Fan-Fic Fridays: "On the Edge of Mystery" Chapter 24: Sudden Turn of Events

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This week has been crazy odd for me, compounded by writers block.


I'm at the part in a story where I know what to write, I just can't quite get it to paper and/or computer screen.  I know it in my brain, but my hands and such can't make the connection.  Plus, because of being a little busy with several other little things that came up, I never had a lot of time to just sit down and write; which just added to my problem.


But squeeking in time here and there I was able to get this chapter done.  I think part of the problem was trying to describe all the action that takes place from start to finish in this chapter.  Probably one of my single most action chapters, yet technically in a short amount of "real time" for the actual story.


But enough of me talking, time for the chapter.


I hope you guys enjoy my chapter and I hope I have done a great job so far.


Leave a comment on how you like the action in this chapter.


Enjoy! :)


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Behind posting links to each chapter from siggie I am fix I must

On the Edge of Mystery


Chapter 24


Sudden Turn of Events


         We got closer and three Berserker ships were clearly visible now.

         As I started to ask Hiccup something, I could see the ships preparing for the battle, “So Hiccup.  What should be the best plan of attack?”

         “Stay out of firing range from the catapults.  Follow Astrid’s and my lead; we’ll circle around and get ready for the second wave.  It doesn’t look like they have the same armament of archers as do other Berserker ships,” Hiccup announced to everyone.  “But as they are reloading, fly in and take out their catapults.  Once they are defenseless, some of you can land and take the ships.”

         Annabeth sat down lower in Star Scream’s saddle and said, “Oh, I am so ready for this.”

         Hiccup and Astrid led the rest of us in single file.  Battle cries were sounded on their side to call ready and fire the catapults, as well as our side to excite our dragons.

         Hiccup, Astrid, Annabeth, me, Asvord, Elsa, Explod, and Meen -in that order- orbited the three ships while they fired their catapults at us.  Every dragon nimbly dodged each boulder directed at them; Meatballs even caught one and chomped it, first time he had ever done so.

         Nearly making a complete circle, the Berserkers below started to reload their catapults at the same time the captain readied the archers.  I immediately broke formation off in a very tight right circle.

Coming back around at the moment the archers fired, “Fredrick, blast ‘em.”

Fredrick was already ahead of me because as soon as I began to say his name, he fired… knocking every single archer’s arrows from the ship on the right flank down.  There are more archers on the left ship, so I flew and had Fredrick fire again, but before even the archers could fire.  Fredrick pulled back some on the power; just enough to knock them down.  Hiccup signaled to the rest of the formation to break off and go for the catapults.  Hiccup took the main gunners on the middle ship.  He and Toothless took out two catapults, Astrid and Stormfly destroyed the rear catapult on the middle ship, Annabeth and Meen teamed up to knock out the ship’s catapults on the right side, while Explod and Garth partnered to demolish one catapult and disable the other.  After I had knocked out the archers, I circled again to the right -this time wider- to watch the carnage of the catapults going ka-put, ka-pluey, and ka-boom.

I aimed Fredrick to fly towards the main ship in the middle.  While Fredrick came back around, I reached for my Gronckle Iron bow and without looking, unfolded it to bow form.  As Fredrick began to fly by, I jumped off my dragon.  Holding my bow in my hands, I planted my hands on the ship’s deck, tilting my head as I rolled over my right shoulder, and standing up into a block from a lunge attack from a Berserker in a spear.  Do not know if he is surprised from my move or that I was able to block him as well as he just froze when I did, so spun out of the block to the right to force his push back from me, causing him to go off balance; for added assurance, I knocked in his left knee to force him to the deck.

         Turning around I found that two more Berserkers were coming at me, both who came from above to strike down.  Putting up my bow horizontally, I blocked the one viking’s spear and the other’s mace.  But as they probably saw what I did with the other viking, they then tried swiping from the side.  Ducking, obviously, I dodged their swing and then stepped on the one viking’s foot that was on my left.  He staggered back and dropped his mace.  Picking up his mace, I then “rang” the other one’s head by hitting his helmet.  One final viking came at me, swinging his sword from his left to right; but I went to my right, ran and pushed off some crates, jumping over the viking’s sword, and while in mid-air threw a right cross and spun off of him to the ground.  He seemed angrier and a little tougher than the other ones, so he lunged at me with his sword.  I blocked, then while blocking swung my left elbow to his face.  He absolutely did not like that.  So I “retreated” back down the deck, he came after me, but I ran to the back wall to the captain’s quarters, and by using my feet I back-flipped off the wall over the viking’s head.  Quickly thinking of my next move, I saw a rope tie-down for the mast.  I ran to the rope, on my left, cut the rope with my sword, using my right hand this time, then nimbly holstering my sword as I grabbed the rope, I ran across the side railing of the ship.  Once the rope had the slight tug when it was at its full length, I jumped up, swinging around, and letting go when I came in line with the Berserker.  Flying towards him, I blocked upwards another of his attacks, this time getting his sword out of his hands I immediately followed that with right kick across to my left to finally knock him out.  I rolled again on the deck to absorb my landing so it would not be as hard, and lastly rolled into a kneeling position to stop my momentum.

         Looking up at my surroundings, I saw that Annabeth and Meen had “cleaned shop” on their ship as did Garth and Explod on their ship.  All that could be heard were moaning and groaning from the Berserkers laying on the decks of the ships.

         Hiccup and Toothless along with Astrid and Stormfly, flew down and landed their dragons on the ship I am on; Hiccup spoke, “Man, I don’t think you guys need me at all.  You and your friends can handle yourselves very well, I must say.  You guys have gotten tenfold better over these three years.”

