Duplicate storm cutter egg

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Hello, Im AlexDefoe ,and i would like to report a serious bug. Today 17.5.2018 ,i have bought 3 mystery dragon chests. Well immidietaly after i bought the chests ,1 chest opened in my shop o.o . I was like "okey" ,so i took the egg , ive got stormcutter . But after that i wanted to open the rest . No chests in my inventory! i restarted the game , still no chests in my inventory and then i check if egg is still there. 3 STORMCUTTER EGGS?! 



There are 2 eggs cus , itried to put 1 into hatchery if its only visual bug 



Uhm may i ask you guys if you ever got the same problem. Was checking forum and couldnt find any similar post . To adminds ,can i get refund or something? deleting the 2 eggs ,i wouldnt mind . its just kind of unfair i opened 1 chest it bugged like that.

Thanks for comments guys! i hope admins are gonna help me cus i really love this game. And such bugs bothered me 3 years ago. i would be disappointed if there are appearing again for me >< 

Computer : Laptop HP elitebook

Ope. system : Windows 7

What were you doing when bug occured : Nothing honestly. only discord and SOD opened