Fan-Fic Fridays BOUNS CHAPTER: The Secret Symbol - Chapter 3: Rogue Dragon Rider, Part 3

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Merry Snoggletog and Happy Christmas! XD


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Finding the time to write in between my own family things, here is a Christmas/Snoggletog gift to you:

One giant stuffed chapter full of awesomeness!


Hope you guys enjoy the chapter, and comment how you liked what happened in this three-part story arc.


The next chapter, Jarl and his crew will be off to Mystery and find things are not as they seem, especially when the first step foot back on the outpost... but this will have to wait for next week.  >.<


Thank you all so very much for reading my stories; those who respond and those who don't.  Thank you all very much.  It has meant the world to me that you all enjoy reading my stories.  I would never even dreamed I would get this far, without the support you have given me.  I know these are just stories I right, but I have had the most fun writing them as anything else I have written.  I do this as much for you guys if not more than I do myself.  As far as I am concerned, I am just getting started.  I'll keep writing stories as long as you guys keep reading them.  :D


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Wish you, a Merry Christmas, I do. Snoggletog happy do I wish to

The Secret Symbol


Chapter 3


Rogue Dragon Rider, Part 3


         In just a few minutes, the girls found me.  With the help of Anora, Annabeth’s dragon sliced the branches down so all that had to be done was to push them off of me.

         “What happened here?” asked Asvord.

         “I decided to let the rogue rider escape,” I sarcastically said the truth.  “What do you think I’m doing?”  I then thought to myself, “Sometimes when you sarcastically say the truth, people don’t believe you.  But I try to be truthful even in situations when I am trying to keep a secret.”

         “Sorry.  So, the rider got the jump on you instead?” Asvord asked instead.

         “Yeah,” I replied.  “Thought I could sneak up on them, but they knew I was coming as soon as came up to them.”

         Annabeth questioned, “Did you get a look at their face?  Could you recognize them again?”

         I answered, “I know one thing for sure, if I was to see their viking gear again, I would recognize them.  They had a Dragon Eye lens on their belt.”

         “What?” all the girls said together.

         “Yeah,” I said.  “When they had thrown me over them and crashed down on the table over there, when I got back up, that was one of the first things I noticed.  Within minutes, they had escaped.”

         “Then why are we standing around here?” demanded Cazi.  “Let’s tail ‘em!”

         “Not so fast,” I replied.  “For one thing, did anyone else see which way they went?”

         There was no answer, only head shaking.

         “So where do you suppose we start looking?” I asked.

         “Well,” Cazi said.  “I don’t know, all I know is we shouldn’t just do nothing.”

         “I don’t intend on doing nothing,” I assured.  “Stop and think.  Would you ever go far from your base camp?”

         At first the girls looked at me strange, so, I reworded the question, “This is the rogue dragon rider’s camp, is it not?” They agreed, “So, they would have to return here sometime, right?”

         “Yeah, that makes sense,” Cazi stated.  “I guess.”

         Elsa asked, “What are we going to do in the mean time?”

         Before I could open my mouth, Asvord said, “Search the camp.”

         A little irritated she beat me to it, I responded, “Yes.  Let’s search the area to see if we can find anything of value to shed some light on this rogue dragon rider.  Knowing how this person lives could be just as valuable as who this person is.”  Though I am only irritated as much as a brother to a sister could be that Asvord interrupted me.

         Everyone dismounted their dragons and searched the area.  This is my way of keeping the girls occupied while Heather escapes.  But if my hunch is correct, Heather will not escape.  What she will do will be instead of being the “hunted” she will be the “hunter” and go find Hiccup and them herself.

         There is not much around the camp itself.  We found only the normal things you would find at camp: food, water, weapons, and a few maps and papers on the broken table.  We all came to the table last, as this would probably have the highest chance to find something of use.

         Cazi declared, “These maps are all detailed island maps of the archipelago.”

