Fan-Fic Fridays: "On the Edge of Mystery" Chapter 4: Forgotten Warning; Chapter 5: More than Meets the Eye

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I had a feeling I was going to make two chapters, but got into the flow of writing and forgot I could have posted the one chapter a lot sooner than I have.


But to make up for the lateness in posting a chapter on Friday, (Due to me trying to figure out something in Chapter 5 and being gone most of the day Saturday), you get two chapters!


The mystery is in full swing and you'll see in these two chapters just where exactly Rtte is happening at the same time.  You saw a little bit about that in the previous chapter, but you'll see more of it in these chapters.


Hope you guys enjoy :)

And please comment on what you think of the ending of Chapter 5.


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On the Edge of Mystery


Chapter 4


Forgotten Warning


          “For starters,” began Asvord as we walked to The Great Hall.  “Annett hasn’t been seen since this morning, when Vemund went out on a hunt for boars and Adam and Dagmar went to The Great Hall.  Actually, Vemund had just gotten back and was on his way to find you, Jarl, and ask for your help in finding his sister.  Once we said that we were coming to their house for the same reason, although we hadn’t known that Annett was missing, Vemund looked a little better as someone had already found something else out.  However, that was short lived.  Because when I revealed Annett’s locket is in our possession, he then looked greatly worried.  The reason he is worried is for the exact reason you pointed out Jarl:  That Annett never takes the locket off for hardly anything since she had been reunited with her two brothers and her family was back together.  And if she does take it off for those rare times, she is always near it.”

          Asvord paused while Elsa finished for her, “Vemund did ask us to ask you, brother, if you could come over to their house and investigate further.  Vemund said he has already searched and came up with no clues.  He is hoping you could spot or find something that he overlooked.  You can come over the next opportunity you get.”

          Cazi interjected, “I hope Annett’s alright.”

          “We’ll all go over right after we speak with Trader Johann,” I determined as we arrived at The Great Hall before going in.

          We entered The Great Hall to the normal everyday sounds one would hear in The Hall: Vikings carousing over a late lunch, talking about the day so far and what not, talking about things to do for the rest of the day, and… and Trader Johann talking the legs off of everybody about his “grand” adventures.

          Walking over to the group that was gathered… or just happened to be where Johann started talking… we heard the Trader talking about some trading venture he went on to the island of the Bog Burglars.

          “Trader Johann,” I announced our entry.  “We need to talk with you.”

          With that, some of the vikings who were “listening” to Johann got up and left… guess we were their opportunity to escape the Trader from listening to him.

          “Master Jarl, so nice to see you,” Trader Johann greeted.  “Greetings to your lovely sisters and friends,” the Trader then bowed as the girls came up behind me.

          I then came straight to the point, “What’s this about Dagur escaping?”

          “Ahh, what a terrible thing this is,” the Trader began.  “With Dagur on the revenge war path there is no telling what nefarious plots and schemes he might be planning.”

          “Yes,” Cazi said, trying to get him to answer the question faster.  “We get that Dagur is out, but where did the Academy Riders go?  They left in quite a bit of a rush.”

          Johann continued, “Oh… um… sorry… Dagur captured my precious ship, threw me overboard, and escaped.”

          “Yes… get to the point,” I said, Cazi started to raise her right fist, but I stopped it with my left hand; I think you can figure out what she was thinking of doing with it.

          “There was a very important map on my ship that led to a graveyard,” Trader Johann said.

          “Graveyard?” echoed Annabeth.

          “Yes, but not just any graveyard, a graveyard of battle, beaten and worn, torn ships,” answered Johann.

          I then questioned, “So is this where the Academy riders were headed?”

          “Yes again,” replied Johann.  “With that map in Dagur’s possession, there is no telling what damage he could to do my business,” he gasped.  “Some of the goods on my ship are quite valuable.  I was on my way to trade those goods for some silk material and squid ink.  If not for stopping by Outcast Island, I would be halfway there by now.  Oh what a grave mistake that was.”  Johann then chuckled, “‘Grave’ mistake, ha, and we were just talking above the Ship ‘Grave’ yard.”

          “Johann!” I cut in.


          “Getting back to the Ship Graveyard,” I spoke.  “Why would you think Dagur would go there?  Does this important map lead to a buried treasure of sorts?”

          “It does indeed,” Johann said.  “It is where I store all my important, precious, or valuable goods, wears, and merchandise.”

          Awkward silence.

          “What?” Asvord said.  “No tale or adventure to go with that statement?”

          Cazi added, “Like every other statement you say?”

