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So the last time i played school of dragons was last year in april. Today i decided to start playing again and when i entered the game and started flying with my dragon i noticed that something was different. My dragon was extremely fast. It was never that fast when i played before. It was nearly impossible to go right or left without braking in the process. And it was like that on all my dragons even the slowest ones. The good thing about that is that my scauldron is now really fast so when i need to recharge midst battle i get up to the recharge point and down faster. But the bad thing is that I can’t race in Thunder Run Racing anymore because no matter which dragon i choose it's always too fast and i just bump into everything and i have to brake constantly. One year ago before i had this problem i was good at racing, I made all the turns and usually got the first or second place. But now I can’t anymore. And I have this problem only when i play on computer. I tried playing on my phone and it was normal speed there, just like it was last year but I would rather play on my computer. Does anybody else have or have had this problem?

Also i’m sorry for bad english it isn’t my first language.

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I thought I was the only one

I thought I was the only one with this problem!!!


Were you wearing any armor with racing boosts perhaps? I had the same problem with the PC version and after removing the armor it got fixed, but because of this I can't wear racing armor. Guess I'll stick to the android version :(



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Hmm... Never had this problem myself, but someone else i know has had it before. Still don't know how to fix it tho.



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