Fan-Fic Fridays: "On the Edge of Mystery" Chapter 3: A Full Fledged Mystery... Finally

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Things will start to pick up with the mystery and this chapter.


Hope you guys enjoy it.


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On the Edge of Mystery


Chapter 3


A Full Fledged Mystery... Finally


          “I like your hair,” I told Annabeth as we were flying.

          “Thanks,” she replied.  “I thought I’d try dying it and I like the color purple, and so wa-lah.  And to be a little creative with it, I streaked it purple with my dark hair that is basically black anyway."

          “One time Asvord dyed her hair all blue for a tournament.  It was not permanent dye, but it took her several months to wash it out,” I randomly added.

          “Well this dye is a bit more permanent than that,” she replied.

          It took us only a couple minutes to fly out to my family’s farm.  The farm is average size for one on Berk, but we are next to a lake.  We often fish there because of the large quantities of Brown Trout, Carp, and Salmon from the streams that lead into the lake.

          On arrival to my family’s farm, Cazi, Annabeth, and I landed our dragons on the westside of the lake near the walk path from Berk.  We dismounted.  I did however tell the girls to tell their dragons to stay on the path and not come with us so as to not disturb any evidence of any kind we might find; I did the same with my dragon.  The lake is very close to the path, so we are not too far from our dragons.  We all walked to the place where Asvord and Elsa were most likely fishing: A small deck that stretched into the lake about ten feet.  This is where we started our search.

          Annabeth asked, “What are we looking for?”

          Without hesitation as I had already asked myself the question and gotten an answer, “Footprints besides Asvord’s and Elsa’s and their dragons’, anything that looks out of place, or something that isn’t where it should be.  Make sure you watch where you step too, because there might be foot prints right under you.”

          “Like those under yours?” answered Cazi.

          I looked down and sure enough, there is a set of larger foot prints next to my own; set apart from the footprints I know to be here from Asvord, Elsa, and their dragons.

          I held up my hand to Cazi and Annabeth as they were about to come over.  I need to find out either where the footprints were going or where they came from, or both, before any of us step anywhere.  It is critical that we try not to disturb any of the footprints as we have not had rain in a little while and the ground can be pretty dusty.  Even with the dust, tracks and footprints can still be made; however, it takes very little effort to mess up or wipe away any kind of footprint in dust.  Just practically blowing on the tracks would make them indistinguishable.

          Looking down again I see the larger footprints facing the same way I am.  So looking behind me, by just turning my body and head without lifting a foot, I scan the ground for the same set of footprints.  I spot where the footprints came from, so I take a large step to the right out of the way of the prints.  Pointing the prints out to the girls, I motioned them to come over but keep their distance.

          “Good eye,” I commended.

          “Yeah, and I got another one just like it,” Cazi quipped.

          We all dryly laughed.

          “Very funny,” I said.

          Going back and forth a few times and forward following the tracks, I see and conclude a few facts and point them out, “It looks like the man came from Berk.  At first was running down the path to the south, when he stopped here suddenly.  Turning to his left, I think he speaks to someone here, where I was standing then-…”

          Annabeth’s interjects, “How do you know it was a man?”

          “If it were a woman, she must have big feet,” I declared.  “Look at these footprints when compared to yours and then mine.”

          I put my right foot near one of the mystery man’s footprints, Cazi and Annabeth followed suit.  The man’s footprints are probably two inches longer than mine and an inch wider than mine.  My fight foot is bigger than either of Cazi’s or Annabeth’s by an inch or less in both cases.

          “So this person’s footprints suggests to me that it is a man, not too much taller than me, more on the heavier side or just built solid, and between the ages of twenty-five and thirty-five,” I deducted.  “And if this is a woman… then she has some pretty big feet, let me tell ya.”

          Cazi and Annabeth stood wide eyed at me and Cazi questioned, “You can tell all this from a set of footprints?”

          “Yep,” I replied.  “It is really easier than you might think.  I’ve already have shown with the comparison with the feet that the person’s feet are larger than any of ours; the stride of person’s footprints from running is slightly longer than my own, so they are slightly taller than me, but not by much; and then with the depression of the actual foot is a little deeper than my own.  Also, in this dust, no one footprint should be deeper than another.  This man’s footprint, when standing, is deeper than mine when I stand.  So his weight is more than mine because he is both older and or built so solid they might be the same height as me, but his muscle mass would weigh a lot more because of the way he is built.”

