Dreadfall Hybrid Challenge 2022!

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 I created these prompts so those of you who are bored artists can practice summoning your spookiest dragons...Happy Dreadfall!


1. Boneknapper x Graveknapper

2. Skrillknapper x Deathgripper

3. Graveknapper x Flightmare

4. Bonestormer x Humbanger

5. Flightmare x Hushboggle

6. Dreadstrider x Skrillknapper

7. Whispering Death x Bonestormer

8. Screaming Death x Night Fury

9. Humbanger x Whispering Death

10. Hushboggle x Goregripper

11. Night Fury x Sentinel

12. Deathgripper x Grim Gnasher

13. Goregripper x Whispering Death

14. Grim Gnasher x Skrillknapper

15. Sentinel x Humbanger

16. Boneknapper x Sentinel

17. Skrillknapper x Screaming Death

18. Graveknapper x Goregripper

19. Bonstormer x Flightmare

20. Flightmare x Sentinel

21. Dreadstrider x Night Fury

22. Whispering Death x Dreadstrider

23. Screaming Death x Flightmare

24. Humbanger x Grim Gnasher

25. Hushboggle x Humbanger

26. Night Fury x Flightmare

27. Deathgripper x Boneknapper

28. Goregripper x Graveknapper

29. Grim Gnasher x Flightmare

30. Sentinel x Bonestormer

31. Draw your idea of what a Lycanwing might look like


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Pixel Dragon collection by Chameishilda (There may be a  few duplicates...)



Champion Frostshard- a Laxing Blizzardon by Chameishilda


Funtime Springtrap- as made by ZestyDragonWing

A Nightfury-Boneknapper Hybrid by Just_Visiting


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By the way, here's the link to my deviantart gallery for those who want to view my own artworks based on this challenge and the Goretober Art Challenge: