Fan-Fic Fridays: "On the Edge of Mystery" Chapter 17: The Smell of Trouble

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Again, I hope you guys enjoy this chapter.


I've been working censored the past few chapters.  Studying, looking, and connecting Race to the Edge to my story.  Trying to go down to the minute details to the bigger things.  I want the chapters and story to be great, so sometimes it will take me longer to get a chapter out.  I just want to do a good job.

I haven't had as much time this past week as other weeks, so that didn't help.


Along those same lines though, I hope every one in the United States is having a wonderful Independence Day weekend/weekstart Holiday.  I was doing a few things with that yesterday so that hindered me from getting it done and posting this chapter yesterday.


But without any furhter adue, here is the new chapter.


PS.  Did anybody catch the Star Wars reference in the previous chapter?


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Subject do I need why Hmm? Above them can a Jedi Master be, No?

On the Edge of Mystery


Chapter 17


The Smell of Trouble


          The trip on the way back was uneventful, until we were about halfway home, Annabeth and Anora slowed up and asked for the group to do the same.

          While every dragon is hovering, Cazi said on Electic, “What’s up?”

          “I was thinking, by the time we get home we’ll be back way before the time of sundown,” Annabeth stated.  “And since Jarl, Terror mailed Berk saying we wouldn’t be back until after dark, could you guys come with me?”

          Cazi asked, “Come with you where?”

          Annabeth briefly explained that she wanted to go looking for Sirena.  Everyone, in a heartbeat, agreed.

          Explod added, “I don’t have anything else to do today.”

          “Same here,” replied Hyrith.  “I don’t have anything to do tomorrow… or the day after… or anytime after this for that matter.”

          “If it is all the same to you,” spoke Garth.  “I will go ahead and fly back to Berk.  I want to get working on improving and fixing my saddle as soon as possible.  You never know when you might need to go underwater with your dragon.  Besides, I can tell everyone back on Berk that the rest of you will be late.”

          “Good idea,” I agreed.  “But since we all packed enough previsions to last a day or two and because we are not sure how long it will take to find Sirena, tell everyone back on Berk we might be a day or two; three at the most.”

          Garth nodded, “Will do.”

          Riptide and Garth started their flight back to Berk as we turned our attention back to Annabeth.

          I then inquired further.  “Didn’t you go south after you left the first time to look for your dragon?”

          “Yes I did,” she responded.

          Cazi recommended, “Because we are so much more towards the east than you were, Annabeth when you left, why don’t we travel in a diagonal flight path to the general area where you searched.  This way we’ll search areas that you possibly may not have gone over.”

          “Another good idea,” I said.  “All of you spread out, but close enough you can still see one another.  This way we’ll expand our search area and cover even more ground.”

          “One more thing,” Meen then questioned.  “What does Sirena look like?”

          “Well,” Annabeth answered.  “She is slightly smaller than a Deadly Nadder, at this point.  Sirena is still growing, so she will be much bigger dragon by the time she is an adult.  Snake-like body with wings and bright markings much like that of a butterfly.  The wings are rather unique as the wings are on her neck.  Sirena also has smaller ‘wings’ near her ears.  I found that this particular species of dragon communicates better through song or musical notes than regular talking or commands; although because she had responded so well to me, she still took the regular commands as well.  These smaller ‘wings’ must be used to help her hear better and sounds over longer distances.”

          I stated, “that must be how she was able to warn us in or last mystery because she heard we were in trouble and let our her siren to get our attention.  Even the wildest of dragons, their natural instinct is to protect.”

          As everyone broke out to get in their positions, I called out inform them, “We don’t need to fly fast, at least not yet.  Our dragons recently were in a battle so they could use the rest.  Once it gets dark, we’ll make camp and settle down for the night.  Just regroup with me and we’ll pick an island.”

          While flying and searching, one still has a lot of time to think.  The peaceful air and the stillness of flight with the gentle breeze blowing in your face is quite enjoyable and a good change of pace.  Sure I have gone out on flights around Berk, but this is has its own good points.  For the past several months, I have been working with Gobber and the Berk Guard to strengthen Berk’s defenses.  Being able to get out and just be out with my friends means a lot.

          Searching, searching, and searching.  Seconds, minutes, hours go by, still nothing; island after island, no sign of Sirena.  Nadders, Nightmares, Gronckles, dragon, after dragon, still no Sirena.

          We had been flying for quite a long time.  The dragons are tired and we are tired.

          I flew over to Annabeth and Anora, on my right to say, “Pass the word along to the others and tell them we will camp for the night on Nepenthe Island.  Come back into formation and we’ll and together.”

          Going over to Cazi, I said the same thing.  Within a few minutes everyone was back close by.  One of the many things I have gotten interested to study happens to be geography.  When I have the time, I love looking at Hiccup’s and Fishlegs’ maps.  I do travel with some maps from them to get my bearings, but I have somewhat of a picture memory; meaning I can usually remember things only by looking at it for a few minutes.