          “Oh I have been on many an adventure,” Johann responded.  “But sometimes I don’t have a specific adventure in mind… however, that does remind me now of-.”

          “Johann!” I interjected again.  “Graveyard… Dagur… important map… valuables and wears… Why would you put them there?”

          Johann answered, “One rule of all traders is:  Have a safe hiding place for all of your goods, merchandise, and wears… a hiding place where no one would think of searching for them.”

          Elsa agreed with that, “He has a point.  That would be the last place I would look.  Unless you are a guy like Dagur, in that case, the Ship Graveyard would be the first place he would go.”

          “Is there anything else you should tell us?” I inquired.

          Johann finished up, “Well, there is this one ship that I would avoid at all costs: The Reaper.  Just the name itself and I start trembling.”

          “Let me guess,” Cazi said.  “The Reaper is laid from stem to stern with booby traps.”

          “You are quite right, Miss Olson,” Johann confirmed.  “The Reaper is nearly an animal of its own and is not to be tangled with… especially the Giant Eels.”

          “Giant Eels?!!” Cazi, Annabeth, Asvord, Elsa, and I all said at once.

          Elsa then asked, “Does Dagur know about the Giant Eels?”

          A ‘grave’ expression came across Trader Johann’s face, “More importantly… Does Hiccup and the rest of the Academy Riders know there are Giant Eels there?  Oh dear!”

          “Oh dear?” Cazi responded.  “What ‘Oh dear’?  Clarify that ‘Oh dear’.”

          Johann rubbed the back of his head while he said, “I seemed to have forgotten…”
          I then rolled my eyes, “Oh no… don’t tell me Johann.”

          “…to tell Master Hiccup and the rest about the Giant Eels in the surrounding waters,” Johann finished.

          “You didn’t tell them?!” Annabeth declared.  “Don’t you think that would be an important detail?!”

          “Yes, yes, you are quite right,” Johann responded.  “But since my ships aren’t in but just near the Giant Eel infested waters, as long as I just visit my ships and get what I need, the eels leave me alone.  But since-.”

          I concluded his sentence, “Since it is probable that Dagur will go to The Reaper and the Academy riders are going there as well…… We must warn them!”

          “But Jarl,” Asvord told me as I turned around and started thinking.  “They have quite a head start on us.  By the time we could get ready to leave Berk, it would be too late.”

          “Then there isn’t a moment to lose,” I said.  As soon as I asked the Trader where exactly the Ship Graveyard is located, I said.  “All of you go home and get ready for the trip out there.  Meet out near my family’s farm to leave.  Cazi, I need you to go find Angie Carolina; we could use an extra Skrill to combat the eels if and when we come across them.  Annabeth, I need you to go find Ali, her Thunderdrum Unydne would also be good to have.  Since Thunderdrums are sea dwelling creatures, eels have less of an effect on Tidal Class dragons then other classes.  Asvord, stop by Garth and see if he can go.  Riptide would be another great addition, especially strategic wise.  Elsa, go home and tell our parents where we are going.  The rest of you do the same with your parents.”

          I started walking away, “Where are you going?” asked Asvord.

          “I’m going to go quickly visit the Thorvald’s house to investigate and talk to Vemund briefly before we head out,” I answered back.

          I then picked up some speed and ran.  Shoving open the right Great Hall door, I looked to the left to see Fredrick napping again.  Running over to him and waking him up, I mounted him and quickly guided him out to the western side of Berk to the Thorvald’s house.  After landing and jumping off my dragon, I came up, caught my breath, and knocked on the door.

          The door opened on its own.

          “That’s strange,” I whispered.

          I looked back at my dragon to see if he sensed anybody else around.  He looked fine and just stared back at me.  With that, I entered the house and called out for Vemund.

          No answer.

          “Maybe he went out looking for me again?” I wondered.

          Now I swiftly went about searching the house for any clues.  It did not take me long to find out that nothing seemed out of place or left behind.  I looked upstairs and downstairs.  Vemund was right.  Walking over to Annett’s desk, before leaving I looked at some things on there.  There are a few papers of some notes Annett had been writing.  Something which caught my eye is a rather large paper weight that seemed different.  Picking it up I noticed it seemed broken off some sort of blue decorative oval-spherical type amulet.  Annett has a collection of amulets, gems, and crystals she keeps in her room.  This blue amulet type gem must be one of her larger pieces in the collection.  I set it back down and walked to the door.  Opening it, I saw Vemund coming up.

          “Oh hey, I was just looking for you,” he said.  “Wanted to make sure you were coming.  Did you find anything?”