         Annabeth added, “And look at the ones they have crossed off their list.  Outcast Island, some islands I’ve never seen before further south, and… and the Isle of Berk.”

         Thinking further on it, Annabeth deducted, “Could it be that these islands are islands she is stealing from or attacking?  Almost sounds like she is on a mission of some kind.”

         Elsa just wondered, “Why would you think the rogue dragon rider would be a girl?”

         “Oh, uh,” Annabeth stuttered.  “Look at the camp.  Except for the table, does this look like a camp that is kept nice, neat, and tidy by a boy?”

         Cazi agreed, “You do have a point.  If this rider was Dagur, then this campsite would be a complete mess.  This does feel like the cleanliness of a girl.”

         Elsa then gasped.

         “Hey, what is it?” I quickly turned around to face her and the table.

         “Look at that broken jar of coal,” Elsa pointed out.  I picked up the front piece of the jar.  “That symbol on it.  I’ve seen it before.  What is it?”

         Studying it for a second, I declared, “It is the symbol found on Trader Johann’s ship.”

         “What?” said a surprised Annabeth.

         “Okay,” Cazi slowly stated.  “This is getting strange.  How does this unknown dragon rider know one the most widely known traders?”

         Asvord pointed out, “Probably because of what you just said.  A rogue dragon rider like this could get valuable intel to a trader like him; and vice versa.”

         Annabeth questioned, “But why would Johann be mixed up with a rogue dragon rider that sinks ships and possibly steals and robs them?”

         “He must have a good reason,” I said.  “Okay, there are two ways we can proceed.  One, we can stay here and see if the rogue rider will come back, or we can go searching for Trader Johann to get some answers.”

         “I say, we wait for the rogue dragon rider to come back,” voted Cazi.  “I mean, if we were to go searching for Johann right now, why wouldn’t we go searching for the rogue dragon rider?  I think we have a much better chance at find the rogue rider again if we just wait.”

         “Hmm,” I thought out loud.  “I never thought I’d live to see the day that Cazi Olson would actually wait for a foe to come to her.”

         She chuckled, “Funny-funny.  I mean you have delayed us long enough that it would take us a long time to catch up to them, even though we accomplished what we said we could do if we stayed.  I just want to see some action real soon.”

         I told the group they can explore the island and see what else they can find.  When the group dispersed, I stayed behind to look around here some more.  Annabeth did the same.

         “Was it in fact a girl?” asked Annabeth.  “Now be honest.”

         “I’m always honest, especially to my girl,” I replied; I could see Annabeth blushed a little bit when I said “my girl.”  I continued, “It is a girl, but not just a girl.  I think you already know who it is.”

         “Heather,” she said not in the manner of a question, but answer to her own question.

         “Yes,” I answered, anyway.  “It is Heather.”

         “Why would Heather be doing all of this?” she asked.

         “I don’t know, Annabeth,” I replied.  “We aren’t kids anymore.  We have all grown up.  We have grown in knowledge and skills.  As I’m sure you know,” I said, then giving her a kiss on the forehead, “A lot can happen in three years.”

         This time, Annabeth did not blush, she just smiled.

         Grabbing her hand, I walked her back through the forest.  Okay, yes, I am walking back to also search the island for more clues, but what a better time to take a walk with your girl.  No word was said.  We occasionally looked at each other, but we mainly took in all the scenery.

         The further we went into the forest, the more it seemingly became dark.

         Annabeth stopped and turned to me, “Jarl?  Back during the last mystery, did you ever have something strange happen to you?” she asked out of the blue.

         “I found a girl a love, what’s stranger than that?” I sarcastically answered.

         “Oh, not that you idiot,” she said smacking me in the right arm.  “I mean, something really strange.  I don’t know, it’s hard to explain.  But when I was captured at first by Dagur, I was in a room and called out to you.  After I did so, I felt something inside me tell me you had heard me, responded, and were coming after me.  It felt as if you were in the room with me, but when I turned around, I saw nothing.”

