An error occurred when I was recovering my password.

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Can anybody help me? After I pressed "forgot password" and typed in my username and email, it said "There was an internal server error! Please load the game again." Did anybody experienced this before? What does that mean and how can I fix it? I tried resetting the password in forums page and worked, but not when I want to play the game. Are the forum account and game account the same thing? PLEEEAAASSSE HEEEEEEELP MEEEEE!!!!!!

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not sure how to help you. it might have happened before but  I  probably just retried. try doing it several times and you might have to learn a odd password like 45ty7y (not a real one) or somthing. Honestly I don't know. retry and if that doesn't work try contacting an admin or support.


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Well I can answer one of those questions. The forum account and game account are not the same thing. I can't help much more then that.



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Use the following link to reset your password:
After loading website, click on "Forgot password", enter your username in game (not username on forum) and email, and then click on "Request password".
You will receive a new password in the e-mail.

My younger sister also forgot password about a month ago. Reset in the game did not work. It works only on the official website of SoD.


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Whenever I followed your

Sorry about my first message, I wanted to show you the picture of the error page, but I guess it didn't show up. So what should I do next if it still doesn't work? I don't want to start the game all over! If I should contact, who should I call?



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Whenever I followed your

Whenever I followed your instructions it still came out as an error. Here is the proof! What should I do next?