          Cazi then stated, “There’s an adult man and he’s solidly built.  Let’s just stick with that.”

          “What?  Did all I say just go over your head?” I grinned.

          “Yeah,” she said.  “Up and over... way over there… landing in the brush behind that boulder over there.”

          Cazi pointed over to some tall grass on the other side of the lake, opposite of my family’s farm house.

          One thing about the footprints struck me as strange: They suddenly just stop.  Upon further investigation, in front of the footprints, something had brushed away the footprints of the man… and of another’s similar to our own footprints.  This new set of footprints stops at the same point of the man’s footprints.

          “Come here Caz, Anna,” I said calling the girls over.  “Look at this.”

          I pointed at the ground just in front of both the foot prints…

          “Hey!” Cazi exclaimed.  “These footprints have been wiped out with a branch of some kind.”

          Annabeth had gotten up and walked further over where the other set of footprints had come from, “Look, here are some dragon footprints.”

          Cazi and I went over and I recognized the tracks immediately, “Those are Thunderdrum tracks… but Fredrick hasn’t moved from the place I told him to stay.”

          Looking back over to my dragon, he is napping again.

          “But if it wasn’t Fredrick,” I thought aloud.

          Annabeth finished, “Then it must have been the other person’s dragon.”

          Cazi also observed, “The Thunderdrum’s tracks also stop here to the right of where the other two viking sets of tracks stop.”

          Then I added, “But the thunderdrum, by the way the tracks are and this brush of the ground in between the tracks looks like the dragon was running.”

          “But why?” put out the question for thought.

          Just then I heard Fredrick stirring and starting to jump around a little bit.

          After running over to him, I asked him, “What’s wrong Fredrick?”

          As soon as I came over, Fredrick stopped jumping around but started sniffing and grumbling at the air; even Sparklebolt and Anora started doing the same thing, but more of a growl.  Both of the girls asked their dragons, what is wrong.

          Fredrick started to push past me and sniff the ground around where we found the footprints to begin with.  Cazi was about to call Fredrick to get away from disturbing the scene, but I stopped her and said, “It is alright.  I want to see this.”

          Once a moment had gone by, Annabeth said curiously, “I thought Thunderdrum dragons were in the Tidal Class?”

          “They are,” I replied.

          “Well,” she said.  “Fredrick is acting more like a Tracker Class dragon than a Tidal Class one.”

          “You’re right,” I affirmed.  “The only way any dragon outside the Tracker Class could possibly track another dragon is if…”

          We all said at the same time while looking up to look at each other, “Is if it were the same dragon!”

          “Of course!” I resounded.  “Fredrick smelled and is now tracking the other Thunderdrum!”

          I imagine we were all thinking the same thing right about now.  We followed my dragon as he sniffed out a trail.  Fredrick went around in a few circles a few times, picking up the scent, and then led us over to the brush Cazi had pointed out earlier.  There is a large boulder we walked around and…

          “Dragon!” Cazi declared.

          “And rider!” I announced when I looked on the other side of the dark blue Thunderdrum.  “Quick!  Get me some water!”

          As Cazi ran to get water out of a canteen, I knelt down beside a blonde, haired girl gently lifting her head.  Cazi got back while the girl was coming to.  Taking the canteen, I eased the top of it up to the girl’s mouth.

          “Easy, easy,” I softly said.  “It’s okay.”

          The girl took a drink, coughed a little, cleared her throat, and said, “Thank you.”

          We gave the girl a minute to regain her senses as she propped herself up on the boulder.  When she did that, I checked on the Thunderdrum.

          “Undyne!” the girl exclaimed, trying to get up but between grabbing her head and Cazi keeping her down, the girl could not.

          “It’s okay,” I said as I looked over the Thunderdrum.

          Annabeth was the first to ask, “What happen?”

          The girl did not speak for a second, acted a little shy, but asked a question of her own, “Is Undyne alright?”

          After giving the dark blue Thunderdrum a once over, I had found an arrow with some sort of green substance on the arrowhead.  The arrowhead itself is red.

          “I checked your dragon,” I said.  “And she will be alright.  She is out for now but should come to, soon.  I did, however, find this.”

          I gave the arrow to the girl to inspect, “I never saw it coming.  Undyne must have tried to protect me and got stuck with this arrow.”

          “That is it, as far as I can tell just by observation,” I agreed.  “The substance on the arrow has a similar smell to that of a dart I once came across.  I’m not sure what the green stuff is, but I’ll have a friend of mine, Garth, do some analysis on it to find out for sure what it is.”

          After I had finished, there was kind of an awkward silence; the girl stared at the ground, while taking a drink from the canteen.

          So I pointed out and introduced everyone, “My name is Jarl Mollerson.  That is Cazi Olson and that is Annabeth Everdeen.”

          Cazi and Annabeth both said, “Hi,” when I said their names.

          I continued, “Cazi’s dragon is the Skrill named Sparklebolt.  The other dragon is Annabeth; this dragon is a Razorwhip named Anora.  Both dragons are girls.  And-.”

          “A Thunderdrum?” the girl seemed a bit surprised when she looked over and saw Fredrick on the other side of Sparklebolt.

          “Yes.  The greenish-yellowish Thunderdrum is my dragon.  His name is Fredrick,” I finished.

          I offered my hand to the girl to help her up.  She grabbed it and stood up.

          “My name is Ali Clar the Kind, you can call me Ali,” the girl responded.

          Annabeth asked, “Are you all right?”

          “Yeah, I think so,” replied Ali.

          Annabeth repeated her first question, “How’d this happen?”

          Ali rubbed the back of her head, probably from being knocked out by a blow to the head, and began, “Shortly after breakfast I went out on a flight.  It was a short flight as I guided Undyne down over a farm house to a grassy area, shaded by trees.  I got off and propped myself up by one of the trees to start drawing in my notebook.”

          She walked over to her saddlebag on the right side of her dragon, reached in, and took out a notebook to show us.  There was indeed a drawing of a Deadly Nadder.

          “I’ve been interested in training more than one dragon,” Ali continued.  “I have recently seen a Deadly Nadder I wanted, but have yet to have gotten close enough to it to even try to bond with it.  After landing Undyne, I was drawing that Deadly Nadder in my notebook.  Almost finishing my sketch, a man ran into me from behind.”

          “Behind?” I echoed.

          “Yes,” Ali answered.  “He had been running through the forest.  I had heard some rustling noises behind me, but as I turned to my right to look, the man ran into me.  I immediately asked, ‘What’s the big idea?!’ and quickly slid my notebook and charcoal pencil back into my saddlebag.  Undyne was on my left side, so I put this notebook here in her right saddlebag.  The man started walking away from me like he didn’t even hear me.  I ran back up to the guy, grabbed his right arm, and repeated my question.  The guy swung his arm around and struck me on the face.  That was it.  He had provoked angry inside of me and I started to fight.  The only problem is when I am provoked to angry, I sometimes make a hasty decision that lands me in trouble… in this case… a bump on the head.”

          Ali again rubbed the back of her head, “I grabbed the guy’s arm again as he turned away from me and he again tried swinging his arm.  This time I ducked and landed a punch of my own, a left swing, to his stomach; and then a right uppercut to the face.  You provoke me or get on my bad side… you get a punch to the face.”

          “Good thing to remember,” I chuckled a little.

          “Next thing I know I am being pushed back, falling to the ground.  I saw a flicker of gold from a small chain from something inside his right hand; the same one he used to push me back.  I saw Undyne come to my rescue, but the guy threw something at her and she slumped to the ground.  I must have landed censored the ground as that is the last thing I remember,” Ali finished.

          Cazi the added, “Well, that guy now has a reserved punch in the face from me.  Reservations have been hard to get, lately, but I’ll fit the guy in somewhere.”

          We all laughed, including Ali.

          I had taken note of what Ali had said about a “gold chain” thinking it could have been Annett’s locket, but I did not say anything as suddenly Ali started looking for something.

          “Where is it?!” Ali declared.  “It’s gone.”

          “Where’s what?” asked Cazi.

          “My satchel,” Ali stated.  “It’s missing!”

          I went around to the left side of my dragon and unhooked the satchel’s strap from around Fredrick’s saddle-horn.

          “Do you mean this satchel?” I inquired, holding up the still wet bag.

          “Yes, that’s it,” she answered.  “But why is it wet?”

          Cazi responded, “Because that guy must have grabbed your satchel after dragging you and your Thunderdrum out of sight, then hid whatever he was trying to hide from whatever he was running from, and then threw the satchel into the lake so he could come back and fish it out later or keep someone else from finding it.”

