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Good day everyone! :D 


I wanna stop by to share that I have a YouTube channel now which focuses on SoD content!

YouTube Channel: 



For my dEbUt video XD  I recorded some racing I did a couple days ago, to showcase all of this year's Snoggletog racetracks in action. Hope ya'll enjoy the video! ^_^    

I tried to make it as entertaining as possible, with the edits, variety of dragons used and picked some of the most interesting races I did that day, hehe 

First Video:



Enjoy! :D ... and don't forget to enjoy ze music too ヾ(⌐■_■)ノ♪


Video editing skills is something that I've always wanted to have, and I've been playing SoD for awhile and got some experience, so I thought why not share the experience with others \ (•◡•) / ...in a fun way, while also making playing this game a bit more meaningful XD, as a tool to learn something new and be creative, and while still having fun with the game.

Though, having a SoD YouTube is something I've always thought of wanting to try do anyway.. I think it'll sure make the game more fun; it gives more entertainment in being a player of the game and being a part of the community, it's a way to get to meet new friends, and it's also a way to create more memories and moments with friends in the game, and all dem positivity <3

I had a lot of fun editing this first video (more fun than actually playing the game lol)


I look forward to try being consistent with my content, and just for this to work out overall XD 

I've got loads of ideas that's been swarming in my head for awhile already, like I really wanna make some MVs (which I've promised to do: http://forum.schoolofdragons.com/content/11282020-party-ss-sod-mv) >.<


Anyway.. Thank you for taking the time to check out my video! ^_^ Much appreciation!

Also gotta special thanks to my dear friends, and also great SoD content creators as well:

SilverWillow Wing  


Vioora the Fire 


for helping me get started with my channel! Also:



Gotta give these 3 the credits, cuz they're really the inspiration to my YouTube, hehe XD


Cheers and stay safe everyone!





E X P L O D A N T O R -





- 10/09/2013Great Heights, Bandito Gang [1/5 Leaders] Clash Of The Clans Champion 2016; 2019 Thunder Run Racer -



(cr: Sigyn Strykana SilverWillowWing)


(photo edit of the event by ElectroShadow / LieutenantWiFi)


- Ninjago -



(cr: to the talented creators on Pinterest for these inspirational & wholesome edits <3)

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Watching xD


Hi. You can call me Stormy.

Banners By me




~~~~~~~~~  About Me In-Game  ~~~~~~~~~


I have been playing since winter of 2013, almost the time the game came out, I was a little kid then, and still love the game from long-ago memories. I made my main account under the name "StormySavage" in May of 2018. I am called "Stormy", or Marshmallow (Marshy for short) by my friends because we all have food nicknames XD. I have been racing competitively in Thunder Run Racing since winter of 2019, and can say that TRR is my favorite minigame. I have completed all the DT levels, and gotten all the tier three Bewilderbeast armor, and the best weapons, so I am mostly retired from DT. I am a UDT, and have lots of dragons and trophies. I have participated in all the Dreadfall, Snogletogg, and Thawfest events (no matter how buggy xD), and actively do battle events. I am the proud Leader and Founder of Savage Nation, High Voltage, and Broken Glass Kids. Scroll down to learn more about me in-game.




Savage Nation/High Voltage/Broken Glass Kids

Status: Leader, Founder, Clan Rank: 310, My rank: Self run clan




46,750+ on my main, 60,000+ counting side vikings



Closest Friends

 azaeliiaa(gf), ToothlessColdNight, zCalypso, JyharriA, Demonismenos, ANICIOI, BlizzardTheBezerk, BoltStormhunt, and more



Dragon Count

68 Dragons



UDT Count




Previous Clans

KING OF EMPIRES, Dragones Leales, Sanctum of Dragontide, Harbingerz, Fatal Fusion, Collateral Damage, and more



SoD YouTube Channel

Check out mah vids! xD



This is what I look like on SoD:



SoD Causes I Support:


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Banner By EmeraldHuntress65

Banner By EmeraldHuntress65

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Clan Banners

Banner By me

Banner By me
Banner By me
Want a Clan Banner? PM me, and I'll be positively giddy to make one. Not sure? Here's loads of my (recent) work, check 'em out.
List of best Racing Gear as of now:

The best chests are Lightning Skrill, Skrill, Thawfest Screaming Death and Screaming Death (5% speed)

The best helmets are Bright Stormcutter Helm and Alpha Toothless Helm (3% speed)

The best shoulder pads are Diamond Nadder (4% speed)

The best pants are Diamond Nadder and Nadder (3% turn, 2% pitch)

The best wristbands are Alpha Toothles, Diamond Nadder, Nadder, Night Fury, Stormcutter, Deathsong Black and Deathsong Bronze (2% turn, 2% pitch)

The best boots are Diamond Nadder (2% pitch, 2% turn) or Bright Stormcutter (1% speed), the boots depend on which dragon you're using, and their specific turn, diving, or speed needs





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You've gained one subscriber XD






Gender: Female

Nationality: Australian

Hobbies: Gaming, reading, AFLW & mountain biking

Fav franchises: How To Train Your Dragon, Lord Of The Rings

Fav HTTYD dragon: Nightlights and Scuttleclaws

Religion: Christian

Clan: Limitless 

Fav colour: Purple & blue

Fav animal: Dragons, dogs and cats

Fav food: Chocolate, haystacks and more chocolate

Other games I play: Minecraft, Age of Empires and StarStable

Do your bit fighting the bugs in SoD!


Flashing lights below. Proceed with caution.



Just random other things:


Youtube Channel:


Furry paws (not active)


Time for a little art!














The end



Thank you LissaFish for the

idea of the SoD petition!


Thank you so much for making

the petition EmaraldHuntress65!


Credit goes to Angel Nerd

for the portrait of Aussie (my viking)


Thank you Chameishida for the pixel dragons!


The 'Skylar' and 'Fili' heads are done by Tigerli1y!!

Thanks again Tigeri1y for the pic of my Sandwing OC, Sabre! 

(also my profile pic)


The Nightlight portrait was done by lceyshadow! 


~ Thank you artist for all your time that you've

spent just to give a random stranger a little piece of art! ~




All right! Siggy over, now get out of here!! Shoo! (JK, come back whenever you want)


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He's also gained 32 other subcribers XDDD.

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Good to still see that you're

Good to still see that you're around Explodonator


Note: I do not use twitter or facebook, any official updates from me will be made strictly on my youtube channel


Toothless Gifs made by me.



Support my How to Train Your Dragon animations by subscribing to my youtube channel through the link below!






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Asvald Veleif
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Good to still see that you're

Good to still see that you're around Explodonator