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So, please for the love of Odin, help me!

1. I was just logging into my primary Viking account, and when I got in I get a "quest" intro from Hiccup saying that I'm the new student and I have to meet him at the docks of Berk!

2. My dragon is not beside me anymore; there's no presence of the mount/dismount button to ride the dragon, as well as the dragon is NOT THERE!

3. The Snoggletog event progress screen has somehow reverted back to the beginning where your first prize is the tree decoration. However, I still have all my collected cookies and prizes but the progress bar has gone back to the beginning!

4. My dragons in the stables are gone; their profile pics are still there in each designated stable, but NO DRAGON!

Please, pleasepleaseplease, PLEASE HELP!!!
I CAN'T LOSE 7 FULL YEARS OF PROGRESS FOR THIS! I love this game so much, and I just can't lose it all over these glitches!



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Email the admins and devs

First, before you consider it a bug, see if other people are having the same problem. If they are, then it can be considered a bug and you should emaili the admins about it. Also, it might be something with your account only. I can think of 3 solutions that might possiby work. Uninstall the game and re-install it again. Use a different viking and see if it's the same on that viking. Create a whole 'nother account; not just viking and see if it's the same on that account. If it's the same on all of them, emaili the admins at support@schoolofdragons.com from your actual email.



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Where's the Beef?!

You're right; I need to calm down a bit for one. I'm just a little afraid to even just click/tap a button or character or the whole system would just collapse on me.
And yes, I am already trying to get in touch with support about my problem; and I also just needed to post my troubles on just about every one of their social media sites so they can actually READ them. And so far, I've only just uninstalled the game, but I'm going back to reinstall to see what happens.

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All I needed was to uninstall and reinstall the game; now my primary account has all her babies (dragons) back, the dragon's appearing next to her again, and the cookie progress is back to normal!!!

Umm... Also, devs if you happen to be reading this post by now, please ignore this, and sorry for my paranoia.

I need to lay down for a bit.

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Oh boy, looks like my page failed to update until now. Sorry about the other post. XD

But it's good thad you managed to fix everything!





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I thought it would work and

I thought it would work and your welcome.

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I noticed that cache-clearing and the like only seemed to worsen my account-related problems sometimes. So for now, don't try to do ANYTHING to "fix" it and hope that you managed to reach out to Support (which, as surprising as it may sound, is very likely). If you get no response, bump the ticket as many times as you have to.


There is no reason to lose your cool. The data that is tied to your account is still there, and will do so for a (objectively) long time. Even if you were to be "hacked", what's tied to your account can, in most if not all cases, be recovered. In fact, still having remains of your dragons and your snoggletog cookies intact means that you haven't lost them for good. Even if you did, the team can look back on recent data and act accordingly.

I know, I didn't provide any technical help, but I hope my words of reassurance compensated for that.


Good luck.