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Hey guys,

I did it with "The Cauldron Experience" topic, and I think it's a good idea to open topics to group everything wrong with a single aspect of the game.

In this topic, I will list every bug that I have found so far in the Farm, starting by this one:

Bug #1

Everytime you plant something, the bag with the seeds appears on the crop. I know that it was meant to go away after some seconds and show the plant, but instead the bag stays on the crop and you cannot interact with it in any way. The only way to be able to water the plant is to re-enter the farm.

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Yeah,I agree. I face the same

Yeah,I agree. I face the same probem.It started after an update was introduced(don't remember which). Most crops I plant end up this way(except pumkins).


And speaking of farm glitches there is one more issue which I am not sure whether it is a glitch or not.While placing fences or dirt paths I am not able to join them.They are discontinous which looks odd.Anyone else faces this issue. 






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Interesting... I'll check it out

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I figured out that the bag thing only happens if you buy seeds you don't already have in your inventory before you plant them, and you have to be at the farm when you buy them. At least that's how it works for me. Very strange, old bug.


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Me too >:(

Yeah, I've got the same problem but I felt that it wasn't a big deal. But there's another thing that's quite annoying. It's Old Wrinkly's Cauldron. Even when I turn the music and sound off in the settings, I can hear it bubbling on and on and it is REALLY loud. Same goes for the Mystery Stable..


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Yeah,I also have the same

Yeah,I also have the same problem with the caulron and the mystery stable.A few other problems in the farm are the spacing arrangements between objects.You cant bring certain obects in close contact like the turtle pond or turkey perch with other objects even though there is plenty of space between each other.Its not as easy like in the hideout.As I mentioned above you cannot join 2 fences or dirt path (if anyone is new here I recommend watching videos to earn them for free)