On the Edge of Mystery: Chapter 21: More Mystery

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1.  Been Busier than I thought.

2.  Had a birthday

3.  Of cycle of my sleep, so my nights and mornings are all hay wire right now.


So I apologize for not getting chapters out when they are supposed to be and whatever, but next week should be much calmer.  Just have to get through this one.


I hope you guys enjoy this chapter.


Still a little more fast forwarding to do, but I plan on having several chapters posted this week because first of all to make up for the times I haven't gotten a chapter out when I said I would (That just bugs me.) and two because I'm in a really good mood to write and so need to get it down on paper or on the computer.


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So tired right now I forgot to even colorize the intro. -_-

On the Edge of Mystery


Chapter 21


More Mystery


          The next day a few of my friends, my sisters, and I, set out to scout islands around the outer reaches of the archipelago.  We then had a few ideas for islands for bases on what Hiccup showed me, but we kept searching for right island to call home.

          On the second day of scouting, my group came across a small island.  We usually went out in two or three small groups to scout an island; my group would consist of my two sisters along with Cazi and Annabeth.  We had been to Dragon’s Edge just once before, but only saw it in passing as the group had flown out with the Academy riders as they were moving their gear while plans were still being made for building the outpost.  We broke off and headed west.  This is when we came across a certain island.  We flew through some fog that seemed to hang around the ocean waters, almost as if there are some geothermal springs around the surface here as the fog felt almost hot if not just warm.

          But once through, we came across an island.  Making a thorough search of the island, we all decided that this was going to be our island.  We sat down to check my map to find this island is not even listed as being there; all the more reason to pick the island.

          Seeing Dragon’s Edge, this island is smaller total size as there are no snow-capped peaks on the island.  Yet this is the only thing it lacked.  Cazi pointed out places where would be good for the outpost to go, Asvord noted the cliffs and harbors that we could defend and the ships could dock in, Annabeth considered the food and water supply for both us and the dragons and said it was adequate, and Elsa mentioned her idea for the outpost.

          Now remember what Hiccup told me, I then told everybody else that they should all make up an idea for the look of the outpost and design their own hut.  Then we will take a combination everyone’s design, except for each their own hut.  Everybody all agreed and Annabeth also asked if anybody one else would be coming with us to stay at our outpost.  I replied saying I had a few in mind, but first I would have to ask them if they wanted to join.

          Having that decided, I then thought of something crucial, “We need a reason to build an outpost there.  We should not just build an outpost anywhere just because Hiccup gets on.”

          And the reason came after a third day of scouting.  While scouting islands to the northwest, we came across Trader Johann sailing along on the sea.  He waved at us to come down, so we did.

          “Master Jarl and his friends please take a rest on my ship for a minute,” the Trader said.

          Cazi said, “Thank you, Johann.  I think our dragons needed a rest after scouting a suitable island for an outpost of ours.”

          “An outpost,” Johann echoed.  “No doubt because of the mysterious disappearances in this part of the archipelago.”

          “Disappearances?” I repeated.  “What’s up, TJ?”

          Trader Johann chuckled, “TJ, haha, that’s a first.  TJ, makes me feel young again when I hear that.  That actually reminds me of my time growing up and my friends calling me-.”
          “Johann,” I interjected as I rolled my eyes, regretting I said TJ.  “What about the disappearances?”

          “Oh, yes, the disappearances,” Johann stopped his story to get back on subject.  “Fascinating yet terrifying at the same time.  And-.”

          I slowly interjected, “Johann.”

          “Sorry, Master Jarl,” apologized Johann. “Well, there have been vikings and dragons alike suddenly go missing.  My usual stops I go to I always keep my ears open in case I hear important information or even a ‘great story’.”

          I shot a look at Trader Johann, he continued, “Anyway… while trading my wares with villages and ports along my normal routes these past few weeks, the vikings I dealt with have said other vikings have suddenly disappeared and then show back up on their own a few days later.  However, either them and or their living quarters are then taken advantage and items of value are stolen.  Items such as: helmets, lockets, jewelry, weapons, belts, such items as these are all then stolen.  Doesn’t matter if it is just a single viking or one that is part of a family, they go missing, robbed, and then return safely home a few days later with hardly a scratch on them.”

          A question came to mind, so I asked it, “Have any of the victims seen their captor’s or captors’ face or clothes to identify them?”

          “Afraid not,” answered Trader Johann.  “They say they blackout suddenly with no explanation why.  Then they wake up to find they have been robbed of their gear.”

          Inquiring further, I asked the next question, “When do these thefts usually take place?”

          He replied, “As far as I learned from the vikings I have spoken with, they occur when they are alone.”

          I then stroked my just-now-coming-on-beard, which by the just started to grow a couple weeks ago so one could not tell if I had one or not even up close… anyway, moving on… I remembered what happened to Annett; similar, although slightly different.  I do not recall her relaying any info that she and been robbed of anything.  On the other hand, how and why she blacked out is nearly identical; but, she was missing for less than two days, barely over one.

          As I was thinking, Annabeth then asked, “You said -dragons- are missing as well.  What do you mean by that?”

          A slight look of fear came over his eyes, “When I sail through certain areas, I steer clear of more densely populated areas and islands with dragons, marked out by Hiccup on my map.  But while sailing, I couldn’t help but notice places where I usually see Gronckles or Nadders, the populous of those dragons seem to be down.  Then one day I recently narrowly escaped with my life.”

          Asvord but in, “What happened?  And tell us without going into an elaborate story?”

