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First time this glitched out while postling, let's try again!


Hey everyone, I recently got a score of 2778640 at eel roasting, which I guess makes me the eel roasting champion? I promise no cheating was involved (not about to sacrifice my computer's security and status in game, especially just for eels). I thought I'd share the tips that helped me get such a high score! This doesn't seem to be a very popular minigame, but I think it's fun. It's also a great way to earn money, help your dragon level up, and boost your dragon's happiness since it takes nearly no energy to play. 


1. If possible, play on a tablet or 2 in 1 style computer. You'll have a lot slower reaction time using a mouse than using a touchscreen, and a larger screen on a tablet will help you be more precise.


2. Focus on terrors and waves. I promise it's worth missing a great electric eel to be absolutely sure you jump/duck in time, since you only get three strikes. Also, the game seems to not do a great job of distinguishing between taps and swipes, at least not for me, so make long, slightly slow strokes to ensure your jump/duck registers.


3. Focus on electric eels! Especially in later levels when everything gets crazy, electric eels will give you the most points and help you progress fastest. Also, there tend to be less of them on screen so they're easier to focus on. 


4. Try not to miss. Hitting the wrong color eels has a relatively insignificant point penalty, but you only get the bonus level if you have 100% accuracy for the previous level, so losing that will cost you a lot of points. It happens, but try to avoid it.


5. Have the volume on! Being able to hear when waves or terrors are coming is a huge advantage. The noises often glitch, so don't rely on them as they occasionally won't play for these crucial dangers, but they help a lot. If you're a deaf player or can't use volume, you have my utmost respect.


6. Set some time aside! It takes time to figure out the timing for waves and terrors. Also, playing a really high scoring game can take over half an hour, so be sure you have some time to dedicate if you want to get good. 


Hope some of these helped, feel free to share your own tips or ask questions! Now go roast those eels!


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Also, I've been informed the

Also, I've been informed the reason there's no rewards and no scores past a certain point is because the game glitches. So it's only worth playing to level 20 or 30 then dying and restarting. But, it's still a fast way to level up dragons and earn money so I still enjoy it