Dragonling: The Gathering Storm [a HTTYD 3 rewrite]

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Chapter 17 - Action Time!

Chapter 17 - Action Time!


Spirit shot around the perimeter of the clouds, pursuing the Deathgrippers in an attempt to distract them. It worked!… almost, and kind of unfortunately, because now we were getting chased as well. Only one had split off from the pack, leaving two to chase the other Furies. Spirit fired a blast and almost instantaneously swung around, narrowly dodging the spray of acid that followed. 

I was pretty much just holding on for dear life at this point; there wasn’t anything helpful I could do without risking a fatal fall. Spirit was leading the Deathgripper in a deadly game of Chase, using maneuvers that would have sent a new rider flying in seconds and completely confused almost any other dragon. The Deathgripper was keeping pace pretty well, though, and… was gaining?! How? I wondered. Furies were known to be the fastest dragons alive. Although… Deathgrippers were in Strike Class, too, meaning they also would have a Fury’s “blazing speed”. And this one didn’t have a rider. 

Suddenly, a blue flash caught the corner of my eye. A Titan Flightmare spiraled up from the hollow island in the middle, only just ahead of another two Deathgrippers. Misty!

Flame was yelling something to me, panicked. I turned around to see that the Deathgripper was barrelling towards me. Spirit dove, but not fast enough. I barely had time to think before I was knocked off Spirit’s back and sent tumbling to the sea.




“Are we there yet?” Tuffnut asked.

Snotlout groaned. “For the thousandth time, NO, we are NOT there yet! Gods, why can’t you just be quiet?”

“You see-” Ruffnut began.

“Nevermind, I don’t want to hear it.” Snotlout leaned over Hookfang’s horns. Something seemed to strike him, and he called to Fishlegs, “Where are we going, again?”

Fishlegs was studying a map, but looked up at Snotlout’s question. “We’re going to Dark Deep. Don’t you remember?”

“Uh, no. Why would we want to go to that heap of rock?”

“Well, a Deathgripper’s armor is almost impenetrable, right? So any weapons or blasts might have a small effect, but nothing that would last long enough to take one out of a fight. We need to find something that can get past that armor. But as I was thinking about it, I realized maybe we don’t have to break the armor, we just have to find something that can hit the dragon itself, even inside the armor. Which is where the Catastrophic Quakens come in. A Quaken can break rock and cause a concussive blast. Even a Deathgripper might not stand a chance against that.”

“And how are we supposed to actually hit the Deathgrippers?” Snotlout questioned. “They’re not just going to stand still and let themselves get hit by a Quaken.”

“We could- you know- just- well, do you have any better ideas?” Fishlegs snapped.


There was a beat of silence, then Tuffnut said, “Are we there yet?”


“Uh, Snotlout?” Fishlegs broke in.

“What?” Snotlout barked, then noticed Dark Deep before them. “Oh. Yeah. We’re here.”




Dragon screeches and war cries met our ears almost before New Berk came into view. I leaned forward, worried, and Stormfly flapped harder in response. 

New Berk was surrounded by dragons, our dragons, fleeing from the Deathgrippers that circled like hawks, preventing them from coming to help the Vikings who struggled against dragon hunters, most if not all of whom bore the insignia of the Warlords. Once we were within range of the island, Hiccup and I dismounted to join the fighting, and Stormfly flew to help the other dragons.

Almost as soon as we landed, a teenage boy with shaggy, bright green hair ran up to us. “Thank the gods, you’re okay!”

“What’s going on?” Hiccup asked.

“I dunno, ask Dusk.” The boy ran back to join the fighting, squawking out a war cry.


“Sorry for my brother,” a girl, likely Dusk, said from beside us, slightly out of breath. “What’s going on is, Grimmel’s here, along with the warlords. I told Shurmp it was most likely to find either you or Toothless, which is probably why he came over just now. Speaking of, where is Toothless?”

Hiccup sighed. “Still nowhere to be found.”

I leaned closer, putting my arm around his shoulder to comfort him. “At least we know Grimmel doesn’t have him. He’s probably just hanging out with his new girlfriend, having the time of his life.”

Dusk shifted back and forth anxiously. “I get that this is important and all, but… there’s kind of a fight going on, if you two wouldn’t mind helping us out?”

“Right,” Hiccup said, extending Inferno and setting it ablaze.  

“Berkians! Let’s show these dragon hunters what we’re made of!” I shouted, pulling out my axe and diving headlong into the fray.

