Embarrassingly noob questions from a noob.

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How in the world does one catch a salmon with a beginner’s rod? The only mission that’s left for me to do is to give Phlegma a sack of fish, including three salmons, but I’m unable to catch even one. I have no problem catching any other fish though. …I know that the easiest way to catch a salmon would be to buy an improved rod, but I have only 82 gems. I'm broke. T___T


Is there any other way to get your dragon to level up than shooting at the fire pits? Because she is stuck at level 12 while all of my other skills are 16 or higher. ._.


Is the max level for farming 20? Because the number of xp I got for farming have stopped increasing when I got to that level.


Now this'll be my most stupid question… xD

People named Viking – insertrandomnumberhere are real people who just didn’t give a name to their Viking; they are not bots, right? ^^”





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it is possible.. its just

it is possible.. its just REALLLYYY hard and very rare >.<


racing in thunderrun and fireball frenzy help you gain Dragon XP faster (:


so far, yes, the max level is 20


and no they are not bots, they just didnt fully.. whats the word.. complete or register their full account, which made them not be able to pick a name or dragon name :/


hope I helped!




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Aha, so I'm not the only one

Aha, so I'm not the only one struggilg with it. ^^"

Fireball Frenzy doesn't gine any dragon xp (I know, I'm playing that almost constantly xD), but I'll try out Thunder Run. Thanks for your answers! :D

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Oh boy. Let's see....

Okay for your first question: I have a beginners rod and have caught fifteen salmon (Somehow), and I noticed that the higher your fishing level, the easier it is to catch everything else. You could wait for 5 days to get 8 gems, which will help significantly.

Second question: Does your dragon know how to fly now? If so, Thunder Run Racing is really helpful, it gives you five times the dragon XP of shooting firepits. Single player is really useful, but if you like a challenge, you can earn trophies and UDT points too with multiplayer. BEWARE OF GRONKLE RUN!!!

Third: I don't believe the max you can reach for farming is level 20, if that were the case, the same would apply to fishing, and I'm currently at level 22 or so.

Finally: I think the Viking-(Insert Random Number&Letter configuration here) is for those who either have it on Facebook, or who didn't add a name.

Hope this helped.


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Gronckle run I believe has

Gronckle run I believe has been fixed. And you can still get your Viking a name through Facebook, you just have to send a verification email to do it.


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How in eart did you do that?

How in eart did you do that? o__o *bows down before you, Master* My fishing level is 21, so it should be high enough, but I didn't notice any change in the fish's behaviour. ._. Maybe I'ts just me. I guess the best thing to do will be to buy another rod.


Thanks, I'll give a shot at Thunder Run! ^^ What's the matter with Gronkle Run, though? That's a track, right?


But my farming xp bar has been stuck for a week now and it doesn't look like it wants to move, though I'm constantly farming and doing farm quests. (my fishing leveled up twice since the farming level got stuck, and I'm still more around my farm than fishing)


...and thanks for answering, it was very helpful! ^-^

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Regarding the salmon, as others have said, it's possible, just really really hard. I would suggest fishing for salmon in the pond at your farm, since there's a smaller distance that you have to reel in the fish. I've managed to catch a few this way. If you want to have a lot of salmon bite (is that the correct term? I'm not sure), I would try using eggs for bait. I don't know about other people (this could just be a glitch on my part), but any time I use an egg as bait I catch a salmon.



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The Yolks on You!

I noticed that Salmon seem to love in fact go nuts for egg bait. I do on the rare occasion, hook another kind of fish, but for the most part it's the elusive salmon.

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Welp, I managed to almost

Welp, I managed to almost catch a salmon on my farm the first time I even encountered one, but when it was almost at the edge of the water, it got away. That was the only time I got so close to cathing one. ._. Yes, I've noticed that they like eggs. Sometimes a trout would take the egg, but mostly it's a salmon. ^^

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 You can get salmon much


You can get salmon much easier when you use Minnow as bait :)


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How do you mean 'easier'?

How do you mean 'easier'? o__o Like, the odds are bigger that a salmon would take it, or if a salmof takes the bait, it will trash around less while I'm reeling it in?

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Skyler Smile
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 it'll thrash around less


it'll thrash around less ^^

maybe its more focused on eating its tasty treat XD


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Really?! Thanks a bunch for the hint! I'll try it out first thing in the morning. 8D