          “No, I did not,” I replied.  “But I can’t say.  Some friends of mine are flying into some trouble that they don’t know about and I’m going to try and warn them or at least help them out when I get there.”

          “Oh, I hope you get there in time,” Vemund said.

          “I hope I do too,” I replied.  “If I’m not there in time to warn them, at least to help them.”

          I flew back to my house on Fredrick and found my whole family preparing to leave.

          Entering my house, my sisters and parents were all rushing about getting their things ready.

          “Who said you two could go?” I asked mother and father as they walked by.

          Asvord replied as she came down from upstairs, “They kind of invited themselves.”

          Father said in passing, “We haven’t had much to do as a family, so this is just as good a time as any to start.”

          Mother also passed by and said, “Better hurry up, son, everybody is almost ready to leave.  Here have a couple apples.  Since we didn’t have much of a lunch, really none at all for some of us, we’ll need something for the trip.  Eat them now, or save one for the trip.”

          Taking her advice, I did just that.  Grapping both of the apples, I put one in my tunic pocket and bit into the other apple.  I took a couple of bites as I went up stairs to get my Gronckle Iron bow and attached it to my belt, but as I grabbed my quiver as well I bit into the apple enough that I could hold the apple in my mouth without having to hold it in my hand, and also then ran back outside to the stables to make sure Fredrick’s saddle was all ready.  This only took a couple of minutes and my family is now ready to go.  At the last second, we decided to take Smoky, our family’s grey Terrible Terror with us.  He will ride on my shoulder or next to me during our trip.

          Asvord told me that Garth would be ready to go.  When my family and I flew over to our farm, on our respective dragons, I saw Angie as well as Ali there in addition to Cazi and Annabeth near the main path down below.  My family did not bother landing as I motioned the rest of the group to follow us as we headed out.



On the Edge of Mystery


Chapter 5


More Than Meets the Eye


          By how Trader Johann directed me by his description of how to get to the Ship Graveyard as much as I could get with his elaborate vocabulary, the group took an East direction from Berk.  He did mention that it would be a long trip, even by dragon.  Seeing how it is now onto late afternoon, we will not get there before darkness settles in; that subject came up when the sun had gone down and the stars were shinning in the partly cloudy skies.

          “Why is it always dark when your reach a… creepy place,” examined and declared Cazi.  “The graveyard is -just- far enough away from Berk that it will always be dark by the time you reach it.  No matter what time you leave from Berk; getting a late start as we did, won’t help matters at all.”

          When we reached our destination, I had a feeling we were in the wrong spot.  Biggest reason for feeling this way… Hiccup and the Academy Riders were nowhere to be found.  I think we found “a” ship graveyard, not “The” Ship Graveyard.

          “Do you suppose we flew off course somewhere?” asked Garth.

          “It’s possible,” I replied.

          But Cazi said while we all, on our dragons, were hovering on the out reaches of this ship graveyard, “Or maybe Johann pointed us in the wrong direction!”

          Smoky then hissed and, if I am not mistaken, nodded his head to Cazi’s remark.

          “That is also possible,” I agreed.

          Ali then wondered, “Where do you suppose the other ship graveyard is?”

          “And should we go after the Academy Riders and find the other ship graveyard?” Cazi put out the question.

          Father then spoke up, “Since we came out here to warn Hiccup and the gang about the Giant Eels… I think they are past warning by now.”

          “Dad’s right,” I said.

          Father continued, “I mean, yes it would be good to continue the search for the other ship graveyard, but in which direction should we go?  With this fog and the darkness, we could get turned around quite easily; even with the moon as our directional guide.”

          Mother then questioned, “What do you supposed we do, son?”

          Giving it a moment’s thought, “I say we search these ships for anything that might not look like it is supposed to be there.  Johann said he stored some of his goods in ships not in but close to eel waters.  Even though all these ships look alike that might be point.  There might be more to these ships than meets the eye.”

          Annabeth then said, “In case there are some eels, should we not leave a few dragons and scout the area to see if there are in fact any eels… or Dagur and the Berserkers for that matter?”

          “Great idea,” I said.  “Ali, Garth, and Angie, spread out and search the area for any eels or if the other shipyard is nearby, but don’t stray too far, and see if anybody is out here that isn’t supposed to be out here… except for us.”

          Ali then snapped her fingers, “Aw shucks, thought I could get you with that one.”

          As they flew off, I told Cazi and Annabeth to go search one of the other ships, mother and my sisters to find another, and then asked dad to come with me.

          “Have some specific ship in mind?” he asked.