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Never fear, for Blobby's here!

I love the twins XD

That's actually really smart, getting the quakons to attack the deathgrippers...

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I have no saved subjects... :(

Same, they're definitely two of my favorite characters xD

I don't know for sure if it is an actual solution, and there would always be the challenge of getting the Deathgripper where it needs to be, but it seems like one of the few things that could negate the benefits of their armor.

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Chapter 18 (part 1) - Island Defense

Chapter 18 (part 1) - Island Defense


Slargvarg whipped her mace around, catching a hunter unawares. The move gained her a brief reprieve, and she glanced towards the dragons fighting above the island, trying to find Shocker as she had been since the fight started. Unfortunately, despite his silvery scales, he was nowhere to be found. She hadn’t seen the Shockjaw since he’d gone up to attack the Deathgrippers. He was a fairly formidable opponent, however, and with the rest of Berk’s dragons alongside him, she was sure he’d be fine.

The fight had started when Grimmel’s airship had appeared, a long line of ships trailing behind on the water, each with the warlord’s symbol emblazoned on its sail. None of the Berkians had paid much attention to the ships on the water, as the island was entirely inaccessible by sea. The bigger threat seemed to be the airship, which could easily pass this natural barrier. However, a pack of six Deathgrippers were on the ships, and four of them, with the help of ropes and nets - a very clever system, if it weren’t being used against them - carried up most of the men on the ships. The other two had kept the dragons from slashing or burning the ropes, and before the Berkians knew it, they had a full-scale invasion on their hands.

Of course, the Berkians did have one advantage the hunters didn’t: this was their home. And after these hunters had burned part of Berk and caused them to leave their former home, they weren’t going to let that happen again. Already the hunters were starting to falter, probably surprised at the ferocity of the attack. But the battle wasn’t over yet. 

So far, the fighting dragons had prevented the airship from landing, but if it ever did, Slargvarg was almost certain Grimmel would change the tide of the battle. After all, the old hunter had already shown how he was several steps ahead of everyone, almost every time. It would be senseless not to assume he didn’t have some kind of backup plan.

But, of course, that hadn’t happened yet. Slargvarg was forced to refocus when an axe slammed down, inches from where she’d just been standing. The tall girl  looked at the hunter, who was struggling with his axe - it had stuck on a thick tree root - and swung her mace almost dismissively, clanging it against his helmet and knocking him out. Then, yelling a Berserker war cry, she ran back into the fight.


Deluca Odri slashed at one hunter, then spun to sweep the legs out from under another. The first hunter attempted to score a hit, but Deluca ducked under his axe and delivered a quick blow to his stomach with the hilt of his sword, causing him to bend over, gasping for breath. Nordri, his Snow Wraith, rammed into a group of three hunters and sent them tumbling into the first. As the hunters groaned, Deluca and Nordri stepped back a ways, allowing the two to catch their breath. 

After a second, the Snow Wraith growled menacingly, spinning backwards and hissing a cloud of frost. Deluca did the same and saw a Deathgripper spit a response to Nordri’s challenge. The young man pulled out his curved sword, waving it back and forth in a snakelike manner.

The Deathgripper seemed a bit distracted by this; his eyes followed the tip of the sword and he relaxed the tiniest bit. Deluca paused his sword’s motion. The Deathgripper blinked, breaking out of the trance, and growled at the two again, slowly advancing. Deluca waved his sword again. This time, the Deathgripper looked from him to the sword warily, then his curiosity got the better of him. He slowly inched forward to sniff at the tip of the blade, never taking his eyes off the teen. Deluca pulled his sword back carefully and sheathed it, then held out a hand to the curious dragon. 

“It’s alright,” he said softly, hoping he wasn’t about to get his hand melted.

The Deathgripper sniffed his hand, then shoved his nose into it with such force the teen nearly fell backwards. He laughed, and the Deathgripper rumbled playfully.

Nordri huffed jealously, sending out a burst of mist. Deluca could’ve sworn the Deathgripper gave the Snow Wraith a triumphant look, as if he was pleased he’d ruffled the older dragon.

“I think I’ll call you… Varis,” the teen mused aloud, rubbing the Deathgripper’s smooth green and black scales. "You wanna help us?"

The Deathgripper rumbled happily and nodded excitedly, looking like a enthusiastic puppy, and allowed Deluca to climb on his back before jumping into the air.




