing up the first one, I then had to plant my feet on the one edge of the cell and then jump up to grab the second cell, skipping the wooden wall which separated each cell; without getting my feet caught in the cell openings when I pushed off, I kind of had to push off and do a back kick at the same time to avoid this.  Repeating this process, father and I worked our way back up the ship to get closer to the stairway to get out.

          Next we pulled ourselves on the wooden wall on this side of the last cell and stood up.  We both realized that the side of the ship and the wall enclosing the stairway would be too far apart for us to spider climb up the walls.

          “Well, we gotta do something quick,” I declared.  “The ship is filling up with water as fast as it is now sinking.”

          Father then said with a rather sadden tone, “I can boost you-.”

          “Don’t even start,” I cut him off.  “We’re both getting out of here.”

          Father then smiled.

          “We’re not out of it yet,” I reminded.

          The ship now was standing straight up and down.  I then saw there were a few circle windows alongside the hull of the ship.  They were too small to fit through, but I still was able to open one and look out.  As soon as I opened it, I closed it, started running back, grabbed but practically tackled my father, and jumped off the edge back down towards the captain’s quarters.  Not more than a second after grabbing my father did a large boulder come crashing through the ship where we had been previously.

          The impact of the boulder was the last little bit the ship needed to tip back over and fall backwards, at a slight angle because of the boulder.  My father and I hit the water below.  We both swiftly swam back up, but when I looked up I saw the boulder hit the stairway and come down towards us.  But at the same time the ship went falling backwards.  The ship is now upside down, yet the momentum of the ship falling backward caused the water from this side of the boat to rush towards the front of the ship… bring us with it.

          If the boat had not tipped all the over like it just did, the boulder would have come crashing down, possibly on us and maybe trapping us in the captain’s quarters.  However, since the ship is upside down with the top deck on the water, we waded over to the stairwell now to find the trap door is now closed with no way of opening it; because of the pressure of the water while the ship is sinking.

          My father and I looked at each other and we both knew… this did not look good.  But if there was anything I have ever learned in my adventures so far is: Never give up.  If you wait patiently, if there is enough time, and stay calm, a solution will present itself.  On the other hand, you sometimes have to make the opportunity present itself.  With the ship now sinking at a faster rate and the water filling up the ship quicker, an opportunity better present itself soon.  I helped matters now by calling out my Thunderdrum dragon call.

          My father then said, “With the boulder blocking our way to the lower decks, the trap door well… trapped, and ship sinking, something better happen quick.”

          The ship is filled halfway with water and more is now rapidly coming in making the ship sink just as fast; water started to now pour in from all the windows.

          I let out a few more dragon calls, but did not hear a thing outside, except the still catapults firing and boulder splashing down or crashing into sea stacks along with dragon shots and blasts occurring.

          By now, we had to actually swim; our legs no longer touched the then ceiling now floor of the ship.  I swam back over to the viewport window and looked out, but all I could see is fog.  I saw there is another window on the other side and swam over to that.  Looking out, I saw just what I wanted to see… Fredrick coming this way.

          Smoky came through, like any well trained Terrible Terror will.

          Water rapidly pouring in… the ship is now nearly sunk… our heads only a few feet from the bottom now roof of the ship… we must be proactive.

          Fredrick flew over to the base of the ship near the window.  I used some hand signals to tell him what I wanted him to do.  Fredrick then submerged in the water.

          “By what I saw from your hand signals,” father replied as he now put his arms on the floor above to keep himself steady, dropping the torch.  “You are going to have your dragon blow a hole in the bottom of this ship and get us out of here.”

          “Yep,” I replied.  “Faster than trying to shoot our way out of the top as the wood is that much stronger, plus Fredrick would be out of the crossfire of any Berserker ships.”

          Every second that passed by, the ship sunk even faster than the one before.  We heard some muffled sounds of rumbling noise as the ship shook.  Now the water is over our chests and our heads are touching the floor.  Even if every blast Fredrick did made the ship shift and sink quicker, it is our best option.

          “We’re almost out of space!” father exclaimed as we crooked our heads to still breathe.  “Take a deep breath son!”