          Ali said, “Well, it sounds like you got a mystery on your hands.  Thanks for finding my satchel and helping me and my dragon.”

          As soon as Ali finished, Undyne started stirring and came to.  Ali promptly went over to her dragon to calm Undyne down.  I expected Undyne to jump as I was next to the Thunderdrum’s left eye, but Undyne did not even move.  I was surprised, to say the least.  Ali explained briefly how they met and she trained the dark blue Thunderdrum, with lighter blue underbelly and red marking, spots, and highlights.

          Ali did not speak much about her family; only that she was alone on a ship, a stowaway, after leaving her home.  She said she had been living on her own for quite some time, but learned to live with it to survive.  Ali recounted she had slide off the ship, in fear of being found on the ship when the crew started a search as the food was being used up quicker than expected, she swam the rest of the way to the island.  She was then stranded on the island when the ship left before she could get back on.  The way in which she described the islanded sounded very familiar.  Then when Ali said she had stumbled upon a Thunderdrum nest, I knew exactly what island she was on.  I had been to it many a time to study and learn more about Thunderdrums and to let Fredrick be around more of his own kind.  Except for Undyne, Fredrick is the only Thunderdrum after Thornado to be on the Isle of Berk.  Undyne is now the third Thunderdrum I have ever seen to be trained by a viking and be able to ride it; Stoick and I to be the other two to have trained one.

          Ali continued with her story.  She sought refuge in a cave from a storm, which she described had come up rather suddenly, and stumbled upon a Thunderdrum nest.  While one might tremble in fear, none of the Thunderdrums that had revealed themselves ever treated her like an enemy.  Every dragon’s natural instinct is to protect.  Since Ali did nothing to harm the Thunderdrums, the Thunderdrums did the same in return.

          After making a fire to warm up and dry off, she looked around the cave.  She came across some Thunderdrum eggs.  Ali says she knew enough about dragon eggs that they needed to be in water to hatch safely or else they would explode.  Ali had grabbed one egg that had a crack on it.  She knew that the mothers would be protective, but they too saw the egg cracking and were trying to get it to water.  Ali said she had almost gotten the egg in a small pool when the egg hatched.  The explosion of the egg sent her back twenty feet from where she had been standing.  With studying Thunderdrums, any egg that is hatched outside a pool of water will explode at the same magnitude and sound of a young hatchling’s first ever thunder blast.

          Understandably, Ali said she was dazed and somewhat dizzy after getting up.  But then, when she got up, she had turned around to see the same viking crew she was trying to hide from on the ship, had found her.  She had no weapons to defend herself as one of the men had grabbed her.  Remembering she was still disoriented from the Thunderdrum egg hatching, there was little she could do to escape the crew members now… except for one thing.

          Little did the crew realize Ali had been in a Thunderdrum nest the whole time.  She said they should have wished they had never found her as the Thunderdrums protected her.  The older Thunderdrums chased off the other vikings, but a new found friend rescued Ali.  The same hatchling that had hatched from the egg Ali was holding just moments before came to her rescue now.  With wreck-less abandonment, the hatchling started firing blast everywhere around Ali.  Undoubtedly, the sonic blasts that a Thunderdrum hatchling is capable, rang in Ali’s ears.  It was painful enough in the moment, Ali just collapsed into a ball and covered her ears.

          With fear of being captured by the men who hunted her down, the thought of the dragons had turned on her, and when the Thunderdrums had stopped firing, she stayed curled up.  Ali said she felt something nudging her head.  She opened her eyes and looked up… it was the Thunderdrum hatchling.

          “From that moment, she and I have never been separated; always helping out the other when one was in need of help,” Ali concluded as she hugged her dragon.  “In trying to protect someone, especially a viking, Undyne had lost vision in her left eye.  Even though she only has the one eye now, her vision is as keen as an eagle’s.”

          “Interesting name,” I put in.  “Why’d you name your dragon ‘Undyne’, if you don’t mind me asking?”

          “My Thunderdrum’s looks reminded me of a character of a game I play,” Ali replied.

          Once Ali had assured Undyne everything was alright, she stood up and said, “Thank you for your help.”

          “I think we’ll be talking soon,” I replied.  “You coming back to Berk now?”

