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Hello! So I have a question. How can we get gems without spending money?


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My Dramillion ran off with the subject and ate it with Chicken

Daily logins (as of tomorrow when Thawfest ends)
Achievements (target ones that give gem awards)

So... After that advice, the only more advice I can give you is to be patient.


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You can also earn gems depending on your place in the ranks of the battle events. 



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Wiggles the whispering d.eath ate my subject

Dragon tactics can give you gems occationally. Actually I've been kind of lucky with that as of late.



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1- Battle Events
2- Stable Missions
3- Daily Bonus
4- Watching Videos
5- Achievements
The most efficient way is option 2, but it requires special dragons, as well as option 1.
1- For the first option, it is easier when you use Scauldron, Screaming Death, Seastormer but, MAINLY, Prickleboggle. Golden Chests are more likely to give you gems.
How to do it: Use the mentioned dragon to shoot the Ship at Training Grounds every time it appears. The dragons mentioned can create several consecutive shots, but only Pricklebbogle has the highest limit of consecutive shots (24 in total, the highest in the game at the moment) and, since the points are calculated for hit shots and not for damage done, that one that more hit the ship guarantees more points. With this, it is easy to get a Golden Chest. The rest depends on your luck, but even without getting gems there are still great chances of getting Stables, Dragon Eggs or even Saddles.
2- For the second option, it is better when you have dragons on the Titan stage, but mainly one of the Furies (Light Fury, Toothless, Dart, Pouncer or Ruffrunner). Even so, the most feasible for this job are the Night Lights, which are permanent and can enter the stable mission that offers the greatest amount of gems. And, of the Night Lights, the ones that offer the best chances are Puncer and Dart.
How to do it: The second 1-tier stable mission (4 stars of difficulty) offers Titan Runes, use it to turn good dragons into Titans and then look for a gem quest in the third mission of the first row (5 stars of difficulty). The second method is to do a second mission from the bottom row which is for members, but this one is especially suitable for everyone who has Night Lights. The mission is called "Bright Night Flight" and only 2 Furies can enter. I advise Dart and Pouncer for greater chances.The amount of gems as a victory prize is one of the biggest in the game, so stay tuned for when the Night Lights come back to the store.
5- For the fifth option, keep in mind that it will only work once (there is a method to be able to make them several times as gem farming, but I do not advise anyone to do this), so have this option as an Amount to get the first gems . Once you get all the Achievement gems, save them to buy one of the mentioned Night Lights, and then you never have to worry about gems again.
In fact, the only difficulty in the game is getting XP, as Gold and Gems are very accessible when you have a good distribution.
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Thanks to everyone for their help!


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the event ends today so make sure to be active on battle events, i believe with good luck u can get up to 500 gems daily :D


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Here's all the ways you can

Here's all the ways you can get gems!

1) Battle events every hour (they've given me up to 200 gems each)

2) Dragon Tactics (can give you some gems, but dont bet on it all the time)

3) Chests from Stable quests (often in the Toothless quests, can give you at the least 300 gems)

4) Gifts from SOD team (often contain gems, can be found in messages generally before and after an event and if you've had a serious problem)

5) Daily log in (can give you 50 gems if you visit SOD 5 days in a row)

6) Achievements (dont recommend doing the Cogs and Incredible Machine ones though, there's a serious glitch on them)

7) Membership (this one gives you 500 gems monthly, though if you dont want to pay, then you cant get a memebership, except for the trial one that costs gems and hardly gives you anything).


Please note: I'm still looking out for new ways to get gems




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