On the Edge of Mystery: Chapter 22: Struck a Nerve

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After having a very busy week and getting some things done these past couple of days, I finally am able to post again.


As I have said, things are really going to start moving as you'll see at the end of this chapter.


What will it mean for Jarl and his friends?  Their dragons?

So stay tunned for that.


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I hope you enjoy the chapter and feel free to comment.  :)


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On the Edge of Mystery


Chapter 22


Struck a Nerve


          Now after finding an island for my outpost, construction for the outpost began soon after.  I asked some of my friends to see if they wanted to come join me on Mystery, which is what we are calling the outpost for short.  Some of them said yes, definitely, others wanted to stay on Berk, but nonetheless would still help me.  With a few staying behind on Berk, that would give me a team to investigate, patrol, and keep in reserves if I ever needed them.

          Those who gave me ideas for their part of the outpost are the following: Cazi, Annabeth, my two sisters, Meen, Garth, and Explod.  However also Hyrith, Angie, Ali, and Sapphire are going to come with but not “stay” at Mystery.  These four will act as the guards for the outpost while the rest of us are away.  On the other hand, Garth did mention that he would be spending a lot of time developing his inventions as the added space and less people around would give him the opportunity to try some things he has wanted to try for a while.  So even if some are not really going to stay for the long haul, every single one can and probably will go out on a trip, mission, or recon flight with me and the rest.  This is a bigger group to be on one island, but the purpose for our outpost is different than Dragon’s Edge; so we will need more vikings for different jobs.  Although we will help Hiccup and them as much as we can and vice versa.

          Spending a day and then two designing and creating a blueprint for the outpost by combining all my friends’ ideas into one, by advisement of Hiccup as well as advice on fortifying the outpost in case of attack, I gave the blueprint to Gobber who in turn got the construction process into motion.  Gobber’s knowledge on building and fortifying is also invaluable as he helped strengthen the ideas Hiccup and I had to make Edge of Mystery just as good as Dragon’s Edge.

          Construction on Mystery took a week or two longer than Dragon’s Edge.  For one thing Hiccup gets higher priority than I did for obvious reasons, but also because I did not start planning on an outpost until after construction had already started on Dragon’s Edge.

          Even though hardly anything happened in the mystery department, now that the outpost is fully functional, I and my friends can take anything head on.


          Edge of Mystery is located northwest of Berk.  Mystery is parallel to Dragon’s Edge as it not directly west of Hiccup’s outpost; but if you start out on a slightly south heading from west, you will be sure to see Edge of Mystery even if you were off by a few miles either way.  Hiccup asked me if he wanted him to log the island down and mark it down on his maps.  I actually said no and told him I wanted Edge of Mystery to stay just that: A mystery… at least for now.  I did not have the word “mystery” in its name for nothing.

          As I said before, Edge of Mystery is slightly smaller than Dragon’s Edge had does not have any snow capped mountains; although, it is during the summer, so maybe in the winter they are snow covered.  Since they do not have snow on them now, we know that the mount that is in the middle is nowhere near as the one on Dragon’s Edge; but nonetheless still the most prominent feature of the island.  Mystery has several beaches, a few with jagged rocks, and a couple others with great harbors and bays to dock ships.

          The outpost is located on the south side of the island, which had the best harbor around the island for ships.  Like I said, it is similar to Dragon’s Edge in certain ways, but altogether different.  Dragon’s Edge is built on the cliffs, sea stacks, and on the island itself.  Edge of Mystery is built right into our island as well as on a few cliffs and sea stacks.  Even though the harbor is great for ships, it can also be well defended too.  The sea stacks around the outpost harbor come out from the shore as high as the cliffs and gradually get smaller as the curve out south from the island and back to the west.

          If you look at Edge of Mystery from above, it looks like a normal round-ish island.  But it looks like someone had taken their finger, pushed on the island, and turned the island slightly to the right as all the hills, land, and sea stacks seem to spiral up from the west to east all the way around to the top of the mountain in the middle.  The whole island itself looks nearly like a Typhoomerang mark with the hills, valleys, and sea stacks the spiral part of the Typhoomerang mark.

          There are a few plains and valleys, but if you wanted to you could start from Edge of Mystery and walk all the way around the island in almost a circle and come back to the outpost.

          One other thing, if you came from Berk, you would have to fly through some “fog” to get to Edge of Mystery.  Then after flying for several minutes, you would come upon the outpost.  The fog itself is not fog, I actually still do not know what it is but my guess at the moment is steam from geothermal springs as the fog itself is light in color, seems damp, and yet warm and practically soothing.  So another thing that is similar to Dragon’s Edge, yet altogether different.