          “No,” she answered.  “I’ll be headed to my place for lunch.”

          “Well,” Cazi said.  “See you later.”

          With that, Ali flew off on Undyne towards the northside of the island.

          I then suggested as the three of us mounted, I picked up the arrow from the ground as I walked back to my dragon, “Since we found who the satchel belonged too and more information about what had happened to Annett’s locket, lets head back to Berk to see what Asvord and Elsa found out.”

          I tugged at Fredrick’s reins a little, but he did not budge; he still was looking at Undyne and Ali flying off.  I then knocked on his forehead twice and said, “Hey.  What are you lookin’ at?”

          My dragon shook his head and then responded to my reins.

          Now back at Berk, we landed back at Gobber’s shop, which he could be seen just leaving; Asvord and Elsa also came out of the shop.

          I instantly jumped to the question, “What did you find out?”

          Asvord replied, “Cutting to the chase… Annett is missing!”

          “What?!” Cazi, Annabeth, and I exclaimed.

          “That’s not all,” Gobber replied.  “You must have seen the Twins bringing in Trader Johann.  Well, from what I gathered from him talking, Dagur has escaped Outcast Island and is out for revenge against Hiccup.  Hiccup and the rest of the old Academy riders left on a trip.  You might go and ask him what’s going on, he’s in The Hall probably telling a tale or two.  I can’t understand half of what the man says.”  Gobber paused, “But I’ll be sure to tell Stoick on Annett’s disappearance.”

          “Come Asvord and Elsa, let’s go see what Johann has to say,” I said as I got off Fredrick and started towards The Great Hall.  “Tell me what you found out about Annett on the way.”

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Keep reading!!   (Jk, but

Keep reading!!


(Jk, but just a little because I love people reading my stories.)


You've read it three times?  Nice.  Must have taken a while as my chapters are a long.


Thanks again for reading.  :D

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 I tugged at Fredrick’s reins a little, but he did not budge; he still was looking at Undyne and Ali flying off.  I then knocked on his forehead twice and said, “Hey.  What are you lookin’ at?”

          My dragon shook his head and then responded to my reins.



Me-OOOOHHHHOOOHHHH.I think Fredrick likes Undyne!

*Undyne gives a resounding snort and turns away

Still,I think Fredrick likes Undyne a little.



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Fredrick doesn't see too many

Fredrick doesn't see too many other Thunderdrum, and even fewer girl Thunderdrums.  So one couldn't fault the dragon for looking.  XD

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The case of missing

The case of missing Annett.


Wait the academy riders went on a trip? (ship graveyard?)



This is a Signature, and I am Angie.


Hi i'm Angie! You might remember me if you are also a "veteran" lol, I started playing SOD back in early 2014 so I remember the old glitches and I remember when there was just Berk and the main SOD island. I don't play SOD all that often anymore but I won't forget the memories and experiences I had playing it. I don't regularly visit the forum either, I just kinda moved on from that stage of my life lol.

Anyway, heres where you'll find me these days:



Anyway, here's the rest of the signature where you'll find more stuff

(Expansion pack icons made by Gorge_sparkflare)



These are ancient lol


Ancient ScreenShot Comics I made:

Touble Maker:

Deadly Gas:


Rescue Part 2:




I had these commisioned ages ago and I feel really bad now as a grown person because I should've paid these amazing artists. The least I can do is credit them so I did. 






All four of these gifs are made by the amazing Defy!!!




(by Nessie ty ^^)



by the amazing Nessie (THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH)


my charecter by the amazing PIXEL!!!!!!!

My Viking no longer looks like this but I love the art still. 




memes i have saved here 



by Whisper the Wolf


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There is more than meets the

There is more than meets the eye...


Yep, to the Ship Graveyard, just like in episode 1 of Rtte.


The Academy riders are on a trip...

Jarl, his sisters, and Cazi and Annabeth are going to talk to Trader Johann...

Who told the Academy riders where to go...


Trader Johann forgot to tell the Academy riders about the giant eels...


Someone should have warned the Academy riders...





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GIANT EELS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Ahh i love how this story references the RTTE series

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Subject do I need why Hmm? Above them can be a Jedi Master, No?

I know, I have fun fitting the references in and then it is also a chalenge to a certain degree to keep things straight with my own story and then things straight with Rtte.  But I have fun with it either way.

