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Hello. Does anybody know the book Eragon? I love this book. Because it´s about dragons. As with httyd. Do you like the book? Why or why not? I am pleased to replies. Best wishes, Ohnezahn15


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I didnt read the book yet.

I didnt read the book yet. But the movie is my fav :3 I dont know why Eragon got so many negative responses. i was awaiting for Eragon 2, but I heard that since the first movie isnt a big success, there's no second movie :/


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Eragon got a really negative

Eragon got a really negative response because it was pretty inaccurate book-wise. It was a decent movie on it's own, but as a book made into a movie... it sucks. A lot. Read the books!!! They're amazing. :)


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Really? thanks! I'll try them

Really? thanks! I'll try them sometime :) I've read inheritance cycle once without reading the previous parts, but got so confused and closed it after ten pages! XD 

but yeah, Eragon is a pretty awesome movie :) I love it! too bad there's no sequel to that. maybe they could've modified the script to blend with the movie :/

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like it

I saw the movie and read all books for a couple time 

Why i like it : i don't really know, but i love the storyline and the dragons ofcourse

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Eragon Rocks!

I am reading the first book right now, and gonna try to watch the movie soon... but so far it is an amazing series! Possibly my favorite series... ever. :D

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I really love these books...

I really love these books... in case any of you guys are Whovians (fans of the TV show Doctor Who) look out for the DW references! There are a bunch in the last book, Inheritance.

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I love Eragon! My RP is based on Eragon! ;) Learnt a few ancient words too. Related to my charrie of course.


Just a few words I have to memorise:

Brisingr = fire

Adurna = water

Aiedail = the morning star

reisa/rïsa = rise

raudhr = red

Arget = silver

Freohr = death

Deloi = earth

Vundr = wind

Skölor (plural is 'sköliar', past tense is 'sköliro') = shield

Now the phrases:

boetq istalri = broad fire!
Brakka du vanyali sem huildar Saphira un eka! = Reduce the magic that holds Saphira and me!
Brisingr, iet tauthr = fire, follow me.
Brisingr raudhr! = Red fire!
Deloi moi! = earth change!
Reisa du adurna = water rise(command)(I just learnt that and now I have to edit almost all my post! :)) I'm such a joke)
Thrysta vindr = Compress the Air.
Thrysta adurna = compress the Water (somehow)
Thrysta deloi = compress the Earth
Skölir nosu fra brisingr! = Shield us from fire!
Im done. Just threw those in for fun but it is satisfaction for me knowing I learnt something ;) Hopefully I can read the book soon! I love dragon stuff.



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