          Taking the deepest breath I have ever done while the water filled up the rest the space of air left in the ship.  Keeping my eyes open, they started to burn from the salt in the ocean; however, that is the least of my worries.  Simultaneously while taking that breath, Fredrick’s fourth blast proved success as the top deck exploded beneath us.  But since we are underwater, the chunks and boards from the deck floor moved out of the way in slow motion.

          Fredrick blew a hole big enough for him to fly through.  As I signaled, Fredrick flew back to the surface and came back seconds later.  This time Fredrick had filled his lungs to enlarge his body to its peak maximum of air.  I then signaled my father what we are about to do.  His eyes widened with surprise…

          We are going to get the mouth of my dragon!

          It looked like my father did not want to do it, but I grabbed his hand as Fredrick cracked his mouth open wide enough to suck us both in.  My dragon quickly shut his mouth when my father came in.  Fredrick’s mouth was half full of water, but enough air and space for us with some extra on the side.

          We both coughed a couple times while Fredrick took us, where I had signaled him to go, traveling still underwater.

          Father then stated, “I thought we were just going to grab onto him and then swim to the surface.  You are putting a lot of trust in a dragon.”

          “I want to out flank the attacking ships,” I replied while we made as little movement as possible so Fredrick could maneuver.  “I’ve said before, ‘I would trust my life with my dragon.’ So if that is true, then I wouldn’t even give it a second thought getting into my dragon’s mouth to save your.”

          Father nodded, “Better save the air.”

          It had already gotten a little stale and stuffy, but I just heard the sound of Fredrick coming flying out of the water.  We seemed to turn around and fly back to the water to “land” actually float on the water.  Fredrick opened his mouth and the water with us gradually poured out.  Father and I entered the ocean again, but this time we were free.

          I turned to my dragon and hugged him, “Thanks Fredrick.”

          Fredrick replied with a soft purr and closed his eyes while I hugged him.

          “Something’s wrong,” Father declared as he had turned to look at the three enemy ships a hundred yards away.  “Do you hear that?”

          “Hear what?” I asked then quickly answered the question before father spoke.  “The firing has stopped!  Our friends must be captured!”

          “I agree,” father said.  “We need to get over there, pronto.”

          “I think it best not to fly over there, because that would be exactly what they would be looking for,” I said.  “If we use your original idea, dad, then we can quickly get over there without much of a sound.”

          My father and I swam around to the rear of my Thunderdrum to grab one of his spikes, which run along the spine of every Thunderdrum.

          With a normal tone, I called out to my dragon, “Swim forward, Fredrick.”

          Fredrick started out slow, yet every push of his wings we accelerated while Fredrick dragged us along for the ride.  It was a little difficult to keep the water out of your face and even to breathe, however, Fredrick made up the ground between us and the three ships in under a minute.  When we neared the ships from the rear, thirty yards away, Fredrick slowed, and we swam the rest of the way over.  There is a sea stack ten yards away from the left ship.  We reached that one.  Using Fredrick as a stepping stone, father and I got up on a wide ledge, and then started to observe.

          The ships were indeed Berserker, though according to my father who whispered in my ear, they are only scouts.  We stopped to see if there were any lookouts at the rear of any of the ships, as soon as we peaked to look, there were one on each one that had circled the back and gone back to the front.  We must have just gotten there in between the time it took to walk the rest of the ship.

          Once they had started walking back towards the front of the ship, my father said, “Come on, and have Fredrick wait.”

          I put my hand in front of my dragon’s nose and said, “Stay.”

          I could say, “stay” when I meant “wait” or “stay” as Fredrick would only move if someone said his name and the word “come”.  One could say anything, just so long as “Fredrick” and “come” were two of the words.

          Following my father, we dove back into the ocean and swam over to the stern of the left ship.  Once there, father slowly grabbed one of the boards of the side of the ship to pull himself up.  The slower one goes getting out of water, the less sound one makes with the water splashing.  Since our shoes were wet, traction was an issue; on the other hand, the ships are only scouts so they do not have high sides.  Once we climbed up high enough, we could use the shields to aid us getting up over the edge, which we did.

          “Now to take out the guard,” father whispered.

