On the Edge of Mystery: Chapter 35, Part 3, You Choose Who You Choose to Be

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This chapter is a monster of a chapter, with no good place to break it up.  Not to mention this is the third part anyway.  This chapter is a GoldenFury type epicness of a chapter.  At least I hope it is.  I've put a lot of work into this trying to end it right and answer questions.

The mystery is officiall over, but the story is not.


There will be a Chapter 36 and it will be the epilouge.


There is one last thing I need to answer, and it will be in the epilouge.


I hope you guys enjoy this last part of Chapter 35.


Please comment and tell me how you like how the mystery ended.  :)  Also see if you can point out the moral to the story.  If you can't pick it out, it might be more prominent to point out in the epilouge.


I enjoy reading all your comments, and thanks for reading.  :)


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         “What do you mean?” I asked, trying to not answer his question, because I do know where both are.

         “You know what I mean,” he replied.

         “All, I know is you won’t get anything out of me,” I said.  “I take that back.  You will get information out of me, but will it be relevant to what you are after… eh… probably not.”

         Hari stood up, putting his arms behind his back, and said, “There has never been anyone that I haven’t gotten what I have wanted… because my name is Harold Forkbeard!”

         Crickets could be heard.  The guy looked surprised.

         “I said my name is Harold Forkbeard.”

         “Oh, I’m sorry.  Was that a question or is that supposed to mean something?” I asked.

         “Well it should, I’m a legendary pirate, thief among thieves, scoundrel among scoundrels.  I plundered where I please and persuade people into deals for my own gain.  Rarely, do they ever know they have been taken, until I am long gone,” He said.

         “Still doesn’t ring a bell,” I assured.

         Harold looked upset, “Really.  You haven’t heard anything about me?”

         “Nope,” I said, but then rescinded my statement.  “Well, I did hear that you were supposedly a ‘big man’ in your land from a friend of mine that had been through the southern reaches past the archipelago, but not much more.”

         “So you have heard about me?” he smiled.

         “If you count hearing stories from a friend that told a story she heard from someone else telling a story about some guy who was a pirate yet my friend never saw you, so for a time didn’t even think you even existed… Then sure, why not, I’ve heard of you,” I tried not to smile as I could tell I was getting on Harold’s nerves.

         The pirate sighed with disgust, although then perked up, “Well, I guess my genius level of intellect of staying in the shadows yet still profiting has paid dividends.  Moving on, I would like to know who my opponent has been all this time.  Who are you?  Tell me your name again.”

         I then put on an act, to buy more time, “Who am I?  Who… am… I?  Is this guy serious?” I rhetorically asked one of Harold’s men standing by, but then continued before the guy could answer. “I am the guardian of… of… misplaced socks.  I am the… powerful,” I stopped to flex my muscles.  “The awesome… The indestructible… Mystery Conqueror,” I then bowed my head.  Then lifting my head, “Heh, I’m pretty great, ain’t I?”

         “Humph, never heard of you,” Harold replied crossing his arms, probably thinking, “Is this guy for real?”

         I then answered, “Well that makes two of us because I just gave myself that name.  I don’t know you, you don’t know me.  Since we don’t know each other, buttercup, we don’t know what the other knows so we won’t be able to get any information out of each other.”
         “What did you call me?” Harold asked.

         “But-ter-cup,” I replied, emphasizing each syllable.

         “How dare you call me buttercup!” Harold came stomping over to me.

         “Why shouldn’t I call you buttercup?  Ya got blonde hair.” I said while Harold looked really irritated.  “Have you even tried a buttercup?  Oooo, they are D-Lish.”

         One of the guards then spoke up, “Oh, oh, oh!  I’ve had some.  They are quant and smell so good.”

         “I know, right?” I spoke, the guards who were holding me had just let me go when Harold came over.  I turned around to speak with the guard, throwing my arm around the guy’s waist, while ignoring that Harold was even there.  “And when you have them with a yak stew and an herbal grey tea drink with lemon meringue pie for dessert…,” I then brought my right hand to my lips, closed my fingers, and then let out a kiss up in the air, while at the same time opening up my fingers.

         “Silence!” Harold demanded.

         “But the boy just called you something that is wonderful to eat, and-,” the guard tried to reason with him but Harold was having none of it.

         The guard then realizing he was patronizing with the prisoner, pushed me back over in front of Harold.

