Fan-Fic Fridays: "On the Edge of Mystery" Chapter 14: Loyalties in Uncertainty

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As always, I hope you guys enjoy the new chapter.


I will be from now on posting at least two chapters a week.  Good thing too, as we are getting to the more mysterious, action, storyline of the plot in the story.  So the cliff hangers won't be as bad... as long as it isn't the second chapter of the week. :P


Taking the title into consideration and once you read the chapter, what do you think will become of it?  Comment what you think?


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On the Edge of Mystery


Chapter 14


Loyalties in Uncertainty


          I probably slept the lightest I have slept in a long time because when the first rays of sunlight shone through the room, I woke up.  Usually the sun will have risen above the horizon to be seen in the sky before I would get up.  Today, before even the sun could be seen, I got up; probably because of what we will be doing today: Going back to the graveyard of ships which I found possibly the other half of Annett’s blue amulet and where I found the unique artifact underneath the amulet.

          While figuring out a plan for the trip, I went downstairs and out the door to go feed our dragons in the stables; mother and father were stirring in their bedrooms as well as Dagmar in her room.

          Saying, “Good morning,” to the dragons, once I was out there, I fed each their portion of fish for breakfast.  Salmon, Brown Trout, and Perch were on the menu for today.

          Reentering the house, mother and father were up; they were going into the kitchen together when I came in.

          “Jarl,” mother said surprised.  “What are you doing up so early?”

          “Well,” I started.  “I have a lot to get ready for the trip.”

          “What trip?” asked father.

          “Oh,” realizing I had not told them yet.  “The mystery of one artifact found in a ship that is now at the bottom of the sea most likely and finding out last night when talking with Hiccup, said artifact has a high probability possibility of having an association with the artifact that Hiccup found, the Dragon Eye.”

          “What did you do?  Have a dictionary for a pillow last night and now your vocabulary is that much better because of osmosis?” Mother smiled then put two and two together, “And you want to go back to that ship graveyard we went to and recover said artifact?”

          “Yes,” I replied.

          “We just escaped there with hardly a scratch,” mother said.  “Now you want to go back just to recover something that might have a connection to the Dragon Eye?”

          Father then responded, “You do realize that Berserker scouts have a higher likely hood of being there than said artifact being connected to the Dragon Eye.”

          “I’m well aware of that,” I answered.  “Hiccup made sure of that when I talked to him last night.”

          Mother then remembered, “I don’t recall you ever saying you talked to him last night.”

          “That is because I didn’t tell you,” I replied.

          Looking at the faces of my mother and father, I quickly explained with just the important facts what transpired last night, also, “How did the Berserker men we encountered at the ship graveyard know that Hiccup called it the Dragon Eye?”

          Father then related, “Well, be careful son.  I think we are missing something and people are not acting the way they usually do.  Tread carefully son and keep your head on a swivel.”

          “I will,” I said.

          Mother then had the look a mother would have if her child were going to go into a dangerous situation, “You going to let him go?”

          “Yes,” father replied.  “Now don’t start Svana,” father put his finger up to his wife’s lips.  “You know if the boy finds a clue to something or a lead, he is going to follow it to see where it leads.  I remember back when we were kids you did the same thing.”

          Mother had a look of, “Why did you have to go and mention that, huh?  Now he’s going to go do it for sure.”

          “Oh really,” I spoke while cracking a smile.

          “Well,” she said as she turned to go into the kitchen.

          Mother huffed and walked into the kitchen, father and I followed her in.

          “We are playing that card are we now?” mother questioned as she started to prepare breakfast.  Mother could not hold it in as she was trying to be offended, but I could tell she was trying not to smile. She then sighed and said, “You’re right.  -We- did things like this when -we- were kids.  I won’t exclude you from this, Sigvald.”

          “Alright,” he chuckled.  “We went on adventures and things as kids, the same way you are doing now, Jarl.  I mean what viking kid wouldn’t want to go out on an adventure?  Your mother and I continued that into our adult years.”

          There suddenly came a silence.  I knew what we were all thinking, but we don’t have to worry about that anymore because father is back, alive, and well.