         “Like I said, I am always honest with you,” I started.  “Yes, I did feel strange then too.  I don’t remember what I forget what I was doing, but I suddenly heard you call out to me.  Then I saw you calling out to me.  It was like I was actually in the room with you.  I think when I tried to rush over to you, the vision stopped.  Then I replied back to you, saying I was coming for you.”

         “I actually remember that happening,” Annabeth then asked in a tone of trying to understand but not afraid, “What is happening here?”

         “I think all of this is beyond any of our understanding,” I answered.  “But if I had to guess, it had something to do with what happened at the Truvor and the artifact’s power of The Golden Isles.  I still can’t remember what happened to Truvor.”

         “He died from exposure to whatever that power orb thing was,” Annabeth assured.  “Or even the knock back onto the rock when we flew back from the explosion.”

         “But why are we and Hyrith still alive?” I questioned.  “What makes us so different?”

         “I think you already know that the answer,” Annabeth said.  “We are all simply better people than Truvor was.”

         “I guess that and the vision showed me one thing,” I replied.  “I have a special connection to a special girl and-.”

         “Oooh, what’s that?” Annabeth interrupted as she rushed past me.

         I just froze as if I was still looking at Annabeth in front of me, I quipped, “Or not.”

         “Oh, sorry,” Annabeth said.  “Come here, I found something.”

         I turned around and walked over to where Annabeth was, she said, “Look.”

         She pointed at a reflection coming from the base of a nearby tree.  The reflection is under a couple rocks, but, still visible to the eye.

         “Wait a second,” I looked at Annabeth.  “Why are you looking for clues?”

         “Oh, come on, Jarl,” she jokingly rolled her eyes.  “Don’t tell me you didn’t just come out here just to walk me through the forest.  You were searching for clues too, even if you were also walking me through the forest, which I appreciate.”

         “Okay,” I gave in.  “You got me there.  I was also looking for clues.  I guess you do know me well to.”

         “I’ve been getting the scoop from your sisters,” she grinned jokingly, yet I know it is still the truth… because my sisters would do such a thing.  Annabeth then patted me on the left shoulder with her right hand, “All good things… All good things, buddy boy.”

         We stood there for a second.  I think Annabeth thought I was going to reach down and see what was in there.

         “No, you found it, it should be you that gets to discover what it is,” I told her.

         With some excitement, she knelt down and reached her right hand underneath the rocks.  Silence than rang throughout the forest.

         Suddenly, a few seconds later, Annabeth yelped in pain.

         “Annabeth!  Are you alright?!” I tried to reach down and pull her away.

         Annabeth pushed me back and started to laugh, “I’m sorry…. I just couldn’t resist not teasing you there.  This was the perfect opportunity.”

         “Oh, you…,” I replied, wanting to slap her as she did me, but I did not.

         “Oh, come on,” she said.  “That never stopped you before.  However, you had to be coaxed to do it.”

         I did not bother answering that.

         “I don’t believe it,” Annabeth calmly declared.

         “Now what is it?” I asked.

         Annabeth scooted away from the rocks and I offered my right hand to help her up.  She took it and stood up.

         Annabeth held something between her thumb and her pointer finger on her right hand, and said, “Why in the archipelago would this be just lying around under a rock?”

         Annabeth is holding up a Dragon Eye lens!

         A thinner one too… just like the one I found in the one graveyard!

         Shocked, I could not say anything for a moment, “I agree there.”

         Annabeth was going to give it to me, but I waved her off and motioned for her to keep hold of it.  Usually, I would keep track of all the clues, but I thought it would be nice for Annabeth to have… one.  I inwardly chuckled.  And told myself she could have more… if I first let her pick it up or she found it herself.  Again, I chuckle inwardly.

         I do not know if it is just me and because I am involved in solving mysteries, but when we left, I felt like something or even someone was watching us as we left.  I stopped for a second to look back, but scanning the background, I saw nothing.