          On the west and northwestern direction from Mystery several miles away, there is some more fog.  But this type of fog seems very different than the other.  This fog feels quite cool as well as heavier, grayer in color, and smells different.  Reminds me of the fog mother told us of when she went with all of Berk to raid Red Death’s Nest.  So I felt we should either fly over or around this fog until we figured out exactly what this fog is.  Garth did say that the “fog” to the south of our island is probably a type of geothermal steam, but more study would be needed to determine exactly what it is.  Garth is also quite interested in the other fog to the north and west of our island.

          I wonder if these two types of fog kept explorers, traders, hunters, and even dragons from every finding this island.  Though we have not been on Mystery for very long and time will tell if dragons do know about this island.  Hiccup and the others did not find out about the Night Terrors until they had spent a night there.  However, in Mystery’s case, there were no incidents with dragons while building the outpost, but this does not mean there will not be any in the future.


          The one thing that did happen though was vikings on Berk starting to not see Sirena the same as Annabeth.  They seemed to start seeing Sirena as a threat, probably from what happened with Hiccup and even me and my friends with Greenie and the Snaptrapper.  Just as a precaution, Annabeth took Sirena out to Mystery even while construction was still going on.  Because of the views and looks and things that some may have started to say about Sirena, Annabeth started to change too.  Both things also caused Sirena to act differently too.  Sirena often flew off to who knows where, but then would return to Mystery later.  However, the duration of her time away grew more and more.  This compounded Annabeth’s morale and mood which in turn was sensed by Sirena as well.

          Talking with Annabeth a few times, I told her it might come to this, but she was hoping she could turn their minds because Sirena is different from every other Death Song.  But sometimes all the persuasion in the world cannot stop somebody from thinking and believe in the wrong thing.  You may say all the right things and it still does not make any difference.

          Once our outpost was built we moved all of our things we wanted to our huts on Edge of Mystery.

          Me and my sisters decided on sharing a hut, but inside our hut were individual rooms for us to have.  Basically three huts inside one big one.  Also since the building had to be large enough for me and my sisters to be in it, it is also our clubhouse.  The clubhouse is the highest building overlooking the whole outpost.  This was also the best place to get a vantage point of the whole outpost.

          There are wide gangplanks going off to the left and right from my hut or our clubhouse.  If you were standing at the door of the clubhouse looking out, down to the right is Annabeth’s hut and down to the left is Cazi’s Hut.

          Annabeth’s hut has the shape of a stubby “plus” is highlighted and accented with the usual dragon marks that Berk designs into each building and structure; Annabeth’s is Death Song themed with Sirena’s light blue and light purple color markings.  And also so she does not forget her other dragons, she had Stormcutter and Razorwhip dragon faces around the top of her hut.

          Cazi’s hut is round and highlighted with purple, the basic colors of a Skrill.  She has Strike Class theme throughout her hut and can lift a lightning rod, Garth’s design, to attract lightning for Sparklebolt and Electic to feed off of if they need a recharge during a lightning or thunder storm.  Safety precautions are in effect to help insure no fires start.

          Both of their huts including me and my sister’s hut/clubhouse are mostly on the base level of the island, but are outstretched some so the gangplanks can be built to reach lower levels.

          Meen’s and Explod’s huts are a level below, but on their own platform ledges from the cliff that had to be carved into to make space for their huts.  Meen’s is a square with a point side out to make it look like a diamond.  She has a Deadly Nadder theme with similar colors to Stormfly, but much darker.

          Explod’s hut is very colorful and has a lime green color with brown and yellow highlights to his hut.  Since Explod’s signature move is his awesome, “Hazor!  Sparko!  Explode!” then the yellows and brown on top of his hut looks like his hut did explode.  His hut is rectangular-ish with a Hideous Zippleback theme.

          Garth’s hut is off to the right down on a lower plain of the island.  He insisted it be rather off to the side so in case an explosion or accident did happen, it would not cause a major problem.  I use “if”, he used “when” it happens.

          There are four huts on the lower level of the island towards the shores where Hyrith, Angie, Ali, and Sapphire will be staying.  They are normal houses like back on Berk, but each one gets to customize the interior how they like.

          The stables are to the left of Cazi’s hut and about at the same height as the clubhouse.  Not only are the stables large enough for fifteen dragons, it also acts as our shelter in case of attacks by any enemies.  One reason we put this up so high is because from what Gobber and his small fleet tested, the stables are out of catapult range.  My dad also said that a catapult big enough to reach the stables would sink any normal sized ship.  A battleship dedicated to battle might have a chance, but even the jolt of said catapult would do as much damage to the ship, if the ship is not fitted correctly, as the boulder projectile would.

          The shape of the stables is like Dragon’s Edge’s, but with a front and back door, not to mention large enough to house fifteen dragons.  The cool thing about the stables is that we incorporated the idea of Hiccup’s Dragon Training arena into the armor that can be retracted to encase and protect the stables.

