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hi guys :D

 i wanted to ask something about thunder run racing,a lot of people say that the zippleback is the fastest dragon (without counting the night fury) and others say that's the skrill, but i have a doubt because the last time i raced, a gnockle was faster than my skrill and the other dragons (i was shoked because i thought it was the slower e.è) whatever ,  since I saw this some say you have to train your dragon , but how ? fliyng at the school or another place without a limit or a destination? it really works? 

btw i would love to know the "rankings" from the faster to the slower dragon 

(sorry if it isn't in the right place this post, it's my first time writing here, and sorry for my bad english ._." ) 

bye and thanks for the answers (if there'll be :P)

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it depends on what boost you use. if you dont use boost thunderdrum and scauldron is your dragon. and with power skrill and gronkle. of course toothless is fastest but because people now have hacks and cheats people are ripping through thundrun



 Clan:The invincible riders


 Name: Champs


 Friend code: 2CSJR




 1. Sleepy, he sleeps alot(Monstrous Nightmare)


 2. Drummer, sounds like drums(Thunder Drum)


 3. Deadly, yup very deadly(Whispearing Death)


 4. Thunderous Lighting, thunder+lightning=Destruction



 5. Fireymare, firey nightmare who busrts on fire to

defend itself(Titan Monstrous Nightmare)


 6. Heavy Boulder, eats heavy boulders(Gronkle)


 7. Water blower, find the water, suck the water and

blow the water(Scauldron)


 8. Brave & Slave, one is brave and one is his slave

(Hideous Zippleback)


 9. Spinefull, filled with poisonous, deadly spines(Deadly



 10. Dino-soar, looks like a Dino,but soars like an Eagle



 11. Misty Glower, mist makes this beast glow



 12. Neon Night Flyer, neon colors to fly at night

(Monstrous Nightmare)


 13. Thunderwave, makes huge waves that sounds like

thunder(Thunder Drum)


 14. Choco flapper, choco dragon that flies

(deadly nadder)


 15. Hobblecutter, looks like unknown species of dragons

from HTTYD 2(Hobblegrunt)


 16. Happy Master, explore beyond the limits happiness 

with this dragon(Hobblegrunt)


 17. Mr. Mad, this dragon is anything but happy, nothing

can make him happy(Hobblegrunt)


 18. Bubblegrunt,Want refund(Extra Hobblegrunt)


 19. Strong flyer, this dragon is the strongest dragon ever

seen, it can carry viking around(SmotheringSmokebreath)


 20. Invader, The invader of Berk, also known as the

Hofferson's bane(Flightmare)


 21. Fire cyclone, the skilled thypoon trained to battle

 the bad people who greed for more(Thyphoomerang)


 22. Undefeatable Titan, the dragon who deafeates all by

tunneling right under it(Titan Whispering Death)


 23. Precise-O-Flyer, Manuver Throught any Storm like a



 24. ALPHA FURY, One of the last of it's kind it was

rescued by me(Night Fury #2)


 25. Toothless(wished to have him), controlled by Bad

people do bad things(Night Fury)



 I there is any new dragon species, I'm taking 3 of each

over time


                   More Dragons coming soon... ;)







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thanks for the advice , i

thanks for the advice , i think i'll buy a thunderdrum now n.n

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Hello RinShyva, there isn't

Hello RinShyva, there isn't one dragon that beats all dragons in racing. Any dragon can win a race, but some dragons are better than dragons in different aspects. But factors such as what level the dragon is and the viking's racing skill comes in to play as well.