Dreadfall Screenshot Contest Thread

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Greetings Vikings,


We are opening up our Screenshot Contest to our forums! For any participants that are interested, please refer to our Rules and Regulations post in General Announcements for how to enter. May the odds be in your favor.




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Well, given that posts are allowed here, I'll go ahead and assume I can participate in this contest by posting my three screenshots here?  I hope it's okay to not post them all at once, as I only have one right now:

This is my Viking, DragonridersFury (and his Sumarhildr baby, Scorpiantler), having finally completed Dreadfall this evening, 11/3/22.  I decided to take a commemorative screenshot to share with a fellow clan member. :)


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(Sorry just noticed it ends nevermind)


Entering with two entries!


My Graveknapper (Rose) having some good time in pile of bones in the dark deep cave!


This bone pile also reminds me of that cave in Berk...I think there used to be a bone pile or a boneknapper in that cave? (It was like years ago when I did the quest, can hardly remember)

But since that's something to do with "bones", it gave me deep impression...


After taking the screenshot above, I went back to that cave in Berk...

Probably because of bad sense of direction, I'm not able to find that boneknapper (bone pile?)

But instead I found this Whispering Death at the entrance of the cave, somehow feels interesting and gave a scary vibe, so I took a screenshot of it too.


(By the way also found a part full of spiders...I don't know if I've ever been there, or didn't turn on the sound before...going back to the cave and heard that soundeffect...it's somehow giving me chills too)


Viking name: CelticWhite

This photo is taken several minutes go, 11/11/22.

Using android screen capture.


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