Fan-Fic Fridays: "On the Edge of Mystery" Chapter 20: What, No Cliff Hanger?

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Friday turned out to be a very active and busy day for me, so I barely had any time to work on the chapter.  Plus, getting to be early and not staying up, so I can get better rest to wake up earlier the next morning so I can get an earlier start on things like typing up a chapter (like I did this morning) is what I need to work on.


But back to my chapter, this chapter doesn't have much in it.  It does have several little things along with references to RTTE Season 1, but that's about it.  It rather "fast-forwards" the next few days and the first part of Chapter 21 will as well.  By what is said at the end of this chapter you'll know why the first part of Chapter 21 will be "fast-forwarded"; so I can get to a certain point in the plot to continue the plot.  You'll also see why the title of this chapter is what it is.  >.<


I hope you guys enjoy the chapter.

Comment if you like and thanks for your continued reading! :)


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On the Edge of Mystery


Chapter 20


What, No Cliff Hanger?


          The day my mother found out that Annabeth is a Berserker, I started out thinking more was going to happen today when actually hardly anything else happened.

          I did ask Annabeth how she managed to get the Snaptrapper’s attention.  She replied saying she remembered something from the Book of Dragons that said if you douse yourself with water, a Snaptrapper will think of you as something gfrom its home as they love to play in the rain and mud.  Guiding the Snaptrapper then was much easier.  Annabeth gave me a little bit of a hard time because I did not even notice her being completely wet during the end of the battle and all the way home.

          She did seem a bit different being back.  Asking her about it she said she has gotten a few fearful glares and looks from vikings around Berk because of Sirena.  Annabeth said that she would keep Sirena on the Olson farm for the time being, until she figures something else out.

          “Again, Sirena isn’t used to people, so there is also that.  Don’t want to have any trouble.  I get enough odd looks just from Anora and even Star Scream some, but those looks don’t bother me.  The ones towards Sirena do though,” Annabeth added.

          After talking with her, I then went fishing.  Nobody had anything else for me to do, so I checked my family’s supply of fish and we were low.  So I flew out on Fredrick to my favorite spot near The Cove.  This creek cut through the land and had a waterfall in it, and so Salmon and some Brown Trout would swim by regularly.  I caught several of each, tied them together, and draped a cord with them attached to it over my right shoulder, holding the cord in my right hand.

          Deciding to walk back to Berk, I saw some puffy cumulus clouds on my way.  These clouds can indicate fair weather, but they can also tell you rain is on the way; especially when they get really puffy, yet compact and start to gray at the bottom.  The graying means moisture is starting to gather and settle at the bottom of the cloud as the wind and air is having a harder time keeping them suspended in the cloud.  Although these simple looking clouds are seen quite often, it does not take much for rain or a storm to form in the days to follow.  Also, these clouds will form rain or even storm clouds when to masses of air both warm and cold start to cross over each other.  Once these two fronts start to cross over, these clouds will start to “puff up” by the updrafts caused by the two fronts.  This nearly always creates a rain cloud which has the potential to be a storm cloud.  How big and fast each air front is moving will determine how much rain will fall and how dangerous the storm will become.

          Studying these clouds for the few minutes I stopped on the way how, I determined that there is definitely rain coming at the around three days from now and no sooner than tomorrow.  Since the clouds I am looking at are small in size, saying the rain is three days away would be more accurate.  One other thing to note is when do the “three days” start?  This is what happens when the prediction can go a little off; because, the start of the three days would not start until you actually saw the signs for them.  So in physically, it would be four real and complete days until you saw rain; three total days in time.  I then continued on my trip back to Berk, enjoying the natural sounds of the outdoors… minus the odor of the fish.

          Arriving back home for big supper mother had prepared, the day finished with a relaxing night and some more needed sleep.  Asvord had asked me why I needed more sleep when I had slept half the day.  That is another thing mother had told us as we went up to bed.  The second night after sleeping in is just as crucial as the night before as if you do not get a good nights’ rest the second night, you did not do yourself any good by sleeping in before.  You just wasted several hours of daylight sleeping.  On the other hand, it was not like I had anything else to do during the day.  I barely had enough to keep myself from being bored in the first place.