          As soon as we got on the ship, we could hear voices from the main ship; could not really make them out, but to me sounded like someone was interrogating our friends and even our family.  Working our way around the back of the ship, we waited behind large boxes and crates covered in a large tarp.  A few minutes later, the guard had returned.  We were in between a group of the boxes and jumped out, me behind him and father in front of him, stunning the guard.

          “Hi, I’m Sigvald,” father stated, then immediately punched the guy in the face.

          “Did you just say, ‘Hi, I’m Sigvald,’?” I questioned while the unconscious viking fell into me and I let him down easy to the deck.

          “Yeah,” father simply replied.  “I wanted to properly introduce myself before I knocked him out.”

          I could not help but chuckle.

          Looking down to the front of the ship, there is no one else on it.  So, crawling down the right side of the ship using the ship’s starboard bow as our cover, we reached the front of the ship and could hear the voices much clearer now.  Also since there is darkness all around with a thick fog in front of the boats, we lifted our heads over the side of the ship enough for our eyes to see what is going on.  I took my gold helmet off so it would be so shinny looking and give our position away.


          I then was angry and frightened at the same time.  My mother, sisters, and friends are captured by the Berserker soldiers!



On the Edge of Mystery


Chapter 6, Part 2


That Sinking Feeling


          “For the last time,” said a man pacing back and forth.  “Will you tell us, why are you out here and what are you looking for?”

          The scene on the other ship is the following:  The man who was talking is pacing while he speaks to my mother.  The Berserker looks like he is in his late twenties, medium build… kind of reminds me of Savage, a little.  Maybe he is a relative of some kind as he has several similar features.  It is just he is probably the Lieutenant in charge of these three ships.  The rest of my friends and my two sisters are behind my mother.

          “We got lost and stumbled upon this graveyard of ships,” mother spoke as if she had been saying that and only that for the past several minutes, “and were then attacked by your vessels.”

          “Stop telling me that!” the Berserker yelled, irritated.  “Don’t you think I know that?!  You’ve been telling me that for the last several minutes!  What I want to know is if you have found it yet?”

          “Found what?” replied mother.  She looked like she was trying not to smile as talked to the Berserker.  Mother looked like she was interrogating him instead of the other way around.

          The Berserker then calmed himself down and responded, “The Dragon Eye.  Have you found it?”

          “Yes,” she replied, really trying to hold back a smile.

          The man asked excitedly, “Where?”

          “There,” mother pointed at her dragon.  Her dragon and all the other dragons were on the right ship.

          “I don’t see it,” the man said.

          “Oh come on,” mother responded.  “It is as plain as the -dragon eye- on each dragon.  There are actually two eyes on each of them.”

          Everyone laughed, even some of the Berserkers laughed.

          “Silence!” the Berserker ordered his men.  He seemed to calm down again and walked back to mother.  “I have had… enough of your games!”

          The man back handed a slap, using his right hand, against my mom; I nearly jumped out of this ship and leaped to the other one, my friends and especially Asvord and Elsa tried to charge the Berserker who struck my mother; but my mom held them back and my father grabbed my right arm and said, “Wait for it.”

          Mother held her head to her left side after the Berserker struck her.  She moved her jaw as if it did hurt.

          Mother then whispered, “You are going to wish you hadn’t done that.”

          The Berserker obviously annoyed at her and said, “Oh, I’m sorry.  What did you say?”

          Mother turned her head, stared right at the guy, and spoke up, “You’re gonna wish you hadn’t done that?”

          “Done what?” the man smiled.

          “Slapped me,” she answered.

          “Slapped you?” he repeated as he got in my mother’s face.  “Now why would I wish I hadn’t done that?  Hmm??  How about I do it again!”

          The Berserker stepped back and swung his right arm forward to slap her again… but… mother… she… how… what?

          Father then grinned, “That’s… why I said wait.”

          Father and I just stood up and watched.

          I know I had seen mother do it more than once before, but my eyebrows feel like they want to fly off my face every time I see it… My mom can fight!

          When the Berserker started his swing toward her, she ducked while at the same time used her left hand to shove the Berserker’s arm to the side.  But she did not stop there… she is just getting warmed up.  With her adversary off balance, she spun down and leg swiped the guy’s feet, knocking him off them and then landing on his back, slamming on the deck.