         Harold stared at me for a second and then said, “You’re stalling.”

         I replied, squinting my eyes, giving off a flat smile, and shaking my head, “Pfft.  Now why would I be stalling?”

         “Come on now spill it!  You are my prisoner and you will tell me everything,” Harold pointed his finger in my face.

         “Oh yeah right,” I rolled my eyes.  “I came all this way, just to get captured, and tell you my awesome plan and let you ruin everything.”

         “Ah-ha!” he exclaimed.  “So there is a plan?”

         Then trying to act like he got something out of me, “Who… Who said anything about a plan?  Did you say plan?” I pointed at the guard I was just talking to.

         He shrugged his shoulders, but Harold demanded my attention, “You talk to me!  Not him.  Now tell me your plan!”

         “Okay, okay,” I said putting up my friends.  “No need to shout or get your skivvies in a bunch.  I guess you just said plan.  So, do you want me to tell you my plan or not?”

         “Yes, yes,” Harold smiled, though still irritated, yet got excited.

         I looked around as if someone was around watching, “Come closer,” waving at him to come closer.

         “A little more,” I whispered until Harold bent down to hear my whisper, but I instead shouted at the top of my lungs.  “I don’t make deals… with peasants!”

         Harold staggered back and then replied with utmost animosity, “Tell me your plan!”

         Harold was about to slap me, but held back, and then folded his arms again, “Tell me your plan… or else I’ll end Annabeth.”

         “You wouldn’t dare,” I declared.

         “Oh wouldn’t I,” he said.  “I seemed to have hit a nerve.  If you don’t tell me where the Dragon Eye is -and- the lens you stole… you’ll never see your precious Annabeth again.”

         I sighed and thought, “I have to tell him something.”

         I finally answered as Harold had a smug smile on, “Fine.  I’ll tell you my plan… I plan to use the Dragon Eye and the lens and find whatever treasure there is at the end of the trail.”

         I believe I hit a nerve as Harold excitedly replied, turning away from me, “So it is a treasure.  I knew it.”

         I started to question but said confidently, “It is a treasure?  Oh…  Yes…  It is a treasure.”

         Harold must not know much more than I do.  Maybe the Dragon Eye does hold more secrets than even Hiccup knows.

         Harold then mocked, “What is your plan… Mystery Conqueror?”

         “My plan.  You want… to know… my plan,” I paused.  “Now, what is my plan again?” I said asking myself.  “Oh yes, that plan.”

         “Just say it!” demanded Harold.

         I quickly stated, “Okay fine…  Your answer will come through that gate,” I pointed with my right hand back towards the south entrance of the arena.  “On the wings of a dragon.  It will come fast and should be quite a shock.”

         “What… are you talking about?” asked Harold.

         “You wanted to know my plan, you’re going to know my plan, up and personal,” I responded.  “Wait for it… Wait for it.  Any moment now…  And… Wait fo-.”

         I was interrupted by a shot blast of lightning flying between me and Harold.  A second, smaller shot hit Harold knocking him almost into the center of the large arena.

         I quipped, calmly, “Okay, well that came quicker than expected.”

         Harold was obviously dazed, but I was expecting that shot… sort of.  The first one was more of a surprise; the hairs on my arms are still standing up.

         “What were you thinking of going off by yourself,” came a friendly voice atop a dragon.  “Without telling me and Electic?”

         With the sight of a Skrill coming out of the shadows, the Berserkers around me became scared and retreated.

         “Well,” I said.  “I couldn’t wait.”

         Electic flew over close to me so Cazi could give a slap on the back of the head.

         “Next time, we are coming with you,” Cazi replied; Electic snorted in agreement.

         “Fine, but hopefully there won’t have to be a next time,” I said.  “Who’s with you all?”

         “The question is, ‘Who’s not with us?’,” Cazi replied.

         I looked back to see a whole wad of dragons behind Cazi.  It looked as if Cazi brought half of Berk, but in reality, it is “just” all my friends.  In addition to those who were at Mystery’s Edge, my father and mother joined the party.

         Fredrick also flew in from behind everyone and knocked me over when he landed on me.

         “Nice to see you to, Fredrick,” I said, petting him.

         “Nice of you guys to show… finally…,” I greeted my friends and family.

         Father swiftly replied, “Seems like no one stayed for the after party.”