“One flaming explosive, coming right up!” Shurmp crouched on the back of Boom and Blast, his Zippleback, and gave them the command to fire. The blast hit a Deathgripper square on, but like most of the shots before, it did very little other than anger the dragon. “Uh-oh.” Boom and Blast flapped upwards, avoiding the acid blast. Luckily, a dark blue Triple Stryke landed a hit as well, and the Deathgripper switched to targeting it instead. Shurmp felt a little guilty at his relief, the Triple Stryke’s rider probably had enough to deal with already. Or maybe not… she actually seemed to be thoroughly enjoying herself. Shurmp turned Boom and Blast towards Grimmel’s airship, which hovered away from the fighting dragons, probably to avoid getting hit while it waited to land.

Swooping beside the airship, he shouted, “Here comes… uh… the lightning? Nope, that’s not it.” He was trying to come up with a good catchphrase for before Boom and Blast fired, but he wasn’t getting anything good yet. “Ah, whatever. FIRE!” The blast hit exactly nothing, as the ship had risen while he was trying to think. “Oh come on!” His chance was gone, and already the fighting dragons were coming closer, which was probably the reason the ship had risen. Both sides seemed to be pretty evenly matched, the Deathgrippers making up in strength what they lacked in numbers. It really wasn’t a fair fight, then, since so far not a single Deathgripper had dropped out of the battle.

Somehow, there now seemed to be seven Deathgrippers - Shurmp counted again, just to be sure. The strange thing was that one seemed to have green tinted scales and a rider on its back. A Snow Wraith he was sure he hadn’t seen before had also joined the fight, trailing the Deathgripper pretty closely. He squinted, trying to track what it was doing. It appeared to be following another Deathgripper… then, it sprayed a blast, catching the dragon on the back. Shurmp blinked, then stared harder to get a closer look, leaning almost off Boom and Blast to do so. But the cloud of dragons was too thick. He sat back, switching his attention almost instantly to directing Boom and Blast. He knew he probably wouldn’t get another look at the green Deathgripper, so he might as well make the best use of this time. Besides, this was actually pretty fun.


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Never fear, for Blobby's here!

Amazing chapter!  I love all the new characters, and you're really good at writing battle scenes.

Just one thing, though, in the Slargvarg section you had the same paragraph twice, the one with the hunter getting his axe stuck.

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I forget what I used to put here...

Thank you! Those battle scenes might've been the trickiest things to write so far, but I'm glad they turned out all right xD

Darn it, you're right! Thanks for noticing that, I got it fixed now ^-^

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Chapter 18 (part 2)

Chapter 18 (part 2)


Killieh slashed at his opponent, a much larger hunter, forcing him backwards and setting him off balance. He quickly flicked his hand, and Ilo, his purple and orange Deadly Nadder, sent a line of spines into the ground, pointing towards the hunter, which sent him falling back onto the ground. Killieh lunged forward and delivered a swift blow to his head, knocking him out. 

The teen was breathing heavily after the exertion he’d already been through, but he took only a second’s pause before sprinting after another hunter. Before he reached him, however, a long whistle cut through the air and the hunter turned and started running away, towards the cliffs surrounding the island. It only took Killieh another moment to realize the other hunters were doing the same. They’re retreating! But… why? There’s no way down those cliffs without dragons, unless they plan on jumping into the sea… 

As if in answer to his questions, two pairs of Deathgrippers rose even with the edge of the island, carrying the system of nets they’d used before. Within minutes, the last hunter had been carried off New Berk, and all that could be seen  of them were their ships, floating menacingly on the sea.

Killieh tilted his head, wondering why they’d chosen such a sudden exit. As far as he’d seen, Grimmel’s men hadn’t been losing ground, even if they weren’t gaining any. He jogged over to where Hiccup stood. The young chief was leaning on Astrid, and the two were talking in low voices. Hiccup sounded worried. Killieh strained his ears to listen.

“... don’t like this. It’s not like Grimmel to leave something half finished.”

“Maybe not, but he gave us a rest. We should use it wisely.”

“Grimmel’s planning something, I know he is. What if he has Toothless? You can’t tell me not to worry about him, he’s been gone almost an entire day!” Hiccup’s voice was rising.

“Yes, I know,” Astrid said soothingly. “But we can’t go looking for him while Grimmel’s right here. Besides, if he had Toothless, why didn’t he say so yet? What reason could he have for waiting?”