          Waking up the next morning, this time somewhat after sun-up, this day started much like the previous day.  In fact, the whole day was much like the day before.  Not much happening all day.

          I have had lulls and times during mysteries before where nothing happened with zero leads in the case, at this point, or clues to solve the mystery; but nothing ever this long.

          Sure it has been just two days since we got back from Nepenthe Island, but when the next two days crawled by with much of the same, really everybody in Berk were starving for something to happen.

          And something did happen when the Academy Riders got back.  Reports of a Scauldron in Berk’s fishing lanes had come been coming in for a while.  But then enough was enough.  Stoick ordered that the Academy Riders move the Scauldron out of the fishing lanes so that the dragon could still find a food source while it did not deplete Berk’s.

          The first crack at the mission turned into a failure as Fishlegs suddenly caught whiff of something stirring his allergies into a whirl storm.

          In an attempted to hypnotize Fishlegs into thinking he was not allergic to Meatlug, the factor which caused Fishlegs to sneeze and itch confirmed by The Twins, Snotlout opened his big mouth as Fishlegs was still “asleep” and created “a worshiped viking, a fearless god-like hero as strong as three yaks, a viking who commands attention… a viking worthy of Snotlout’s friendship.”  In other words, Snotlout took Fishlegs and turned him into the super-viking: Thor Bonecrusher.

          The whole day, Berk was abuzz.  After a sheep and woman were rescued from a burning building and a baby from a run away cart, all the vikings in Berk wanted to see and hear stories from the “great man” Thor Bonecrusher.  Fishle-… excuse me… Thor Bonecrusher demanded attention from everyone and whatever he picked up he demanded that it be his from now on.  It got to the point Fishlegs saw Stoick’s axe and claimed it for himself.  Being in The Great Hall at the time… because I too wanted to hear what Mr. Crusher had to say… I saw it took every ounce of self-control Stoick had when Thor Bonecrusher claimed the axe; the encouragement from Hiccup that he would get the axe back and Gobber to keeping him occupied also did not hurt.

          Poor Meatlug.  While Thor Bonecrusher was prancing around like he was the man in charge, Meatlug became severely depressed because she thought Fishlegs did not want her anymore.  Something had to be done.  Hiccup took the advice from Gothi: The only way Fishlegs would stop being Thor Bonecrusher is through a great shock or fear.  Although, if Gothi still had her staff, she could un-hypnotize Fishlegs.  Unfortunately, Thor Bonecrusher… well… crushed it and threw it off the cliff near Gothi’s hut.

          Before Hiccup had a chance to figure out their next move, Fishlegs and Snotlout set out on a mission to capture the Scauldron, which by Thor Bonecrusher said before he left that the dragon would make a worthy mount.

          Hiccup called Astrid and the Twins to come with him.  Right as Hiccup passed me while running to Toothless, I told Hiccup that a cool front had just moved in and so they should expect to fly into some rain on their way.

          A viking in a group then said, referring to Thor Bonecrusher, “No… he’s going to tame the Scauldron.”

          Hiccup replied after I spoke with him while running past the group of vikings, “He’s going to get killed… by the Scauldron.”

          I observed the clouds as they rolled by.  Taking into consideration that the front was just cooler and not cold, the storm was not going to be very severe; moderate to light rain with a few stray lightning strikes.  Also tracking the clouds and what direction they were taking, the storm itself would go way south of Berk while Berk itself just caught the edge of the front.

          All the Academy riders returned not quite an hour later, when the sun was setting.  I learned that Fishlegs is back to being Fishlegs as the shock or fear needed for Fishlegs to return to his normal self ended up being Meatlug nearly being shot by the Scauldron.  Fishlegs also shared he had not sneezed or scratched the whole way home.  He was not allergic to Meatlug, but Meatlug’s saddle.  More specifically as they found out… Gobber’s earwax.