         I chuckled, yet a thought crossed my mind, “If my dad just said that ‘no one stayed’ then-.”

         Turning around I saw no trace of Harold.

         “Yak ribs,” I whispered, but then out loud gave some orders.  “Who came prepared for a fight?”

         Everybody raised their hands.

         “Okay, I should have expected that answer,” I replied.  “Anyway.  Dad, mom.  Take those who came with you from Berk and scour the rest of the island to make sure no Berserker or one of Hari’s men is left on the island.  If they are, either capture them or force them into retreat.  While you are out there, make sure there are no more stashes of dragons in cages.  I recently freed a pocket of captive dragons, but there could be more out there.  Be careful of the northwestern portion of the island, there were a bunch of soldiers over there.”

         My dad nodded and led the way for that group.  Those in the group includes: father, mother, Ashley, Sapphire, Reptiel, Hattori, Jack, Cullan, Faith, Navaro, Tory, Pat, and Thoreous.  The rest of my friends, including my two sisters, are from staying at the out post, so they are the next group.  Even though my sisters did come from Berk just now, they count in this group as they have been at the outpost.

         I continued, “Okay, the rest of you, search for any signs of Dagur.  He couldn’t have gotten far.  I’m going to search for Hari.”

         Cazi jumped off her dragon and ran up to me and turned me around, “You are not going to go off again by yourself.”

         “I was about to say something else and then ask for you to come, but it is just as well,” I answered.  “Cazi, Elsa, Asvord.  You’re with me.”

         Those who I pointed out, dismounted their dragons, as the rest of them spread out in search of Dagur.  Those who I sent looking for Dagur are: Meen, Explod, Garth, Hyrith, Angie, and Ali.

         “What’s wrong?” questioned Asvord, whom I just noticed has one of my old bows with a quiver of arrows and a tightly wound rope around her left shoulder around and under her arm.

         I replied, “In short, I have something Hari wants and Hari has Annabeth.  Saying that, I think you guys know where this is heading.  I would not put it past Hari for trying to leave this island with Annabeth, but he too could not have gotten far.  Search the arena for any clues.”

         With that, Cazi and my two sisters entered the arena with me to search the arena.  Thankfully, within just a few minutes of probing, Cazi found something.

         “Hey guys, over here,” she called out.

         On the far side of the arena, towards the northeastern corner, Cazi pointed.

         “Look at that,” she stated.

         What she was pointing at is a pair of footprints that literally stopped at the edge of the wall.

         As my sisters came over, Elsa replied, “Now that is a sight you don’t see every day.  A pair of footprints running into the wall.”

         Cazi questioned, “Does that mean what I think it means?”

         I responded, “Let’s find out.  Push anything on this wall that doesn’t seem to be in the right place.”

         For a minute or two, we pressed on every stone block there is in an arm’s reach of the footprints.

         Asvord then said, “We need more light, I can barely make out the bricks.”

         Asvord stepped lively over to the right to a torch about a yard.  She tried to slip it out of its holder, but it did not want to come out.  Asvord tugged at it several times.  Finally, Asvord tried to rip it off the wall.  Yet, what happened is something altogether different.  The torch did not come off the wall, but hinged down off the wall like a lever.  The wall in front of us and the footprints was pushed forward by something and slid out of the way to the right.  Upon entering the secret cave and further inspection of the door, it was opened by a mechanism of gears initiated by the pull of the torch lever.

         I observed, “By the looks of this cave, there is only one way in, one way out.  Hari can’t be too far ahead of us.  Come on!”

         Our dragons would not be able to come with us, as the passageway is too narrow.  So, we gave our signals and told them to stay behind.

         Cazi said, “Don’t let anybody out unless it is us.”

         We ran through a short hallway to come to some stairs.  Quickly making our way down them, we continued on ahead.  We passed a secondary room where it looks like there is a second set of stairs that go the same direction as the one we are going to take.  Could the second set of stairs enter the same room as where Harold and Annabeth could be?

         We suddenly heard a yell from, Annabeth, “Jarl!”

         This quicken my pace; it quickened everybody’s pace.

         Harold could be heard saying, “Oh, he cannot hear you now.  No one will be coming for you.”

         As we went, the sound kept getting louder until we turned a corner to the left, and I said, “Ya wanna bet on that?”

         Harold whirled around to see me, Cazi, Asvord, and Elsa.  “Glad you can make it,” he said.

