The Elven's Hope ~Official Role-play~

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He went along patiently and obidiently as Taraja dragged him away from the main group. He wasn't feeling too great, so he decided it would be best to let her take control for now. He watched as they passed several windows and he was actually able to appreciate the architecture of the school building. 

He looked forward to Taraja, who seemed focused yet calm. Definitely a better state of mind than she had been before. He decided to stay quiet, not seeing the point of saying much at the moment.



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He smiled as he watched Ronteah be dragged away. he tilted his head to the side. thoughts rushing through his head. of how he wanted to leave. how he wanted to tear down the walls of this silly school and never return. 

he chuckled. it was a strange reaction being as nothing had been said. he was standing, grining to himself. it was a sight to scare anyone. Nirn's eyes since he was a child had a troubled look about them, like he had been possesed at a young age by the daemons of the world. but it didn't seem to bother him, not at all. In fact Nirn quite enjoyed the feeling. the Dragon elf girl had said something about him being a betrayer, and that wasn't fair at all. she didn't know anything about him, about his "goals" or his past. 


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