“Maybe he just doesn’t have Toothless here, and that’s why he retreated, he’s waiting-”

“And maybe he doesn’t have Toothless at all and he’s trying to drive you insane with worry. Don’t worry about Toothless. He’s a Night Fury, for Thor’s sake! He’ll be fine.”

Killieh decided to cut in at this point. “What do you want us to do now, Chief Hiccup?”

Both Hiccup and Astrid started slightly, not having known he was there, then Hiccup replied, “You can take a break. Now that we know the hunters can get up here, Grimmel can’t surprise us, and it takes a while to get them all up. I don’t think he’d take his dragons in without the backup.”

“I’ll put together a team of Vikings to be lookouts,” Astrid added. “Just be ready to fight when they sound the alarm. Unless you want to be part of the rotation?”

“Sure,” Killieh agreed. “Anything else you want done?”

“Nothing at this point. We’ll have to wait and see what Grimmel does next,” Astrid said.

“Actually, there is one other thing,” Hiccup cut in. “Have you seen Fishlegs or Snotlout? They’ve been gone for most of the day.”

Killieh shook his head. “No, but I wasn’t looking for them.”

Hiccup sighed. “Okay. Well, I’m going to talk with Gobber.”

After the chief had gone, Killieh called Ilo down, then rode her to the edge of New Berk. He sat down and leaned against her, then waited for Grimmel to make his next move.


Nyghtingale swooped up towards a Deathgripper on her Triple Stryke, Nightshade, relishing the feel of the crisp air rushing past her. She stood up, carefully balancing between Nightshade’s wings, then jumped onto the Deathgripper just long enough to slash a shallow cut on its wing, one of the few spots not covered by their impenetrable armor. 

The Deathgripper screeched, trying to shake her off, but she’d already fallen back onto Nightshade. The Deathgripper’s wing went limp, and it spiraled down, crashing into New Berk. Nyghtingale smiled. The Speedstinger venom she’d applied had done its work well. One down, and… six to go. 

She sighed, then nudged Nightshade towards her next target. Maybe there would’ve been fewer if she’d joined the fight sooner, but she’d been on the ground for most of the battle. 

Suddenly, a piercing whistle split the air, and the Deathgripper Nyghtingale had been following swiveled around in midair and sped towards Grimmel’s airship, firing a parting shot at her as it went. Nightshade swooped below the shot and started flying back to New Berk. 

Where’s she going? The fight’s up there! Nyghtingale tapped Nightshade’s left ear, telling her to turn around. The Triple Stryke brought her tail up and gently whacked her with it, which meant she disagreed. Nyghtingale was about to give a retort when a Monstrous Nightmare flew just above her. She looked up to see the other Berkians also heading back. “WHERE ARE YOU GOING?” she yelled. 

“Fight’s over for now, we’re heading back to regroup,” a Viking yelled back to her. 

Nyghtingale growled in frustration, throwing a quick glance back over her shoulder. Grimmel was already far out of range, and to fly after him without any backup wouldn’t be good, even though she could probably take a few down… Nightshade whacked her gently again, reminding her that she’d have to get the Triple Stryke to agree as well. She sighed and started plotting what she’d do to Grimmel once she got her hands on him.


“When are we going to get home?” Tuffnut complained, slumped forward on Belch. “We’ve been flying for hours.”

“Yeah, but it took us hours to get out here in the first place,” Snotlout retorted, then flew up to Fishlegs. “When are we getting back? It’s taking longer than it was earlier. Is it because of those Quakens? Because we could just fly ahead and let them catch up…”

“It’s not the Quakens’ fault, we’re just taking a longer route,” Fishlegs responded coolly. “That’s because we’re not going back just yet. We have one more stop, remember?”

“Oh, I remember, I’m not an idiot.” Snotlout snapped. He paused a moment before adding, “Do you remember where we’re going?”

Fishlegs rolled his eyes. “Of course, if I didn’t we’d be going to New Berk instead. And if none of you remember where we’re going,” he raised his voice on this, looking pointedly at the other Riders, “you’ll find out when we get there, and not a moment sooner.”


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Great chapter! Can't wait for the next bit! 

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Thanks for commenting! ^-^ It's great to hear someone's enjoying the story.

However, I would like to ask that you don't reply directly to the chapter next time, I might need to edit it later.

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Chapter 19 - Rogue Dragon Rider

Chapter 19 - Rogue Dragon Rider


If I’d been asked before now what I’d do if I was falling from several hundred feet up, I would’ve said I would scream. That didn’t occur to me now. I felt strangely calm as I was falling, as though it was just a dream and I’d wake up before hitting the waves. I dimly heard Flame yelling, then sharp claws dug into my shoulders and I was jerked to a halt.

“Rowen! Oh gods, are you all right?” Flame leaned over Misty’s side, eyes wide.

“Um, I think so? Oh no, Spirit!” I tried to find her, but the Flightmare’s giant wings blocked most of my view. He was expertly dodging the Deathgripper’s blasts, which couldn’t have been easy with a Viking dangling from his talons.

“She’s fine, don’t worry,” Flame said. “What are you two doing out here, anyway? I thought you were rescuing Toothless. Also, he was here all along, so you pretty much wasted your time.” She pointed up to the Night Fury.

“Yeah, I kinda figured that out. Also, could you maybe put me down?” My shoulders were starting to hurt.

“Oh, right.” Flame nudged Misty and he flapped down to the ring of rock, setting me down and almost immediately turned to breathe a thick spray of mist at the Deathgrippers. One of them dived to avoid it while the other went over, dispersing the mist with its wingbeats. Misty landed for a second to allow me to scramble on, then took off again. 

Both Deathgrippers seemed to lose interest quickly, however; they’d spotted the Furies, and as soon as they did they’d changed direction, moving to block Toothless and the Snow Fury.

“Spirit!” I shouted. The gray Fury pricked her ears and sent a quick glance my direction to make sure I was all right. “Go help Toothless!” She sped up, firing three quick blasts at the Deathgrippers. None of them had any effect on the dragons’ armor, but the other Furies heard the blasts and saw the Deathgrippers in time to avoid getting caught in their trap.

As the Deathgrippers pulled together into a pack again, I saw something on the back of the Titan. Someone wearing red and black dragon armor was riding it. As I watched, he pulled the Deathgripper’s head around, directing it towards Spirit. It’s the Deathgripper trainer Grimmel was talking to earlier! I realized with a start. But… what’s he doing here? Is Grimmel here, too?

Spirit saw the Titan flying towards her and fired a blast towards the trainer. He ducked behind the Deathgripper’s plating just in time. The Deathgripper faltered for a second, thrown off by the shot and the sudden shift of weight, before regaining its rhythm and shooting up after the Storm Fury.

This is never going to work, I thought. Nothing can get past a Deathgripper’s armor, so eventually the Furies will have to give in. The Titan Deathgripper turned from Spirit as the other Furies darted below it and began chasing them instead, only a dragon-length or so behind. “Spirit! Come on!” I called. She pricked her ears and dove towards us, pulling up just short of running into Misty. I stood up, balancing carefully, then jumped to her back.

“Nothing I’m doing is working,” Spirit growled in frustration. “They’re too fast. I keep trying to land the perfect shot, but they just dodge every time. Or, they ignore it completely. I’m not sure which is worse.”

“Well, we know their armor is impenetrable,” I said, thinking aloud. “So we need something that can get around the armor… like their wings, have you tried hitting those?”

Spirit rolled her eyes. “Like I said, they dodge every time. I’ve also tried hitting every other weak point I know of. Those are the shots they actually bothered dodging, so at least we know they’re not entirely invulnerable.”

“Maybe we should retreat,” I suggested.

“That’s not going to help. Furies are a Deathgrippers natural enemies, there’s no way they’d just let us go.” Spirit was accelerating as she spoke, getting ready to help Toothless and the Snow Fury again.

“Right…” I thought quickly. “What if we go all the way back to New Berk? Then we’d be able to get back-up, that would give us an advantage.”

“Then we’re just putting them at risk, too,” Spirit growled. “Be quiet and hang on.” She suddenly dove at a Deathgripper, running her talons across its wing. It screeched in surprise, spraying acid wildly at us before falling away into the clouds, flapping hard with its good wing.

“Nice job, Spirit!” I rubbed her ear fin. A dragon’s roar echoed through the air, startling me. It didn’t sound like the Deathgripper we’d just gotten, it was more like a Fury, but Toothless and the Snow Fury were both up ahead…

A gray streak burst from the clouds near the surface of the sea and shot two plasma blasts towards the Titan Deathgripper, unbalancing the dragon and nearly throwing off his rider. Spirit immediately shot up, flying over the Deathgripper as it drifted sideways, favoring its hurt wing. She then swooped down, knocking the Deathgripper trainer off its back and diving after to prevent him from falling to his death in the ocean. However, once he’d started falling, he’d calmly extended his arms, revealing a flightsuit similar in construction to the ones the Riders used. One of the Deathgrippers broke off from chasing Toothless and caught him, and the Titan crashed onto the circular island in the middle, screeching fiercely.