         I asked, Annabeth, “Are you alright?”

         Harold answered, “I didn’t know you cared.”

         “I don’t and not asking you,” I replied.

         “Eh,” Annabeth responded with a hint of fear.  “Could be better.”

         “What’s wrong?” I asked.

         Harold replied, “See for yourself.”

         Harold walked out of the way and I saw to my horror Annabeth with her hands tied in front of her… but on an old beam over a chasm to who knows where.  The beam itself is probably five yards long.  There is a small gap between that beam and another beam which extends from the other side maybe about ten yards or less.

         Cazi was about ready to rush Harold, but I held out my right arm to keep her back; I tried to keep my composure, though it could probably show it is hard, “Harold… what are you doing?”

         “If I can’t get what I want…,” Harold looked at Annabeth and then to me.  “I do whatever I can to get it.”

         Annabeth questioned, “Even if it is at the risk of a life?”

         Expecting a quick retort, Harold hesitated for a moment before replying, “Yes.  You know what I want, Jarl.  The others need to leave.”

         “I’m not leaving,” Cazi responded assuredly.

         I turned around to look at Cazi, “We don’t want to do something that we will regret.  We need to find another way.”

         Cazi did not get that, but Asvord did.  Since she is my sister, she knows how I think.  Cazi has other things on her mind.

         “Come on, Cazi,” Asvord started pulling on Cazi’s right arm.  “We need to go, Jarl’s right.”

         “I said I’m not going to let Jarl be alone… I’m not going to let Annabeth be alone,” resisted Cazi.

         “Cazi,” I simply stated, looking at her.  Then I whispered, “Trust me.”

         “Enough talk, they need to leave,” Harold said.

         With some hesitation, Cazi did in fact leave; Elsa and Asvord led her out.

         “Now,” Harold stated.  “Time for business.  Do you have what I need?”

         I did not say a word.

         “Come over here, Jarl,” Harold responded.  “Look down there.”

         Harold invited me to see what is at the bottom of the chasm.

         “Lava,” I whispered to myself.  “I thought it is is abnormally warm for being down in a cave.”

         It just got serious.

         “So,” Harold again asks, “Do you have what I want?”

         “Suppose I said that I didn’t have what you wanted,” I stated.  “What then?”

         “Well,” Harold said by putting hand on Annabeth’s left shoulder; she slightly flinched when he did that.

         I took a step forward, but Harold put a finger up to hold me back.

         There was a moment of silence before I said, “I really don’t think you would follow through with this.”

         “Don’t tempt me, Jarl,” Harold made Annabeth take a step forward on the beam.

         Some dirt and small pebbles were brushed off the beam and fell down the chasm.  Harold looked at me as if I was going to give him what he wanted.

         I instead say, “You know, you have the choice to not do what you’re planning on doing.  If we all walk out of here unscathed, then maybe we could go look for his treasure together.”

         “Yes, I do have the choice to do that,” Harold answered.  “But I’ve heard that answer one too many times, so don’t doubt me when I don’t trust that.”

         “Maybe you should,” I quickly retorted.  “By the way, why did you come back?  You had escaped from Dagur and could have been well on your way home.”

         “I have unfinished business,” stated Harold.  “I need that lens.  I need that Dragon Eye.”

         “Why do you need either of those?” I questioned.

         Harold looked irritated, but still answered my question, “Maybe not so much the Dragon Eye, but the lens is legend to be about my own people.  As much as I would want the treasure that the map will lead to, I want to bring it back with me-.”

         I finished his sentence, “-to restore your family name?”

         Harold was a little taken back by what I said, “How-  How did you know?”

         “It doesn’t take a Mystery Conqueror to see what you are trying to do.  It did take a little figuring to come to that conclusion,” I said.  “But trying to make right what your family has done… I’ve seen it before,” I added looking at Annabeth.  “No matter what your family was before, you have the choice right now to make things right.  The past is the past for a reason.  You can’t get that back.  If you want to live up to your family’s name or be better than what your family was, you are always free to make the choice now that can get you what you want.”

         I then thought to myself, “Am I actually getting to Harold?  Now that I have him side tracked, this should have been enough time for the girls to get into position, if my hunch is right about the room we are in here.”