          Yes I know, very strange and gross at the same time.  Gobber had started using his earwax as the solution he used to keep Fishlegs’ saddle in good working condition.  Problem now with that, Fishlegs would not be in good working condition of Gobber continued to use his earwax.  Granted he said he would never run out of the stuff, but everyone can agree that a stiff saddle is better than an ear-waxed one.  And it begs the question: If a Ingerman is allergic to Gobber’s earwax… as allergies do not run in that family… would anybody else in the Academy or in Berk have the same problem?  Good thing we found that out because I was going to take my saddle in the next day to get waxed.  I think I will just hold off on that.

          Later on that night, I stopped by Hiccup’s house to see if I could have the Dragon Eye for a bit.  Knocking before I entered, Stoick actually told me to come on in.  I looked in and saw Hiccup, Stoick, and Gobber looking at a blueprint of some kind.  Toothless is on Hiccup’s right side looking at the blueprint as well.  Telling Hiccup I could come back when he is not busy, Hiccup stopped me short and told me to come on in anyway.

          “I think I’m going to be pretty busy for the next couple of weeks,” Hiccup added as he showed me what he, Stoick, and Gobber were looking at.  “Building the Academy’s new Dragon’s Edge Outpost.”

          Being a blueprint guru myself as I love designing and building things, one reason I wanted to work with Gobber when I joined the Berk Guard, I completely enjoyed myself looking over the detailed plans for The Outpost.

          “Just as a little friendly advice,” Hiccup kind of whispered out the side of his mouth while his father and Gobber were discussing what lumber they should use on the island and what lumber and supplies would be needed to ship out there.  “If you ever want to build an outpost of your own and have your friends with you, let each one design their section and combine each individual’s idea into one giant outpost.  Each viking’s idea being a part of a puzzle that makes up the outpost.”

          I answered, “I’ll keep that in mind.”

          Asking Hiccup about the Dragon Eye and if I could use it, Hiccup said I could look at it right then, but they were still in the process of taking notes from it as well as learning how the mechanics work.

          Stepping away from the two men discussing further on the building arrangements -Toothless stayed behind and acted like he had a say in the matter of what Stoick and Gobber were speaking on-, Hiccup asked me how my trip panned out and if I found the artifact.  I replied that I did recover it and explained in brief important details what had happened including our detour to Nepenthe Island and the ordeal that took place with the green Death Song, Sirena, and the Snaptrapper.  However I did not tell him about Annabeth and me.  Vikings in Berk will find out soon enough.  Not that Annabeth’s kiss is “not an important detail” just that it is not a “brief” important detail.  That still does not sound right, good thing Annabeth is not here.

          Hiccup said that we all handled the situation with the Not-Really-Berserker vikings and the Deathsong/Snaptrapper snafu very well.  Hiccup also relayed, he and the Academy riders had a very similar thing happen to them while looking for an island to put their outpost.  He told me everything which transpired on Melody Island, as they are calling it.

          “Sounds like you guys had just as rough go, at it as we did,” I stated.

          Hiccup agreed, “Yeah, but we finally found an island suitable for an outpost and will begin construction on it right away.”

          “For all the trips I do on my mysteries,” I spoke.  “An outpost for me wouldn’t be such a bad idea.  Plus while you guys are at your outpost, me and some of my friends can be at a different part of the archipelago, keeping an eye out for any Berserkers or any other tribe for that matter.”

          Gobber then interjected, “Sorry I overheard, as me and Stoick were had stopped for a second, but for you and your friends to have an outpost of your own is a good idea.  Good strategy as well.  The quicker we are able to spot enemies or resolve problems before they get to Berk the better.”

          Gobber looked at Stoick who waited a moment before speaking, “I do agree with the rest of you.  Jarl, you have done some amazing work in solving your mysteries.  You have helped your home, your friends, and your family a hundred fold; doing everything with not much thought of your own glory or treasure.  I think it is about time we pay you pack for all that you have done.”

          I think I may have blushed some, “Oh, I haven’t done amazing things.  Solving mysteries like the ones I do can be challenging, but from what I’ve learned from your son with him solving his own problems and learning from the knowledge gained in training the dragons from the start of The Dragon Training Academy have been invaluable.  I didn’t do what any normal Hooligan or even level minded viking wouldn’t do.  They mysteries kind of found me, ‘got in my way’, and I had to solve them before I could move forward.”