          “Ah, you noticed,” I said.

          “Yeah,” father replied.  “I noticed the ship in the middle of the graveyard you had been eye while you were thinking.  You tend to stare at a place where you are intending to go.”

          “I do that?” I questioned, while we flew over to this one ship that I had been eyeing.  “Huh, didn’t realize I did.”

          For fear of possibly sinking the ship further if our dragons landed on it, I expressed to my father that we should jump down off of our dragons and tell them to wait.  However, Smoky would be able to come as he is small enough and could rest on my shoulder for the duration of the search.  Father jumped off of Marigold, his Monstrous Nightmare, and I jumped off Fredrick.  Our dragons flew to a nearby sea stack, which looked to be the thing this ship ran into.  The bow of the ship is jammed up in between the sea stack, which kind of branches into two near the surface of the water and the ship is stuck in between these parts, while the part of the stern is submerged into the water.

          Taking a quick survey of the top deck, we found nothing out of the ordinary.  Just some empty crates and barrels along with assorted sailing tools, wenches, and ropes.  Next would be to look on the deck below.  Father found a torch untouched by water and then motioned for Smoky to light it.  Opening the hatch to the lower decks, I walked down first followed by my father.  It is rather difficult to walk down stairs that are titled up; your foot almost wants to go right through the spaces between each step.

          We reached the bottom to find three hallways: One straight ahead and the other two going to the right and to the left then turning behind the stairwell.

          “Are you thinking this was the command ship, or at least a lieutenant’s ship?” inquired father.

          “Yes,” I answered we circled back around to the left.  “Of all the ships in the graveyard, this ship seemed to look like it was an important ship at one point with the symbol, or what’s left of it, on the mast along with the crossbow gunner stations on the top deck.  I’d say this was a fast scout ship.”

          “And we are going to the captain’s quarters, are we not?” guessed father.

          “Right again,” I said.

          Throughout our brief time on the ship, I kept a wary eye out for any traps that may be set.  Trader Johann did say there were traps on The Reaper, but since this ship looks like it could have been commanding ship of a small squad, possibly in the fleet under The Reaper, I would not rule out booby traps on this ship either.

          As I said before, walking on this ship is a challenge because of the title at which the ship is jammed in the sea stack.  You feel like you want to run, but have to lean back just to stand up straight relative to the actual direction up.  Your feet are pointed down between a twenty or thirty degree angle and you are sliding your feet more than actually walking so as to keep your footing.

          The hallway was only about ten feet long before it turned left, rejoined the other hallway, and then led down a corridor of green-door cells with bones in them.  The bones were quite large and I am wondering if they could be dragon bones?

          We passed eight cells, four on each side, before we came to the rear of the ship.  There was another short hallway before we came to a door, a door which was embellished with gems of an insignia I do not recognize.  Best way to describe it would be two swords in the shape of a “V” with the blades of each bent almost looking like teeth.  Father had not seen anything like it either.

          “What if the door is booby trapped if you move the doorknob the wrong way?” cautioned my dad.

          “There’s one way to find out,” I responded as I turned to reach around to the back of my father.

          He was already a step ahead of me as he switched the torch to his right hand and reached around his back to grab his shield with his left hand.  The shield was on a special holder my dad could just slide the shield up off his back without a strap or slide it back in place while traveling.

          “I have a feeling if we both go in the captain’s quarters, the weight of our bodies will shift the ship into possibly sinking farther into the ocean,” I stated as I readied myself.  “I’ll go into the room as my weight is less.”

          “What?  Are you saying I’m fat?” father teased.

          “No,” I quickly replied.  “Just… that… I’m… smaller or… younger…”

          Father smiled, “Which would mean you just called me old and too big and fat…-”

          “I just can’t win there, can I,” I said back to my father, tilting my head down, and looking up at him.

          “Nope,” he shook his head.  “You dug that hole too deep.”

          “Let’s hope this room isn’t as much trouble getting out as that statement I said.”

          I turned my attention back to the door.  Father spread his legs to rest his feet on the left and right sides of the door frame and leaned back on the actual floor.  He grabbed my right arm while I held the shield in the other.  Hunkering down, holding the shield slightly above my head, I then jumped up by pushing off on the door and then coming down with a stomp near the locking mechanism.  I had noticed the hinges on the door had already been weakened by the moisture of the water seeping into the wood, rusting the metal; so I thought only one good stomp would swing open the door.

          Zing… CRACK!

          “There’s one good thing about being smaller,” I stated.

          Father asked, “What’s that?”