         “Look,” I said.  “The mistakes you have made in the past or the bad fortune you may have had in the past is just that.  In the past.  We do not know what tomorrow will hold as it is a mystery.  You must do what you can in the present.  The choices we make are so precious, both big and small, that we need to take advantage of the gift of time we have been given on this earth.  You don’t have to do this Harold.  You can be better than who you were in the past.  You can be better than you who you think you might be.”

         “Yes, but-,” Harold was cut off by a loud sound as if a large tree was just split in two.

         Annabeth asked, “What was that?”

         The sound happened again, but this time underneath me… a crack in the rock floor split underneath me.  It started over by the door and the in the blink of an eye made its way over to where we are standing.  Not more than a second later did the ground from beneath us suddenly collapse and angle towards the pit.

         “Jarl!” Annabeth screamed as she fell and slid down the beam a few yards to the point where just her mid-section was on the beam and her legs were dangling off the edge of the beam.

         Harold had actually lost his footing and fallen off the beam.  Thankfully, he was able to reach out and grab the side of the chasm edge with the broken floor.

         Right now, we could all hear a faint rumbling sound.

         “Change of plans, Hari,” I declared.  “Asvord now!”

         Asvord reacted faster than I could say it, as she did what I thought she was going to do.  Since she had my old bow, Asvord fired an arrow near where Annabeth is now.  Attached to that bow is a rope.  Asvord, then fired another arrow, which is attached to the other end of the rope.  This next arrow was fired across the room and into the wood frame of the entrance to this room.

         “Annabeth,” I declared.  “Can you grab the rope?!”

         “Yeah, I think so- got it,” she responded.

         Seeing that Annabeth is able to pull herself up and start her way to safety, I looked at Harold and reached out my left hand, “Harold, grab it!”


         “Just grab it, you idiot!” I called out.

         Again, the crackling noise came and the ground fell again just as Harold was reaching for my hand.  For me, the continued collapse of the ground had caused me to fall off the beam and grab the edge of the broken floor with my right hand like Harold had his.  This time the ground caused Harold to lose his grip on the floor, but he grabbed my left hand.

         Annabeth yelled, “Jarl!” as she just got to safety herself.

         Annabeth came over to grab my right arm to steady myself.

         “Argh, Harold!” I let out a scream as all of Harold’s weight could be felt throughout my left arm.  “Maybe you should lay off the buttercups.”

         “I got you, Jarl!” Annabeth assured.

         Cazi and my two sisters had just re-entered the room; Asvord grabbed the rope she had fired from the two arrows and draped it over the edge.

         Asvord ordered, “Grab this, Hari!”

         Harold did so with his opposite hand.  Working as a team, the other three girls pulled up Hari, while Annabeth helped pull me up.  Scrambling to our feet as the ground collapsed again under the strain of another loud crackling noise, but this time it continued to get louder and louder.  As it did, the room became hotter and hotter.

         We continued to run as the ground underneath our feet continued to crack and the ceiling above us started to crumble; dust and debris started to fall from the ceiling.

         Without even having to say, “Let’s get out of here,” we all ran for safety to higher ground.  Once we had gotten up the last flight of stairs, Annabeth plopped onto the ground.

         “Are you alright?” I asked Annabeth, hurriedly.

         She replied, “Yes.”

         Thinking we were now in the clear as the sound started to hidedown, the stone ground abruptly opened up like a great sea monster trying to swallow some prey.  The force of the cracked created a push of air powerful enough to knock our dragons back, not to mention us too.  Harold happened to be on the other side of the crack and was knocked backed opposite of us.

         I yelled over to Harold, “Come on, Hari!  You can make it.”

         Harold took a step forward in our direction, yet then hesitated.

         “What is he doing?” Cazi questioned.

         I looked at Harold square in the eyes and he looked at me.  Another crack in the floor occurred and caused small chunks of the floor to be flown up into the air.  I shielded Annabeth and the girls from the rocks as did Electic and Spiker, who were the closest dragons to us.

         When I looked back to see where Hari was, he was gone.

         Cazi demanded, “Where’d he go?”

         The ground started to shake beneath us… starting an earthquake!
         I cried out, “No time, let’s get out of here!”

         Jumping onto our dragons from a run, we urged our dragons to fly up into the air.  They did not need to much encouragement to get out of the danger.

         As soon as Fredrick’s feet had left the ground, the ground imploded on itself.  Our dragons quickly got us to higher ground, or in this case, higher elevation.