          Though for other things, my sisters continually tease me, “You can look at a dragon for two seconds and draw in down on paper pretty good.  But do you remember to but your boots out on Boot Night?  Noooo, you don’t.”

          So I guess it must just be with things I am interested in.

          We gave Outcast Island and Botany Blight a wide birth to the west and then east as we then flew over an island rich in rock, stone, and ore deposits.  Once we flew over a pack of Dolphins, I knew we were close.  Good thing too because Meatballs is beginning to sleep-fly and Hazor is starting to drool gas as Sparko wants to ignite it, but all it does is fizzle out.

          As the sun is now starting to set, we found Nepenthe Island and landed on its northern shores in front of three mountain peaks.  These mountains were not tall enough to have snow on them, but nonetheless they are still tall.  Few vikings from Berk have traveled out this far to this island, but this island is covered in thick foliage, huge forests, and lush vegetation.  We are close to Eel Island, so Typhoomerangs could be in the area.  There is another dragon in this area, yet I cannot remember it.  Guess I need to work on my more exotic dragons.

          After settling on a campsite on the beach, we wrestled up some firewood and Hyrith and Explod volunteered to go for fresh water.  Every viking here got out their own previsions and started to get their own supper ready.  Cazi, Angie, Ali, and Meen used the fire for their supper while Elsa, Asvord, Explod, Hyrith, and I did not.  Our parents had cooked some yak meat and other things for us already; although, Elsa, Asvord, and I heated up our meat near the fire.  Meen had brought with her some strips of Boar meat and made some Boar Bacon.  Meen had made brought plenty so she offered all of us some bacon.  That is one thing I will never turn down.  Hyrith and Explod arrived back in time to eat some of the bacon too.

          “Another good reason to bring two iron pans with you where ever you go,” Meen deliberated.  “Not only do they serve as a fierce weapon in battle, but can double serve as a cooking utensil.”

          Asvord obviously stated, “You do know that is what iron pans were originally made for, right?”

          “Yeah, maybe for you,” replied Meen.  “But for me they are a weapon first, cooking utensil second.  Who else do you see around Berk that can say they can knock a Berserker out in the afternoon and cook Boar Bacon for supper in the same day?”

          Asvord shook her head, “I can honestly say I have never seen anyone else use a pan.”

          Meen added, “Ooo, I just love the sound of my enemy’s helmet ring after a solid backhand just as much as I love the sound and smell of bacon crackling in the ban.”

          I just chuckled as I finished my food and thanked Meen for the bacon.  Everybody soon after that was done as well.  By now, the sun had gone down all the way and the stars shown and the moon were bright in the sky.  Immediately following supper, everybody got their bedding out to make their place to sleep.  We all picked a spot in a large circle around the fire and bed down for the night next to our dragons.

          Being the last to go to lie down to sleep, I notice Annabeth is not by her dragon, Anora.  Everyone else including dragon, were on their way or already asleep.  Peaking up over my dragon to try and find Annabeth, I did.  She is sitting staring up at the moon.  Wanting to try and comfort her, I walked over to her and sat on her right side.  Annabeth is sitting cross legged and I sat with my knees bent and leaned on my hands and arms.

          “It’s a beautiful night, isn’t it?” I stated.

          No response was given so I just sat there in silence looking up at the stars.

          The silence began to be a bit awkward, but then Annabeth broke it, saying, “Yes it is beautiful.”

          I looked up at the sky and said, “There are so many wonderful things that are in this world, all beautiful in their own way.  Those stars are small yet powerful enough to shine their little light and set in their position to make up the constellations, each one with their job to make a certain corner of the pattern; without just a single star, Orion could be without a head.  The moon is yet bigger in the sky, but with all of its might, its light is soft but enough to light your way.  Everything from vikings to dragons all come from different beginnings, simple or difficult, are forged in life through experiences both good and bad and set on paths to reach their destiny.  Every viking has an impact on the other just as a dragon has an impact on other dragons.  A dragon may start out as being ‘The unholy offspring of lightning a death itself,’ but one simple act of mercy and kindness from a boy trying to reach a destiny he had chased his whole life changed his life and that dragon forever.”

          Annabeth began to look down as I talked.

          I shifted my weight to now lean on my left elbow as I turn to face Annabeth, I then softly said, “Annabeth look at me.”

          She looked up with tears strolling down her cheeks.

          “No matter what beginning you may have, no matter what you could have been, no matter what your past is, you have a choice to determine your future,” I spoke.  “Whatever you may be chasing to find in yourself, maybe be right in front of you the whole time.  The boy had been chasing a destiny he wanted his entire life, but because of two acts, one of trying to prove himself to his father and another of mercy to a dragon which vikings often sore to kill, he changed his destiny and everyone’s around him.  The point is, you still have a choice to change your future.  Hooligan, Berserker, Outcast… doesn’t matter.  No matter what you might think of yourself or others might think of you, all that matters is what you do from now on.  Do you choose to let your past and your heritage determine who you are?  Or do choose to create your own destiny even if your whole island is against yourself and the odds as well?  Will you learn from your past to shape your future or will you let your past determine your future?”