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OMG OMG OMG I AM A SUPREME VIKING CHAMPION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!










sorry im just really excited

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With the subjects wise this one is. Heed them do you not have to

It must be a little different for you, as I've been on the forum for a while and was nearly Supreme Viking Champion when they last redid the forum titles.  But still I was excited to get it... though you seem very excited.  :P XD

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I am very weird just so you

I am very weird just so you know ;) I get excited from small stuff :)

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All links should open in a new window, please let me know if any of them don't work.


Profile picture by Nessie find other gifs by her at:



Created by AllyNadderRider





Phoenix my nightfury created by linkwolf on this thread.



Phoenix by Nessie on this thread.



My female Grumbling Rufflewing, Blossom and Sparky, created by ladybrasa on this thread.


Blossom and Sparky's backstory: [from Vikings PoV]


   It is the first warm day since the last winter.

My name is Ruffnuff, I am fifeen years old. To make a long story
short on how I got my name, my parents are friends with the Thorstons
and our parents both had babies within the same week. My mother really
liked the name that the Thorstons had named their daughter (Ruffnut)
and decided to name me Ruffnuff. Me and my Sand Wraith, Sandstorm are
very anxious for a race taking place tomorrow. The race is going to be
held at Amourwing Island, it will be just a few of my friends and me.

   I spent most of the morning doing my daily chores. When afternoon
rolled around I decided to take a short flight with Sandstorm before
making food for tomorrow and designing our war paint. Our short flight
ended up taking longer than we thought it would as we got sidetracked.
As we were flying around the Wilderness we found a place to land and
the flowers are beautiful this year and I really wanted to draw some
of the beautiful lilac blossoms. I was almost done with my drawing
when I saw a rather large shadow pass over the ground I looked up to
see a beautiful lilac colored dragon  headed in the direction of
Amourwing Island, it looked a lot like a zippleback but the sun was so
bright I couldn’t get that good of a look at it. I watched it until it
flew out of view, then went back to finishing my drawing. After I
finished I whistled for Sandstorm who was enjoying a pool of water
close by, I mounted and we started back for our house.

   After arriving back home I feed Sandstorm his favorite meal of salmon
and a few halibuts, grabbed a sandwich which my mother had left on the
counter for me, and headed up to may room to design our war paint for
the following day. An hour later I had finally finished my design, I
ended up being a simple design with a few lines on the face and a
flame going down the wings, the colors were going to be lilac and
orange because every time I tried to think different colors my mind
kept going back to the dragon that I saw earlier. I then realized that
I didn’t have the paint colors for my design so I decided to take a
walk down to the port to visit Trader Johann’s ship which had just
arrived yesterday. He had the perfect colors and I had brought just
enough to pay for them I saw that it was getting dark and I knew that
my parents might get a little worried seeing as I had not brought a
dragon with me, so I decided to take the short cut home. When I got
home my parents were also just arriving home, they had been visiting
with some of their friends. I went inside and started to pack my bag
for tomorrow I put in the paints that I had bought and threw in my war
paint design then started to make our food. I put an apple in the bag
then went straight way to making a perch sandwich for lunch. For
Sandstorm I tossed in some salmon and halibut. I headed out to the
stable to check on Sandstorm before going to bed, seeing that
Sandstorm had already fallen asleep I headed up to my room to do the

   The next morning I woke up early I was excited and nervous for the
race later today, I had done plenty of races in the past but neither
my friends nor I have ever raced at Amourwing Island that is part of
the reason we choose to hold the race there then none of us will have
an unfair advantage. After getting dressed in my racing outfit which
was a pair of long gray legging with a black skirt and shirt, I
slipped on my shoes with the leather bands. I did my hair in a simple
French braid in the back with lilac and orange highlights to
compliment my chosen colors, then I placed one of my favorite helmets
on my head, I grabbed some of my black wristbands and shoulder pads
and quietly went downstairs not wanting to wake my parents. I prepared
myself some breakfast which consisted of a piece of toast from some
bread that my mother made earlier this week, and I fried up some eggs
over the hot coals from last night. I hastily ate my breakfast, and
cleaned up after myself. I wanted to get to Amourwing Island early and
seeing as my parents hadn’t woken yet I decided to leave them a note.
Then I grabbed my shield, walked out the door and headed to the stable
just a few yards away.

