Dragons: The Nine Realms - NEW HTTYD SERIES

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I'm sure exactly how I feel about it, but I'll definitely be watching it (click to see trailer).






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Yup, I feel exactly the same. 

Not going to lie, so far I'm a little dissapointed in the character models (especially the square looking nightfuries), and the fact that story so far seems a little... repetative. I feel like they're pulling a Force Awakens on us. 


But, never judge a book by it's coever I guess. I'm exicted for the new content and will at least try watching it.



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   Yeah, I don't really like the blockiness of the Night Light hybrid dragon's design either. Honestly the whole trailer gives me major Trollhunter vibes. The animation and the world and the main character look like something that would fit right into Arcadia. Personally, I think I liked the style of Riders of Berk, Race to the Edge, etc. better, but I'll probably grow to like this new show as well.

   I feel a little ripped off too though. I mean, I had all these feelings with letting go of HtTYD with the last movie and the Christmas short, and then they drop this. For me, mentally, HtTYD is over. I kind of have to have a change of mind to accept this new addition to the universe... and I can't help thinking that it's a money-grab to help the ever-in-financial-troubles DreamWorks (which is sad because I love Dreamworks). But what can I say, I won't not gobble up HtTYD content (excluding Rescue Riders. Ew.) - it's my childhood and it's literally shaped who I am and what I do and plan to do in life. Guess I'll cross my fingers.

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Dude you're so right, MAJOR Trollhunter vibes! And I'm just constantly trying to ignore how flat they feel/look, especially in what could be an absolutely gorgeous setting. I definately prefered the animation for Race to the Edge, etc.


With the Night Light Hybrid espeically... I don't know, I guess I'm still a little mad at DreamWorks for changing the Night Fury shape in the first palce back in HtTYD 3 - please tell me I'm not the only one that though the Light Fury was waaaay too smoth and textureless. And now they've gone to the other extreme, super blocky and textured. 


And yeah, with the series overall, I made my peace with it ending with HtTYD 3! It was a good ending, pulled all the right heartstrings, nice and strong, and felt like a fitting conclusion. Now they're just reviving it because........ 

I agree it feels like a quick money grab to keep milking a very profitable, very tired cow :P


I'd say part of me is scared to watch it, becuase HtTYD is also one of the few series left from my childhood that hasn't been ruined by clumsy coporate cash-grabs. And if this is the "new generation" of HtTYD and it ends up being as bad as it looks right now.... Yeah, no. 

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I've seen the trailer some time ago, and ngl I like the design of that fury fellow. I think it's cute.


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Aye, same.


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They really got to stop beating the dead horse.


1. Intro is a Marvel rip off


2. We are somehow still stuck with the cow dragons. Enough with the fan-servicey cow dragons. They weren't good to begin with, and they still aren't good now. 


3. The design looks horrendous. 


4. The concept is entirely unoriginal in that "the dragons are back except it's modern world now". Like, if I tried to count the amount of RPs and Fanfic with this trope in it, I would be here all night. Not saying that the concept is bad. But it can either go really well or really poorly, there is no inbetween. By the look of this, and the insistence of the cow dragons, it will likely be the latter. 


4.5: Like, if they are gonna set this in the modern world, I want to know how bringing a new apex predator into this world which it has largely been extinct in will affect the ecosystem. Like, this could literally be so disasterous for entire biomes, bleeding into the economy, and countires. They have a really ripe oppuruntity for a really nice plot here rooted in enviornmental science to teach kids how interconnected everything is set in a pre-dysoptian era.  I doubt this will ever be covered. If it is mentioned, it will likely be the "wow dragons were found and now the evil military man wants to weaponise them". The same tired plot of everything from Jurassic Park to Captian America. This is also played out time and time again in the entirety of the HTTYD lore from RTTE to the movies. 


4.5(pt2): I'm just worried about it becoming yet another recyled plot with another recyled Hiccup. This is beginning to get like Harry Potter. They just need to leave this franchise alone. It came to a neat and satisfying conclusion. Stop trying to milk a dead cow. 



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Wolf and Star wrote:

4.5(pt2): I'm just worried about it becoming yet another recyled plot with another recyled Hiccup. This is beginning to get like Harry Potter. They just need to leave this franchise alone. It came to a neat and satisfying conclusion. Stop trying to milk a dead cow. 