         Elsa asked, “Did Hari make it out?”

         As we watched the ground collapse and lava start to seep out with pocket blasts of steam, I did not see Hari.

         I started to say that I did not when Cazi pointed out, “Look, there!”

         Cazi pointed out a figure running through the forest to the eastern shores… where a row boat and some men were waiting.  Off in the harbor is a familiar Berserker ship, that we now know is not Berserkian but one of Hari’s.

         Cazi suggested in a stern tone, “Let’s get him.”

         This time I reacted quick to stop Cazi from going after him; I maneuvered Fredrick to impede Electic’s path.

         At first, both dragon and rider were quite upset until I explained; we are now up high enough we did not need to yell, “If we want to have any hope of turning Harold from his evil ways, we need to show him a sign of respect.”

         “Respect?” replied Cazi, obviously upset.  “Respect for what.”

         “I don’t know how much you girls overheard our conversation,” I said.  “But I really do believe that all Harold wants to do is to change his past to make a better future for himself.  I also believe, he truly did not want to hurt Annabeth, even though he put up a great act.  The way he hesitated and probably realized again I was stalling for you girls to get into position, he was trying to do the right thing.”

         Annabeth, from Anora, replied “As much as I want to punch that guy’s face right now… I agree with Jarl… but let me explain now.”

         Cazi calmed down slightly, “Okay.”

         Annabeth started, “With my time spent with Dagur and Hari, Dagur seemed more apt to do harm to someone than Hari ever did.  Hari always talks a good talk, but he rarely did anything to hurt someone… in the sense of actually hitting them and intending to hurt them.  If he did hit someone, it was always to get information or something for himself.  He never hit anybody just for the sake of it.  I saw a few times where some of his men had made a mistake or two, but compared to Dagur, Hari forgave his men and continued on.  If it truly was a mistake, Hari did not hold that against his men.  Maybe that is why his men are so loyal to him.”

         Annabeth finished up, “My point is, while as bad as Hari might be, all he has ever wanted to do was right his past.”

         “Well,” Cazi folded her arms.  “He’s been going about all wrong.”

         “That may be true, Caz,” Annabeth answered.  “But when Hari’s one soldier captured me, he was called out by Hari for treating me so rough.  It was even Hari persuading Dagur to treat me better until he found out…”

         Annabeth trailed off and stopped.

         Cazi repeated the last few words, “Before he found out what?”

         Annabeth looked at me first, and I nodded, “Before he found out I too am a Berserker… and Dagur’s sister.”
         If the first part of that statement did not shock the other girls, the second part did.  Annabeth briefly explained how she figured and found out how she is related to Dagur.

         With Cazi, Asvord, and Elsa speechless, Annabeth continued, “I too wanted to change my past as I started to accept who I was.  Dagur started to convince me that since I am a Berserker, I cannot fight it.  Berserker blood flows through my veins, he said, I should not fight it.  But as I started being on the fence for that, you guys showed up with Throst to rescue me.  Knowing Throst was already working with Hari and Dagur, I decided what I wanted to do.  I wanted to help capture Dagur and Hari, but the only way I would be able to get as much information on them as I could to capture them, was to play along with them.  Even though it looked as though I turned my backs on you guys, I was trying to help you guys by giving you a clue in the form of throwing down my locket.  Jarl can tell you know that is a clue we agreed to if I were ever in danger; I would not be wearing it if I were.  I banked on that you guys would still have hope for me, no matter if it were the slimmest of measurements.”

         “As Hari was and probably still battling with his past and future to decide his present, I have something he probably never had…,” Annabeth paused.  “A family.  Struggling with the fact that I am Dagur’s sister, I had thoughts of actually joining the Berserkers for good.  Dagur is the only real family I have left.  However, he is not the only family I have.  Deep down I knew I should never turn my backs on my true family.  Jarl gave me a second chance when he came back for me… all alone too.  By playing a hunch that I hoped he would realize from the locket, I took a chance that Jarl would still have hope for me, even if everything pointed against that.”

         “You guys have given me a second chance at life and a new family, those short years ago.  By what I just saw down there in the cave, Harold should be given one too,” Annabeth finishes.  “Life is a bunch of choices, some good, some bad, and some that lead to mistakes.  But is what we do right now that change our future for the better.  Hari might still be the pirate that he was, but making that choice today, is a step in the right direction.”