          Father then pulled up a chair, “Anyway.  Who are you taking on your trip?”

          “I thought about taking Caz, AB, Pans, Ex, Gar, Hy, Ang, and Ali,” I relayed.

          Mother cautioned, “Please, be careful.  You know I would want to come to pro… help you out-.”

          “But,” father interrupted to make sure I knew what they both were thinking.  “We know you can take care of yourself and your friends as well.  They’ve proven they are a capable bunch and ready for anything.”

          “So what you are saying is that you two are going to stay behind?” I figured.

          “Yeah, in more simple terms,” father nodded.  “We don’t want to cramp your style by bringing too much the muscle.”

          Mother rolled her eyes as dad flexed his muscles, “Oh please, really.  What your father so astutely said in ambiguous terms is: We don’t want to get in your way.  Besides, it would be strategically better to have smaller group while still having enough numbers to defend… against an…. attack.”

          “There you go worry yourself again, Svana,” father save his hand, pointing at mother.  “How about this, when will you leave and how long do you think it will take you to do the whole trip to retrieve what you are after?”

          Thinking for a moment, “As soon as everyone is packed and ready to go.  Leaving a couple of hours of travel plus a few hours to retrieve the artifact… I would say shortly after or before sundown”

          “Okay,” mother said, relieved slightly.  “Sounds good.”

          The whole time we were talking, mother had been taking the leftovers from the past few days and turning it into a breakfast meal: Stew meat, carrots, and potatoes in the soup broth with bread muffins on the side and also yak butter for the bread.

          Asvord and Elsa then came downstairs to the smell of breakfast and asked me the same thing mother asked me earlier.  Pausing for a minute after mother had served the meals, I then explained why I was up so early and about the trip we are going to take.  Asvord and Elsa both quickly said that they were in and would pack as soon as breakfast was done.  While eating, mother told me to slow down a few times as I excited to get that artifact and see if it is connected with the Dragon Eye.

          Once breakfast was finished, Asvord and Elsa swiftly helped with the dishes.  Asvord nearly took the bowl away from me while I was finishing my last bite.  Excusing myself from the table I then stopped by the stables to get Fredrick.  Saddling him, I then set out to ask my friends to join on the trip.

          Knowing Cazi and Annabeth would go just at the thought of me and my sisters going, I left them for last.  I went around Berk, stopping at my friends’ houses and seeing if they could come with.

          The first stop was Garth.  Reason why I stopped by his house first is because he was the key part to the whole trip’s success.  Talking about the trip, Garth seemed interested but not committed.  The moment I mentioned that the ship housing the artifact is submerged underwater, his face lit up.

          I did not even have to mention why I wanted him to go, he animatedly said, “Yes, finally a real test for my invention!”

          Garth, every day since my last mystery, had been working on his underwater saddle.  Going through several prototypes and several redesigns to improve the saddle, Garth had finally finished the saddle.  Lately, he has only been able to see if it could sustain continuous pressure from being underwater.  So far everything looks good, but Garth wanted to really put his saddle through its paces and find out what more he could improve on his design.  Diving for the artifact and being able to retrieve it while being underwater longer than one can hold their breath, is the perfect opportunity for Garth to use the saddle for its first field test.

          “Well that was easy,” I declared as I got back on Fredrick to go to the second house.

          Next on my list I visited Hyrith.  He told me he would be glad to come, saying with a laugh, “I’ve been really bored these last several… years.”

          Moving on to Meen’s house, she also agreed to come when I mentioned the possibility of Berserker soldiers being in the area.

          “Mah pans’ have been itching to conk some Berserker noggins,” Meen said as she twirled one pan’s handle in her left hand while she stuck a few fingers from her right hand and spun the other pan in a circle.  “Count me in.”

          Explod bumped into me while I was on my way to Angie’s house.  I asked him if he would want to come along.  Speedily agreeing without saying much about the trip, Explod rushed along back to his house to pack.

          Angie Carolina I found at her house helping her mother and sister, Klora, with the breakfast dishes.  When I asked Angie’s mother about her tagging along on the trip, Angie’s brothers, Jack and Aeon tried to “ask” if they could come along as well.

