The dragons that Hiccup forgot. (Deathgripper pondering)

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We've all thought it at some point. I'm not the first to notice. And really is just one of MANY things that went wrong with the third movie and that SOD managed to do better. Sympathy for the litterally mind controlled minions of Mr. Self Proclaimed Nightfury m.urderer. These dragons were designed to look as scary as possible and SOD's version turned out so cute I named Mine Smiley.

He's a gud boi.


The movie didn't provide us with much about how these creatures act in the wild. The only things we know for sure can be inferred by their general biology and by a few statements from a maniack. (Not to imply they aren't true but...I'll get to what I mean by that in a moment)


We don't know some pretty basic things about them (Wikis and some game statements may contradict but I'm talking about common from the movies knowlage). they care for their young or not. Are they solitary or pack hunters when wild? Are they exlusive other dragon eaters or do they suppliment with other things? Where do they come from? Are they common where they are from or are they rare dragons? We know these things about d.eathsongs. Those dragon canibals were studdyed pretty extensivly as the animals they are even with their frightening side.

From their venom the d.eathgripper probubly has a no less horrifying method. Perhaps they take obedient drugged prey to their young like some wasps do. Given the temporary nature of the venom it is doubtful that they then seal the place with the live prey and the eggs like those wasps would then do after but simply us this as a way to not have to carry an entire other dragon home before going for the k.ill.

But that's all speculation from the weirdly spesific affects of their venom when used in low doses. Many venomous creatures can control how much venom they inject so it's probable that d.eathgrippers can too given how sofisticated their tails are.



There is something that we have been robbed of when it comes to the movie and that's knowing anything about the temperment or inteligence of these creatures due to never actually getting to meet them. But there are some disturbing implications that can be guessed at given who their enslaver is and what class they were placed in. I'm about to go conspiracy theory mode here folks so...get ready for that.



I propose that SOD was on the right track....and that is exactly how this guy got these things in the first place.


Even the nastyist dragons in the franchise have been shown to have suprising inteligence. Viciousness tended to be out of distrust instead of out of being s.tupid.

Grimmel is a psycopath. Like....litterally. He enjoys hunting inteligent creatures in particular. It seemed to be implied that's why he liked hunting nightfurys so much. Because they gave him a hunting game he lacked in others.

So how did this guy get the d.eathgrippers. There's a few ways it could have happened.

1. He may have stumbled apon them while still learning what his favorite prey was.

2. He may be from the same island they are.

3. D.eathgrippers were already in a dragon war with nightfurys and he just hyjacked it.

4. He didn't drive the nightfury numbers down. He just ended them when they were already hurt. A plauge may have come through causing their rarity. As Grimmel got bored (and probubly egotestically assumed his hunting alone did this because of timing) he tried hunting other things and found the d.eathgripper interesting. But while fighting those for a while he realized they could make hunting OTHER things more interesting. Because Psyco.


Not all the options imply that d.eathgrippers are remarkably inteligent but you know what does? Their classification.

The horror of the situation does not nessisarilly rely on the inteligence itself so much as just the possibility of it.

Knowing that Grimmel loves torturing inteligent creatures while understanding the value of inteligence. Knowing that D.eathgrippers are strike class. Same as Sluther and Toothless. Them being completly unknown in terms of natural behaviour if you were to just look purely at the movie that showcases them.

Grimmel isn't giving one a treat here. He's taunting it by putting a treat somewhere h.ard for it to get assuming they actually do like apples and it's not just trying to get it off for "ew gross" reasons.  

He's doing this...because he can.




In a movie in a series trying to understand the most monstrous of monsters....there is a lot of missed potential JUST around the d.eathgrippers. 

Heck, if they were going to stick with the dragons going away thing for the movie....maybe Grimmel's poor abused d.eathgrippers could have been adopted by Berk. Grimmel has hurt the species reputation with other dragons and they are now considered worse then the d.eathsong. So bad that the dragons won't accept them in the hidden world. So Hiccup takes them in. They're injured, they don't remember how to hunt on their own because of potentail brain damage from being drugged 24-7 and now this line that use to be used to drive a dragon species to extinction protects the outside of the hidden world and helps Berkians navigate their clearly built around having dragon friends village because the new island was picked when they had dragons and had no intention of sending the dragons away. It would honistly make Hiccup's choices make a LITTLE more sense even if it would far from fix them. Also...if Hiccup managed to take Grimmel's d.eathgrippers but didn't manage to k.ill Grimmel that too would make hiding the dragons make more sense. Instead of sending them away because humans are too dangerous it's because this guy Grimmel is too dangerous and the Hidden world was suppose to be used as a bunker just untill they could get rid of that guy. Toothless still interacts with Hiccup. He just has dutys now so sometimes you see Hiccup and Toothless and sometimes you see Hiccup and a d.eathgripper who...given the theme I bet would be called Toothfull or something. Hiccup seems like the kind of guy to do names like that.

Toothfull would of course not be Toothless and there would be a learning curve there too. Hiccup might unconciously expect him/her to be like Toothless in moments where they are not and then being the honist with himself guy he is realize his mystake and have a whole cute moment over that.


...This has turned into an alternite universe ramble and I don't even remember what my origanal point was. I guess the current event just reminded me of d.eathgrippers.




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Those are some interesting theories! I wholeheartedly agree that Deathgrippers got the worst end of the stick in the third movie. I know they were attacking and all but. . .well, if the story could be made to where Toothless can conviently wake up from Deathgripper venom instantly when the plot calls for it, I'm sure something could've been done where a Deathgripper or two manages to escape Grimmel's clutches. Almost went into a whole thing here about how these poor dragons were antagonized when we don't even get to see them be free and whatnot but perhaps that's a tale for another day. ^^; Really happy SoD gave these lovely puppy dragons the second chance the third movie robbed them of!


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Wiggles the whispering d.eath ate my subject

I think I just remembered what my origanal thought that sparked the rant was. (Again...conspiracy theory warning)

Look at this one. Look at its face. It seems to be enjoying a bit of a rest because it has a moment of feeling better and thinking it's got away with it when Grimmel sees that it's too lucid for his liking and "fixes" that before he can be given any trouble. Is Grimmel using these because they're that good or is he using them over a d.eathsong because of convinience + what he would consider a bonus....they are inteligent enough to comprehend what he is doing to them. This is a guy who delights in prey that is smart enough to fully understand his actions on a level that he does.

Does his intrist in the d.eathgrippers imply that they too are smart? He doesn't want to run out of a perfered victem to torment again so he satisfyes his terrible obsession by using a creature with similiar inteligence to his favorite prey as a hunting dog.


Also...did he really hunt Toothless JUST for Toothless spesificly (after all, he's a cripple. Not very sporting is it)? Or did he do it because he wouldn't get to get away with it should Hiccup succeed in showing vikings that dragons are inteligent creatures? 

He wouldn't have any exuses to play his sick games anymore if that happened. At least...if he did it would stop being a status symbol to help him continue/a JOB where he could get resources to continue. He certianly didn't release Toothless inside a contained hunting area or on a small island to be able to chase him down the way a guy like him would usually enjoy doing. He was going to just strait up k.ill Toothless and his mate, while making it a huge specticle that he seemed to want Hiccup to watch.

Was he actually hunting Hiccup in revenge for causing him trouble and using Toothless as an exuse (while also probubly still legitimatly enjoying the exuse)?