         Cazi sighed, “When you put it that way, I guess you are right… I just wanted to punch that guy so much, though.”

         The island below us continued to be broken up by the lava and the steam pressure.  Attention now was brought to the other two groups I sent off.

         “Speak of the yak,” Asvord said.  “Here they come now.”

         Both groups were flying on their way back to our location, high above Fortress Island.  Dad’s group said that they were able to free a couple smaller pockets of captured dragons.  And when the island started to erupted under itself, it did not take much to herd the rest of Hari’s soldiers and Berserker soldiers back to their ships to escape the island.

         “By the way, son,” he added.  “I found these while I was searching one of the compounds.”

         “My bow!” I declared.

         Mother replied, “And your quiver.  Please be better careful of keeping an eye on your things.”

         I answered, with a slight smile, “Yes, mother.”

         Mother grinned.

         The second group I sent out to track down Dagur reported they search everywhere and did not see a trace of Dagur.

         Ali said, “He wasn’t found on the island.  But we got to kick some Berserker butt in the process, so it wasn’t a big ‘ol waste of time.”

         Angie added, “Nor did we find any of his flag ships out to sea.  And we searched for quite a long way until were heard what sounded like thunder.  We turned to back to see light flares on the island.  Thinking you guys might need our help, we quickly returned.”

         Ashley said, “Well, at least we were able to get all the dragons and even the soldiers off that rock before the rest of the island went down with them.”

         We all turned to observe now the southern half of the island, sink low enough to be submerged under the water from the ocean.  As the water rushed over the lava, pillars of steam could be seen below as earthquake subsided.  Now, the only part of the island left intact is the northern half; which makes sense as the northern half of the island is on higher ground.  It will be important to report to Hiccup and note on his map that this island is an active volcano.  The volcano and the island itself may not be very organized, but it is quite unstable and anything could trigger an eruption.

         Now that everyone is safe, and the mission completed, we returned home.  Home-home, as in Berk home.  Some, especially Annabeth, wanted to go back to Berk, as we stopped for a brief rest on our Edge.  It would be a longer trip back, but something about sleeping in a bed you are the most familiar with encouraged even those who have been staying at Mystery’s Edge.  Thoughts were passed along by Hattori, Hyrith, and Explod that maybe we should leave the outpost unprotected.  But seeing how there is now a chill in the air, contrasting from a warm day, there is a very thick fog bank covering the entire island.  Even when there is not the fog here, there is that artificial fog to the northwest that will keep ships from sailing from that direction.

         Sapphire added, “Not to mention I overheard Trader Johann saying that because of the intense fog in this area, a lot of trading ships and even scavenging ships stay clear of this area.”

         Meen asked, “But what about Hari?  Would he not try to find our outpost and destroy?  What about Dagur?”

         I answered Meen’s questions, “I think Hari will return to his own waters to the southeastern reaches of the archipelago.  As much as he would probably think of doing so, I think he too just wants to go home and have some time to relax.  About Dagur, it always seemed like his mind was elsewhere, like this was just a quick opportunity that came up with Hari.  When things went south, Dagur wanted no part and was encouraged to leave by Annabeth and indirectly by me.  Even though we need to capture Dagur, we could use how he left to our advantage one day.”

         Annabeth added, “But I don’t think Dagur needed too much encouragement to leave; as I overheard him talking that was going to leave tonight anyway.”

         We all remounted our dragons and continued our journey home.  Stories were shared of all the action me and my friends were involved in the past couple of days.

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I have some work to do over the next couple of hours, but the epilouge should be short and sweet compared to what I have been writing.  Still the epilouge could be fairly long.  >.<  I'll start work on it in a couple of hours and could have it completed by later tonight.

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Sorry I haven't been commenting on other chapter because I had to take care of a stupid Social Studies problem. I loved this chapter and can't wait for the ending.



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That's alright.  I've been busy (still am, even over fall break for me) with college work.  Gearing up for finals.  So with that, I had a hard time getting chapters posted on time.


The end of the chapter had more tension than usual.  I tried to add more of that as I did not have as big of fights.


The comedy relief in the first part with Jarl and Harold makes me laugh ever time... and I wrote it.  XD

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I don't know if any of you know noticed, but that was a Mulan reference to Mushu.  XD

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Mulan is the best Disney Princess movie. Of course I noticed the reference, I just forgot to comment about it.