Earning gems?

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I've been looking around but only way i can find in the game is inviting friends or buying them and i can't do either of those options, Is there any thing else i can do to gain gems? they mentioned videos and some other things along side the inviting friends but the game only listed the inviting friends option.

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Another way

Before, you only recieved 8 gems every five consecutive days you entered SoD. Recently, the changed the daily bonus system to give you 15 gems on day three, and 25 on day four. Basically, just log on everyday to recieve your daily bonus. 


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Thanks for the info, good to

Thanks for the info, good to know i'm not going to be stuck with just my one character and dragon.

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You are not able to watch

You are not able to watch videos? this is greatly improved, I earned up to 40 gems daily doing this,, there is a limit and it varies from day to day, there were videos giving out 10 and 20 gems, check it out

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I looked in the area where

I looked in the area where every picture and video showed for getting the free gems, It went right into the inviting friends area no list about all the options like the videos and pictures showed.

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You need to first invite ur

You need to first invite ur friend - just type in a random email then the next day u login u will see the other option video offers or complete offers...,

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I earned alot of gems from

I earned alot of gems from inviting friends. i may have created a fake account or two but it got me around 100 gems. Also i went to "complete offers", i had played this game a year ago, but there wasnt an option for that. But when i got on my phone, android, it did. U can only complete those offers through phone then i guess... atleast i think.



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Well, actually I just compete

Well, actually I just compete in battle events. I usually use my groncicle, which I got as a prize by doing the Loki's Mirage maze, and every time, I earn gold. The gold box contains mostly skins, eggs, and defenders saddles, and i already got four saddles and 300 gems from that.












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My advice for earning gems

I've discovered a way to really easily earn gems quite quickly that doesn't involve doing sketchy offers on tapjoy or buying them with real money.

Ideally, firstly invest in a couple of boulder class dragons. (if you have 2 it's usually fine but I've been able to do it with just a Gronickle on one account) Once you have a couple that are at a decent level, keep refreshing the stable quest that appears on the bottom left until you get a quest called 'Construction Zone.' It's a 1hr 30min long quest where one of the prizes is a 'fistful of gems' aka a helmet with gems in it. This reward is like a chest; you get cards to choose from which allow you to win from a range of 10-100 gems depending on which card you pick. The quest is a boulder class quest so having two or more boulder class dragons means you get a much high chance of winning but it's not impossible to complete it without boulder class dragons, they just help your chances a great deal. When you've completed the quest one comes up that has something to do with eels. Just refresh that quest and you should get the Construction Zone quest again and simply repeat this method over and over. I have 3 Viking accounts and I do this quest on each account and it means every hour and half I get a decent amount of gems.

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Well, inviting friends is the

Well, inviting friends is the easiest for me. Yup, creating a new gmail or yahoo mail is hard and wasting free time, but do you know how to create a fake account without info just in 3secs? 

I'll mail you the tutorial :)

It's definitely helpful! i gained about 3000gems for this.


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It might not be your best idea to recommend or do gem exploits. That's what a lot of people had to find out the hard way a while ago. Your account might get deleted from SOD. Just saying !