          I shifted again to both my knees and sat back on my feet, “Maybe this will help you.  Of all the beauty of the night there is one thing that stand out above all the rest.”

          Annabeth replied in almost a whisper, “What is it?”

          I picked up her right hand and said, “You.”

          Annabeth’s eyes widened and no words came from her mouth even though she was trying to say something.

          I instead continued, “It may be hard to see it in yourself, but I see a young viking woman searching for something that is missing…,” grabbing her hand with both of mine, I said, “I would like to help you find it.”

          I looked at her, she looked at me… and then she punched me in my left bicep with her left fist.

          “Wha- what was that for?” I asked.

          She answered, “That’s for calling me a ‘thing’.”

          I started, “I didn’t mean to say that.  You knew what I meant.  What is with Berkian females and the urge for violence?  Sisters I can understand… kinda of… But punching?  Was that really neces-?”

          Annabeth then gave me a short kiss on the lips.

          She smiled and then I continued, “As I was saying, was the punch really necessary?  I mean come on.”

          “Oh stop,” she chuckled as she wound up another punch, but I held my hands up in defense.  “Watch it or you’ll get another one.”

          “I apologize,” I chuckled.  “I wanted to make you laugh.”

          “Well you succeeded,” Annabeth responded.  “You happy?”

          I smiled, “Yes.”

          Annabeth began to sniff the air.

          “What?” I asked curiously.

          Annabeth still sniffed the air, “What is that smell?”

          I asked again, “What smell?”

          “Okay, so now your nose blind too?” Annabeth quipped.  Annabeth slightly leaned forward, “Nope, not you.”

          “I’m sorry,” I answered.  “Between my allergies and congestion, sometimes I just can’t smell anything.”

          “Ugh,” Annabeth sighed.  “Come on.”

          She and I ran back to the camp to wake everybody up.

          “What’s the big idea?” questioned Cazi.

          Asvord declared, “And I was just going to sleep.”

          “Get up you guys,” Annabeth encouraged.  “Do any of you guys smell that?”

          Everybody said, “Yes,” but I asked, “How come I’m the only one not to smell that?”

          Our dragons suddenly got very defense and started to growl menacingly towards the forest line.  All asking our dragons, “What’s the matter?” we all got the same response and concluded, “We aren’t the only ones here are we.”

          All of a sudden their shown in the forest eyes, glowing eyes, “Uh guys,” I said with fear starting to creep in.  “That is a Snaptrapper!”

          The Snaptrapper was about to fire or jump at us, but something shot back at the dragon to force it back in the forest.

          “Jarl look!” exclaimed Annabeth.  “Its Sirena!”

          Above us flew the dragon that has a knack for coming in at the right time to save us.

          “Everbody, get on our dragons and get in the air,” I ordered.

          “Look out, incoming!” Cazi yelled pointing back towards the south.

          I bellowed, “Another Death Song!”

          This new dragon swooped trying to take a couple of us out, but instead flew after the Snaptrapper.

          “Of course,” I said.

          “What?” asked my sister, Asvord.

          “The dragon that I couldn’t remember that lived on this island,” I replied.  “I couldn’t think of the name ‘Snaptrapper’.”

          Asvord shook her head, “Of all the times to forget the name of a dragon, you picked now to do it.”

          “We gotta go save my Sirena!” pleaded Annabeth.

          “I know,” I answered.  “First however, all we have to do is find a way to escape that other dark green Death Song.”

          “Jarl,” Annabeth called out.  “If I’m not mistaken, but the green Death Song and the Snaptrapper dragons are in a turf war!”

          “Well,” I said as mounted Fredrick to fly towards the Death Song and Snaptrapper.  “Let’s make sure the better side wins.”

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Oh on oh no. Body overheating *explodes*. I LOVE THIS CHATER SO VERY MUCH. But Jarl and ANNABETH?



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Nothing at all.! Im just

Nothing at all.! Im just surprised and happy at the same moment. 

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Ever since Annabeth first

Ever since Annabeth first came into my stories, I had left hints ever since then at the possiblity of this happening.  I never like rushing the story or a character's developement, so I was trying to build something and wait for the right time to do it.


Did any of you see me using a Snaptrapper?

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YUUUUSSSS!!!! JARLABETH FOREVER!!!!!!!! *screams like a fangirl*



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Jar-La-Beth.  Nice ring to

Jar-La-Beth.  Nice ring to it.  XD


Did it take me long enough to add this?

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I think you did a good job

I think you did a good job dropping the hints so this wouldn't be rushed.

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I am a Daughter of Ares, I do not need a subject

Oh yeah, what was that Star Wars reference in the previous chapter? (No, I don't copy and paste the last phrase)

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Yes it was in the last

Yes it was in the last chapter.  It is a Star Wars: Rebels reference.  Star Wars Rebels is a animated TV series by Disney that bridges the gap latter between Episode III and Episode IV.

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With the subjects heed them u don't have to Sound like Yoda I do