          Angie put her brothers in check by saying and also pushing their faces back away from her mother, “Jarl -only- invited me, you two.”

          Her mother replied, “She has a point, boys.  Besides, Angie is older than you guys and able to take care of herself.  Yes you may go along with him and his friends, Angie.  Just make sure you be safe, and watch over my daughter please, Jarl.”

          “I will,” I responded.  “The trip will be about until sundown, so Angie will need to pack for trip.”

          Her mother then answered, “Alright, I’ll pack some previsions for her.”

          I walked back to the door while Angie came with, but started up the stairs.  She said as I was about to go out the door, looking a little embarrassed, “I know she cares, but I’m a big girl now.  I know how to take care of myself.”

          “I can relate,” I said.  “But it’s a parents job to say those things… and embarrass their kids.  I mean what else do they get to enjoy doing?”

          Angie laughed as she ran the rest of the way of her stairs to pack.

          Flying out to the more secluded part of Berk, near the forest and farm lands, I went to Ali Clar’s house.  Recently, we found her a house to live in.  We invited her to live closer to Berk, but she prefers to be alone.  Because of this and her slightly being shy, some vikings might think of this being odd coming from another viking, but this is just how she is.  Once you get to know her and you become friends, she seems to “turn the gears” the other way.  She then becomes energetic and a great viking and rider to have in practically every situation.

          Exchanging greetings, when Fredrick landed, Ali Clar expressed she would love to come.  She mentioned how she enjoys exploring and investigating.  Ali said she has not had much too do lately, so getting out of the house and off the island is just what she needs.

          To each person I went to, after asking them or their parents if they could come, I mentioned that once they were done packing to meet at the Mollerson Farm before we departed from Berk.

          The only two left I needed to invite were Cazi and Annabeth.  So flying back to Berk and going to the Olson house, I got off my dragon and walked up to the door.  Before I could knock, Cazi came out.

          Cazi then said, seeming a bit down, “Oh, hi, Jarl.  What’s up?”

          Explaining the trip to her, she agreed that she would come; but then stated, “Are you going to invite Annabeth?”


          “Well,” Cazi went on.  “Annabeth hasn’t been herself today.  Maybe it has to do with me finding out she’s a Berserker.”

          “How’d…,” I started, but then said.  “Where is she now?”

          “Annabeth flew out on Anora to her spot on the beach,” Cazi stated.  “With what has happened with Sirena, things seemed to be piling on for her.  By the way, by your reaction to what I said about me finding out about who she is a part of, did you already know she was a Berserker?”

          Reluctantly replying, now that the yak’s out of the bag, “Yes I did know, but I promised her I wouldn’t tell.  How’d you find out?”

          Cazi replied that she had been noticing Annabeth studying everything she can find about the Berserkers for the past several years since Annabeth did actually find out.  Cazi said she did not mean to, but she had glanced at Annabeth’s desk and saw her notes about the Berserkers.  Annabeth came into the room and Cazi was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

          “An argument was nearly started,” Cazi spoke.  “But Annabeth said that none of it matter because of what she is.  I tried to tell that no matter what she is or isn’t, she is still my sister.  All Annabeth did was look back, wanting to say something, but didn’t, and walked out.”

          I sighed as I feared something like this was going to happen sooner or later when Annabeth found out she is a Berserker, “How do you know where she is then?”

          “You should know by now if she is ever feeling down, she goes to the place where she first washed up on shore down on that one place on the Beach,” Cazi said.

          “Yeah,” I agreed.  “Well, I’ll do my best to try and get her to come.  But go ahead and get packed and ready to go.  Once you’re done, meet the other out by my family’s farm.”

          Mounting Fredrick, I guided him towards the mid-western side of Berk.  Once over the tops of the trees of the forest I could see the beach down below.  And there was Annabeth with her Razorwhip dragon, Anora.  Using my nudges along with my tugs at the reins, I landed Fredrick short of Annabeth so I could walk up to her.  The scene around Annabeth and her dragon was that of several barrels and crates and logs of wood either demolished, destroyed, or cut-in-two, if you get the gist.