         Annabeth yelled back, “Come on!”

         So, I ran to rejoin her.

         We went back to the campsite and found the other three girls there waiting for us.  Annabeth revealed what she had found, and the other girls are as shocked as I was.  Asvord said the same exact thing I did, and Annabeth let her know it.  Asvord just rolled her eyes.

         Cazi questioned, “Now where do we go from here?”

         Thinking on it for a moment, I decided, “Instead of going and finding Trader Johann for answers there, let’s try out this Dragon Eye lens.”

         “You’ll need the Dragon Eye to do that,” reminded Cazi.

         “I know,” I said as I mounted my Thunderdrum.  “Hiccup once told me I could use the Dragon Eye when he wasn’t using it.  Just so long as I put it back after I was done and did not go too far off with it from where he has it; to be sure if he comes back, he will see me using it and know where the Dragon Eye is.”

         Elsa announced, “Back to Berk it is.”

         With that, we flew back home.  When we arrived, I saw some of our friends with their dragons at the base of The Great Hall.

         Explod announced from his Zippleback, “Well look what the dragon just flew in?”

         He sounded a bit annoyed… then I remembered.

         Fredrick landed as I facepalmed, “Oh right.”

         Hyrith was there on Sun Rose, “Yeah, ‘Oh right,’ where have you guys been?  Did you forget about us going back to Mystery today?”

         “Yes, I am sorry, I did forget,” I replied.  “But hopefully this will make up for it.”

         Hattori replied from Shadowstrike, his Nightmare, “A Dragon Eye lens?”

         Cazi excitedly answered for me, “It’s just like the one we found in that graveyard, a little way back.”

         “Really?” questioned Garth.

         Annabeth nodded, “Yeah.  We are going to go use this new lens and combine it with the other lens in the Dragon Eye.”

         “Can you use the Dragon Eye without Hiccup?” wondered Hattori.

         “Yes,” I replied.  “He told me I could when he wasn’t using it, as long as I did not go far with it.  Basically, use it where he has it and don’t leave the room, building, or just outside.”

         Hyrith, Garth, Explod, and Hattori, who were there, followed the girls to Hiccup’s house; except, I went back to my house to get the other Dragon Eye lens.  Keeping valuable clues in a secret place in my… well, our room with my sisters… I returned to Hiccup’s house to meet my friends.

         Cazi asked, when I exited the house and had the Dragon Eye in hand, “So where are we going to do this?”

         I answered, “Let’s just do this to the side of the house with the shadow of the sun so we can see what it will project.”

         We walked around to the west side of the house.  Grabbing a barrel next to the house, Hattori and Hyrith moved it out away from the house.  Using Annabeth’s knifes on the barrel, I set the front end of the Dragon Eye up on the knifes.

         Annabeth questioned, “Does it matter what type of fire we use to light it?”

         “As far as I know, no,” I said.  “When the others and I went over the other lens, it projected the same symbols every time.  But who knows when we combine the two.”

         When I say combing the two, I mean these lenses are small enough that you can fit more than one of the lens in the same slot of the normal lens.  Fitting them in the Dragon Eye, we let Annabeth’s dragon light it up.

         “Alright, Anora,” Annabeth petted her dragon.  “Slow burn.”

         Just expecting the same old, same old… but I got something completely different.

         “Well, I’ll be,” I said.

         Not only did the old symbols come up, but an incomplete map in a complete area of a circle.

         Cazi is the first to reply, “It looks like the images from the regular lens, but then it looks oddly different.”

         Looking at it, Hattori suggested, “Looks like there is some type of dragon in the center, like the rest of the Dragon Eye pictures, yet… I don’t know…”

         I said, “The image is so incomplete, that they just look like symbols now.”

         Cazi looked at the Dragon Eye opening for the lenses, “By the looks of this, it looks like there is maybe two or maybe three more lens we need to complete the full picture.”

