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          Wow, i mean... i never thought School of Dragons would had a glitch like this one.. But it's kinda awesome :). Especially for those who didn't like their old name :D


    Well, not for me :/. I didn't want to change it at all... And i tried to use the same name as before (AstridCuteLove) but it didn't let me to use it :/. I want to say to my friends here that "AshlynHaddock" that you see in your friend list with the exact same things in profile and messages etc.. is my new name from now :( if admins won't let me change my name back.. But you can keep call me Astrid if you want :)


   I wish i could change it back, but i don't think they will let me! 

 A friend of mine, could change her name everytime she wanted :/ and i just think its not fare for some people to change it anytime and to others only one... I really take this as a serious problem as i ALWAYS care about my account :/

  Thank you for reading this... and if you are a person who did the same as me... tell me you agree :/


My new name.... 



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its okay...

Its okay, you will get another sooner or later, I get them way to often sadly..I would pass it to you, but I can't nobody can. Sorry..



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when I get that glitch I turn

when I get that glitch I turn the game off immediately just incase it could wipe out all my data in the game. It did it to a glitch Viking (now a paid for Viking) I had a while back.


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Viking name

I just immediately shut the game off and reloaded. My name was fine . However I used this glitch to rename some of my other Vikings.