Dragons missing from the stables, can't view stable quests

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So I just came across this, not fully sure where to post this problem, so my apologiez if this is the wrong place for it.


So I just logged onto the game, whenever I start the game, I always choose to spawn in the stables to view the progress of the stable quests, complete them, and start new ones, you know the drill.


So now I logged in and I was greeted with this message, I was confused at first, I pressed 'Okay' and decided to click on the stable quest stand instead (when you start the game in stables, it will always pop up the box with progress of the stable quests, instead of that I got the error message):


If I want to view my dragons in my stable, ALL of them are empty, nobody is in any stable:


However if I leave the stables, and go to switch dragons, they show they are available, and the ones "currently in stable quests" have no error logo (something like this, I believe:



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So my main post is cut off a bit for some reason... I'll add the rest I originally had in there:


When I go out of the stables, I can still view and swich my dragons (I did not try switching active dragons just in case because I am quite scared of losing them all at this point):


When I returned to my stables, they had put my currently active dragon into the main stable, on the spot where I originally had my Groncle on:


How did this happen? Why did it? Is there anything I can do?

This problem was on all devices I play the game on: laptop, PC, and phone.

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Dude, relax. It's a common glitch. (My guess is that) [T]here is a code block that displays this information, but the game starts before the loading completes. This results in the dragons "leaving their stables". There is a very easy way to fix this:

  1. Close the game and reopen it.
  2. Relog into the current Viking selected. (no closing required)
  3. Clear your Unity Cache.

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If you do what Megabolt says and that doesn't help, you will have to manually put all your dragons back into their stables. I had this problem happen to me on Thursday and I tried exiting and reentering the game, uninstalling and reinstalling the game, and waiting until Friday to see if it fixed itself and nothing worked. I had to rename all my stables and put all my dragons back into their stables. 


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I’ve done that 8 times

Does anyone have a fix for mobile?


i have a snow wraith i guess, nothing important about my character 

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If you've done it 8 times already then I suggest to just stop trying for today. The game is messing up today and it seems that the solution that usually works isn't working. I'd just wait and try again tomorrow.

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Another problem

I have. 


three times

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It seems to be one of those weekends where the game just isn't working right. I was able to play yesterday without my dragons glitching out of their stables but the game definitely wasn't running like it should. I had long loading times trying to get in game, sometimes I would just get endlessly spinning gears, sometimes the game wouldn't register that I had fed my dragon. If your dragons keep glitching out of your stables, I'd put them back in, and then just leave the game alone for the rest of the weekend. Something's wrong somewhere because putting your dragons back in their stables once should fix the issue. It shouldn't occur every time you log into the game. It sounds like there's something the devs need to fix when they come back to work tomorrow. 

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Same thing happend to me, 

Same thing happend to me,  hope they fix this. ;w;

Oh, also I CAN'T switch my dragons!!! It just asks if I want them to "Move in" or "visit" I tryed to visit them but nothing happend!!!! I really miss riding my titan woolly howl!! ;w;


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I have the same issue. Hopefully this can be resolved, because all the dragons I worked so hard to earn aren't available to select from the stables anymore. And I'm also super scared of switching my main dragon too xD


Please, somebody fix this. I can't access my dragons and the stables are all messed up. Halp xD




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Same issues

Same for me. All issues described above. Plus, prior to that, I paid 500 gems for making timberjack titan, but next day he was adult again. Without my 500 gems!

And same is happening with two separate accounts I am running

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Okay, I went ahead and individually put all of my dragons back into their stables. So far so good, it seemed to keep my dragons even after quitting the game and I was able to switch between them.

But.... It also reset all my stable quests, I had 3 of them active, I also had saved up this fairly rare, expensive quest that rewards you 10 Titan runes and takes a week to finish. You know the one. Well, now it was replaced, I never earned my rewards from the other active quests. That's a pity.

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Unfortunately the stable quests resetting is just what happens when your dragons glitch out of your stables. It really stinks but there's unfortunately nothing you can do about it. 

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Ahhh that's too bad, that was the first time it has happened to me and I was really hoping it would be a one-time thing..

But thanks, I guess I am a little less worried now, it's gonna take me ages to get that week-long quest back.