         “Well,” Garth said, “I think we know what we will be searching for over the coming weeks.”

         There were a few chuckles.  Hattori asked when we would leave for Mystery for sure, I said I could not say because of the rogue rider situation.  It will be very soon, however.

         “Just stay on standby,” I replied.

         I told my sisters to take both of the lenses back to the house with them, and then the rest of our friends went home.  Although, Cazi and Annabeth stayed with me.

         After I had put back the Dragon Eye, I had come out to see Stoick and Hiccup.

         Hiccup came over and was the first to say, “We would like to talk with you guys.”

         “Sure,” Cazi said.

         Stoick motioned to his house, “This is something best suited to talk about in doors.”

         We entered Haddock’s house and stood just inside.  Stoick offered for us to sit down, but we politely declined.  So, we all stood there just inside the door.

         Hiccup showed us a horn, “What does this look like to you?”

         “Being the clue solver I am,” I spoke.  “I would have to say… it is a horn.”

         Annabeth and Cazi rolled her eyes, but Hiccup and Stoick did not even flinch.  Usually my sarcastic nature get everybody to react.  What they have to say must be quite important, so I became serious.

         “Whose horn is this?” Cazi wondered.

         Stoick began first, “When a chief has a child, that child receives many gifts from all over.  Like when Hiccup was a boy, I asked Gobber to make him the smallest axe he had ever imagined, with a handle tiny enough for a baby to grasp.  I wanted him to start training the moment Hiccup opened his eyes.”

         Cazi smiled, “Isn’t that the paper weight you use?”

         Hiccup stuttered a little, “Bwuh… uh… Yes… That’s true, but let’s not go into that right now.”

         I asked, “What does this have to do with us?”

         Stoick said, “I’ve have seen a horn similar to this horn before.”

         He just looked at Annabeth.  She slowly looked at her horn she keeps on her at all times.

         Annabeth stammered at first trying to answer the question, but finally said, “What… What are you saying?”

         Hiccup politely asked, “Who gave you this horn?”

         “My father, why?” she returned.

         “Could I see the horn?” questioned Hiccup.

         Annabeth unclipped her horn from her belt and handed it off to Hiccup.  Hiccup took the horn from her and compared the two… they were identical.

         Annabeth started to get nervous, “Wh... What are you saying?”

         Hiccup answered, “This horn…” he pointed to the one he had.  “…was given to the newborn daughter of the Berserker Chief.  But you have a horn exactly like this one.”  Hiccup paused, “Annabeth.  You are a Berserker.”

         Even though Annabeth already knew that, she was still shocked in the way that this is how Hiccup and even the Chief of her new tribe found out.  I believe she is more nervous about who the second horn belongs to.

         “If that is true,” Annabeth began.  “Then… then that means I have a sister?”

         Cazi, finally finding the words to speak up, “Who gave you that other horn?”

         Hiccup gave Annabeth back her horn, “Annabeth.  Oswald the Agreeable is your father.  Heather is your sister… and Dagur is also your brother.”

         Now I am shocked by that bit of news, I asked, “Where is Heather now?”

         “She should be back on The Edge,” Hiccup said.  “I’m going to go there now.  You guys can follow me if you like.”

         Hiccup exited the house with Heather’s horn.

         Stoick walked over to Annabeth to encourage her about the news; I think she was expecting a consoling.

         Annabeth instead started to cry and just grabbed Stoick, and said, “I’m sorry I’m a Berserker.”

         “What is this now?” Stoick questioned.  “Why would you be sorry for being a Berserker?”

         “I’ve known about this for a while now, actually three years,” Annabeth responded.  “I was so afraid you would do something to me because I am a Berserker, with what has happened to Dagur, and what harm he has caused to you and Berk.”

