Dreadfall 2019 might be the buggiest SoD update

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My game was one of the last to stop working, but this is out of hand. I can’t even get into the game now, because of that stinking fAiLeD tO sYnC error. Which means I literally can’t  do ANYTHING.

Devs, please fix this.


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God why

Agreed! Well, I can log into game but the cauldron is still bugged and can't even get new dailies since the board is unclickable :')




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The developers are currently working on the problem as we speak. It would require some paitence. I don't think anyone in the team is as heartless as not letting anyone be able to achieve the dragon in the end, and based on how many people are experiencing these issues, there will be some compromise. In other words, none of these posts have been ignored.


Then again, there are no playtesters for SoD. There will be bugs in every update that will slip under the cracks. There is only a small team that is non-profited, and it will take some time to sort things out.


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Hey that reminds me, couldn’t we become admins or just mods on the forums?

Just a second ago I scolled past a “wanted admins!” Sticky post or something like that. Didn’t read it but did anyone become admins after that?


We could use this to also add beta testers for updates etc. 

Making use of trusted people or people with the tag “supreme viking champion” that spend alot of time on the forum could be used to spread information on how the game changes or something?

SoD YouTubers could have some influence too



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I love this idea So. Much.

I love this idea So. Much.

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Agreed, very much.Although I

Agreed, very much.

Although I do understand the frustration, because I'm dealing with the same error. I can get into the game and all, but I can't do very much before the thing pops up.

and I hope you're right about the compensation.

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I have the same thing, I really want to play and earn the new dragon, but NOPE. 


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Tbh, I love Skrills, and the Skrillknapper is one


but I’m not even trying to get the dragon by now- it’s impossible to get without gems and rn I’m trying to save up for a Scauldron. I rlly just want to even be able to even get on the game.

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If it ain't one thing...

After shifting back and forth between my PC and my iPad, I finally managed to get the Bucket Quest that allowed me to play Dragon Tactics. And now the Dreadfall Dailies are broken.


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