   I opened up the heavy door to our stable, walked inside and lighted
our monstrous nightmare gel lamp we have inside. Seeing that Sandstorm
was still asleep I went over to where I kept his racing saddle. It was
a little dusty from not using it much this winter so I decided while
Sandstorm slept for a little longer I would polish it. I grabbed the
oil we use for polishing our saddles and a cloth and got straight to
work. Ten minutes later the saddle was polished and looked good as
new, I could tell that Sandstorm was stirring so I went to grab some
breakfast for him. I went to the corner where we kept the fish and
noticed that there wasn’t much left so I grabbed my fishing poll and
chose to get him some fresh fish from the stream next to our house
while he finished waking up. The fish were biting really well this
morning so it didn’t take me long to fetch him a good size breakfast
of a two salmon, one herring, and one halibut. When I went back in the
stable Sandstorm was completely awake and hopping around waiting for
his breakfast. I tossed him the fish and he quickly gulped them down.
I strapped on his saddle and saddlebag then we walked outside. After
closing the door I mounted Sandstorm and started the hour trip to
Amourwing Island.

   When I arrived at the island I got the paint and design out from my
saddlebag then started painting Sandstorm, first I paint the flame on
his wings and finished on his face. Then I did a quick few lines on my
face and watched for my friends to arrive, they were all going to come
together as they all were at Berk for the weekend. Beautiful Wind and
her night terror, Runaway landed on the Island, I was excited to see
her and ran right up to give her a hug. I then realized that my other
friends weren’t with her.

“Hi, Wind where is Lisard and Scarlet?” I asked.

“They ended up not being able to make it their parents made important
last minute plans that they had to attend to.” Wind said.

“Well then I guess it will just be a fun one-on-one race. I guess we
should probably set up the track we want to use, did you bring the
colored flags?” I questioned.

“Yeah I have them right here in my pack.” Wind answered.

“Good lets fly out and set them up” I responded.

   Wind and I flew out and set up the track, it had a lot of ups and
downs and turns. We would do three laps. We went to the starting line
and counted down from five together. When we got to one to both yelled
go and took off like an arrow, because my dragon has bigger wings we
were in front. We were almost half way through the first lap and were
almost neck in neck with Wind when Sandstorms ears shot up seeing my
dragons ear go up we slowed our pace and let Wind pull ahead, it was
then that I heard it too an ear piercing scream from that of a dragon
that is injured. Completely forgetting the race me and Sandstorm sped
toward the scream at full speed, only slowing down when we got there.
When we got there I saw that it was indeed a scream from an injured
dragon, the lilac dragon that I had mistaken for a zippleback but now
saw that it is a Grumbling Rufflewing, which is an extremely rare
dragon of a massive size, has two heads, a split tail and is
considered aggressive. The Rufflewing had its left wing pinned under a
pile of large boulders that must have fallen from the cliff up above
it. I realized that if it is aggressive I would have a hard time
getting close to it, but I had to try to help it because it would be
harder for me to just leave a dragon helplessly injured then try to
help them even if they are aggressive.

   We landed close to the Rufflewing but far enough away that it hadn’t
noticed us yet; I got off of Sandstorm, pulled out a halibut from the
saddlebag and slowly made my way closer to the Rufflewing. When the
Rufflewing saw me, she got startled and started flapping her wings
which resulted in one of the rocks rolling do from the cliff and
landing on her wing making her yelp in pain, it was then that she saw
she could not fly away and she started to get defensive she shot a
blast in my direction; the blast upset Sandstorm who is very gentle
but is extremely protective of me, he got into a protective stance
between me and the Rufflewing, and would have blasted it with one of
his powerful blasts had I not pushed his head away at the right time.

“Sandstorm, calm down I just startled her she’s fine she won’t hurt me.”

   I tried to calm Sandstorm down with my voice and thankfully it
worked. Sandstorm, pouting walked a few steps away and sat down
watching the Rufflewing as if to say ‘she’s my human, don’t even think
about hurting her’.

   I then continued walking toward the Rufflewing with each step I took
the Rufflewing seemed to get more and more anxious but I knew I
couldn’t do anything from a distance so I slowly crept forward toward
her. When I was almost an arms distance away I held out the halibut,
the Rufflewing at first just sniffed at the fish then quickly and
unexpectedly snapped up the fish in one bite. As I stood there I
slowly reached out my hand to the dragon and looked away, had it not
been for Sandstorm I probably would not have my hand the Rufflewing
had unexpectedly snapped at my hand just has Sandstorm had pulled me
away. Then and there I realized that it would take a lot more than a
fish for this dragon to trust me.