         Stoick knelt down and lifted up Annabeth’s chin with in right hand, “Child, why would you be scared of that?  Things happen that is beyond our control.  Yes, Dagur needs to pay more for his crimes.  Not everyone here on Berk is a natural born Berkian.  There are several here that are not from here, you yourself know a family who is not from here; the Olsons.  They are not treated any differently than any other family here on Berk.  Everyone here on Berk is just one big family, brothers and sisters in arms.  Now we each have those we are related to, but we all treat our friends as if they were family.  A family sticks together and figures things out, no matter what they are.  So, you are a Berserker.  I have been hoping there was some good ones in the bunch, I knew I would see at least a few someday.  There is good in everybody, they as well as us just have to be willing to find it and accept it.  Annabeth.  You have a great heart and the will of any Berkian viking.  You are Berkian as far as I am concerned.  It may not be official, but do we ever do anything official around here.”

         Stoick chuckled as well as Annabeth.  Stoick wiped away her tears and stood up.

         “From now on,” our Chief said.  “If you ever need anything done or need help with anything, just let me know.”

         Annabeth smiled, “Thank you, sir.”

         “Sir?” questioned Stoick.  “Pfft, I haven’t been called that in ages.  Though, some people around here should.  His name rhymes with Clobber.”

         We laughed.

         Stoick finished, “Just call me Stoick.”

         “Okay,” Annabeth said.  “Stoick.”

         I started to wonder and hope, “Maybe Annabeth can have finally have the father she never knew.”

         “Now you go on and say, ‘Hello,’ to your sister,” Stoick “commanded.”  “High time you had a family reunion.”

         “Reunion with Heather,” I said.  “With Dagur, I think we all want a different kind of ‘reunion’ with a certain type of metal in a long, skinny cylinder form.”

         We all nodded in agreement.

         With what we were doing decided, we immediately left Berk to follow after Hiccup.  We are about five, seven minutes behind Hiccup.

         Hardly a word was said throughout the trip.  None of us knew quite what to say.  Cazi and I knew Annabeth is a Berserker, but Heather being her sister?  What are you supposed to say after you know this surprising and shocking news?

         Off in the far horizon, we could see Hiccup and Toothless.  When we neared The Edge, we saw Hiccup dismount and look to call out for the gang.  No one came out to greet him.  Toothless walked away from him and to the near side of the stables.  Toothless pointed out to Hiccup what looked like a map.  When Hiccup walked over to look at it, he froze, then a few moments later, darted back to Toothless, grabbing the map, and flew off on his dragon.  I think Hiccup completely forgot we were coming behind him, though, we never said one way or the other we were coming.

         We landed and waited for Hiccup.

         However, after ten minutes, Cazi suggested, “What if something happened and the Academy riders went after Heather?  I mean, I think it is pretty obvious she is the Rogue Dragon Rider, so what if Heather is in trouble attacking another ship?”

         I replied, “I was just thinking they might be in trouble, but not in that detail.”

         We decide to follow after Hiccup, in the general direction he took.  Not knowing exactly where to go, we did not fly very fast, but still at a quick pace.  Within a half hour, we caught up with not only Hiccup, but the rest of his gang.  Nearly running into them all, after flying through a cloud, we wondered why they were retreating.

         “Look out!” cried out Cazi.

         Dagur and a whole bunch of enemy ships greeted us… very rudely.

         I simply said out loud while Fredrick super shocked a boulder that had been fired at us, utterly destroying the boulder into a million pieces, “Oh, that’s why they were retreating.”

         “Just so we are contributing something,” I began.  “Yo, Dagur!”

         Dagur angry asked, “What now?!”

         Fredrick and I fired directly at his ship, knocking them back thirty yards.

         “Hey Dagur?!” I yelled out.  “Ugly says what?!”

         Dagur yelled back, “WHAT?!”

         “Nothing!” I laughed.

