Dreadfall Weapon Ideas

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I have some suggestions for new dreadfall weapons for Dragon Tactics.


1. A Red Version of the Paralysing Dreadfall Axe. It could be called something like... the Blood Amber Dreadfall Axe.

2. A mottled red and orange focus Dreadfall Axe. It could be called the Flaming Dreadfall Axe.

3.A blue and green version of the focus Dreadfall axe. This one could be called the Ghostfire Dreadfall Axe.

4. A spear or lance based on the Dreadfall Batty Helm. The spear version could be partly based on the winged axe from Impossible Island as well. It could be called the Horrifying Bat spear/lance.

5. A Black and Red version of said spear or lance. This one could be called the Terrifying Bat spear/lance.

6. Maces/swords based on the Skrillknapper and Dreadstrider. The Skrillknapper could have a mace design based on it, and the Dreadstrider a sword design. This would fill in the gaps left by the Bonestormer recieving a crossbow and the Humbanger an axe.

7. Dreadfall War scythes- I haven't seen those in dragon tactics, and like spears, they're little known/underrated. The war scythe and spear could at least have some unique combinations of moves if not their own unique moves. The spear could have a thrusting move and a move where the viking throws the spear like a javelin. The war scythe, on another hand, could have a sweeping move, and a move where the viking winds up (pulls the scythe up, and over their head), and then strikes downwards/forwards with it.


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