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I'm not in a good mood, and not willing to deal with support but here we go. I was purchasing a three month membership, and when the purchase went through iTunes, and billed me, but the SOD app said "Purchase cancelled" and didn't give me the membership on my account. Later I found out that despite the purchase being "cancelled", iTunes billed me 2 School Of Dragons memberships. That means that they charged me twice. That's about $50 dollars lost. I tried going into the game, and clicking on "Restore Purchase", and it told me that I have made no purchases. I am beyond angry. It seems like theres nothing we can do about it, and even when I messaged Jumpstart support (Aka the people behind School Of Dragons, and the billing stuff) it would take forever for them to respond. Once it took them a year (A YEAR!!!!!!!) to respond to one of my issues, and the fact that I have to deal with them again is not cool. I'm gonna be contacting Brynjolf about this, but I'm letting you all know that I had not had a good experience purchasing membership from iTunes.



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I bought a 1 Month membership a few months ago using Google Play, when it expired I cancelled the auto renew and it didn't charge me but somehow renewed the membership. It got fixed after I posted a thread about how to fix it but I guess memberships are having problems, seeing how there are other recent membership issue threads.


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The memberships have always had problems. That's why the only time I ever had one was the result of a miss-click (while buying gems) that I then chanceld as soon as possible to avoid said problems. I heard too many storys of people not being able to cancel when they needed to and being billed for membership renewals for several months after several attempts to cancel and it's the number one reason that I don't ever want memberships. Untill I stop hearing such storys I'm never getting one. The benifits don't outweigh the risks for me and I'd rather just buy Gems.



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I purchased a 3 month membership a long time ago but everytime I went to do an expansion level the game would crash, I contacted support. It took the 3 years, 3 YEARS!

I feel your pain