          Edge of Mystery does not have a dedicated Dragon Training arena as the purpose of this outpost is much different than Dragon’s Edge.  However, we will train our dragons when we can in marked out clearings and plains in the vicinity of our outpost.  I have been more for the practice-with-elbow-room kind of training than in an actual arena.  But, we will also prepare for close-quarters combat too; not to mention the fact that my group is just as skilled in weapon-to-weapon combat as say Hiccup’s group excluding Astrid.  A few in my group are even quite skilled in hand-to-hand as say Cazi uses daggers a lot.

          Plus, it seems like every girl now thinks like Astrid has the mentality of, “I want to stare down my opponent and look him in the eye.”


          Fairly soon after both Dragon’s Edge and Edge of Mystery were completed, Hiccup met me on Berk to tell me there –are- more than one Dragon Eye lens.  We both wanted to see if my artifact is a Dragon Eye lens.

          By my description of said artifact, Hiccup replied, “That has to be a lens.”

          I then replied, “How about we meet tomorrow at Edge of Mystery and look into this further.  The artifact is back at Mystery, anyway.”

          Hiccup agreed to come later tomorrow afternoon, which is now today.  I am waiting for him to come.

          It is earlier in the day and I thought I would catch a nap next to my dragon while lying on the beach.  I am a little west of the outpost.  Just as I started to nod off to peace and quiet…

          “Jarl!” yelled Asvord from above.

          Sighing reluctantly answered so she could hear me, “What is it?!”

          “Just come on, will ya!” she demanded

          Thinking it might be something important, I speed up some, mounted my dragon, and flew up.  My sister had already moved on and was flying back to the outpost.

          “Well thanks for waiting for me,” I quipped.

          Navigating Fredrick back to the outpost, I saw everybody’s dragon on or around Annabeth’s hut.  My heart skipped a beat as I urged Fredrick to quickly land on an adjacent gangplank.  Running through the crowd of vikings and dragons, I saw Anora off to the side collapsed but stirring before I seeing in the center is…

          “Annabeth!” I declared.

          I rushed to her side as I said, “We need to ge-.”

          Cazi interrupted as she appeared out of Annabeth’s hut, “Just got it prepared.”

          Reaching my arms under Annabeth’s back and her legs, I carried my friend into her hut and set her on her bed on the far side.  Asvord and Elsa were already preparing a cool wet cloth for me as I am finally able to realize what Annabeth looks like: She is practically black and blue all over, scratches and cut wounds are here and there on her arms, legs, and a couple on her face.

          Asvord handed me a cool cloth as I dabbed around Annabeth’s face as well as squeezing a tiny bit of water out of the cloth onto her forehead, this made Annabeth stir and try to speak.

          “S… Si… Jarl….,” She struggled to say in a whispered, weak tone; she has her eyes closed.

          “Shh, shh, shh,” I softly returned.  “I’m here and Anora is fine,” knowing she was also wondering about her dragon, I said that too.

          Annabeth seemed to sigh and relax when I said that still with her eyes closed, she then struggled to speak again, “Ja… they….. they have her.. S-Sirena…. I tried to stop an…. too… too many……. Attacked us.”

          Cazi whispered before I could, “Who did?”

          I could tell Annabeth was about to pass out, but she forced out before she did, “Dra-Dragon Hunters.”

          I then checked and heard her heart steadily beating and her pulse is fine, she just passed out from her whole ordeal.

          Stepping back to let Asvord and Elsa take over, Cazi and the rest of my friends walked back out of the hut.  I stayed in the hut for the moment to try and comprehend what just happened.

          I overheard Cazi saying furiously, “Dragon Hunters!  Oh, would I like to get my hands on the viking who did this!  No one hurts my sister like this and gets away with this!”

          Finally collecting my thoughts I joined my friends outside; Explod said as I did come out, “Dragon Hunters?  What does that mean?  Where did they come from?”

          I think somebody else was going to say something but I walked out and it became quite for a second.

          I spoke, “Don’t worry.  Whoever did this will wish they had not.  Someone struck a nerve… struck to close to home for us not to act and go on the offensive now.  No more waiting for a clue to come to us.  We are going to make our own clues.”

          Pausing for a moment, I began again, “Go and prepare for a trip by tomorrow.  When Annabeth wakes up, we’ll learn more.  And Hiccup is coming soon and we’ll see what is on my Dragon Eye lens.  This will definitely shed some light on the matter.  Hyrith, can you, Angie, Ali, and Sapp carefully scout the direction where Annabeth came from?  We need to make sure she was not followed.”

          “Already ready,” he responded.  “Just wanted to wait until you got back.”

          They mounted their dragons and flew off towards the northwest.

          Smoky is around and I did not even notice him.  Looks like he is trying to console me, but nothing can right now.

          I slowly walked back to my hut; hands behind my back, Smoky flew to my right shoulder, and anger starting to form, “No one does this to any friend of mine.  The viking responsible will get what they deserve.”

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