          I was going to say something else, but Gobber waved his hook at me, “Oh don’t be so modest.  Your chief is trying to give you your own outpost.  Better say yes before he changes his mind.”

          Hiccup and I laughed.  Hiccup nodded in agreement with Gobber, so I agreed too.

          Gobber also said, “While we are building Dragon’s Edge and we have our workers already going, having two projects going on at once would give me as well as the workers extra practice to get better.”

          Hiccup folded his arms as he sarcastically said, “Oh, so Dragon’s Edge is just ‘practice’ for you?”

          “Oh, you know what I mean,” Gobber quickly rebutted.

          Stoick smiled and shook his head at the banter, “I think it is high time Berk really pays you back right for all that you have done.  The bow and the saddle are fine items indeed, but as I’m sure you’ll agree, your friends need just as much thanks as you do as they have helped as well.”

          “Yes they have,” I approved.  “Maybe some of them more then I have at times.”

          “So it’s decided,” Stoick said.

          Gobber then stated, “It would be better to stagger the building projects so you and Hiccup can both have Berk’s best men working on them.  So since Hiccup has already scouted out a site, we’ll start on his first.  Then once construction has started on his, we’ll start laying out a plan for yours.”

          Hiccup then pointed at some islands on the maps, “Of the locations I know of that I have logged, these might make good places for an outpost.  Through trial and error we found ours, but do a thorough check of the island first before you pick it as you might find a Death Song or even Snaptrapper.”

          Gobber inquired, “A what?”

          “I’ll tell you later,” Hiccup said as he continued.  “There will probably be a few islands I have not logged yet, so keep an eye out for those.”

          I thanked them all for their generosity and said I will go scouting for an island tomorrow.

          Hiccup saw me to the door and decided, “Tell you what.  Once we both get our outposts completed, we’ll meet here at my house to look at the artifact.  That way we can take as much time as we need and really find out what connection your artifact has with the Dragon Eye.  Plus, the wait will give me a chance to see what else the Dragon Eye can do to make sure we find out everything that your artifact may hold.”

          “Sounds fine,” I replied.  “If anything changes for the meeting, just let me know.”

          We exchanged, “Goodnights,” as he went back in his house and I walked home.

          My family had already had supper before I left, so all that was left is to go the bed.  I got ready as so did my sisters, said, “Goodnight,” to our parents as well as Dagmar, and we went up stairs and got into our beds.

          The last thought I had before falling asleep is this: “I have recorded all of my mysteries to this point and have written them done in chapter form for others to read in future generations.  Thinking of chapter titles for my books can be interesting and difficult at times, but one thing that is easy is leaving a cliff hanger at the end of each chapter so that the reader keeps reading more and wanting more and they can’t set the book down.  Maybe for once, I won’t have a cliff hanger ending for this chapter as not much has happened in the action department.  I think the readers would appreciate that as I have a tendency to end every chapter on a cliff hanger, big or small.  When they read this chapter, they’ll probably be thinking, “What, No Cliff Hanger?’.”

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It's lucky you know Mari Rosalia. Mari Rosalia knows everyone

So Jarl knows he's in a story...



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With the subjects wise this one is. Heed them do you not have to

Well at the end of The Clue of the Missing Socks, Jarl was recording what had taken place in his first mystery; as TCotMS was in the past tense as it had already happened.  What you could read was Jarl recording it.  Every other mystery has been in the present tense.


So when Jarl gets to a point to record what happens in On the Edge of Mystery, the chapter he would write for to the story to this point would not have a cliff hanger.  Jarl is in a story, but Jarl will make is own story of the story later.

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It's lucky you know Mari Rosalia. Mari Rosalia knows everyone

That last sentence would make for a very good tongue twister

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Awesome chapter bro!

Awesome chapter bro!





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Thanks, I try my best every

Thanks, I try my best every chapter.  :)

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Subject do I need why Hmm? Above them can a Jedi Master be, No?