          Two other Berserkers rushed her, but she quickly subdued them.  One Berserker, on the right, swung out with a right cross, mother nimbly dodged while grabbing his arm and twisting it behind his back.  She did this at the same time the Berserker on the left swung his axe from left to right to hit her… but she turned the guy, she had pinned, in front of her and he got the brunt of the hit.  So two guys dazed, four more to go… they all came at once.  They rushed her, grabbed her, and pushed her all the way back to some crates under some tarps.

          My friends and sisters tried to intervene, but mother replied and grunted when she was driven back into the crates, “Nope.  I got this… under control.”

          While two of them grabbed her arms, one came in to punch her… mother pulled on the two Berserkers, pushed back on the crates, and picked up her legs, stopping the one coming at her, and then pushed him back out of the way.  He stumbled back into the Lieutenant which had just gotten back up.  Mother stomped on the Berserker’s feet to her right; he stumbled back.  Mother grabbed the other guy, spun him around, and threw him into the Berserker she had just stepped on; both of them went flying overboard.

          The fourth Berserker came in with a sword.

          “Svana, look out!” warned father a second before I and the others did.

          Mother ducked as the Berserker came down… getting his sword stuck in the crate’s wood.  His first attempted to get his sword out was unsuccessful, but it was too late.  Mother sucker punched the guy in the gut, shoved left shoulder into him, knocking him back, and she finished him off with three-sixty degree, counter-clockwise, spinning kick with her right leg, foot-to-the-face.  The man whipped clockwise to the deck.

          “Mother, archers on the other ship!” I now warned.

          Mother dove for a shield that was lying near where the Lieutenant was standing before, curled up, and shielded herself as the arrow hit the shield the moment she put it up.

          At the exact same time, I took my Gronckle Iron bow off my belt, flipped the one side up, then locked both halves into place, drew an arrow from the quiver I still had on, and fired.  The Berserker who had just fired on my mother, used his own shield to block my arrow.

          “Guys, get to your dragons,” I yelled.  “I’ll cover you.”

          I quickly drew several more arrows as I laid down cover fire while my friends and sisters jumped ship to the other ship where everybody’s dragons were at.  But the dragons were already taking over the ship: Sparklebolt and Nina teamed up, drew from within their Skrill bodies some lightning to shock several Berserkers, they went flying off the ship; Undyne used her head and bulled a couple guys off the port side of the ship; both Nightmares lit themselves on fire… as well as a couple more Berserkers and part of the ship; Anora and fired some of her spines back in my direction to stop few Berserkers from taking me by surprise, they flew back and were now pinned against some crates that were in the front of the ship; Riptide grabbed from under one of the tarps and used what looked to be another green cell box or trap of some kind, flew up with it, and let it drop causing a massive cave-in on that ship; Spiker and Meatballs picked up their riders and began to circle the ships.

          Father jumped over to the ship, ran to his wife, and helped her up.

          While I was laying the cover fire down, I could hear their banter: When father assisted her back to her feet, she replied, “Took you long enough to get here.  Why didn’t you help me out with those guys?”  Father then said back with what looked to be a grin, “I think we both know that you could handle it.”  Mother returned, “What did you think I was trying to do?  Teaching them to dance?”

          I quickly went through about a quarter of my arrows before I started taking fire from the back on the main ship; ducking under cover behind the starboard bow I dragon-called my Thunderdrum.  He flew in and knocked out the guys who had me pinned down; they went flying overboard in opposite directions.

          Every rider including myself, except for my parents, mounted their dragons and surrounded all three ships.

          Every Berserker, even the ones who had swam back up and got back on the ships, lowered their weapons and put up their hands.

          Mother walked back over to Lieutenant grabbed his tunic with both her hands and picked him up, “Nice talk.  We should do this again some time.”  Mother then shoved him back to the deck.

          When things had settled down, Cazi stated from her dragon, “Can I just say something?  Jarl… Sweet baby Skrill in a lightning storm… Yo’ mama’s so ‘OP’.”

          Everyone laughed… the Berserkers whom my mother fought were still down and just groaned.