          Getting close to her, walking past a few smashed up crates, I said, “Annabeth?”

          Anora whirled around, but saw that it was me and stopped.  Annabeth, on the other hand, whirled around, drawing her sword, and swung at me.  Reacting swiftly, I slid my left foot across the lip of a crate side of wood, pushing down, and curling up into a ball to protect my head the side of the crate came up at the same moment Annabeth’s sword came.

          “It’s just me, Jarl!” I quickly said as her sword stuck in the wood.

          “Oh,” Annabeth suddenly realized.  “I’m so… I’m so sorry… I didn’t mean t0-.”

          “It is alright, Annabeth,” I assured.  “A viking needs to be ready at all times to attack, or in this case defend themselves.  That was a good test for me…,” I then looked at the sword stuck in the crate in relation to my left side near my belt, “Though a little close for comfort, but no harm done.”

          Annabeth pulled her sword out of the wood and returned her weapon to its sheath on her back.  She turned back around, taking a few steps in front of me.

          “Annabeth,” I said softly then thought to myself, “I think she is crying,” then asking her, “Are you alright?”

          I heard her sniffle a little and then let out a big sigh, “I don’t know anymore.”

          Walking over to Annabeth, grabbing her arms to turn her around so I she could look at me, letter her go I said, “You know you can tell me.”

          Annabeth let out a softer sigh, glancing away from me, she informed me, “She knows.”

          Even though I already knew the answer, I wanted her to tell me, I asked, “Who knows what?”

          Annabeth turned her head to look at me, “Cazi knows I am a Berserker.”

          “And that’s… bad?” I questioned.

          “Oh Jarl,” she said, slightly irritated while taking a few steps forward also running her hands through her hair and talking with her hands.  “You know why that is bad.  -I’m- a Berserker.  Berserker bad, Hooligan good, me bad, not good.”

          I questioned again, while Annabeth started to pace back and forth a few steps, “Who told you, you are bad?”

          Annabeth sighed again, trying to calm herself down, “No one told me I am.  But everyone will think that I am once they find out I’m a Berserker; Cazi already knows.”

          “Yes she does,” I replied, explaining that I came from there.  “But Annabeth, when you told me and I found out, did I think any less of you?”

          Annabeth waited for a moment before saying, “No.”

          “Well, what’s to say that Cazi won’t do the same?” I asked.

          Knowing Annabeth, when she did not answer me, she knew I am right.

          Changing the subject and energizing my tone, “I know what you need, you need to get out and have some excitement.  Though we did have some excitement a few days ago, but that was just the appetizer for bigger and better adventures to come.”

          Turning my attention to Anora who perked up at my upbeat tone, “Anora, do you want to go out on another trip?  Come on I know you do.”

          Anora roared in agreement, I answered, “There we go.  I know you would want to go.”

          Glancing back and Annabeth, I could tell she is cracking a smile realizing I was trying to cheer her up and get her mind off of things.

          I went over to Anora, put my right arm around her head, and used my left hand to point randomly up into the sky, pointing at nowhere in particular and started, “Just think, flying along, with your friends and fellow dragons at your side.  Flying into enemy waters to retrieve an artifact that could have a connection with the new Dragon Eye, Hiccup found.”  I am talking to Anora, but I used this as a way to tell Annabeth of where we are going.  “If it does, there is no telling where this lead will take us.”
          “Okay, I get the idea,” Annabeth said while Anora was getting excited by the second.  “We’ll go.”
          “Alright,” I said, swinging my arm over Anora’s head and making a fist.  “Now, we won’t probably be back until late tonight, so go back home and pack for a long trip, for yourself and your dragon.  Also pack your weapons, but what viking doesn’t pack their weapons?  Am I right?”

          Annabeth smiled, nodded at me, and got on her dragon to fly back to Berk to pack.  I did the same and went to my house.

