Dreadfall quests not working

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Hello, some Dreadfall quests are not working.

1) After I collect trash for Astrid and follow her back... nothing happens. No reward, no additional info or task.

2) Ditto after collecting items for Mala.

I have done each quest a couple of times with no luck.

Any help / advice appreciated.

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My advice for that terrible Astrid escort quest is to follow/get pushed by her until until she's done jogging, do what she asks and zone out. Then zone back in and repeat until you did all 3 'following' objectives.


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Angry chieftain quest broken

Same with the chieftiian daily quest. After I found Ruffrunner, it loads endlessly. I had the same problem before after I found Dart, so I just gave up on that quest and hope they fix it. But it's still broken.


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I'm also having problems with

I'm also having problems with the Angry Chieftan quest. I was able to complete it successfully once. But Darts shelter never showed up until after finding and tapping on Pouncer and Ruffrunner. Three days ago I tried the quest again.

Now when I try to finish it, those two show up but whichever one I tap on second causes spinning gears and the game freezes! I've logged out and back on and uninstalled the app 3 times in the last three days to no avail and the Quest board hasn't worked since this glitch has happened so it's been three days since I've been able to do a quest. 

please help fix this