          Father than said, “I have this sinking feeling, I can’t shake.  None of this doesn’t make any sense.”

          “What doesn’t?” mother replied.  “You know I can fight like-.”

          “No not that,” he interrupted.  “My viking-sailor-strategy brain is saying this doesn’t make any sense.”

          “Oh,” she replied.  “How do you mean, Sigvald?”

          “These are scout ships, right?” asked father.

          Annabeth confirmed, “Yes, these are scout ships.  I’ve been studying up on Berserkers lately… and wanted to be ready for situations like this.”

          “Unless these are stolen ships,” Father said.  “Where are the rest of the ships, these ships are scouting for?”

          “These can’t be stolen ships,” Annabeth assured.  “These are Berserkian shipmen.”

          Father repeated, “So I ask the question again:  Where is the rest of the fleet these ships are scouting for?”

          Silence over took the air as we all though.

          Suddenly, father reached on his belt and grabbed his looking-glass scope and peered down the stern of the ship.

          Just as suddenly as father did that, Ali cried out, “Boulders incoming!”

          My sisters and I were the three riders on the back side of the ships.  We whirled around to see three massive boulders zipping through the air at us.  Our dragons instinctively took evasive action.  In the same moment, Ali and Cazi took their Skrills and fire at the boulders.  Nina and Sparklebolt both threw a couple random lightning bolts off their dragons because they were charging up so much power.  Ali and Cazi both ordered their dragons to fire; the sheer power of each Skrill’s blast shatter two of the boulders which rained down in chunks no bigger than a large snowball.  The third boulder was short, so it splashed twenty yards short of the ship on my then right, when I was surrounding the ships.

          Father then ran back and grabbed his wife’s arm and took her back to her dragon, helping her mount it, “We gotta move.”

          Father, in turn, mounted his dragon, “We gotta move, people!”

          Mother then asked, “Where are we going?”

          A rain of arrows came down, still rather short from the ships; some still landed at the back and on of each ship of the three ships.

          “Away from here,” he answered.  “Anywhere, but east.”

          Everybody followed my dad’s lead back to the north, but there we met another group of ships; these were bigger this time.

          Father then ordered to everyone, “We are out flanked and out matched.  We can no longer try and warn Hiccup and the others and stay alive ourselves.  We must retreat; scatter, confuse the enemy of where we are going, but return to Berk!”

          We all agreed and followed his orders.  Father took a couple pot shots at the ships with Marigold; a few of us did the same.

          After we had scattered, we regrouped on the western fogbank and head back to Berk.

          Something kept going over in my head, “What is ‘The Dragon Eye’?  What are those green cell things?  And what else were those Berserkers looking for.”

          All I knew for sure is, I want to come back and find that disk I had in my hand before the one ship sunk.  Taking out the blue half amulet from my tunic pocket, which I found on the chandelier, I also wondered, “Is this actually the other half of Annett’s amulet?  Also, where does her disappearance fit into all of this?”

          I had plenty to ponder on our trip back to Berk.

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Great chapter!

Great chapter!


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I love it! :D One

I love it! :D

One problem. 

You meant to write Angie not Ali. Because Ali has a thunder drum but you wrote. 

"Ali and Cazi ordered their Skrills to fire. Nina and Sparklebolt shot lightning randomly."

But it's okay I under stand. 

I also love the part when Cazi: "...Jarl.. Sweet baby Skrill in a lightning storm.. Yo' mamma' is 'OP'" 

that was so funny XD.


(also do you think my character can be a part of this mystery. Like have something that could be use full to find Anett?)



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Thanks. Yeah, I did.  This is


Yeah, I did.  This is why I post the story in reply post so's I can edit later.

When I have a lot of characters to deal with and give them time in each chapter, I sometimes forget which one I used.  I have a seperate document with all the characters and profiles and extra notes for different parts of my books.  Though this chapter, i tried to remember on my own.  Didn't quite work out.  >.<


I know, I always try to add humor in my chapters, sometimes so much so that one actually laughs.  xD

I did it kind of like, "Sweet baby Thor in a thunderstorm, go!" But since Cazi rides a Skrill, I reworded to what she would have said.


Sure, I'll work on working it in.

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Here is the link to my next