         Annabeth and Cazi both got a couple shots off as well.  There is a funny thing about metal, they love electricity.  Just mentioning that with Cazi and Electic, I am sure anybody can guess what happened next.  I believe some of Dagur’s men are going to be hard to understand for a while.  Oh, and Dagur is down one less ship, literally.  A few shots well placed shots from Anora, and the ship fell apart.  Knowing we were totally outmatched, we too retreated.  We could hear Dagur yelling at his troops for not saying anything to him.  I mean, they are, but Dagur cannot hear them.  That is what happens when you are target practice for a Thunderdrum.

         The whole group, both mine and Hiccup’s along with Heather returned to Dragon’s Edge.  Knowing that Heather had more of a connection with their group, Cazi, Annabeth, and I stayed off to the side.  We stayed until sundown When Heather told Hiccup, she was not staying.  We thought we better give them all the space they needed.  We even kept The Twins, Snotlout, and even Fishlegs occupied long enough for Hiccup and Astrid to say their “Goodbyes.”  We had already said our, “So longs,” to Hiccup and the group, so we left and flew out to a sea stack in the middle of the sea.  Heather is supposed to stop by on her way.

         Cazi and I remained quiet, as Annabeth stood on the sea stack waiting for Heather.  The sea stack is quite large, enough for several dragons to sit on.  Within ten minutes, Heather could be seen flying out way.

         Heather landed, dismounted, and immediately hugged Annabeth, “It’s nice to know I have someone else besides Dagur.”

         Annabeth was expecting to have to tell her they were sisters, but she had already figured it out.

         “How?” was all Annabeth could say.

         “The last time we met,” began Heather began.  “When… When I told you were a Berserker, I had studied your horn for a bit and always wondered why yours so closely resembles mine.  I always kept that in the back of my mind and often thought about it.  Now today, when Hiccup told me who’s seal is in my horn, I eventually remembered you.  Though, after I had gotten over the shock of realizing I am a Berserker.  I’m sure you had some shock value to get over too.”

         “Yes,” Annabeth answered.

         Heather then asked me, “Could I talk with Annabeth, alone?”

         “Sure,” I replied as well as Cazi.

         Heather and Annabeth walked to the far end of the sea stack, while Cazi and I made sure we were well out of hearing range.  Even though the distance between us and them would usually allow us to hear, because we are out on a sea stack, the waves of the sea crashing together and the stiff breeze blowing away from us, muffled anything we could overhear.

         Cazi said, “I wonder what they are saying?”

         “I’m sure, both of them finding out they are a Berserker is quite a shock,” I spoke.

         Cazi agreed, “Yeah, even though Annabeth found out a lot sooner than Heather did, I still don’t think Annabeth is over the fact she is one, yet.”

         “I believe you’re right.  I’ve been thinking the same thing, lately,” I replied.

         Cazi added, “If that wasn’t enough, finding out you are related, as a sibling is, to Dagur the Deranged would shock you to the core of your spirit.”

         “There is one silver lining in all of this,” I said.  “They both found out they are not alone, they are not alone in this world.”

         After a few minutes, Heather and Annabeth hugged.  Heather mounted Windshear and flew off.  Somewhat surprised Annabeth did not go with her, Cazi and I rejoined with Annabeth.

         Cazi asked, “Why are you going with her?  She’s all the family you have left.”

         “I don’t see it that way.  Sure, it would be nice to get to know her, but she has her own responsibilities to attend to,” Annabeth said, and then smiled.  “Since I arriving at Berk and you guys taking me in, I always wanted to have my family back.  Thanks to Heather, I now realize I had a family of my own the entire time.”

         Annabeth gave Cazi a hug.

         Now Cazi is amped up, she cried out, “Last one back to Berk has to buy a round of yak milk.”

         Cazi flew off on Electic.

         Throwing my right arm around Annabeth and rubbing her side, I said, “I’m sorry Heather didn’t stay.  Finding out you actually have a sister and then her leaving, is a lot to take in.”

         Annabeth leaned her head up against my right shoulder, “Yes, but I now have you.”