         Astrid dismounted and added, at the end a wink at Hiccup with a slight shove, “I know right?  I might start hanging out with you guys more often so I don’t have to be around with you-know-who as well as just the mention of two other signifies who I am talking about.”

         Hiccup just rolled his eyes, “Yes, Astrid, I get that you would fit right in with these guys, but as skilled as they are at close combat, we are at dragon-to-dragon combat.”

         “True,” Astrid agreed.  “But I still want to train with you guys sometimes.”

         One of the Berserkers were coming to, so Hiccup, Astrid, and I walked over to the viking and started to question him, I began, “Alright, what are you doing out here?”

         “You have no right to ask that,” the man spoke.

         Hiccup then sharply returned, “Says the Berserker who attacked us.”

         “Berserker?” asks the viking like he did not know what we were talking about.

         Astrid rolled her eyes, “Oh come on, like you’re not a Berserker.  You have a Berserker ship, Berserker armor, and a Skrill for a symbol.  How are you not a Berserker?”

         The viking then under his breath, “It worked,” and then he smiled.

         I replied, “What worked?”

         All of a sudden Annabeth flew off to the northwest.

Meen Frantically started to yell at me, “Jarl, Jarl!  She’s going after Sirena.  You gotta stop her!”

“Stop her from what?” I questioned.

“Just go, into the fog,” she urged.  “It’s a trap!”

Without any further delay, I immediately ran to the other side and then vaulted of the stern of the ship for my dragon in the water.  I nudged him several times to take off fast after Star Scream and Annabeth; although I am “up against a wall” as a Stormcutter is much faster than a Thunderdrum, especially from a dead start.

Really I did not know where to go as Meen just said, “Go into the fog.”  She also said, “It’s a trap,” so what does that mean for me?

Knowing that Dragon Island is nearby that could be the island they were going.  But with all this fog, there could possibly be another, smaller island that no one but the enemy has seen.

Still flying into the fog, I flew for over five minutes and still not a sound or a peep from anything but the sounds of Fredrick’s flapping, his breathing, and mine.  Except for the fog, nothing but silence filled the air.

A few more minutes gone by and… a scream!

“That was Annabeth!” I anxiously thought.  “But where?!”

Another scream!  Dragon Roars!

Asking Fredrick, “Where is it, boy?!”

Hoping he knew where to look, I waited for him to take me to the scream.  Within moments after I asked him, he took off due north.

         I kept hearing a few screams and dragon roars.  But it seemed like the closer I thought I got, the further away the screams and roars sounded.  I also heard yells and whelps from what sounded like men soldiers, so if that is Annabeth and Star Scream, she is putting up a fight.  That gave me some comfort, although just temporary as the thought that I may not find her started to creep in.  Not only that, but the fog became denser and very difficult to see even the back of Fredrick’s tail; let alone what is in front of me.  I think I have also lost all sense of direction too, as the sun could barely penetrate the fog if at all.

         Starting to yell, “Annabeth!  Annabeth!” now I became desperate to find her.

         Suddenly silence rang through area.

         No screams.

         No roars.

         No nothing, just silence.

         My heart started beating and pumping as reality of the situation is now settling in.

         “It was a trap!” I whispered.  “She flew right into their hands.  If only she had waited and not gone off by herself again.”

         I stopped myself short of trying to blame Annabeth.  Putting myself in her position and finding out someone was going to kill Fredrick, there would be a very good chance I would not wait for anybody else to come with me.  I would just assume that people would just follow me.

         At that thought, then I started blaming myself, “If I had just left the moment Annabeth flew away, I could have been there to save her.”

         “But then you would have been captured yourself,” I told myself.

         I replied, “Yeah, but maybe I would have been the key factor of saving her.”

         “On the other hand,” I answered my own reply again.  “You would have been the key factor in someone getting hurt.”

         I quickly retorted, “You don’t know that!”

         “Why am I arguing with myself?!” I said quite upset.

         The fog now is so thick I can barely make what is ten feet in front Fredrick.

         I now heard echoes off the water from my left and out of nowhere a sea appeared directly ahead.  Fredrick reacted faster than myself to get out of the way only to find another in our way.  This time I tugged at my dragon’s reins to bank left.  In front of us now lays a sea stack maze, or as much as we could see of one.

         A crackling noise sliced through the stillness of the air.

         “What is that?” I said as the sound became louder.

         I then saw what looked like a large spear coming at me from the right.  In that same split second I recognized it to be a ship from a sea stack, falling down…. But falling down towards me and Fredrick.  My dragon tried banking left, but with Fredrick’s speed combined with the falling ship, he was not quick enough.  The jolt impact of the ship’s hull, hurled me forward while Fredrick continued going left.  Having no idea of my surroundings I tried to brace for anything.

         The rock and pebble filled shore of Dragon Island is not what I was expecting.  I came crashing down on the shore, taking a hard landing and tumbling several times.  The ship still came at me when I stopped tumbling.  The bow of the ship shaped like a spear dug into the shore line, through rocks everywhere, creating a small smoke screen.  The bow of the ship halted inches short of hitting me.  Many of the rocks flew on top of me.

         I know I had not hit my head during the fall, but I became extremely… light….. head.. ed…. an.. star pas… in…… ou…

         Before my eyes closed I breathed out, “Annabeth… I’ll find you.”

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That's so sweet! "Annabeth I

That's so sweet!

"Annabeth I will find you!" Awwwwwww. 

I just forgot were was I? 

I think I know! 


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XD I can't stop laughing!

XD I can't stop laughing!

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