For real though.

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Adding another poinmt to this because I have to ask




where.... where are these Nightlights coming from? There were only 3. And they all were siblings.

So for there to be Nightlights 1.3k years into the future then that can only mean one thing (unless this is dart and dragons can live to be well over 1,000 years old)....



I guess you could argue that they bred with the numerous Lightfury shown in the Hiddenworld and okay, I'll accept that. But then this character should be far more Light and far less Night



They're inbred, mutated cow dogs. 

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I've always thought that since Toothless mated with Toothpaste (Light Fury) then the other Night Furies would probably have produced offspring with the Light Furies occasionally, before they went extinct. Then there would be some other Night Lights around somewhere, maybe to just breed with the LFs or among themselves. This might be able to keep the numbers up enough so that the Night Lights could still be around in the modern world. Grimmel wants to kill the NFs but clearly not the LFs, which makes me think he would leave the Night Lights alone too, since they're not pure Night Furies which is the only Fury he seems to want to hunt. I think the Night Lights might have enough smarts and natural skills to evade capture, and if they arose from breeding with the LFs, then they would probably live in the Hidden World since that's where the LFs live, so they'd be safe from dragon hunters and all that.


So maybe, just maybe they'd still be around when it came to modern times. But as for all the rest of it, I really agree with you that unless they can make it work, it's time to stop milking that old cow dragon.



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I refuse to make a concrete

I refuse to make a concrete opinion until I watch the first episode.

The reasons being:

1. I'm a sucker for HTTYD

2. I'm a sucker for nightlights

3. early/first trailer releases are always more clunky that the video/series

4. I forgive bad animation if good story plot

5. We're in a completely different time and setting so everything gets thrown out.

6. those dragons had better not talk


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Literally all of this

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Yess same. I've only seen a couple seconds of animation or whatsit- it didn't look that good but yeah, it's a trailer after all. I'll download the first couple episodes when they are out and form a proper opinion.


Let's hope it won't be like the other HTTYD shows!


P.s. people who complain about money-- yeah it's about money. always was, always will be. everything httyd exists because of money. all media like it does. everything is a cash grab, everything is for profit. Money is always number one reason. it's nothing new, and it's not a bad thing.

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You know what this reminds me of...

An episode of Spongebob Squarepants where Mr. Krabs digging up a grave for a million dollar hat. But before he digs he says, "Am I really gonna defile this grave for money? Of course I am!" Something like that. I'm just gonna wait for the reviews.



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Honestly, I'm excited to see

Honestly, I'm excited to see it. 
The dragon looks like my cat, but with a snout. 

One plot twist I'm hoping to see, is if the kid is a descendent of Hiccup, and maybe since it's the Nine Realms, they go to Valhalla and possibly even see Hiccup and Toothless. 
Maybe that could be how the kid gets his dragon, is because he somehow sees Hiccup and Toothless, and they want him to find the dragons again and help them. 
This might be a very far fetched idea, but it could happen.




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Aloha Lola

Being honest, there have been multiple cartoon TV shows that prove high-quality animation isn't everything. To those who know this, take Jimmy Neutron as a prime example. The animation was revolutionary back then but if you were to watch episodes in Youtube, you'd see the animation... isn't the best (by today's standards).


Still, it received a lot of positive reviews by critics and winning Kids Choice Awards (didn't know this, had to search it up lol).


What really did it was the characterization and plot. If 'The Nine Realms' manages to pull this off like JN, then I think it could be a cool reboot of the franchise. 


I do have to say what made me interested of watching this trailer was the voice acting. I like the main character's voice. In my personal opinion, way better than Hiccup's original va (on the movies seulment; I did like his dialogue in RTTE thou). I'm personally interested of finding out what has happened with the dragons all these years, and although I agree that there have been multiple fan-media covering the "dragons in a modern world" trope, they're just that.


Fan-made. Not official.


Who knows? Maybe they'll come up with original plot points as to where they were, what they've been doing, who's the ruler of dragons right now, new dangers, new dragons...


Although, for the love of everything that's good and pure. I really hope they don't make talking dragons.

I'll yeet a table if they do.



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Pouncer dive-bombed me at high-speed...

Oh, jeez-I hope so too.