          When I arrived, mom and dad said that my sisters are all ready to go and waiting at the farm.  Mother told me she had already packed one of my saddlebags full of food for myself and my other one full of salmon and Dragon Nip.  Fredrick was already saddled and ready to go when father attached the saddlebags to the saddle, all I had to do is get myself ready.

          After thanking my parents for getting my saddlebags ready for me, I ran upstairs.  I grabbed my helmet, put it on, and then ran back downstairs to the stables.  On the way, father gave me a map he had plotted a course for us so that we could go to the correct graveyard this time which is technically the wrong one in the first place.  Finding my bow along with my quiver on one of the shelves, I attached it to my belt along with four other small bolas.  I also packed a smaller bag, which could be tied to my saddlebags, and packed some rope, my spyglass, a few more bolas, and the map father gave me.  Also, I took Smoky along, just in case.

          Before I mounted Fredrick, again, I gave my mom and dad a hug each.

          Father and mother then waved while mother said, “Fly safe and be careful.”

          I then with a sarcastic, royal viking tone replied, “No, I shall fly fast and take chances!  See you two later, love ya!”

          I could hear them laughing as I headed out to our farm.  When I arrived everybody was there waiting, including Annabeth.  Without any further a-due, I waved on all the vikings and dragons to follow, without even landing my own dragon, and led the way.  Cazi shot a glance at me wondering how Annabeth is doing, I subtly shrugged my shoulders as well as raising my eyebrows, saying with those actions, “We’ll have to wait and see.”

          Not much was said over the whole trip, as everyone wants to get there.  Garth, however, said that the underwater saddle is ready to go.

          Following my dad’s instructions on the map, we started to get close to the graveyard after a couple hours.  The trip felt a lot shorter, probably because we knew where we were going this time.

          Seeing something in the horizon that looked odd, I announced for everyone to slow their dragons to a glide.  Then reaching for my spyglass in my smaller bag I pulled it out and lifted it to my right eye.  Closing my left eye to concentrate on looking through the instrument, I scanned the sea on the horizon.

          “What is it, Jarl?” asked Asvord.

          “Well,” I said, sighing as I pulled back on Fredrick’s reins all the way until he was flying in place.  “Things just got complicated.”

          Hyrith with a cautious and slow tone questioned, “How complicated?”

          “For starters, be glad you brought your weapons,” I declared.  “Because… Berserker ships on the horizon.”


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I love my part ;)

I love my part ;)



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by the amazing Nessie (THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH)


my charecter by the amazing PIXEL!!!!!!!

My Viking no longer looks like this but I love the art still. 




memes i have saved here 



by Whisper the Wolf


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With your brothers and you

With your brothers and you using your hand in their face to push them back, I had this in my mind:



That gif also gives a whole new meaning to the term, "Facepalm".

XD Lol

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heh Xd yeah. I shuld put that

heh Xd yeah. I shuld put that gif in meh siggeh. XD

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I am a Daughter of Ares, I do not need a subject

I know right! It was hilarious



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I am a Daughter of Ares, I do not need a subject

Why is Angie's brother named Axtar?

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That's what she picked.  I

That's what she picked.  I know that GoldenFury used Axtar in his story and there is another Axtar I just forget who it is.

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Subject do I need why Hmm? Above them can a Jedi Master be, No?

When she asked if her character could be in my story, she listed her brothers names as the ones I used.

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Oh I didnt know someone else

Oh I didnt know someone else had used Axtar. If you'd like I can change that. :) His name shall be Aeon. 

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Subject do I need why Hmm? Above them can a Jedi Master be, No?

I made the change.


The other Axtar I believe is Cazi's brother.

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I am a Daughter of Ares, I do not need a subject

Axtar is actually female in my story. She is future owner of Sparklebolt.

Goldenfury's Axtar is also me
AngNadder, you didn't have to change the name. I just wondered where you got the idea. I was also used to seeing the name Axtar written as a girl (because, some Vikings in the franchise have weird names)

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I took my brother's name

I took my brother's name changed it around like 10 times. I made that before I knew forums existed. 

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I can change the change I

I can change the change I made to change it back.

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I am a Daughter of Ares, I do not need a subject

Say that three times fast