Everyone Looks The Same?

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When I'm on multiplayer mode, EVERYBODY looks like exact copies of each other. All the girls have pale skin and bright red hair, and all the boys have brown hair and a white outfit. It's so weird?! Then when I click on the player and click again on some button (it shows me their info idk?) I can see the way they really look. So, some girl might have green hair and dark skin and a fantastic helmet - but I don't see that, I just see everyone as the exact same.


Is this a glitch? I thought it was at first, but it happens on every device I play it on. I play online, on the Windows 8.1 App, and on the iPad. Nothing ever changes. Please help me out!

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Maybe the game isn't loading

Maybe the game isn't loading properly for some reason?

The only advice I can really give is to clear your unity cache but that might not help


I guess at least try it and if that doesn't work then you might need to PM an admin tomorrow when they're back online.





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I'll try

Thanks for the advice. I'll do that just now - let's hope it works!

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im sure this is a glitch...

im sure this is a glitch... because i can a sure you that everyone does look different... here are a few examples

this is part my clan.... as you can see we all look different.




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This is happening to me too! And the worst thing is that I'm on ipad and I don't have any kind of way to clear the unity cache!



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Mobile or app

Are you playing SoD on a computer in the browser or on a mobile or tablet or are you using the Windows 8 app?

In the first case clear unity cache (this can be done manually by removing the content of C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Temp\Unity\cache or something similar.) If that doesn't work check system requirements and / or video card drivers.

In all other cases there is nothing to do about it, everyone just looks the same on mobile apps.

Hope this helps.

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Sorry if I was unclear!


I first started playing on the iPad, then when it annoyed me that everyone looked the same, I moved onto playing in the browser (firefox). It was the same result though; no one looked any different. And finally, I noticed there was a Windows 8 app (on laptop) I tried playing through that - again, everyone looked the same.

I cleared my unity cache but it didn't work. Thanks anyway.

I didn't know that everyone looked the same on mobile apps so that clears that up!! Thanks!


Could it be because my processor is slower than recommended? All other system requirements are fine, though. Sorry to keep bothering you with questions!

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Edit: I replied to fast... Check http://forum.schoolofdragons.com/content/system-requirements for system requirements

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This is not a glitch,this is

This is not a glitch,this is happening to anyone,if we cannot see,this is happening and to us.I will try to take a picture and when the admins are online,i will explain what happens.This thing happens to anyone,it turns to original profile,it turns in this.




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Me too and i play in the

Me too and i play in the computer too and doesn't work. Can somebody help me?


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