          “On trap doors like this, you won’t get shot in the head,” I moved my head out of the way to reveal an arrow which had lodged into the top of the shield; the arrowhead could be seen on this side of the shield in between two boards of the shield while the shaft of the arrow is on the other.  “Good thing you picked Black Ironwood for that shield of yours.”

          “Found that wood on some of my earlier travels as a young viking, not just a few years older than you,” recalled my father, as he let me go and took back his shield; I slid the rest of the way in the room.  “From a far away land, the people there said that Black Ironwood is quite possibly in the Top Ten of hardest and toughest wood they have seen.  I knew from that point I wanted to make a shield out of it.  When getting back to Berk, no one had ever seen such quality of wood.  They wanted to send me back for more, but this type of wood was of such high demand in the place I got it, that I was only able to bring back with me small portions of the wood to make a couple more shields.  One of which is your mother’s.”

          The captain’s quarters are partially submerged in water.  I slid to the captain’s desk and stopped my slide by putting my foot on the desk which is completely submerged in water.  My foot and most of my leg are in about two and a half feet of water.

          I leaned up against the side of the desk with my left leg along the desk and my right leg bent and resting on the top edge of the desk.  With Smoky buzzing about the room, I scanned it.  I came up with nothing, but Smoky kept flying around a leaning, lamp fixture above.

          “What’d you find there, Smoky?” I called out.

          He hissed how Terrors will when they find something they want.  Smoky flew around to the bottom fixture, bit on this blue looking gem type thing broke it off, or at least I thought he did until he flew down and dropped it in my hand.

          “Smoky’s always looking for something blue to have, must be his favorite color,” Father said.  “What is it, Jarl?”

          I was about to say, “I don’t know,” until I stopped myself as was taking by surprise.

          “This looks like the paper weight on Annett’s desk!” I cried out.  “But this looks like the other half of the blue amulet of Annett’s.  “What are the odds that this is the other half of the Annett’s ‘paper weight’?”

          “That remains to be seen, but it could be,” father said.

          I looked up to see father staring at the lamp fixture again.  The fixture itself looked more like a small gem chandelier.

          I then said, “Now what are you staring at while thinking?”

          Father chuckled, “From the light of the torch I saw a glare from the bottom of the lamp fixture different from the rest of the gems on it.  It looks like there is something else in the bottom that was behind that blue gem you have.”

          I pocketed the blue amulet and got both of my legs on the top edge of the desk.  Jumping up straight up, relative to the angle I was at, I jumped to the fixture and grabbed the chain it is attached too, hanging from the ceiling.  I felt around the bottom with my left hand while I held on the chain with my right.  Finding the spot Smoky took the amulet from, I can feel a small disk type shape in there.  I took my finger and felt around the inner edge and found a grove I stuck my pointer finger in.  Because I was able to shove my finger in and over the disk, I took the disk out.

          “Wonder what this is?” I asked.

          The disk I held between my pointer finger and thumb is slightly less than an inch thick with a blue gem in the center of the wooden disk.


          Something impacted the ship and threw me across to the other side of the room, hitting the wall.  I dropped the disk, but that is the least of my worries now.

          “Catapult!” Father yelled.  “The Berserkers must be here!”

          While I struggled to get up, another boulder hit the ship and… and the ship started sliding and sinking into the ocean!

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The ship will sink,but all of the "Gang(meaning your group,httyyd) members get out safely,thought I have a fealing that the berserkers were the cause of the ship sinking.

As alwase,you are an amazing wrighter.

Have a Thunderdrum Plushie!


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Thanks, very much.  I'm glad

Thanks, very much.  I'm glad you like my chapters.  :)


So cute! :)

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I like it :) * looks at the

I like it :)

* looks at the patrol teams*

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Here is the link to my next chapters:


Sorry I'm getting my chapters posted later than I want.  Though this week was a day better than last week, but still I can do better.  I get into my chapters and involved, that I sometimes lose track of time because I'm so immersed into my story.  But I guess that is when I do some of my better writing?  I always want to do a good job and write as good as I did before and get better with each chapter I write.  I really appriciate all of you, even those that don't reply.  It isn't like I'm posting late on purpose, I want to do a good job with the chapters, even if it means posting a few hours later than I would like.  When I say something, I try very hard to keep my word.  There are some things that are out of my control that come up irl, like supper (me needs food), watching movies with my family, and doing my chores, among other things, which prolong the time it takes for me to get a chapter done each week.  Above all else, I want to do a good job for you guys and give you good and if you think, great chapters.  Thank you for being patient with me too. :)