I looked around for the gray Fury as Spirit accelerated again, finding him nearing the Deathgrippers again. He seemed to be the one Grimmel had trapped. “Good thing he’s not still under Grimmel’s control, right, Spirit?” I asked. His rider, though... I haven't seen him before. Is he a rogue dragon rider? He could be trouble for us...

“Yes, very good,” Spirit hummed, almost singing. I hadn’t heard her this happy in ages. I could feel her excitement radiating through the air.

Before we could reach the remaining two Deathgrippers, however, their trainer whistled sharply and, in unison, they disappeared into the swirling clouds. The other Fury was about to follow when Spirit roared, “Wait!”

He stopped in midair, clearly torn between following the Deathgrippers and seeing what Spirit wanted. Finally, despite his rider’s insistent tugging, he flew up towards us. “Yes?” His growl was slightly wary, and he was edging sideways, prepared to bolt on a moment’s notice.

“Destyon, it’s me! Spirit! Don’t you remember?” She tilted her head sideways.

His rider was nudging him, trying to stop him from coming closer. “Come on, boy, we’ve got to go.” His voice sounded familiar, but it was muffled by his helmet.

Destyon completely ignored this, eyes lighting with recognition. “Spirit? You’re here? I thought we’d lost you, we got chased off the island, but you weren’t with us, oh, I’m so glad you weren’t caught!” He glanced suspiciously up at me. “You weren’t, were you?”

Spirit rolled her eyes. “Of course not. This is Rowen, she’s a very nice human.”

“Nice to meet you,” I said politely, keeping a careful eye on his rider. Whoever it was hadn’t made any threatening moves so far, but he was wearing a dark red flightsuit that matched the color of a Deathgripper’s scales. I couldn’t see his face, either; he had on a helmet and had yet to take it off. 

Destyon started. “You speak Dragonese?”

I nodded, trying not to make any sarcastic comments about how obvious that was.

Flame must’ve noticed we’d been taking a while, because she flew over now. “Hey, Rowen, are these guys on our side, or no? Because if not, Misty and I could freeze them for you,” she offered.

“Um, no. I mean yes. I mean, don’t freeze them, they’re on our side,” I said quickly.

“Good.” Flame nodded, satisfied. “They can come back to Berk with us, then. You did good with taking the Deathgrippers down together, which we might need if Grimmel decides to attack again.”

Destyon’s rider sat up sharply. “He’s attacked already?”

“Yeah, he drove us off of Berk. That’s where we used to live, in case you didn’t know,” Flame added.

The rider let out a quiet breath. “You still have time, then. Get back to New Berk now, and be ready to defend it. You’re going to want to watch out for Spirit, too. Grimmel will try to capture her if he can.”

“We know,” Flame interrupted. “Aren’t you worried about yourself, though? I mean, one Fury and a rider are a lot easier to catch than a Fury, a Flightmare, and two riders. You should come back with us.”

“Of course I’m worried about Destyon,” the rider snapped. “But I’m not coming back, not yet. If Grimmel hasn’t attacked, you should be fine for another day, at least. He’ll be waiting for Skulorc to finish training his new Deathgrippers, and if Skulorc is here, that means he’s probably not done.” He hesitated, then added, “You should still be there, though. I overheard him talking about a surprise assault on the island within the next day or so.”

Before Flame or I could respond to this, the rider nudged Destyon and the two shot away into the clouds.

“He’s right, we should get back,” Spirit rumbled, turning to a different direction than the one they’d taken.

“Wait, where are you going?” Flame said, raising her voice slightly. “We should follow them! What if they don’t get back to New Berk in time to help? Or what if they go to Old Berk instead?”

“We’ll be fine,” I replied. “We have Toothless and the Snow Fury with us now, so Spirit can work with them.” Just then, the Snow Fury, who was a short ways away, made a noise that sounded like “mrrow”, a sound I’d never heard a dragon make before, and turned away, darting into the clouds in a completely different direction than either Destyon or Flame and I were going. “Um… at least we have Toothless?” The Night Fury was gliding towards us, seeming impatient to get back to his rider.

Flame sighed. “Ok, fine.” She led the way towards the island in the middle as we started making our way back to New Berk.