   Even though the dragon had snapped at me I knew I still had to get
the boulders off of his wing. Slowly I walked around the dragon to its
left side with Sandstorm following my every move not wanting to leave
me by myself. I reached for the first boulder but then realized I
would have a hard time trying to move the boulder without hurting the
Grumbling Rufflewing anymore then it already was, so using hand
motions I told Sandstorm to grab the large boulder on top. Sandstorm
grudgingly listened, he flew overtop and picked up the heavy looking
boulder, Sandstorm then set the rock down next to me. When Sandstorm
had picked up the rock it upset the Rufflewing even more and she
emitted a gas similar to that of a zipplebacks but in a way it was
different, the other head than set the gas on fire it was a large
blast and I would have been burnt had it not once again been for
Sandstorm. I tried one last time to try to get close to the Rufflewing
but I could tell that it wasn’t so keen on me being there and neither
was Sandstorm. I backed up a little to try and get another idea on how
to help it.

   After another failed attempt to get the boulders off of its wing, I
had to sadly come to the conclusion that the dragon didn’t want help
or at least not from me. I started to back away to go find Wind when
the Grumbling Rufflewing made a strange gurgling noise, similar to the
noise Sandstorm makes when he is sad. I decided to try one more time
to help the dragon, this time it was slightly calmer and seemed to
finally realize that I wasn’t there to hurt it. I reached out my hand
one more time slightly more apprehensive this time but still knew it
is the first step of trust on both sides. After what seemed like
minutes the Rufflewing reached her heads and touched my hand, I guess
it finally trusted me.

“I will name you Blossom” I said talking to the left head.

“And you will be Sparky” I stated gesturing to the right head. “Now
what do you say we get to work getting those boulders off of your

   When we finally had the boulders off I examined her wing surprisingly
it was not broken just a few scratches here and there. I then gave
them another fish and mounted Sandstorm to go find Wind. I found
Beautiful Wind setting up camp.

“What happened to you?” she asked.

“Oh, just helping injured dragons.” I replied.

   Shrugging her shoulders Wind walked off towards the trees I presume
to find fire wood. I looked up a few minutes later when I saw a shadow
on the ground to see Blossom and Sparky coming with a couple of fish
in their mouth. I was so excited to see them, when we had flown off in
opposite directions I never thought I would see them again, but here
they were right in front of me.

“Blossom, Sparky oh I’m so excited to see you. Now I can show Wind
that I was telling the truth.” I said smiling.

   Runaway came out of the woods a few paces in front of Wind, as soon
as Blossom and Sparky saw the Night Terror they immediately got in to
a defensive stance between me and the night terror.

“Sparky, Blossom what wrong?” I asked not seeing Runaway yet.

   Wind came out of the woods a few seconds later just as Sparky and
Blossom shot a warning blast toward the woods to try to scare away the
smaller dragon. The blast narrowly missed Beautiful Wind, she dropped
all the wood that she was carrying, if I wasn’t so worried about
getting Sparky and Blossom to calm down it probably would have been a
funny scene. I finally was able to calm Sparky and Blossom down by
getting between them and Runaway to show them that Runaway wasn’t a

“Wow you guys sure are defensive” I muttered to them.

“What was that for?” Wind asked a bit perturbed.

“Wind meet Sparky and Blossom, Blossom and Sparky meet Beautiful
Wind.” I said. “This is the dragon I told you about earlier.”

“Honestly, to tell you the truth, I didn’t believe what you said
earlier I thought it was just an excuse for losing.” Wind replied

“Oh, come on, me and Sandstorm lose?” I said trying you fluster her.
“Well anyways, Sparky and Blossom brought supper lets get the fire
started then we can cook supper.”

“Okay, coming right up.” Wind answered.


   Supper was really good, it consisted of grilled fish and the apples

that I brought. After supper we packed up and headed for home. We
arrived home a little before dark. Sparky and Blossom had followed us
all the way home and I

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Chapter 4 is almost ready,

Chapter 4 is almost ready, but I have some other things/chores I need to do, so it will be later tonight by the time I'll be able to post.

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Subject do I need why Hmm? Above them can be a Jedi Master, No?