          Johann took a deep breath to calm himself as he started to look nervous, “Just last week, I was sailing around the northern reaches of the archipelago and one night I woke up to find I had drifted off course towards an unfamiliar island.  My ship nearly ran around.  Thankfully I was able to steer clear of the shoreline and start to go around.  But suddenly as I was nearly half way around the island, I heard a blood-curdling noise.  It had different tones almost as it was singing a song.”

          I, my sisters, along with Cazi and Annabeth all quickly glanced at each other and knew what Johann was going to say next.

          “The dragon itself, even before I had seen it, sounded very menacing.  I feared the song was going to be my death song,” Trader Johann went on.  “As I was about to think I was out of danger, out of nowhere a shadowy figure swooped in and attacked me,” he paused to shudder.  “Oh, how that dragon scared nearly my spirit out of me.  The wings were on its neck… the way it moved was almost snake like… the whole dragon is one I hope to never see again.”

          Annabeth took slight offense to it because of Sirena, but knew Johann just had a bad experience with one, however asked with still a slight tone of offense, “That is just one dragon, Trader, other dragons even Gronckles or Nadders could act the same way and be just as defensive if they saw you as a threat.”

          “Me, a threat, Miss Everdeen?” he nearly exclaimed.  “I should hardly think so.  I try to be a friend to the dragon, but some just don’t return friendship with such hostility if they didn’t mean it.  The dragon fired several times at my ship, but missed all but one time.  Then it seemed to have either heard something or had seen we were getting too far from the island now and went back.  I don’t think I have ever sailed faster than that night away from any island.”

          The Trader went back behind a crate and picked up what we all recognized to be Death Song amber.

          “This is the material that hideous beast fired at me and my ship,” Johann added.  “If there was some way to mold or craft this material, I could probably make items of immense value to trade and sell.  But at the cost of risking one’s life to gain more, would be pointless.”

          At the mention of the information Trader Johann gave before his last remark, I thought, “Could it be that a Death Song as trouble firing shots at night?  Also, did the Death Song run through all of its shots or did it just not like straying too far from its main island?”

          Wanting to ask one more question before leaving, I mounted my dragon and said, “Johann, do you remember how many shots the dragon fired?”

          He thought for a moment, “Eight, I believe.”

          That sealed it right there.  Trader Johann did in fact come across a Death Song.

          With the information Trader Johann gave, we bid him, “Good day,” and started on the return trip back to Berk.  Reporting what we learned from the Trader to Stoick and to Hiccup at their house, who was there on Berk, the Chief and his son both agreed that with the disappearances between vikings and dragons around the archipelago, building this second outpost would be most useful in figuring out this mystery.

          I also relayed the man I believed to be a pirate, Hari Oldeson, along with bringing back up the information Annett shared about the stories she heard a group of pirates who had done fairly similar things in the past to what Trader Johann and said.  Even though Annett said these pirates operated out of the southeast then, the activity seems to be to the north and west now.  She even said to me later that the stories about the pirate came very infrequently towards the time when she finally got back on the trail of her brothers before eventually reuniting with them and settling on Berk.  So maybe these exact same pirates have moved their operation to the north and west ends of the archipelago’s reaches.  Not to mention that the Dagur and his men are operating in the north as well, but towards the east.

          “Perhaps there is a reason why there have been more activity in the northern half of the archipelago, than in recent years,” declared Stoick to me and Hiccup, after the report was done.  “I think it is up to you and Hiccup to find out who is behind this.”

          Hiccup then added, “I can follow Dagur’s trail.  You, Jarl, can follow the back end of these missing persons’ cases and dragon disappearances.  I’ll see what I can do on that end, but Dagur is really should be our main target and why I will be focused more on him.”

          “Sounds like a good strategy,” I said.  “We’ll hit it from both sides and see if we can’t all meet in the middle to find out who is behind all this.  Who knows.  Maybe we’ll find something altogether unique and something completely different.”

          Gobber had entered the house and said he came in to tell Stoick the men were ready to sail to Dragon’s Edge to start construction on Hiccup’s outpost.

          “Do you have a place picked out yet?” Gobber asked.

          “I believe I do,” I responded, now walking over to a map on the table near the fire.  “Right here.”

          I pointed to an island in northwestern rim of the archipelago, yet under my finger on the map, there is nothing there.

          “Um,” Gobber started.  “There is no island there.”

          “You think there is no island there?” I asked.  “Well, my sisters, two of my friends, and I were just there today;s imilar to Dragon’s Edge, but all together different.”

          Stoick gave a nod to Gobber as he looked at him for the go ahead to sail to Dragon’s Edge; Gobber then replied to me, “I don’t know how you do it Jarl.  You always find a mystery no matter what and figure it out.”

          “Well I had a good starting one,” I smiled back at Gobber and winked.  “No more trolls stealing your left socks.”

           “Though two trolls whose names I shall not name but are identically stupid to each other, are always prone to keep an eye on.  I’ll be glad when most of their time is spent with you Hiccup, no offense,” Gobber laughed.

          Hiccup laughed to, “None taken,” but with a hint of resentment because now he will have to deal with the Twins on a more regular basis than before.

          “Jarl,” Gobber said before he exited the house all the way.  “It always seems like you are on the edge of mystery solving.  No matter what is found, said, or have been done, you always find a way.”

          I exclaimed, “That’s it!  Thanks by the way, Gobber.”

          “You’re welcome,” he answered.  “What’d I do?”

          “You just came up with the new outpost’s name,” I stated.  “Edge of Mystery.”

          “I did?” Gobber asked surprisingly.  “Well, you had probably already been thinking about something along those lines.  So I just helped you out.  But your title is close to that of ‘Dragon’s Edge’, don’t ya think?”

          “Not really,” I said.  “I’m always on the edge of solving a mystery anyway.  Why not name the outpost that… Edge of Mystery.”

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